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Spirit Of Eden
Spirit Of Eden (LP + DVD)
Cat: PCSDX 105. Rel: 11 Apr 12
  1. The Rainbow
  2. Eden
  3. Desire
  4. Inheritance
  5. I Believe In You
  6. Wealth
  7. Spirit Of Eden (DVD)
Gespielt von: Elitechnique
 in stock $21.09
Laughing Stock
Cat: 600753 655191. Rel: 28 Jan 16
  1. Myrrhman (5:12)
  2. Ascension Day (6:02)
  3. After The Flood (9:38)
  4. Taphead (7:29)
  5. New Grass (9:39)
  6. Runeii (4:52)
 in stock $12.48
The Race For Space
The Race For Space (gatefold LP + booklet)
Cat: TCRVA 02. Rel: 23 Feb 15
  1. The Race For Space
  2. Sputnik
  3. Gagarin
  4. Fire In The Cockpit
  5. EVA
  6. The Other Side
  7. Valentina (feat Smoke Fairies)
  8. Go!
  9. Tomorrow
Review: No-one could accuse the London-based duo Public Service Broadcasting of lacking ambition-after the runaway success of their debut 'Inform - Educate - Entertain', this second album, whilst still utilising their trademark mixture of archive audio recordings, krautrock and post-rock. focuses conceptually on the '60s space race, and summons up a suitably widescreen and emotionally resonant backdrop for these stirring tales of voyages into the unknown. Both playful and respectful, it's a heartfelt record whose experimental elan matches the ground-breaking nature and sense of wonder of the subject matter, with these soundscapes and grooves sounding forceful and engaging even whilst they're figuratively staring at the stars.
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 in stock $16.66
Neu! '75
Neu! '75 (gatefold LP)
Cat: LPGRONIII. Rel: 12 Aug 10
  1. ISI
  2. See Land
  3. Leb Wohl
  4. Hero
  5. E Musik
  6. After Eight
Gespielt von: Ekoplekz
 in stock $13.80
Mark Hollis (reissue)
Mark Hollis (reissue) (heavyweight vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: 080288 0. Rel: 08 Nov 19
  1. The Colour Of Spring (3:54)
  2. Watershed (5:46)
  3. Inside Looking Out (6:29)
  4. The Gift (4:35)
  5. A Life (1895-1915) (7:15)
  6. Westward Bound (4:14)
  7. The Daily Planet (7:23)
  8. A New Jerusalem (6:10)
Review: First released in 1998, the last album from the sadly missed Mark Hollis was originally set to be a Talk Talk album, scheduled to follow up 1991's "Laughing Stock". Described by engineer Phil Brown as "open, restful and at times fantastically beautiful", Hollis' only solo effort is quite the opposite of the dark and claustrophobic direction of Talk Talk's final album. Entirely self-produced, the record takes Talk Talk's pared back, emotive intimacy further into yet more minimal, private territory, of sometimes almost unbearable intensity. A complex, compelling last dispatch from an indisputable genius.
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 in stock $20.04
Les Revenants
Les Revenants (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: ROCKACT 74LP. Rel: 21 Feb 13
  1. Hungry Face
  2. Jaguar
  3. The Huts
  4. Kill Jester
  5. This Messiah Needs Watching
  6. Whisky Time
  7. Special N
  8. Relative Hysteria
  9. Fridge Magic
  10. Portugal
  11. Eagle Tax
  12. Modern
  13. What Are They Doing In Heaven Today?
  14. Wizard Motor
 in stock $13.53
Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven
  1. Storm
  2. Static
  3. Sleep
  4. Antennas To Heaven...
 in stock $22.13
Cat: TG 64LP. Rel: 01 Jan 90
  1. Breadcrumb Trail
  2. Nosferatu Man
  3. Don, Aman
  4. Washer
  5. For Dinner
  6. Good Morning, Captain
Gespielt von: Upside Down
 in stock $16.66
Merriweather Post Pavillion
Merriweather Post Pavillion (gatefold 180 gram vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: WIGLP 216. Rel: 05 Jan 09
  1. In The Flowers
  2. My Girls
  3. Also Frightened
  4. Summertime Clothes
  5. Daily Routine
  6. Bluish
  7. Guys Eyes
  8. Taste
  9. Lion In A Coma
  10. No More Runnin
  11. Brother Sport
 in stock $20.82
Allelujah! Don't Bend! Ascend!
