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Startseite  50s/60s/Rock'n'Roll/Rhythm & Blues  

Reel To Reel




Seven Classic Albums & Bonus Singles

RICHARD, Cliff - Seven Classic Albums & Bonus Singles

Seven Classic Albums & Bonus Singles

Format: 4xCD
Katalog: RTRCD 88
Veröffentlicht: 03 Sep 20
Genre: 50s/60s
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Seite 1
1. "Apron Strings"
2. "My Babe"
3. "Down The Line"
4. "I Got A Feeling"
5. "Jet Black"
6. "(You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care"
7. "Donna"
8. "Move It"
9. "Ready Teddy"
10. "Too Much"
11. "Don't Bug Me Baby"
12. "Driftin'"
13. "That'll Be The Day"
14. "Be Bop A Lula"
15. "Danny"
16. "Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On"
17. "Blue Suede Shoes"
18. "The Snake & The Bookworm"
19. "I Gotta Know"
20. "Here Comes Summer"
21. "I'll String Alone With You"
22. "Embraceable You"
23. "As Time Goes By"
24. "The Touch Of Your Lips"
25. "Twenty Flight Rock"
26. "Pointed Toe Shoes"
27. "Mean Woman Blues"
28. "I'm Walking"
29. "I Don't Know Why (I Just Do)"
30. "Little Things Mean A Lot"
31. "Somewhere Along The Way"
32. "That's My Desire"
33. "I'm Gonna Get You"
Seite 2
1. "You & I"
2. "I Cannot Find A True Love"
3. "Evergreen Tree"
4. "She's Gone"
5. "Left Out Again"
6. "You're Just The One To Do It"
7. "Lamp Of Love"
8. "Choppin' 'N' Changin'"
9. "We Have It Made"
10. "Tell Me"
11. "Gee Whiz It's You"
12. "I Love You So"
13. "I'm Willing To Learn"
14. "I Don't Know"
15. "Working After School"
16. "What'd I Say"
17. "Blue Moon"
18. "True Love Will Come To You"
19. "Lover"
20. "Unchained Melody"
21. "Idle Gossip"
22. "First Lesson In Love"
23. "Almost Like Being In Love"
24. "Beat Out Dat Rhythm On A Drum"
25. "Memories Linger On"
26. "Temptation"
27. "I Live For You"
28. "Sentimental Journey"
29. "I Want You To Know"
30. "We Kiss In A Shadow"
31. "It's You"
Seite 3
1. "Happy Birthday"
2. "Forty Days (To Come Back Home)"
3. "Catch Me"
4. "How Wonderful To Know"
5. "Tough Enough"
6. "Fifty Years For Every Kiss"
7. "Night Is So Lonely"
8. "Poor Boy"
9. "Y'arriva"
10. "Outsider"
11. "Tea For Two"
12. "To Prove My Love For You"
13. "Without You"
14. "A Mighty Lonely Man"
15. "My Blue Heaven"
16. "Shame On You"
17. "Friday Night"
18. "Got A Funny Feeling"
19. "Peace Pipe"
20. "Nothing's Impossible"
21. "The Young Ones"
22. "All For One"
23. "Lessons In Love"
24. "No One For Me But Nicky"
25. "What D'you Know We've Got A Show/Vaudeville Routine"
26. "When The Girl In Your Arms Is The Girl In Your Heart"
27. "Mamba: Just Dance/Mood Mambo"
Seite 4
1. "The Savage"
2. "We Say Yeah"
3. "It'll Be Me"
4. "So I've Been Told"
5. "How Long Is Forever"
6. "I'm Walkin' The Blues"
7. "Turn Around"
8. "Blueberry Hill"
9. "Let's Make A Memory"
10. "When My Dream Boat Comes In"
11. "I'm On My Way"
12. "Spanish Harlem"
13. "You Don't Know"
14. "Falling In Love With Love"
15. "Who Are We To Say"
16. "I Wake Up Cryin'"
17. "Move It"
18. "High Class Baby"
19. "Livin' Lovin' Doll"
20. "Mean Streak"
21. "Never Mind"
22. "Living Doll"
23. "Travellin' Light"
24. "Dynamite"
25. "Fall In Love With You"
26. "Please Don't Tease"
27. "Nine Times Out Of Ten"
28. "I Love You"
29. "A Girl Like"
30. "I'm Looking Out The Window"
31. "Do You Wanna Dance"
32. "The Next Time"
33. "Bachelor Boy"
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in stock $6.11
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