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In A Bunch: The CD Singles Box Set 1981-1993

BANANARAMA - In A Bunch: The CD Singles Box Set 1981-1993

In A Bunch: The CD Singles Box Set 1981-1993

Format: 33xCD singles box
Katalog: BANANABOX 01
Veröffentlicht: 29 Aug 15
Genre: Pop
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Ausverkauft $112.96
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Seite 1
1. "Aie A Mwana"
2. "Aie A Mwana" (extended version)
3. "Dubwana"
4. "Dubwana" (US extended version)
5. "Dubwana" (US dub)
Seite 2
1. "It Ain't What You Do It's The Way That You Do It"
2. "The Funrama Theme"
3. "It Ain't What You Do.../Just Do It"
4. "The Funrama Theme" (extended version)
Seite 3
1. "Really Saying Something"
2. "Give Us Back Our Cheap Fares"
3. "Really Saying Something" (extended version)
4. "Give Us Back Our Cheap Fares" (extended version)
5. "Really Saying Something" (US 7" mix)
6. "Really Saying Something" (US extended version)
7. "Really Saying Something" (US instrumental)
Seite 4
1. "Shy Boy"
2. "Don't Call Us..."
3. "Shy Boy" (extended version)
4. "Don't Call Us..." (extended version)
5. "Shy Boy" (US 7" mix)
6. "Shy Boy" (US extended version)
7. "Shy Boy" (US dub)
8. "Shy Boy" (instrumental)
Seite 5
1. "He's Got Tact"
2. "He's Got Tact" (alternative mix)
3. "He's Got Tact" (original version)
4. "He's Got Tact" (instrumental)
Seite 6
1. "Cheers Then"
2. "Girl About Town"
3. "Cheers Then" (extended version)
4. "Girl About Town" (extended version)
5. "Cheers Then" (instrumental)
Seite 7
1. "Na Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye)"
2. "Tell Tale Signs"
3. "Na Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye)" (extended version)
4. "Na Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye)" (dub)
5. "Tell Tale Signs" (extended version)
6. "Na Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye)" (alternative 12" mix)
  7. "Na Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye)" (instrumental)
Seite 8
1. "Cruel Summer"
2. "Cruel Summer" (Cruel dub)
3. "Cruel Summer" (extended version)
4. "Cruel Summer" (Summer dub)
5. "Cairo"
6. "Cruel Summer" (Digital mix)
Seite 9
1. "Robert De Niro's Waiting..."
2. "Push!"
3. "Robert De Niro's Waiting..." (extended version)
4. "Push!" (extended version)
5. "Robert De Niro's Waiting..." (instrumental)
Seite 10
1. "Rough Justice"
2. "Live Now"
3. "Rough Justice" (extended version)
4. "Rough Justice" (album version)
5. "Rough Justice" (original 12" mix)
6. "Rough Justice" (instrumental)
Seite 11
1. "King Of The Jungle"
2. "King Of The Jungle" (Cold End version)
3. "King Of The Jungle" (extended version)
4. "King Of The Jungle" (Unsecured version)
5. "King Of The Jungle" (instrumental)
Seite 12
1. "The Wild Life" (7" version)
2. "The Wild Life" (extended version)
3. "The Wild Life" (dub mix)
4. "The Wild Life" (album version)
5. "The Wild Life" (7" edit)
6. "The Wild Life" (instrumental)
Seite 13
1. "Hot Line To Heaven"
2. "State I'm In"
3. "Hot Line To Heaven" (album version)
4. "State I'm In" (extended version)
5. "Hot Line To Heaven" (album edit)
6. "Hot Line To Heaven" (instrumental)
7. "State I'm In" (instrumental)
8. "Hot Line To Heaven" (Radio 1 jingles)
Seite 14
1. "Do Not Disturb"
2. "Ghost"
3. "Do Not Disturb" (extended version)
4. "Do Not Disturb" (instrumental)
5. "Do Not Disturb" (Bananamix)
6. "Do Not Disturb" (original mix)
7. "Do Not Disturb" (alternative 12" mix)
8. "Do Not Disturb" (Radio 1 jingles)
Seite 15
1. "Venus"
2. "White Train"
3. "Venus" (extended version)
4. "Venus" (dub)
5. "Venus" (Hellfire mix)
6. "Venus" (Hellfire dub)
7. "Venus" (Fire & Brimstone mix)
8. "Venus" (original mix)
9. "True Confessions" (7" mix)
10. "Venus" (original 12" mix)
11. "Venus" (Radio 1 jingles)
Seite 16
