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Fabriclive 100

KODE 9/BURIAL/VARIOUS - Fabriclive 100


Fabriclive 100

Format: mixed CD
Katalog: FABRIC 200
Veröffentlicht: 28 Sep 18
Genre: Bass
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Seite 1
1. "Track 1"
2. Klein - "Hurry"
3. Cooly G - "Magnetic"
4. Julz Da Deejay - "Deaths Effect"
5. Roman Rodney - "Triple Beat"
6. TLC Fam - "Skim Sam" (DBN dance)
7. Nazar - "Konvoy"
8. Lephuga Zafiro - "Agua Y Puerta"
9. Hyph11e - "Black Pepper" (Tzusing remix)
10. Luke Slater - "I Can Complete You"
11. Virgin - "B9"
12. Nut-E-1 - "Underwater Fireworks"
13. David Hykes - "Rainbow Voice"
14. Jungle Buddha - "Drug Me"
15. Black Acid - "Black Acid"
16. Vladislav Delay - "Otan Osaa"
17. DJ Spinn - "Make Me Hot"
18. Mr Fingers - "Spy" (Kode9 remix)
19. Scratcha DVA - "Pink 33" (feat Clara Le San - DJ Phil remix)
20. DJ Tre - "A House Hybrid"
21. Tedmann - "Baby"
22. DJ Rashad - "Let It Go"
23. Ontheground - "Fallen"
24. Intense - "The Quickening"
25. Genecom - "Polyphonic Raid"
26. Clementine - "The Opening"
27. Victim Rebirth - "Metamesonyxtia Narkogyra"
28. Friends Lovers & Family - "The Lift"
29. AK1200 - "Junior's Tune" (feat Junior Reid - Digital remix)
30. Okzharp & Manthe Ribane - "Treausre Erasure"
31. Ben Frost - "Ionia" (Jlin remix)
32. DJ Taye/Babyfather - "Nu Summer Shit/Prolific Deamons"
33. Jackob's Optical Stairway - "Solar Feelings" (Claude Young Kyoto Soul dub)
34. Proc Fiskal - "Dishwashing"
35. DJ Chap - "Brujeria"
36. DJ Tre - "A Hammond Jam"
37. RP Boo - "Wicked'Bu"
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in stock $10.77
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It seems fitting that the hundredth and final volume in the "FabricLive" mix series should also be its most hotly anticipated. Coming from heavyweight heroes Kode9 and Burial - whose previous back-to-back mix for Mary-Anne Hobbs' show eight years ago has reached near mythical status. The album is a wonderfully full-throttle and mixed-up affair, with the shadowy bass lieutenants giddily flitting between quick-fire sections focusing on South African gqom, footwork, Juke, vintage hardcore, early jungle and more contemporary dancefloor experimentalism, each broken up by typically blazed and paranoid ambient interludes and the occasional surprise selection. There's a lot going on throughout, but that only adds to the fun. In other words, it's a triumphant finale to a landmark mix series.

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