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Startseite  Uplifting Trance/Progressive Trance  

Black Hole Recordings




Solarstone Presents Pure Trance V7

SKY, Kristina/SOLARSTONE/LOSTLY/VARIOUS - Solarstone Presents Pure Trance V7

Solarstone Presents Pure Trance V7

Format: mixed 3xCD
Katalog: BHCD 180
Veröffentlicht: 19 Nov 18
Genre: Uplifting Trance
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Ausverkauft $16.56
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Seite 1
1. Neptune Project - "Elixir Of Life" (feat Christopher Lovell)
2. Mike Saint Jules - "Parachuting"
3. Paul Sawyer - "Meridian"
  4. Elfsong - "Crenshinibon" (dub mix)
5. David Broaders - "Tidal Force"
6. Mark Found - "In The Room"
7. Nick Silvestri - "One Person At A Time"
8. David Broaders - "Jitter"
9. L DG - "Isle Of Formentera" (Ciree remix)
10. Revolution 9 - "Awakening"
11. BT - "Journey To Gravity" (feat JC Chasez vs Attila Syah - Kristina Sky Resurrection Mashup)
12. New Ordinance - "Beyond Gravity"
13. Shacada - "Sunset"
14. Danny Stubbs vs Kindred Spirits - "The View From Apollo" (Kristina Sky & Randy Boyer Edwin Van Cleef Resurrection mix)
15. David Gradwell - "Awakening"
16. Tim Verkruissen - "Radiant"
17. Solarstone & JES - "Like A Waterfall" (The Blizzard remix)
18. Solar Movement - "Where We Dream"
19. Alex Wright - "Sueno"
20. Roger Shah & Kristina Sky - "Ocean Flame"
Seite 2
1. Vadim Zhukov - "Heart Connected" (feat Megan Sampson - Solarstone Reconstruction)
2. Ibizarre - "Underwater World" (John O'Callaghan remix)
3. Effen - "Sinners (Aren't We All?)"
4. Allende - "False Memory"
5. Pink Bomb - "Indica" (Solarstone Pure mix)
6. EDU - "Turbulence"
7. Dark Matter - "When Faith Fades" (Solarstone Pure mix)
8. Matt Darey - "Step Outside" (feat Jonatan Backelie - Matt Darey Trance mix)
9. ReOrder - "Beyond Time" (Neil Bamford remix)
10. Astrosphere - "What Lies Between The Stars"
11. Solarstone - "Motif" (Robert Nickson remix)
12. ReOrder - "All Comes Back To You" (Solarstone Pure mix)
13. Bryan Kearney - "Something Out Of Nothing"
14. Sam Mitcham - "Whopper" (Solarstone edit)
15. Solarstone & Clare Stagg - "Jewel" (Craig Connelly remix)
Seite 3
1. Lostly & Katherine Amy - "Forever"
2. Simon Bostock - "Without You" (feat Fisher - instrumental mix)
3. Leroy Moreno - "Paradigm Shift"
4. Factor B & Lostly - "Strandloper"
5. Lostly - "Reflection"
6. Everlight - "Voyager"
7. Giuseppe Ottaviani - "Carbon Paper"
8. Scott Bond & Charlie Walker vs Lostly - "Tides"
9. Sneijder - "Back Home"
10. Liam Wilson - "Remember Me" (Allan Morrow remix)
11. Indecent Noise - "One Step Back"
12. Lostly - "Distant Shores"
13. Tempo Giusto presents ToneArts - "Together As One"
14. Lostly - "Trans Karoo" (Allen Watts remix)
15. Lost In Noise - "Cosmic Spirit"
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Ausverkauft $16.56
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