Allelujah! Don't Bend! Ascend! (gatefold 180 gram vinyl LP + 7" + MP3 download code)
Cat: CST 081LP. Rel: 18 Oct 12
  1. Mladic
  2. We Drift Like Worried Fire
  3. Their Helicopters Sing
  4. Strung Like Lights At Thee Printemps Erable
  5. Track 5
  6. Track 6
 in stock $27.59
F# A#
F# A# (LP)
Cat: CST 10003C. Rel: 01 Jan 90
  1. Nervous, Sad, Poor...
  2. Bleak, Uncertain, Beautiful...
 in stock $17.97
Harmonie (LP)
Cat: ERS 006. Rel: 26 Nov 13
  1. Domino
  2. La Era
  3. Das Buch
  4. Tip Top
  5. Sol Lucet Omnibus
  6. Adieu & Adios
Review: Belated vinyl issue of the excellent second LP from Musiccargo for the Dusseldorf fanatics! It may well be the seventh release on Emotional Response, but the label happy Stuart Leath will tell anyone in close proximity that the Musiccargo pairing of Gerhard Michel and Gordon Pohl were largely inspirational in his decision to start the label. Probably most widely known for the early appearance on James Holden's DJ Kicks mix of their remix of "Disco" by Grackle, Musiccargo are modern day exponents of the Krautrock sound pioneered by Dusseldorf acts like Can, Cluster and Neu. Harmonie arrives some four years after the duo's highly sought after debut album Hand In Hand and the six track album is a sumptuous 'adult kraut' delight from start to end.
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 in stock $7.55
Mr Bungle
Mr Bungle (180 gram audiophile vinyl 2xLP (side 4 etched))
Cat: MOVLP 1201. Rel: 28 Oct 14
  1. Quote Unquote
  2. Slowly Growing Deaf
  3. Squeeze Me Macaroni
  4. Carousel
  5. Egg
  6. Stubb (A Dub)
  7. My Ass Is On Fire
  8. The Girls Of Porn
  9. Love Is A Fist
  10. Dead Goon
 in stock $27.85
Just For A Day
Cat: MOVLP 354. Rel: 01 Jan 90
  1. Spanish Air
  2. Celia's Dream
  3. Catch The Breee=ze
  4. Ballad Of Sister Sue
  5. Erik's Song
  6. Waves
  7. Brighter
  8. The Sadman
  9. Primal
Gespielt von: ASC
 in stock $21.86
Tilt (LP)
Cat: DC 134LP. Rel: 13 Nov 08
  1. Farmer In The City
  2. The Cockfighter
  3. Bouncer See Bouncer
  4. Manhattan
  5. Face On Breast
  6. Bolivia '95
  7. Patriot (a single)
  8. Tilt
  9. Rosary
 in stock $26.55
The Singles
The Singles (trifold 3xLP)
Cat: SPOON 60. Rel: 16 Jun 17
  1. Soul Desert (3:54)
  2. She Brings The Rain (4:06)
  3. Spoon (3:04)
  4. Shikako Maru Ten (3:17)
  5. Turtles Have Short Legs (3:25)
  6. Halleluwah (edit) (3:38)
  7. Vitamin C (3:32)
  8. I'm So Green (3:05)
  9. Mushroom (4:00)
  10. Moonshake (3:00)
  11. Future Days (edit) (3:23)
  12. Dizzy Dizzy (edit) (3:32)
  13. Splash (edit) (4:03)
  14. Hunters & Collectors (edit) (3:25)
  15. Vernal Equinox (edit) (3:10)
  16. I Want More (3:29)
  17. And More (3:17)
  18. Silent Night (3:07)
  19. Cascade Waltz (3:36)
  20. Don't Say No (edit) (3:18)
  21. Return (3:05)
  22. Can Can (3:08)
  23. Hoolah Hoolah (edit) (3:27)
Review: Krautrock legends, visionary iconoclasts and one of the most influential bands of the last half century they may be, but not many folk would have had Can pegged as a singles band, given that their origins in the kaftan-clad realm of the late-'60s and early-'70s tended more to full-length explorations in which the full force of their expression could be unleashed. This triple vinyl compilation not only rubbishes this preconception but offers a glimpse into the full spectrum of sound, from the sky-kissing serenades of 'Future Days' to the dancefloor-filling swagger of 'I Want More' and even the unlikely Christmas carol 'Silent Night'. A life-affirming compilation from a gang of longhairs like no other.
