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Rakit Analogue Metal Percussion Synthesiser

RAKIT - Rakit Analogue Metal Percussion Synthesiser (fully assembled)

Rakit Analogue Metal Percussion Synthesiser (fully assembled)

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The Rakit Metal Synth has a Polivok's inspired filter at its core. It uses this, along with a punchy AD envelope to produce a variety of percussive sounds from shaped noise.

It was designed to be a companion to the Rakit Drum Synth and as such creates a range of mad / interesting sounds and some very useful metallic sounds.

How it Works:

The synth is triggered by a piezo disc which is sensitive to how hard you tap the top panel giving subtle differences in the two stage envelope.

The noise is generated digitally by a pre-programmed microcontroller. The filter at the heart of the unit can be controlled and modified by the Sweep, lowpass / bandpass, Resonance, Cutoff and Cutoff CV.

2x Trigger Options:

Trigger by activating the piezo under the touchpad (Metal Logo) or by plugging in an external trigger.

Powering The Unit:

The Metal Synth comes with a 9V pp3 battery to barrel jack connector as standard. We recommend using an alkaline battery, this is not included.

Should you wish to use your own power supply, please ensure it meets the following specifications:

+8V to +12V, Centre positive 2.1mm (centre) x 5.5mm (outside)

  • SENS: Sets the sensitivity of the trigger/touchpad
  • DECAY1: Sets the decay time of the louder initial hit (body)
  • DECAY2: Sets the lasting decay time (tail)
  • CUTOFF: Sets the filter’s cutoff frequency and the bias for control voltages to be summed with
  • SWEEP: Controls the amount of sweep applied to the cutoff frequency
  • RES: Sets the filter’s resonance. The filter will oscillate at max!
  • AUX IN: A mono input of your choosing
  • TRIGGER, CUTOFF CV, AUX IN and OUTPUT connectors are all 3.5mm mono
  • SOUND OUTPUT: The Metal Synth is capable of generating a wide range of frequencies and as such will work best with a wide range speaker/amplifier rather than a typical guitar/bass amp

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RAKIT - Rakit Analogue Metal Percussion Synthesiser (fully assembled)
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