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Build The Ark



Build The Ark

Format: limited numbered 180 gram audiophile orange vinyl 3xLP
Katalog: MOVLP 2900ORA
Veröffentlicht: 30 Sep 21
Genre: Klassiker/Ska
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in stock $40.11
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Music On Vinyl
Seite 1
1. Leo Graham - "My Little Sandra" (7:36)
2. The Upsetters - "Dubbing Sandra" (5:49)
3. Sharon Isaacs - "Feelings" (3:52)
4. The Upsetters - "Feelings" (version) (3:45)
5. Winston Heywood - "Long Long Time" (3:10)
6. The Upsetters - "Long Time Dub" (3:15)
Seite 2
1. Junior Dread - "A Wah Dat" (3:18)
2. The Upsetters - "Dub Dat" (3:22)
3. Lee Perry - "White Belly Rat" (4:23)
4. The Upsetters - "Judas De White Belly Rat" (4:23)
5. Jah Lloyd - "White Belly Rat" (3:33)
Seite 3
1. Eric Donaldson - "Freedom Street" (3:39)
2. The Upsetters - "Freedom Dub" (3:39)
3. Shaumark & Robinson - "Peace & Love" (3:18)
4. The Upsetters - "Peace A Dub" (3:33)
5. Sons Of Light - "Land Of Love" (3:39)
6. The Upsetters - "Land Of Dub" (3:39)
Seite 4
1. The Meditations - "Think So" (3:35)
2. The Upsetters - "Dub So" (3:49)
3. Junior Murvin - "Cross Over" (3:33)
4. The Upsetters - "Cross Over Dub" (3:28)
5. The Congos - "At The Feast" (3:38)
Seite 5
1. Debra Keese & The Black Five - "Travelling" (3:50)
2. The Upsetters - "Nyambie Dub" (3:47)
3. Peter & Paul Lewis - "Ethiopian Land" (3:43)
4. The Upsetters - "Landmark Dub" (3:45)
5. Lord Sassafrass - "Green Bay Incident" (3:54)
6. The Upsetters - "Green Bay" (version) (3:30)
Seite 6
1. The Shadows - "Brother Noah" (3:03)
2. The Upsetters - "Noah Dub" (2:53)
3. Junior Ainsworth - "Thanks & Praise" (3:23)
4. The Upsetters - "Dub & Praise" (3:19)
5. Danny Hensworth - "Mr Money Man" (3:57)
6. The Upsetters - "Dub Money" (3:50)
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in stock $40.11

The Upsetters' legendary Build The Ark album is one of the many pioneering works of dub that the late great Lee 'Scratch' Perry was involved with. It brings together the very best of Jamaican reggae with a number of the more rare tracks sitting alongside some stone cold classics. Junior Murvin's 'Cross Over', Windston Heywood's 'Long, Long Time' and Eric Donaldson's 'Freedom Street' all feature on this one, which was first put out by Trojan Records in 1990. This limited edition repress has been pressed to orange vinyl just 2000 times.

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