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 in stock $25.78
Hex (remastered)
Hex (remastered) (2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: FIRELP 084. Rel: 18 Sep 17
  1. The Loom (5:15)
  2. A Street Scene (5:37)
  3. Absent Friend (8:18)
  4. Big Shot (5:12)
  5. Fingerspit (8:09)
  6. Eyes & Smiles (8:34)
  7. Pendulum Man (9:55)
 in stock $20.82
Slow Riot For New Zero Kanada EP
 in stock $15.36
>> (2xLP)
Cat: INV 107LP. Rel: 29 Jun 12
  1. The Goal
  2. Yatton
  3. Spinning Top
  4. Eggdog
  5. Liar
  6. Ladie's Mile
  7. Wulfstan II
  8. Elevator
  9. Deserters
  10. Kidney
  11. Trong
  12. Failand
 in stock $22.91
The Glowing Man
The Glowing Man (trifold 3xLP + poster + MP3 download code)
Cat: STUMM 389. Rel: 17 Jun 16
  1. Cloud Of Forgetting (12:30)
  2. Cloud Of Unknowing (part 1) (6:04)
  3. Cloud Of Unknowing (part 2) (19:48)
  4. The World Looks Red/The World Looks Black (14:22)
  5. People Like Us (4:29)
  6. Frankie M. (20:53)
  7. When Will I Return? (5:25)
  8. The Glowing Man (part 1) (15:02)
  9. The Glowing Man (part 2) (13:55)
  10. Finally, Peace (6:01)
Review: This may be the last chapter in what stands proud as the mightiest resurrection of a classic band in modern times, yet for all the melancholy to be suffered if this does prove to be the case, frankly, what a way to go. 'The Glowing Man' is full to bursting with the kind of panoramic soundscapes, intense existential gravitas and dramatic crescendos that have characterised Michael Gira & Co's post-2010 output, yet has restraint and subtlety to match its almighty sturm-und-drang - these colossal songs triumph just as much through their dynamics and beauty as their volume and brute force, crowning a startling achievement a singular and overwhelming primal force deserving of awe aplenty.
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 in stock $22.13
Acid Bowie
Acid Bowie (hand-stamped LP)
Cat: AB 01. Rel: 10 Jan 18
  1. Track 1 (5:20)
  2. Track 2 (3:44)
  3. Track 3 (2:53)
  4. Track 4 (5:59)
  5. Track 5 (3:47)
  6. Track 6 (3:32)
  7. Track 7 (5:01)
  8. Track 8 (7:41)
Review: Ziggy Stardust's yet unheard instrumental album after he returned from a trip on his Gemini spaceship. Not much is known of the shadowy producer (yes, despite the compelling pitch we gave you before!) as yet, but this just adds to the mystery surrounding the release as a whole. From hazy balearica to blunted hip-hop beats, deep country-infused exotica (if we've ever heard such a thing!) to lo-slung psychedelia - it's a captivating journey from start to finish. Will certainly appeal to fans of life in the slow lane, best presented recently by Marcus Worgull and Motor City Drum Ensemble's Vermont project or pretty much anything on London's Claremont 56 imprint. Highly recommended. Tip!
