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Format: mixed 2xCD
Katalog: K7 224CD
Veröffentlicht: 26 Feb 08
Genre: Minimal/Tech House
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Ausverkauft $33.56
Seite 1
1. Directions - "Busted Trees" (Carl Craig Sessions remix)
2. Junior Boys - "Like A Child" (Carl Craig remix)
3. Rhythm & Sound - "Poor People Must Work" (Carl Craig remix)
4. Chez Damier - "Help Myself" (Reconstructed by Carl Craig)
5. Paperclip People - "Throw" (unreleased version)
6. Beanfield - "Tides" (Carl Craig Sessions remix)
7. Paperclip People - "Clear & Present" (original version)
8. Theo Parrish - "Falling Up" (Carl Craig remix)
9. Paperclip People - "Oscillator" (original version)
10. Psyche - "From Beyond" (original version)
11. Francesco Tristano - "The Melody" (Carl Craig remix)
12. Delia Gonzalez & Gavin Russom - "Relevee" (Carl Craig Sessions remix)
Seite 2
1. Carl Craig - "Angel" (Japanese mix)
2. 69 - "Rushed" (original version)
3. Faze Action - "In The Trees" (unreleased Carl Craig remix)
4. X-Press 2 - "Kill 100" (Carl Craig Sessions remix)
5. Tres Demented - "Brainfreeze" (Carl Craig Sessions mix)
6. Tres Demented - "Demented (Or Just Crazy)" (original version)
7. 69 - "Psychobeat" (unreleased)
8. Carl Craig - "Futurelovetheme" (Carl Craig Sessions remix)
9. Carl Craig - "Sandstorms" (original version)
10. Carl Craig - "At Les" (live in Paris)
11. Innerzone Orchestra - "Bug In The Bass Bin" (Carl Craig Sessions mix)
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Ausverkauft $33.56
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Renowned producer, remixer, DJ and record label owner Carl Craig is one of the few artists who can truly claim to have shaped the sound of
modern electronic music. Making music since the tender age of 17, Craig has created everything from ambient soundscapes to jazz
during the past 20 years, but it's his work in dance music that is at his core. 'Sessions' is a long overdue album that brings together a personal
selection of Carl's incredible back catalogue, from his early work under the aliases Paperclip People and 69 to worldwide hits like 'Throw'
(recently covered live by LCD Soundsystem) and groundbreaking tracks like 'Bug in the Bassbin'. Alongside the classics, the two discs also showcase why Craig is still such a powerful force in music today with a diverse range of remixes for the likes of XPress 2, Theo Parrish and many others. For his rework for Junior Boys'. 'Like A Child' he was just nominated for a Grammy.
The selection also includes previously unreleased tracks, alternative versions of his own productions, as well as some exclusive unreleased
remixes. 'Sessions' reminds us of how exciting and unique Carl Craig's productions and remixes are and why he remains at the top of his game,
a retrospective of one of the world’s most influential and groundbreaking figures in electronic music.

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