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Summer Of Love: Old Skool Acid House Rave & Balearic

Format: mixed 3xCD
Katalog: NEW 9302CD
Veröffentlicht: 25 Jul 18
Genre: Deep House
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Seite 1
1. A Split-Second - "Flesh"
2. Marshall Jefferson - "Move Your Body (The House Music Anthem)"
3. Ralphi Rosario - "You Used To Hold Me" (feat Xavier Gold - Mucho Michi House mix)
4. Joey Beltram - "Energy Flash"
5. Mory Kante - "Yeke Yeke" (Afro Acid mix)
6. Kraze - "The Party"
7. Steve 'Silk' Hurley - "Jack Your Body (Club Your Body)"
8. Mr Fingers - "Can You Feel It"
9. Reese & Santonio - "The Sound"
10. Frankie Knuckles - "Your Love" (feat Jamie Principle)
11. Sandee - "Notice Me" (Notice The House mix)
12. Phuture - "Acid Tracks"
13. Sueno Latino - "Sueno Latino" (with Manuel Goettsching Performing E2E4 - Paradise version)
14. 808 State - "Pacific State"
15. Photon Inc - "Generate Power" (feat Paula Brion - Wild Pitch mix)
16. Adonis - "No Way Back" (vocal mix)
17. Fallout - "The Morning After" (Sunrise mix)
18. Mandy Smith - "I Just Can’t Wait" (The Cool & Breezy Jazz version)
19. The Residents - "Kaw-Liga" (Prairie mix)
20. Finitribe - "De Testimony" (Collapsing edit)
Seite 2
1. Quartz - "Meltdown"
2. Frankie Knuckles Presents Satoshi Tomiie - "Tears" (Classic vocal)
3. Turntable Orchestra - "You're Gonna Miss Me"
4. Maurice Joshua - "This Is Acid"
5. Jungle Brothers - "I'll House You" (club mix)
6. LNR - "Work It To The Bone"
7. One O One - "Rock To The Beat"
8. CJ Bolland - "Wonderland"
9. Rhythim Is Rhythim - "Strings Of Life"
10. Fast Eddie - "Yo Yo Get Funky"
11. Tony Scott - "That's How I'm Living"
12. The Nightwriters - "Let The Music Use You"
13. Dionne - "Come Get My Lovin'"
14. Humanoid - "Stakker Humanoid"
15. Jungle Crew - "Elektric Dance" (feat Jungle Jorge - Hitman House mix)
16. Bizarre Inc - "Such A Good Feeling"
17. Clubland - "Let's Get Busy (Pump It Up)" (feat Quartz)
18. Renegade Soundwave - "Thunder"
19. Orbital - "Chime"
20. Westbam - "Hold Me Back"
21. Joe Smooth - "Promised Land"
22. Cece Rogers - "Someday"
Seite 3
1. Stretch - "Why Did You Do It"
2. Hongkong Syndikat - "Too Much" (Cola Banana mix)
3. Stonebridge - "Jazzy John's Freestyle Dub"
4. Shakatak - "R Manic & Sister Cool" (Manic cut)
5. Thrashing Doves - "Jesus On The Payroll"
6. Men Without Hats - "The Safety Dance" (extended club mix)
7. Code 061 - "Drop The Deal"
8. The Art Of Noise - "Paranoimia" (with Max Headroom - 12" extended mix)
9. Dizzi Heights - "Would I Find Love" (12" extended version)
10. T-Coy - "De Mas Mas"
11. The Cure - "Hot Hot Hot!!!" (extended mix)
12. Oh Well - "Oh Well"
13. Oh Well - "Bositch"
14. Hamilton Bohannon - "Let’s Start The Dance"
15. Gene & Jim Are Into Shakes - "Shake!"
16. Raul Orellana - "Guitarra" (UK remix)
17. It's Immaterial - "Driving Away From Home (Wicked Weather For Walking)"
18. Richie Havens - "Going Back To My Roots"
19. William Pitt - "City Lights"
20. Solid Gold Easy Amex - "Enjoy" (feat Red Box - Paul Oakenfold Future mix)
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in stock $12.03

Celebrating 30 year of the infamous acid house explosion that was the Second Summer Of Love, three of the most influential selectors of the foundation era dig deep and deliver some of the most iconic, cherished and influential tunes that transcended the warehouses of New York, the clubs and fields of the UK and the beaches and terraces of Ibiza. The true Balearic acid house melting pot, Paul Oakenfold, Nancy Noise and Colin Hudd remind us just how timeless and important records such as 'Thunder', 'Chime' 'Such A Good Feeling', 'Pacific State' and so many more truly are. 30 years deep and still future; this is the start of a movement.

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