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Gespielt von: Alexis Le-Tan
 in stock $21.86
The Drift
The Drift (2xLP)
Cat: CAD 2603. Rel: 05 Jul 12
  1. Cossacks Are
  2. Clara
  3. Jesse
  4. Jolson & Jones
  5. Cue
  6. Hand Me Ups
  7. Buzzers
  8. Psoriatic
  9. The Escape
  10. A Lover Lovers
 in stock $16.66
Evening Star (remastered)
Evening Star (remastered) (200 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: DGMLP 2. Rel: 15 Apr 14
  1. Wind On Water
  2. Evening Star
  3. Evensong
  4. Wind On Wind
  5. An Index Of Metals
 in stock $17.18
Asunder Sweet & Other Distress'
Asunder Sweet & Other Distress' (gatefold 180 gram vinyl LP + poster + MP3 download code)
Cat: CST 111LP/666561011116. Rel: 25 Mar 15
  1. Peasantry Or Light Inside Of Light (10:28)
  2. Lambsa Breath (9:25)
  3. Asunder, Sweet (6:13)
  4. Piss Crowns Are Trebled (13:37)
Review: The Canadian sonic soothsayers here deal out their shortest, and most immediate record since their 1997's debut, yet for all its 40-minute brevity, there's no shortage of the kind of monolithic intensity that the band have become renowned for. As orchestral and elegiac as it triumphantly amp-abusing, "Asunder..." is a masterclass in windswept atmospherics, powerful dynamics and apocalyptic grandeur, building to a climax with enough emotional heft to shake any listener's world on its axis. Existing more than ever outside of genre and comparison, Godspeed continue to inhabit an awe-inspiring sonic landscape that is theirs and theirs alone.
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 in stock $20.04
All Of A Sudden I Miss Everyone
All Of A Sudden I Miss Everyone (deluxe gatefold 2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: TRR 99LP. Rel: 01 Jan 90
  1. The Birth & Death Of The Day
  2. Welcome, Ghosts
  3. It's Natural To Be Afraid
  4. What Do You Go Home To?
  5. Catastrophe & The Cure
  6. So Long, Lonesome
 in stock $15.36
Caramel (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: BEC 5161658. Rel: 31 Oct 13
  1. Nothing Lasts Forever
  2. Caramel
  3. I'm The Man, That Will Find You
  4. Do I Make You Feel Shy?
  5. Why Are You Crying?
  6. It's Your Body 1
  7. It's Your Body 2
  8. It's Your Body 3
  9. It's Your Body 4
  10. It's Your Body 5
  11. I Wanna Roll With You
 in stock $17.44
Every Valley
Every Valley (limited 180 gram clear vinyl LP + booklet + MP3 download code)
Cat: PIASR 970LPX. Rel: 07 Jul 17
  1. Every Valley (4:41)
  2. The Pit (4:20)
  3. People Will Always Need Coal (4:45)
  4. Progress (feat Tracyanne Campbell) (3:22)
  5. Go To The Road (4:14)
  6. All Out (3:19)
  7. Turn No More (feat James Dean Bradfield) (4:30)
  8. They Gave Me A Lamp (feat Haiku Salut) (3:56)
  9. You + Me (feat Lisa Jen Brown) (5:40)
  10. Mother Of The Village (3:28)
  11. Take Me Home (2:04)
Review: Once again using an ambitious conceptual framework to house a record which draws on historical texts and multimedia sources alongside their widescreen melange of post-rock, prog, dance and ambient stylings, 'Every Valley' deals with the Welsh mining industry and its trials and travails in the last half of the twentieth century. A project as mighty as the industry it chronicles, it resonates with emotive heft and atmospheric power whilst being careful not to overly romanticise its subject matter - this is fundamentally a deeply melancholic album, chronicling the slow demise of a way of life with spirit, clarity and sensitivity, not to mention musical invention.
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 in stock $16.66
Whichever Way You Are Going You Are Going Wrong
  1. Swingtime
  2. Pokhara
  3. CH Revisited
  4. A Wave
  5. The Cleaner
  6. Wah Bass
  7. The Attic
  8. Razorblades
  9. White & Whiter Still
  10. Wapping
  11. Life In The Shadows
  12. The English Style Of Rowing
  13. Whichever Way You Are Going, You Are Going Wrong
Review: The tireless Emotional Rescue dig once more into the well of cultish music from days gone by with a fully remastered reissue of Whichever Way You Are Going You Are Going Wrong, the debut album from brotherly duo Woo. Originally released back in 1982, this thirteen track set finds Mark and Clive Ives delivering a hugely ahead of their time exposition of hard to categorise electro acoustic folk. This hugely prolific pair was once described as "sounding like the music the Durutti Column would have made with Penguin Cafe Orchestra if produced by Brian Eno" and whoever came up with that obviously had Whichever Way You Are Going You Are Going Wrong in mind.
