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Startseite  Dirty/Heavy Dubstep/Trap/Grime  





Fabriclive 90

KAHN/NEEK/VARIOUS - Fabriclive 90


Fabriclive 90

Format: mixed CD
Katalog: FABRIC 180
Veröffentlicht: 18 Nov 16
Genre: Dirty Dubstep/Trap/Grime
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Seite 1
1. O$VMV$M - "Thin Joe"
2. Jabu & SKRS - "BwoyTestVIP"
3. ManonMars - "Nuke The Threat"
4. Gantz - "Shaitan"
5. Kahn - "Polar" (feat Rider Shafique - Gantz remix)
6. Mungo's Hi Fi - "Rules Of The Dance" (feat Charlie P - JD remix)
7. Lamont & Boofy - "Walkin' Round Ere"
8. Gantz - "Temple Meads"
9. Ishan Sound & Rider Shafique - "Highest VIP"
10. Boofy - "LVX93"
11. Pinch & Kahn - "Send Out"
12. Jamakabi - "Hot It Up" (Kahn & Neek remix)
13. Jook - "Juice"
14. TMSV - "Shallow Breath"
15. OBF - "Ram Dance"
16. The Bug - "Fuckaz" (feat Spaceape)
17. Youngstar - "Bongo" (Kahn & Neek remix)
18. Kahn & Neek - "Acting The Goat"
19. Gemmy - "The Set Up"
20. Hi5Ghost - "Scorpion's Mask"
21. Young H - "We A Talk" (feat Dread MC & Rider Shafique - Ishan Sound remix)
22. Lemzly Dale - "No Long Talk" (Kahn & Neek remix)
23. Commodo - "S Is For Snakes"
24. Kahn & Neek - "Damascu"
25. Jabu - "Hungry Ghosts" (feat Chester Giles)
26. VMOS & Boofy - "Dial Ton"
27. Sir Spyro - "Topper Top" (feat Teddy Bruckshot, Lady Chann & Killa P - Kahn & Neek remix)
28. Kode9 & The Spaceape - "Ghost Town"
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in stock $5.95
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The 90th installment of the long-running FabricLive series comes from Kahn & Neek, AKA Young Echno members Joe McGann and Sam Barrett. The 28-track mix-up is naturally heavy on material from friends and collaborators (Jabu, Pinch, Ishan Sound, Gemmy etc.), plus a swathe of their own productions and remixes. It offers a whirlwind tour of the Bristol duo's influences and inspirations, taking in paranoid, dubbed-out ambience, stoned trip-hop, sub-bothering grime, post-dubstep intensity, hard-to-define madness (Gantz's brilliant "Temple Meads"), dancefloor-burning ragga revisions, and mutant, wide-eyed post-R&B (the fantastic "Dial Ton" by VMOS and Boofy). In other words, it perfectly encapsulates the duo's club-rocking DJ sets, not to mention where Bristol's bass scene is right now.

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