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Startseite  Reggae-Klassiker/Oldies/Ska  

Doctor Bird




Freedom / Fire Corner

ECCLES, Clancy/THE DYNAMITES - Freedom/Fire Corner

Freedom/Fire Corner

Format: 2xCD
Katalog: DBCDD 050
Veröffentlicht: 19 Feb 20
Genre: Klassiker/Ska
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Seite 1
1. Clancy Eccles - "Freedom"
2. Clancy Eccles - "What Will Your Mother Say"
3. Clancy & Cynthia - "Two Of A Kind"
4. Clancy Eccles - "The World Needs Loving"
5. Clancy Eccles - "Dollar Train"
6. Clancy Eccles - "Constantinople"
7. Clancy Eccles - "Fattie Fattie"
8. Clancy Eccles - "Auntie Lulu"
9. Clancy Eccles - "Shu Be Du"
10. Clancy Eccles - "My Girl"
11. Clancy Eccles - "I Need You"
12. Clancy & Scully - "Mount Zion"
13. Clancy Eccles - "Open Up" (bonus track)
14. Clancy Eccles - "Darling Don't Do That" (bonus track)
15. Clancy Eccles - "Festival '68" (bonus track)
16. Clancy Eccles - "The Revenge" (bonus track)
17. Clancy Eccles - "Bangarang Crash" (bonus track)
18. Clancy Eccles - "The Big Fight" (bonus track)
19. Clancy Eccles - "Don't Brag Don't Boast" (bonus track)
20. Clancy Eccles - "Deacon Don" (bonus track)
21. Clancy Eccles - "Great (Beat)" (bonus track)
22. Clancy Eccles - "Chinaman" (bonus track)
23. Clancy & Cynthia - "Oh My Lover" (bonus track)
24. Clancy & Stitt - "Dance Beat" (version 1 - bonus track)
25. Clancy Eccles - "Fattie Fattie" (alternate version - bonus track)
Seite 2
1. The Dynamites - "Eternally"
2. The Dynamites - "Sam-Fie"
3. Winston Wright/The Dynamites - "I Did It"
4. Winston Wright - "This Is The Night"
5. Winston Wright - "One Way Street"
6. The Dynamites - "John Public"
7. The Dynamites - "Mr Midnight"
8. King Stitt - "Soul Language"
9. Winston Wright - "Say What You Say"
10. King Stitt - "Vigorton 2"
11. The Dynamites - "Next Corner"
12. King Stitt - "Fire Corner"
13. The Dynamites - "Rathid" (bonus track)
14. King Stitt - "Who Yea" (bonus track)
15. Val Bennett - "City Demonstration" (bonus track)
16. King Stitt - "On The Street" (bonus track)
17. The Dynamites - "Mercilina" (bonus track)
18. Winston Wright - "Silbert Dragon" (bonus track)
19. King Stitt - "Lick It Back" (bonus track)
20. The Dynamites - "Last Call" (bonus track)
21. Winston Wright - "Rough Road" (bonus track)
22. King Stitt - "I For I" (bonus track)
23. Val Bennett - "Sweet Africa" (bonus track)
24. Winston Wright - "The Lion Wakes" (bonus track)
25. Clancy & Stitt - "Dance Beat" (version 2 - bonus track)
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Ausverkauft $11.73

The latest must-have double feature from the Doctor Bird archives focuses on the pioneering work of Jamaican producer and vocalist Clancy Eccles, one of the first wave of young rocksteady artists to achieve international success in the late 1960s. The first disc focuses on his work as a self-produced solo artist, backing the fantastic 1969 LP "Freedom" - a soulful, slow-burn treat - with a handful of B-sides and lesser-known singles recorded in the same period. Disc two offers up the instrumental album he produced for regular backing band The Dynamites, "Fire Corner", plus a wealth of tracks Clancy produced for toaster King Stitt and other leading Jamaican vocalists of the period, most of which have never been available before on CD.

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