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 in stock $14.06
Void Beats/Invocation Trex
Void Beats/Invocation Trex (3xLP + insert + MP3 download code)
Cat: DUHFLP 33. Rel: 19 Feb 16
  1. Tardis Cymbals (12:52)
  2. Blowing My Nose Under Close Observation (4:06)
  3. Insect Fear (5:21)
  4. Melody In High Feedback Tones (3:54)
  5. Hi-Hats Bring The Hiss (9:00)
  6. Liquid Gate (2:02)
  7. Pantechnicon (8:48)
  8. Black Glass Actions (3:20)
  9. Planetary Folklore (6:03)
  10. Echolalia (4:19)
  11. Void Beat (9:37)
  12. Zone Null (2:58)
Review: For a generation who grew up in the '90s, the work of Tim Gane in Stereolab was often as much of an introduction to krautrock as that sound's actual progenitors. Yet this was only one string to his bow, with the band also traversing genre as effortlessly with abstract electronica as with tropicalia or French chanson. Gane now dwells in Berlin, and Cavern Of Anti-Matter marks his first bona side band project since Stereolab's breakup, enlisting the help of guest luminaries like Sonic Boom and Deerhunter's Bradford Cox for a vivid selection of delirious forays into the unknown that touch on sci-fi, techno and retro electronic tropes yet can't help but bear all the hallmarks of Gane's finest and most restless work.
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 in stock $19.53
The Equatorial Stars
The Equatorial Stars (200 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: DGMLP 3. Rel: 11 Jul 14
  1. Meissa
  2. Lyra
  3. Tarazed
  4. Lupus
  5. Ankaa
  6. Altair
  7. Terebellum
 in stock $16.92
Leaving Meaning
Leaving Meaning (gatefold 2xLP + insert + poster + MP3 download code)
Cat: STUMM 446. Rel: 25 Oct 19
  1. Annaline (5:11)
  2. The Hanging Garden (9:57)
  3. Amnesia (5:51)
  4. Leaving Meaning (10:45)
  5. Sunfucker (10:18)
  6. Hums (1:46)
  7. Cathedrals Of Heaven (7:46)
  8. The Nub (10:27)
  9. It's Coming It's Real (7:34)
  10. What Is This? (6:05)
  11. My Phantom Limb (6:20)
Review: It's hard not to feel moved by Swans. To quote Wayne's World, it's not just a clever name, but rather a band every bit as graceful yet ferocious, beautiful but strong as the bird borrowed from. Take "Annaline", for example. As the first track-proper of this spellbinding collection it's a stop-you-in-your-tracks masterpiece that could force silence on a stadium despite being softly spoken, subtle and serene. It's a motif the outfit seem focused on for this, their 15th studio album. Even at its loudest, title track "Leaving Meaning" mostly plays out like a deranged sermon in some temple of experimental rock. "Sunfucker", for example, has enough reversed-out refrains to make anyone feel they might be in over their head with forces they can't see, let alone comprehend. "It's Coming It's Real" is a display of dark hypnosis. "The Hanging Garden" paints nervous abstract pictures with psychedelic-leaning guitar hooks and manic vocal cries. Put simply, it's perhaps their tensest, most introverted and spellbinding work to date.
