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Two Weeks: Minimal/Tech House

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Minimal / Tech House

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Not The Same EP
Cat: NHS 009. Rel: 08 Sep 20
  1. 4NiQ - "Not The Same" (4:20)
  2. Gregorio Soave - "VCF Mod Shape" (6:32)
  3. Gregorio Soave - "VCA Mod Feedback" (5:42)
  4. 4NiQ - "Te Extrano" (5:42)
 in stock $12.23
The Whop
The Whop (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: 62ND 001. Rel: 07 Sep 20
  1. Track 1 (8:15)
  2. Track 2 (7:44)
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Split EP
Split EP (12")
Cat: SYMB 048. Rel: 14 Sep 20
  1. Acidfonk - "Another Path" (7:45)
  2. Acidfonk - "Another Path" (Eme Kulhnek remix) (6:12)
  3. Eme Kulhnek - "Desfase" (6:24)
  4. Eme Kulhnek - "Desfase" (Acidfonk remix) (7:23)
 in stock $11.17
Inner Movement EP
Inner Movement EP (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: ALB 011. Rel: 14 Sep 20
  1. Inner Movement (5:59)
  2. Dizzy Freq (6:24)
  3. Dizzy Freq (Domenico Rosa remix) (7:01)
  4. Inner Movement (Titonton Duvante Flip) (6:11)
Review: Berlin-based Italian producer Audri has been scattering his smart, fine-tuned machine soul across a handful of labels over the past four years. Picking up the thread from the emotive and inventive end of the 90s techno spectrum, his latest drop on Albion should appeal to all those who can't get enough of that B12-flavoured sound. 'Inner Movement' sports plenty of classic Motor City influences, but given a crisp modern finish. 'Dizzy Freq' has a deeper demeanour that jacks and jives in equal measure, with a nod to the formative sound of bleep techno. Domenica Rosa delivers a fun and freaky twist on the original, before the legendary Titonton Duvante dubs things out nicely on his version of 'Inner Movement'.
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Gespielt von: Vincent Inc
 in stock $9.04
Meantime EP
Cat: NCSS 006. Rel: 11 Sep 20
  1. Deikh (7:43)
  2. Aerosol (7:03)
Review: Sukhumvit offshoot NCSS has scored something of a coup here, snapping up the first collaborative tracks from prolific tech-house veteran Nick Beringer (last seen on Burnski's high-flying Constant Black imprint) and rising star Sota (best known for his work on Ornate Music and Beringer's Rubisco label). A-side 'Deikh' is a bouncy delight, with the pair peppering a sturdy, rolling groove with bleeping electronics, tight organ riffs and sweat-soaked drum machine fills. They opt for a deeper, hazier sound on 'Aerosol', where hushed chords, undulating TB-303 acid lines and gentle electronic melodies slowly rise above a loose-limbed, spacey tech-house beat.
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Swallow A Party
Cat: YEYEH 003. Rel: 11 Sep 20
  1. Swallow A Party (3:28)
  2. Step Snake (4:40)
  3. Never Done (6:32)
  4. Technicolour Memories (6:06)
  5. Mist In Tide (4:36)
  6. A Window Drifting (2:29)
 in stock $14.36
Not An Ordinary Sunday
Cat: H24 003. Rel: 14 Sep 20
  1. Maybe (7:50)
  2. Sundaze (8:26)
  3. Justasec (7:17)
  4. Maybe (Sepp remix) (9:22)
 in stock $10.90
Process (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: CS 022. Rel: 14 Sep 20
  1. Process
  2. Systems
  3. Long Train
  4. Effect
Review:  The ever-prolific Burnski is back on Constant Sound with some upfront bumpers that once again demonstrate his standing as a leading light in the modern tech house movement. 'Process' manages to balance moody, melodic atmospherics with a rock solid rhythm section, while 'Systems' takes things in a decidedly more jacking, tracky direction. 'Long Train' keeps the pressure up with a mean low end and some whipcrack claps to made your head spin. 'Effect' finishes the set off with a sumptuous dub excursion that will appeal to all those who like Basic Channel headspace matched with a sturdy house groove.
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Gespielt von: Burnski, Okain
 in stock $9.04
Yes Or Not
Yes Or Not (heavyweight vinyl 12" Nachpressung)
Cat: MTMLTD 001. Rel: 24 Sep 20
  1. Yes No, Maybe So (9:50)
  2. Decisions (Martinez remix) (6:58)
  3. Decisions (8:15)
Review: Following up that terrific remix for homeboys Disuasiv a few months back on Curtea Veche, London based Romanian caLLy returns with this brand new killer which inaugurates new Ibiza based record store More Than Music's new label arm. It's more of the same ethereal tech-house that you've come to know from the man - these are the kind of rolling and understated grooves that will put you in a trance at Sunwaves on Mamaia Beach this summer. From the hypnotic and subtle groove of "Yes No, Maybe So" or when he really brings the funk on the bouncy and trippy tool "Decisions" which also gets a terrific rework by Concealed Sounds main man Martinez. The Copenhagen based Swede delivers some serious swing on one of his renowned concealment dubs.