1. "More Than Physical"
2. "Scarlett"
3. "More Than Physical" (garage mix)
4. "More Than Physical" (dub)
5. "Scarlett" (extended version)
6. "More Than Physical" (Musclebound mix)
7. "More Than Physical" (DJ edit)
8. "More Than Physical" (album version)
9. "More Than Physical" (garage mix edit)
10. "More Than Physical" (original 12" mix)
11. "More Than Physical" (Muscle dub)
12. "More Than Physical" (Instrumental)
13. "More Than Physical" (Radio 1 jingles)
Seite 17
1. "A Trick Of The Night" (#1)
2. "A Cut Above The Rest"
3. "A Trick Of The Night" (#2)
4. "Set On You"
5. "A Trick Of The Night" (#1 mix)
6. "A Trick Of The Night" (Tricky mix)
7. "A Trick Of The Night" (dub)
8. "A Trick Of The Night" (instrumental)
9. "A Trick Of The Night" (Tricky mix 7" edit)
10. "A Trick Of The Night" (UK video mix)
11. "A Trick Of The Night" (US 7" mix)
12. "A Trick Of The Night" (Jolley & Swain original 12" mix)
13. "A Trick Of The Night" (original PWL mix)
14. "A Trick Of The Night" (Tuesday mix)
15. "A Trick Of The Night" (US instrumental)
16. "A Trick Of The Night" (Radio 1 jingle)
Seite 18
1. "I Heard A Rumor"
2. "Clean Cut Boy (Party Size)"
3. "I Heard A Rumor" (Horoscope mix)
4. "I Heard A Rumor" (dub)
5. "I Heard A Rumor" (Miami mix)
6. "I Heard A Rumor" (house mix)
7. "I Heard A Rumor" (original mix)
8. "I Heard A Rumor" (original 12" mix)
9. "I Heard A Rumor" (Wacky vocal dub)
10. "I Heard A Rumor" (instrumental)
Seite 19
1. "Love In The First Degree"
2. "Mr Sleaze"
3. "Love In The First Degree" (Jailers mix)
4. "Love In The First Degree" (Escape instrumental)
5. "Love In The First Degree" (Eurobeat style)
6. "Mr Sleaze" (Rare Groove remix)
7. "Mr Sleaze" (Rare Groove 7" remix)
8. "Love In The First Degree" (Jailers mix with intro)
9. "Mr Sleaze" (US 7" mix)
10. "Mr Sleaze" (US instrumental)
11. "Love In The First Degree" (Hard Vox 7" mix)
Seite 20
1. "I Can't Help It"
2. "Ectasy"
3. "I Can't Help It" (extended club mix)
4. "Ectasy" (Chicago house stylee)
5. "I Can't Help It" (The Hammond version excursion)
6. "Ectasy" (wild style)
7. "Ectasy" (edit)
8. "I Can't Help It" (US 7" mix)
9. "I Can't Help It" (instrumental)
Seite 21
1. "I Want You Back"
2. "Bad For Me"
3. "I Want You Back" (extended European mix)
4. "Amnesia" (feat Stock Aitken Waterman - The Theme From The Roxy)
5. "The Bananarama Mega-Mix" (10" version)
6. "Love In The First Degree" (house mix)
7. "Amnedia" (feat Stock Aitken Waterman - the theme form The Roxy)
8. "The Bananarama Mega-Mix" (12" version)
9. "Love In The First Degree" (Love In The House mix)
10. "Love In The First Degree" (house dub)
11. "I Want You Back" (original 12" mix)
12. "I Want You Back" (instrumental)
Seite 22
1. "Love, True & Honesty"
2. "Strike It Rich" (7" mix)
3. "Love, True & Honesty" (dancehall version)
4. "Strike It Rich" (full lenght club mix)
5. "Love, True & Honesty" (Balearacidic mix)
6. "Love, True & Honesty" (Hot Power 12")
7. "Strike It Rich" (edit)
8. "Love, True & Honesty" (Balearacidic dub)
9. "Love, True & Honesty" (Hot Power dub)
10. "Love, True & Honesty" (How Power edit)
11. "Love, True & Honesty" (Hot Power 12 US re-edit)
12. "Love, True & Honesty" (original 12" mix)
13. "Love, True & Honesty" (instrumental)
Seite 23
1. "Nathan Jones"
2. "Once In A Lifetime"
3. "Nathan Jones" (extended version)
4. "Nathan Jones" (instrumental dub mix)
5. "Nathan Jones" (Psycho mix)
6. "Nathan Jones" (Bass Tone Mix)
7. "Nathan Jones" (1987 7" mix)
8. "Nathan Jones" (Dave Ford mix)
9. "Nathan Jones" (Psycho mix US re-edit)
10. "Nathan Jones" (original 12" mix)
11. "Nathan Jones" (Bass Tone dub)
12. "Nathan Jones" (Bass Tone precapella)
13. "Nathan Jones" (alternative 12" mix)
14. "Nathan Jones" (12" mix)
15. "Nathan Jones" (Dave Ford instrumental)
Seite 24
1. "Help"
2. "Help!"
