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Format: mixed 3xCD
Katalog: MOSCD 263
Veröffentlicht: 04 Nov 11
Genre: Broken Beat/Nu Jazz/Nu Soul
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Seite 1
1. Finn Peters - "Purple"
2. Mr Beatnick - "Synthetes"
3. Scuba - "So You Think You're Special" (Joe mix)
4. Mic Newman - "The Fidelity"
5. Roman Rauch - "Can't Get Enough" (SoulPhiction remix)
6. Bassfort - "Moon Shadow"
7. Prommer & Barck - "Sleeping Beauty"
8. Mr Raoul K - "The African Government"
9. Bjorn Torske - "Langt Fra Afrika" (Todd Terje mix)
10. Mo Kolours - "Biddies"
11. King Coya - "Villa Donde"
12. SBTRKT - "Living Like We Do" (feat Sampha)
13. Koreless - "MTI"
14. Kode9 & The Spaceape - "Love Is The Drug" (feat Cha Cha)
15. Jacques Greene - "Another Girl"
16. Bugge Wesseltoft & Henrik Schwarz - "Kammermusik"
Seite 2
1. Wagon Christ - "Mr Mukatsuku"
2. Peaking Lights - "Hey Sparrow"
3. Locussolus - "Throwdown" (vocal)
4. Arthur's Landing - "Love Dancing"
5. Tyrone Evans - "Rise Up"
6. Ish - "Faster Than A Speeding Bullet"
7. Gatto Fritto - "Hex"
8. Discodeine - "Falkenberg"
9. Owiny Sigoma Band - "Wires" (Theo Parrish mix)
10. Dinosaur L - "Go Bang!"
11. Virgo Four - "It's A Crime" (Caribou mix)
12. Phuture - "Acid Tracks"
13. Art Department - "Living The Life" (feat Seth Troxler)
14. Hot Natured - "Forward Motion" (feat Ali Love)
15. Julio Bashmore - "Batty Knee Dance"
16. Four Tet - "Pinnacles"
Seite 3
1. Incognito - "Summers Ended"
2. Cameo - "The Sound Table"
3. Roy Ayers - "Evolution"
4. Light Of The World - "Time"
5. Freeez - "Southern Freeez"
6. Tom Browne - "Come For The Ride"
7. Soul II Soul - "Fairplay"
8. Leena Conquest - "Boundaries"
9. Charlie Winston - "In Your Hands"
10. NYCC - "I'll Keep A Light In My Window"
11. Gene Chandler - "Does She Have A Friend (For Me?)"
12. The Meditation Singers - "Trouble's Brewin"
13. Teena Marie - "Portuguese Love"
14. RAMP - "Daylight"
15. Young Disciples - "As We Come (To Be)"
16. Terry Callier - "Dancing Girl"
17. The Royal Jazz Trio - "Various Kicks Grand Battement Walks"
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Ausverkauft $16.54

Gilles Peterson has put his name to many a compilation over the years but such is his exhaustive knowledge of music - spanning more genres than Walt Disney have received Oscars - you could never accuse him of treading the same territory. That is apparent more than ever on his entrance into the Ministry Of Sound Masterpiece series joining the likes of Francois K and Fabio & Grooverider and Jazzie B. Some two years in curating, this fifty track selection spans 3 CDs and pretty much covers all expanses of music attached to a beat, be it new or old. Displaying both expert mixing and subtle segueing, this release pretty much plays out as an extended Best Of Worldwide session, with the only thing missing being the soothing familiar hushed tones of Gilles himself.

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