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 in stock $21.86
Bish Bosch
Bish Bosch (180 gram vinyl 2xLP + CD + booklet)
Cat: CAD 3220. Rel: 29 Nov 12
  1. See You Don't Bump His Head
  2. Corps De Blah
  3. Phrasing
  4. SDSS1416+13B
  5. Epizootics!
  6. Dimple
  7. Pilgrim
  8. The Day The "Conducator" Died
  9. See You Don't Bump His Head
  10. Corps De Blah
  11. Phrasing
  12. SDSS1416+13B
  13. Epizootics!
  14. Dimple
  15. Tar
  16. Pilgrim
  17. The Day The "Conducator" Died
Gespielt von: Rivet
 in stock $21.09
Yanqui Uxo
Yanqui Uxo (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: CST 024LP. Rel: 22 Mar 10
  1. 09-15-00
  2. Rocket Falls On Rocket Falls
  3. Motherfucker= Redeemer
  4. Motherfucker= Redeemer
 in stock $27.59
Ricochet (LP)
Cat: VR 2044. Rel: 05 Jul 12
  1. Ricochet (part 1)
  2. Ricochet (part 2)
Review: Tangerine Dream's 1975 album Ricochet gets a vinyl reissue. Consisting of only two tracks, both parts of "Ricochet" are shifting soundscapes in the best arpeggiated 70s tradition and bonafide classics of the genre, influencing everyone from Emeralds through Oneohtrix Point Never. Essential.
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! low stock $14.57
Soused (gatefold LP + 1-sided LP)
Cat: CAD 3428. Rel: 15 Oct 14
  1. Brando
  2. Bull
  3. Herod 2014
  4. Fetish
  5. Lullaby
Review: This collaboration between the sepulchral Sinatra and the kings of ceremonial metallic drone-worship, whilst it is transparently not a work for the faint of heart, is nonetheless worth all the excitement its announcement created in avant-garde circles, and more besides, It's more audibly a work from Walker's than Sunn O)))'s, yet with their assistance the rich melodrama and unflinching abstraction has rarely sounded more startling, or alarmingly approachable. What's more, the counterpoint provided by Sunn O))) to his stentorian baritone elevates proceedings to new heights of otherworldly intensity, resulting in no less than a game-changing triumph, and a clear album of the year contender from this odd couple.
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 in stock $26.82
Pyroclasts (limited red vinyl LP with obi-strip)
Cat: SUNN 333X. Rel: 04 Nov 19
  1. Frost (C) (10:59)
  2. Kingdoms (G) (11:05)
  3. Amplipaedies (E) (11:04)
  4. Ascension (A) (10:59)
Review: To describe "Pyroclasts" as an album would be misleading. It's certainly as commanding as any LP you'll hear this month, but running at just four tracks, and with the focus on mood rather than conventional ideas such as songcraft, it's really meant to be heard in one long, tripped-out listening session where each of the pieces meld into one huge overture. The result of a practice routine attendees of the Life Metal sessions at Electrical Audio took part in during mornings and evenings, it tells you everything there is to know when someone says "musical participants would gather and work through a 12 minute improvised modal drone", giving a chance for people to "greet each other and the space through the practice of sound immersion." Deep, guttural, distorted, expansive and riddled with discordant melodies, if you listen out for them, it stops short of white noise but guitars rarely make for such meditative scores.