3. "Help" (extended version)
4. "Love In The Factory"
5. "Help!" (instrumental)
Seite 25
1. "Cruel Summer" ('89 Swing Beat version)
2. "Venus" (The Greatest remix edit)
3. "Cruel Summer" ('89 Swing Beat dub)
4. "I Heard A Rumour" (Corporation Of Bananarama mix)
5. "Venus" (The Greatest remix)
6. "Cruel Summer" ('89 Swing Beat instrumental)
7. "I Heard A Rumour" (Corporation dub)
8. "Venus" (Desire dub)
9. "Cruel Summer" ('89 Swing Beat 7" instrumental)
10. "Venus" (The Greatest remix instrumental)
11. "I Heard A Rumour" (Corporation instrumental)
12. "I Heard A Rumour" (drumapella)
13. "I Heard A Rumour" (FB dub 1)
14. "I Heard A Rumour" (FB dub 2)
Seite 26
1. "Megarama '89" (Alan Coulthard edit)
2. "Megarama '89" (Dimitri edit)
3. "Megarama '89" (Alan Coulthard full-lenght version)
4. "Megarama '89" (Dimitri full-length version)
5. "The Greatest Hits Megamix"
6. "The Greatest Hits Megamix" (7" edit)
7. "Tempus Fugit Mix"
8. "Tempus Fugit Mix" (instrumental)
Seite 27
1. "Only Your Love" (7")
2. "Only Your Love" (Milk Bar mix)
3. "Only Your Love" (Youth & Trash On The mix)
4. "Only Your Love" (hardcore instrumental)
5. "Only Your Love" (The Monkey Drum Mooch)
6. "Only Your Love" (a tribute to Barry Mooncult mix)
7. "Only Your Love" (Paris, Texas instrumental)
8. "Only Your Love" (Youth & Trash On The Mix CD edit)
9. "Only Your Love" (hardcore instrumental edit)
10. "Only Your Love" (Love mix)
11. "Only Your Love" (original 12" mix)
12. "Only Your Love" (7" instrumental)
Seite 28
1. "Preacher Man"
2. "Megalomaniac"
3. "Preacher Man" (Shep club mix)
4. "Preacher Man" (Shep dub mix)
5. "Preacher Man" (Shep instrumental edit)
6. "Preacher Man" (Ramabanana alternative mix)
7. "Tripping On Your Love" (Sweet Exorcist dub)
8. "Preacher Man" (bonus beats dub)
9. "Preacher Man" (Shep instrumental)
10. "Preacher Man" (alternative 7" mix)
11. "Preacher Man" (original 12" mix)
Seite 29
1. "Long Train Running"
2. "Outta Sight"
3. "Long Train Running" (Alma De Noche mix)
4. "Long Train Running" (The Romany dance mix)
5. "Long Train Running" (The Pacha mix)
6. "Long Train Running" (Flamenco mix)
7. "Long Train Running" (Sparky Magic Button mix)
8. "Long Train Running" (Flamenco CD mix)
9. "Long Train Running" (instrumental)
Seite 30
1. "Tripping On Your Love" (7")
2. "Tripping On Your Love" (Metropolis mix)
3. "Tripping On Your Love" (euro trance mix)
4. "Tripping On Your Love" (Indika dub)
5. "Tripping On Your Love" (instrumental)
6. "Tripping On Your Love" (Dancefloor Justice mix)
7. "Tripping On Your Love" (Silkie Seventies 7" mix)
8. "Tripping On Your Love" (Silky dub)
9. "Tripping On Your Love" (Smoove radio mix)
10. "Tripping On Your Love" (E-Smoove chant mix)
11. "Tripping On Your Love" (Maurice wicked mix)
12. "Tripping On Your Love" (Maurice dub)
Seite 31
1. "Movin' On" (7")
2. "Treat Me Right"
3. "Movin' On" (Straight No Chaser)
4. "Movin' On" (Bumpin' mix)
5. "Movin' On" (The Spag-A-Nana dub)
6. "Movin' On" (The Norty Banana mix)
7. "Movin' On" (original 12" mix)
8. "Movin' On" (Movin' mix)
9. "Movin' On" (Thumpin' mix)
10. "Movin' On" (Snappin' mix)
11. "Movin' On" (NRG mix)
12. "Movin' On" (alternative reprise)
13. "Movin' On" (Jumpin' dub)
14. "Movin' On" (instrumental)
15. "Message From Bananarama"
Seite 32
1. "Last Thing On My Mind" (7 " mix)
2. "Another Lover"
3. "Last Thing On My Mind" (FXTC dub)
4. "Last Thing On My Mind" (The Tone Tone mix)
5. "Last Thing On My Mind" (Hi-Nrg mix)
6. "Last Thing On My Mind" (Tone instrumental)
7. "Last Thing On My Mind" (Xtra Nrg mix)
8. "Last Thing On My Mind" (extended version)
9. "Last Thing On My Mind" (instrumental)
Seite 33
1. "More, More, More" (7" mix)
2. "Give It All Up For Love"
3. "More, More, More" (12" mix)
4. "More, More, More" (I Can't Techno More mix)
5. "More, More, More" (remix dub)
6. "More, More, More" (original 12" mix)
7. "More, More, More" (extended version)
8. "More, More, More" (More Tech No dub)
9. "More, More, More" (album instrumental)
10. "More, More, More" (7" instrumental)
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Ausverkauft $112.96
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