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Bestsellers: Post Rock/Experimental

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Attraktors (140 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: VIVOD 024LP. Rel: 03 Jul 20
  1. Future Systems
  2. Math Redux
  3. Heavy Water
  4. Maximum Minimum
  5. She Of Stars
  6. Mensonge Et La Chute
  7. Theme From Unknown
  8. Search Mode
  9. A Nearfield Background
  10. Interlude For Wounded Deer
Review: Attraktors originally surfaced back in 2015 with the Future Systems EP. Made up of members of Six.By.Seven, Bivouac, The Selecter and more besides. Now this eclectic group of coldwave connoisseurs fold that initial EP into a raft of new songs to make up a sterling debut album for Vivod. It's brittle, homespun stuff that opens up a wormhole to the bedroom studio explosion of the 1980s, when lo-fi new wave was king. But there are other dimensions to this record, like the dreamy synth pop of "Mensonge Et La Chute" and the cosmic rock stylings of "Theme From Unknown". For all lovers of the early to mid '80s era, this is an album you won't want to miss.
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Ricochet (LP)
Cat: VR 2044. Rel: 05 Jul 12
  1. Ricochet (part 1)
  2. Ricochet (part 2)
Review: Tangerine Dream's 1975 album Ricochet gets a vinyl reissue. Consisting of only two tracks, both parts of "Ricochet" are shifting soundscapes in the best arpeggiated 70s tradition and bonafide classics of the genre, influencing everyone from Emeralds through Oneohtrix Point Never. Essential.
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Harmonie (LP)
Cat: ERS 006. Rel: 26 Nov 13
  1. Domino
  2. La Era
  3. Das Buch
  4. Tip Top
  5. Sol Lucet Omnibus
  6. Adieu & Adios
Review: Belated vinyl issue of the excellent second LP from Musiccargo for the Dusseldorf fanatics! It may well be the seventh release on Emotional Response, but the label happy Stuart Leath will tell anyone in close proximity that the Musiccargo pairing of Gerhard Michel and Gordon Pohl were largely inspirational in his decision to start the label. Probably most widely known for the early appearance on James Holden's DJ Kicks mix of their remix of "Disco" by Grackle, Musiccargo are modern day exponents of the Krautrock sound pioneered by Dusseldorf acts like Can, Cluster and Neu. Harmonie arrives some four years after the duo's highly sought after debut album Hand In Hand and the six track album is a sumptuous 'adult kraut' delight from start to end.
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Every Valley
Every Valley (limited 180 gram clear vinyl LP + booklet + MP3 download code)
Cat: PIASR 970LPX. Rel: 07 Jul 17
  1. Every Valley (4:41)
  2. The Pit (4:20)
  3. People Will Always Need Coal (4:45)
  4. Progress (feat Tracyanne Campbell) (3:22)
  5. Go To The Road (4:14)
  6. All Out (3:19)
  7. Turn No More (feat James Dean Bradfield) (4:30)
  8. They Gave Me A Lamp (feat Haiku Salut) (3:56)
  9. You + Me (feat Lisa Jen Brown) (5:40)
  10. Mother Of The Village (3:28)
  11. Take Me Home (2:04)
Review: Once again using an ambitious conceptual framework to house a record which draws on historical texts and multimedia sources alongside their widescreen melange of post-rock, prog, dance and ambient stylings, 'Every Valley' deals with the Welsh mining industry and its trials and travails in the last half of the twentieth century. A project as mighty as the industry it chronicles, it resonates with emotive heft and atmospheric power whilst being careful not to overly romanticise its subject matter - this is fundamentally a deeply melancholic album, chronicling the slow demise of a way of life with spirit, clarity and sensitivity, not to mention musical invention.