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 in stock $30.47
The Great Annihilator (remastered)
The Great Annihilator (remastered) (gatefold 2xLP + poster + insert + MP3 download code)
Cat: STUMM 402. Rel: 05 May 17
  1. In (2:29)
  2. I Am The Sun (3:20)
  3. She Lives (7:01)
  4. Celebrity Lifestyle (4:11)
  5. Mother/Father (4:06)
  6. Blood Promise (4:17)
  7. Mind/Body/Light/Sound (4:41)
  8. My Buried Child (3:03)
  9. Warm (4:53)
  10. Alcohol The Seed (3:30)
  11. Killing For Company (6:55)
  12. Mother's Milk (2:26)
  13. Where Does A Body End? (3:43)
  14. Telepathy (6:12)
  15. The Great Annihilator (4:53)
  16. Out (2:18)
 in stock $20.82
Pentastar: In The Style Of Demons
Pentastar: In The Style Of Demons (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: SUB 361. Rel: 01 Jan 90
  1. Introduction
  2. High Command
  3. Crooked Axis For String Quartet
  4. Tallahassee
  5. Charioteer (Temple Song)
  6. Peace In Mississippi
  7. Sonar & Depth Charge
  8. Coda Maestoso In F (Flat) Minor
 in stock $13.80
Logos (LP)
Cat: KRANK 138. Rel: 03 Sep 10
  1. The Light That Failed
  2. An Orchid
  3. Walkabout (with Noah Lennox)
  4. Criminals
  5. Attic Lights
  6. Shelia
  7. Quick Canal (with Laetitia Sadier)
  8. My Halo
  9. Kid Klimax
  10. Washington School
  11. Logos
 in stock $21.34
Codename: Dustsucker (reissue)
Codename: Dustsucker (reissue) (gatefold 180 gram vinyl 2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: FIRELP 090. Rel: 25 May 18
  1. From What Is Said To When It's Read (5:26)
  2. The Black Meat (6:45)
  3. Miss Abuse (6:11)
  4. 400 Winters (5:46)
  5. Dr Innocuous/Ketamoid (1:09)
  6. Burning The City (5:05)
  7. INQB8TR (8:04)
  8. Shapeshifting (6:02)
  9. Rose (5:20)
 in stock $22.66
Pyroclasts (limited LP with obi-strip)
Cat: SUNN 333. Rel: 23 Oct 19
  1. Frost (C) (10:59)
  2. Kingdoms (G) (11:05)
  3. Ampliphaedies (E) (11:04)
  4. Ascension (A) (10:59)
Review: To describe "Pyroclasts" as an album would be misleading. It's certainly as commanding as any LP you'll hear this month, but running at just four tracks, and with the focus on mood rather than conventional ideas such as songcraft, it's really meant to be heard in one long, tripped-out listening session where each of the pieces meld into one huge overture. The result of a practice routine attendees of the Life Metal sessions at Electrical Audio took part in during mornings and evenings, it tells you everything there is to know when someone says "musical participants would gather and work through a 12 minute improvised modal drone", giving a chance for people to "greet each other and the space through the practice of sound immersion." Deep, guttural, distorted, expansive and riddled with discordant melodies, if you listen out for them, it stops short of white noise but guitars rarely make for such meditative scores.
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Nothing Important
Nothing Important (heavyweight vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: WEIRD 048LP. Rel: 30 Oct 14
  1. Judas Iscariot
  2. Nothing Important
  3. The Vile Stuff
  4. Doubting Thomas
 in stock $18.22
Every Country's Sun
Every Country's Sun (gatefold 180 gram vinyl 2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: ROCKACT 108LP. Rel: 01 Sep 17
  1. Coolverine (6:13)
  2. Party In The Dark (4:02)
  3. Brain Sweeties (4:42)
  4. Crossing The Road Material (6:57)
  5. Aka 47 (4:15)
  6. 20 Size (4:43)
  7. 1000 Foot Face (4:25)
  8. Don't Believe The Fife (6:25)
  9. Battered At A Scramble (4:03)
  10. Old Poisons (4:30)
  11. Every Country's Sun (5:31)
Review: Breaking from their exceptional soundtrack work of late, the infallible Scottish post-rock behemoth Mogwai have returned to the studio for their ninth full-length. 'Every Country's Sun' is a whirlwind album whose sheer impact hinges on its powerful use of contrast, most likely evident of their recent film and television score work. Passages of atmospheric calm give way to loud cascading floods of aggression without sounding trite, forced or clumsy, and a more polished use of electronics further accentuates the band's tonal variety. From the spatial futuristic opener 'Coolverine' to the album's grinding and mechanical climax, 'Every Country's Sun' feels like a score for a film not yet made, following all the highs, lows, twists and turns of narrative told by a band continuing to showcase their deft and controlled writing.
