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Promotions: Deep House

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Cat: EDJ 005. Rel: 21 Aug 14
  1. Old World
  2. Sexy Mate
  3. Love Bubbles Change
  4. Coming Home To You
  5. Love It Or Leave It
  6. Oil & Vinegar
  7. Mom & Pops Jam
  8. Rainbow
Review: It's been three years since husband-and-wife team Jus' Ed and Jenifa Mayanja released their collaborative debut album, Let's Groove. Since then, both have been busy with solo projects, delivering a large volume of releases in their distinctive warm, melodious and loose deep house style. Love It Or Leave It, then, is something of a rare treat for those who dig their wholeheartedly positive and spontaneous take on deep house. It's perhaps a little breezier than either producer's solo work, with less immersive pads (though they are present, particularly on the chiming "Love Bubbles Change"). It's still deep, though, with cascading melodies, picturesque chords and occasional soul-flecked vocals riding a range of deep, sinewy house grooves.
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Cat: INTCD 006. Rel: 19 Feb 15
  1. Coming Up For Air
  2. Who U Love
  3. Human Knowledge
  4. Observatory
  5. Floating On A Salt Lake
  6. Endless Race
  7. Devotion
  8. Cultural Canal
  9. Venus
  10. Pala
Review: Melbourne music-maker Roland Tings is the latest talent from down under to make his name on the other side of the world. His early productions for 100% Silk caught the ear of Prins Thomas, who promptly ordered a debut album for his Internasjonal label. That album has finally arrived and, predictably, it's rather good. Largely cheery and melodious, it fuses the humid warmth of a Melbourne summer - as captured in the material of many of the city's beat-makers - with the synthesizer-heavy tunefulness of Scandolearic nu-disco and a myriad of classic house influences. He moves between tempos regularly, too, with some of the album's slower moments - particularly the early Aeroplane style Balearic chug of "Devotion" - outwitting their more obviously floor-friendly counterparts.
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New Day (CD)
Cat: AACD 001. Rel: 26 Jun 15
  1. Last Night (In This Dream I Watched A Film Of A Dream Within This Dream)
  2. Landscape
  3. Odyssey
  4. New Day (feat John Schmersal)
  5. Nature Abstraite
  6. Thursday, 2AM
  7. Calm Me Up
  8. Momento Magico
  9. Wave Side Back
  10. 0814
  11. Sinfonia
  12. Cucina Rossa
Review: It's some 26 years since Satoshi Tomiie announced his arrival via the brilliant Tears single with Robert Owens, and 16 since he released his only album, 1999's impressively eclectic Full Lick. New Day, then, is long overdue. While rooted in deep house - see the sensual vocal outing that doubles as the title track - the album's blend of bold synthesizer lines, crunchy electronic instrumentation and analogue drumbeats has more in common with Metro Area than the booming, mid-90s progressive house for which he was once renowned. It's a hugely enjoyable set, all told, with the shuffling, Balearic-influenced house of "Thursday, 2am" standing out.
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Promotions: Deep House