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Colemine US




Brighter Days Ahead

VARIOUS - Brighter Days Ahead


Brighter Days Ahead (1 per customer)

Format: gatefold coloured vinyl 2xLP + MP3 download code (comes in different coloured vinyl, we cannot guarantee which one you will receive)
Katalog: CLMN 12041LPC1
Veröffentlicht: 19 Feb 21
Genre: Soul
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Ausverkauft $30.75
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Seite 1
1. The Ironsides - "Sommer" (3:19)
2. Thee Sinseers - "What's His Name" (3:05)
3. The Resonaires - "Standing With You" (4:20)
4. Jr Thomas & The Volcanos - "Sunk In The Mist" (2:28)
5. Ikebe Shakedown - "Adonai" (2:52)
6. Ben Pirani - "More Than A Memory" (3:37)
Seite 2
1. The Winston Brothers - "Winston Theme" (2:48)
2. The Harlem Gospel Travelers - "Nothing But His Love" (3:55)
3. Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio - "Inner City Blues" (3:45)
4. Dojo Cuts - "Here We Are" (feat Carlton Jumel Smith) (3:02)
5. The Soul Chance - "Who Could It Be?" (feat Wesley Bright) (2:48)
6. Monophonics - "It's Only Us" (acoustic) (4:08)
Seite 3
1. Ghost Funk Orchestra - "Fuzzy Logic" (3:09)
2. Reverend Baron - "Jackie" (3:26)
3. Rudy De Anda - "Espume" (3:17)
4. Andrew Gabbard - "Cloud Of Smoke" (3:10)
5. Young Gun Silver Fox - "Baby Girl" (3:49)
Seite 4
1. Kendra Morris - "This Life" (3:54)
2. M Ross Perkins - "Wrong Wrong Wrong" (2:56)
3. GA-20 - "I Ain't Got You" (2:16)
4. The Gabbard Brothers - "Too Much To Feel" (4:52)
5. Neal Francis - "Changes" (demo) (5:49)
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Ausverkauft $30.75
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When COVID-19 spread across the USA last spring, cancelling many gigs and tours in. the process, Colemine Records' owner Terry Cole encouraged his artists to continue to record new music, which he would release as single tracks online. Brighter Days Ahead gathers together those tracks on a physical release for the very first time. It's a genuinely brilliant collection all told, offering up a whirlwind sprint across the full breadth of the vintage soul spectrum. Such is the quality, picking highlights is tough, but we'd suggest checking out the string-drenched sweetness of the Resonaires' 'Standing With You', the dusty reggae-soul warmth of Jr Thomas & The Volcanoes, the deep funk heaviness of The Winston Brothers' 'Winstons Theme', and the heart-aching piano soul wonder that is Monophonics' superb 'It's Only Us'

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