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No Pussyfooting (remastered)
No Pussyfooting (remastered) (gatefold 200 gram vinyl LP + photos)
Cat: DGMLP 1. Rel: 15 Apr 14
  1. The Heavenly Music Corporation
  2. Swastika Girls
 in stock $17.18
Ten Rapid: Collected Recordings 1996-1997
Ten Rapid: Collected Recordings 1996-1997 (limited heavyweight green vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: ROCKACT 05LPX. Rel: 11 Oct 19
  1. Summer (4:20)
  2. Helicon 2 (2:49)
  3. Angels Versus Aliens (5:19)
  4. I Am Not Batman (3:49)
  5. Tuner (2:41)
  6. Ithica 27 F9 (2:38)
  7. A Place For Parks (2:13)
  8. Helicon 1 (5:53)
  9. End (2:45)
 in stock $13.28
22 Lunar Halo
22 Lunar Halo (limited heavyweight vinyl LP) (1 per customer)
Cat: 019029 6911705. Rel: 22 Apr 19
  1. With Arms & Legs Moving/The Tell Tales (19:25)
  2. They Glow In Light/Like Coloured Glass (23:25)
Review: With various snippets spliced together by Sigur Ros and Berlin and Reykjavik-based artist Kjartan Holm, this endeavour has resulted in a one-off soundtrack for a new Taiwanese dance piece titled "22- Lunar Halo" by choreographer and artistic director Cheng Tsung-lung. This exclusive Record Store Day release is made up of two epics that are both near 20 minutes long, in the form of "With Arms & Legs Moving/The Tell Tales" and "They Glow In Light/Like Coloured Glass". The former relies heavily on subtlety, with soundscapes that lull you in, and an atmosphere throughout that builds to the point of some discomfort, yet all seems to be resolved with a piano driven conclusion on the second track. This is one of two modern dance collaborations from the Icelandic post-rock legends for this year's Record Store Day, each building on the band's music, both new and existing, to create brand new works.
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LP5 (LP + insert + MP3 download code)
Cat: STUMM 436. Rel: 22 Mar 19
  1. Voi_Do (2:00)
  2. Dawan (2:00)
  3. Laminar Flow (2:00)
  4. Heroist (2:00)
  5. Means Of Entry (1:42)
  6. Brandenburg (2:00)
  7. Caronte (2:00)
  8. EQ_Break (2:00)
  9. Outlier (2:00)
  10. In Gravitas (2:00)
Review: The unveiling of an Apparat album is always cause for commotion with the artist influence enough to push radio stations to stream his music 24/7 upon release. Long passages of streaming synth-textures underline the loose and sparse percussive effects of Apparat's jazz and minimalism. The artist's signature bass pulses hit the sweet spot throughout the albums entirety, always inspiring a well of heavy feeling when they do. Touches of the artist's Bpitch Control days remain as does Apparat's always inspired approach when merging instrumentation with outboard gear and technology, beat making and sound design. A sound to cherish once more.
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Harmonie (CD)
Cat: ERS 006CD. Rel: 04 Oct 13
  1. Domino
  2. La Era
  3. Das Buch
  4. Tip Top
  5. Sol Lucet Omnibus
  6. Adieu Und Adios
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Variations On Darkness
Variations On Darkness (limited heavyweight vinyl LP) (1 per customer)
Cat: 019029 6911804. Rel: 22 Apr 19
  1. The Hungry Ghosts/We Live In An Old Chaos Of The Sun (20:34)
  2. The Silence Of Animals/The Truth Is, It Wanted To Cave In (22:50)
Review: Set as a soundtrack to a series of choreographed performances from the Iceland Dance Company, "Variations On Darkness" may arguably act as a counterpart to separate Record Store Day exclusive "22 Lunar Halo". This release is a culmination of various moments of Sigur Ros' career awashed with discordant, penetrating soundscapes across the two epics, "The Hungry Ghosts/We Live In An Old Chaos Of The Sun" and "The Silence Of Animals/The Truth Is, It Wanted To Cave In". Our pick is the latter which is something of an intoxicating build-up, brought together by haphazard, glitchy samples that may even cross the IDM territory, before concluding with a suitably grandiose ending to an epic trip. A tough listen, for sure, but all the more rewarding.
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Creatures Of An Hour
Cat: SP 940. Rel: 07 Oct 11
  1. Cuckoo
  2. Circulars
  3. Endless Summer
  4. Into The Trees
  5. The White Season
  6. I Wrote In Blood
  7. The Twilight Hour
  8. Velveteen
  9. Demons
  10. Submarine
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