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Nostalgia (reissue)
Nostalgia (reissue) (white vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: FIRELP 104X. Rel: 27 Sep 19
  1. Hate Rock Trio (2:33)
  2. Look What's Been Done (7:56)
  3. Look Down The Line (6:28)
  4. Look At That Girl (3:30)
  5. Look At Her (4:49)
  6. You Injured Me (5:23)
  7. I'm All Broke Up (5:40)
Review: HTRK's debut album in 2007 proved to be a seminal one for fans of experimental noise. It cooks up impressively abrasive and caustic textures, crashing waves of white noise and sonorous pulses that speak of a future dystopian world. Tense and absorbing throughout, the lo-fi design and elements of post punk, post industrial and post techno makes it a modern analogy of the likes of Throbbing Gristle. 12 years later, the record sounds just as good, and arguably even more prescient in these twitchy times of digital surveillance, social anxieties and worldwide political tensions. It might be bleak, then, but that doesn't mean there is real beauty in this album's disharmony.
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Auflosung Der Zeit
Cat: EMEGO 278. Rel: 12 Mar 20
  1. Auflosung Der Zeit (part 1) (22:03)
  2. Auflosung Der Zeit (part 2) (22:00)
Review: Back in 2018, experienced experimentalist Stephen O'Malley headed to Paris to perform a specially commissioned piece inspired by "The Guidebook Of Church Burners", an intriguing, limited edition book that apparently "explores and transforms into an abstract narration of the multiple facets of black metal iconography and history". Here that performance finally gets a release, with the continuous recording split into two parts to fit the vinyl format. It features O'Malley delivering fuzzy, sometimes discordant guitar riffs with the aid of various effects pedals. It's intense and otherworldly, with the guitarist layering sustained chords upon echoing notes to create a raw, unsettling wall of sound.
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Atomic (clear vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: THRILL 516LPX. Rel: 20 Mar 20
  1. Midnight (4:41)
  2. Understory (4:51)
  3. Nemesis (6:15)
  4. Coil (4:35)
  5. Coppe (4:08)
  6. Something Holy (3:16)
  7. Brave One (3:36)
  8. One Year One Rising (2:05)
  9. Marrow (5:46)
  10. Redshift (3:28)
  11. Many Arms (4:10)
Review: If you're yet to come across Helen Money then now is probably a very good time to rectify that. A background in classical music - and how seriously aficionados of the canon take her - suggests unarguable talent, and her work is proof. Reverence in alternative circles shows how she has never stuck to the path well-trodden, and instead forges ahead on her own terms in pretty much every outing. This is no exception. A maestro on the cello, which leads the charge on this mystifying, brooding and exceptionally cinematic effort, it's incredible just how versatile she makes the instrument sound when you consider your stereotypical thoughts on how it is usually played. Plucked, bowed, reverberated, whatever the approach it offers new depths to the ear, from the chilling 'Coil', which utilises pianos to add a feeling if impending something, to 'Midnight''s melancholia, this is exquisite stuff.
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Riceboy Sleeps (remastered)
Riceboy Sleeps (remastered) (limited gatefold 3xLP)
Cat: 019029 5432591. Rel: 30 Aug 19
  1. Happiness (9:07)
  2. Atlas Song (7:54)
  3. Indian Summer (9:18)
  4. Stokkseyri (7:03)
  5. Boy 1904 (5:08)
  6. All The Big Trees (5:11)
  7. Daniell In The Sea (7:03)
  8. Howl (8:20)
  9. Sleeping Giant (6:43)
  10. Chapter One (20:18)
  11. Chapter Two (6:10)
  12. Chapter Three (6:31)
Review: Jon Thor Birgisson (Sigur Ros) and his partner Alex Somers make brain cleansing and heavenly ambient as Jonsi & Alex. 10 years ago they put out cult classic "Riceboy Sleeps" and to mark the anniversary the whole album has been lovingly remastered across six slabs of wax. Taking the time to do nothing but sit back and sink deep into this album is a pleasure you will thank yourself for: its pastoral synths slowly wash over you while muted pads gently unfold, evolve and evaporate as barely-there voices from the Kopavogsdaetur Choir come in and out of focus next to smeared strings from Icelandic quartet Amiina. Perfection.
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Living In The Distant Present
Living In The Distant Present (transparent blue vinyl LP + MP3 download code with obi-strip)
Cat: VISTA 007. Rel: 10 Aug 18
  1. The Fifth Season (4:38)
  2. Her Father's Hands (3:55)
  3. Swing Song (4:14)
  4. Soft Waters (5:56)
  5. Glide (3:11)
  6. Of The Moment (3:05)
  7. Swim (5:18)
  8. Letters (2:21)
  9. Dreaming In Colors (7:36)
  10. Wintercolors (4:10)
  11. Silk & Sand (3:44)
  12. Two Friends (3:33)
Review: An unsung hero of American minimalism, Multiphase frontman Carl Weingarten sees his 1985 cassette now committed to delux, transparent blue vinyl. It's an album that sees classic strands of '80s synths blend and pair themselves with guitars that shimmer and sing to the point both instruments become one. It's a furturistic style of new age ambient exoctica that Weingarten purports, but not so much in the way of Pacific Island specialist Mike Cooper, but more the Brian Eno meets Jean Michel Jarre style. For a deep dip back into the sound of minimal synth, tape loops and processed guitars, allow Carl Weingarten to introduce himself to your collection like he should have done 33 years ago.
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Rooms (LP)
Cat: OGEN 80LP. Rel: 11 Jan 19
  1. Afire (3:33)
  2. Rain (4:09)
  3. Dolino (4:05)
  4. Gost (6:29)
  5. Rosebud (5:28)
  6. Rafters (4:07)
  7. Nourish (2:55)
  8. Moors (4:35)
  9. Rooms (1:39)
Review: New this week is the debut album from Coral Rose as The Silver Field, an abstract and experimental, ambient excursion through the more bizarre lands of post-psyche rock. Recorded in Rose's bedroom the LP follows recent releases on O Genesis by Daniel O'Sullivan (VELD) and Richard Youngs (Belief). The album, like its cover, represents a spread of shady colours and puts through the wash a bevy of instruments like the double bass, cello, guitar, and mandolin as beautifully finger-plucked on the album's closing title-track. Amidst drenches of reverberation and delay techniques, "Rain" itself, a highlight of the album, couldn't sound more like the fact, albeit in Rose's folk-charm style, while there's also "Dolino" for a heavier loop-making trip that lands somewhere between techno and noise. And for that sublime trip into the abyss it's all about "Moors".
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Variations On Darkness
Variations On Darkness (limited heavyweight vinyl LP) (1 per customer)
Cat: 019029 6911804. Rel: 22 Apr 19
  1. The Hungry Ghosts/We Live In An Old Chaos Of The Sun (20:34)
  2. The Silence Of Animals/The Truth Is, It Wanted To Cave In (22:50)
Review: Set as a soundtrack to a series of choreographed performances from the Iceland Dance Company, "Variations On Darkness" may arguably act as a counterpart to separate Record Store Day exclusive "22 Lunar Halo". This release is a culmination of various moments of Sigur Ros' career awashed with discordant, penetrating soundscapes across the two epics, "The Hungry Ghosts/We Live In An Old Chaos Of The Sun" and "The Silence Of Animals/The Truth Is, It Wanted To Cave In". Our pick is the latter which is something of an intoxicating build-up, brought together by haphazard, glitchy samples that may even cross the IDM territory, before concluding with a suitably grandiose ending to an epic trip. A tough listen, for sure, but all the more rewarding.
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Intra Musique
Intra Musique (limited gatefold LP)
Cat: PLANA T ALGA043/DAV06. Rel: 20 Sep 17
  1. 1. (22:00)
  2. 1. (4:11)
  3. 2. (2:40)
  4. 3. (6:44)
  5. 4. (6:25)
Review: Here's something of a treat for fans of experimental, cutting-edge jazz: a rare recording of legendary French drummer Jacques Thollot - accompanied by some of his regular musical collaborators - captured at a live performance at the Faculty of Law, Paris, in 1969. Thrillingly free and fluid, it features Thollot not only providing his usual loose and frenetic percussion, but also tape loops. The highlight is undoubtedly the epic A-side workout - a 22 minute trip into psychedelic headspace - though there are plenty of gems to be found on the flip, too, not least the atmospheric, slow-burning "2" and Stockhausen-ish, delay-laden "3".
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Konata Kanata
Konata Kanata (LP + insert)
Cat: BC 30. Rel: 17 Jul 18
  1. Planets (3:45)
  2. Iron Fence (4:21)
  3. Horology Of The Surf (2:49)
  4. A Boy (6:37)
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Bestsellers: Post Rock/Experimental
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