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Gespielt von: James Reid
 in stock $13.57
Freska (12")
Cat: SOSREC 001. Rel: 23 Sep 20
  1. Freska (7:25)
  2. Nata Y Merche (7:47)
  3. Nata Y Merche (Jorge Savorretti remix) (7:05)
  4. Nata Y Merche (Alex Kid remix) (6:50)
 in stock $11.44
Interstellar EP
Interstellar EP (12" limited to 200 copies)
Cat: RELIKT 007. Rel: 07 Sep 20
  1. Interstellar (6:54)
  2. Murphy´s Law (7:40)
  3. Upcoming Stars (6:42)
  4. Interstellar (Kreutziger remix) (6:36)
Gespielt von: Tom Drew
 in stock $10.38
Brother's Yard EP
Brother's Yard EP (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: RCR 007. Rel: 14 Sep 20
  1. Brother's Yard (11:50)
  2. Deep Down (7:47)
  3. Impossible Game (6:22)
 in stock $10.38
Cascade (12")
Cat: VISAGE 003. Rel: 14 Sep 20
  1. Castelino (8:13)
  2. Cascade (7:27)
  3. Cascade (Silat Beksi remix) (7:49)
 in stock $10.90
Dualism (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: DRGL 001. Rel: 21 Sep 20
  1. Teribil (8:08)
  2. Paranormal (9:17)
  3. Papusar (7:29)
  4. Melos (7:58)
  5. Apus (8:10)
  6. Polifonie (7:39)
  7. Plaja (7:56)
  8. Zen (8:10)
Review: Over the last three years Dragut Adrian AKA Dragutesku has firmly established himself as one of Romanian minimal techno's leading lights. It's for this reason that Dualism, his first full-length excursion, is so hotly anticipated. So, does it hit the spot? Undoubtedly. Dragut is particularly good at crafting wonky, off-kilter tech-house and minimalistic techno tunes that are sparse and unusual, but also boast tons of percussive funk and swing. These kinds of club-ready tunes form the DJ-friendly backbone of the album, with occasional deeper, darker or even stranger deviations (see the creepy 'Paranormal' and squelchy, electro-fired melodiousness of 'Apus') providing welcome variety. As a result, it's a set you can listen to from start to finish, despite the dancefloor-focused nature of its construction.
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 in stock $23.66
Affects (hand-numbered maroon vinyl 12" in spray-painted sleeve limited to 200 copies (comes in different coloured sleeve, we cannot guarantee which one you will receive))
Cat: KIMOCHI 43. Rel: 21 Sep 20
  1. Anxiety Sensitivity (4:24)
  2. Intolerance Of Uncertainty (4:41)
  3. Emotional Distress Endurance (4:17)
  4. Observation Via (4:14)
  5. Open Attention (4:52)
  6. To Presence (5:25)
Review: The latest drop on the consistently brilliant Kimochi comes from Eho Kates, a new project from Todd Gys and Brendon Moeller. While the names involved may be familiar, the resulting sound is something wholly fresh. Certainly, Moeller's rightly heralded instinct for dubwise processes is no great shock, but there's a playful sense of experimentation powering every element of this release from the scuffed, fractured rhythms of 'Anxiety Sensitivity' to the submerged echo chamber surrealism of 'Emotional Distress Endurance'. Inquisitive processes and otherworldly sound design shape out the whole record, shot through with the alluring mystery that defines Kimochi output overall.
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Gespielt von: M50, Shine Grooves
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Why Do We Shake In The Cold?
Cat: 019029 5200091. Rel: 18 Sep 20
  1. All My Love (3:27)
  2. Numb (3:51)
  3. I'm A Fool (3:18)
  4. My House (3:42)
  5. Something About You (feat Rudimental) (3:23)
  6. Down By The Bay (3:30)
  7. Take A Minute (3:31)
  8. Back To My Bed (3:19)
  9. Set Fire To My Gun (4:01)
  10. Why Do We Shake In The Cold? (5:10)
  11. Next December (2:12)
Review: Since debuting on Black Butter Records back in 2014, Elderbrook (real name Alexander Kotz) has been on a fast train to the top. He's been building up to this debut album since signing for EMI sub-label Parlophone in 2018, but is it any good? Certainly, those who like their dance music woozy, emotion-rich and atmospheric will rather enjoy Why Do We Shake In The Cold? The artist's evocative, eyes-closed lead vocals are prevalent throughout, uniting a swathe of tactile, synthesizer-rich tracks that effortlessly join the dots between fragile synth-pop, hazy tech-house and radio-friendly electronica. There are naturally some suitably sizable moments strewn across the album, with Rudimental hook-up 'Something About You' and the especially musically cheery 'Back To My Bed' catching the ear.
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 in stock $15.16
Cyber Romance EP
Cat: PNK 004. Rel: 14 Sep 20
  1. Gab Jr - "Pull Back" (6:18)
  2. Gab Jr - "Cyber Amazonia" (6:46)
  3. Admo - "Romaincity" (4:21)
  4. Admo - "Frankie The Dog" (7:21)
 in stock $10.38
Fungeda (7")
Cat: MWX 001. Rel: 17 Sep 20
  1. Kolja Gestenberg - "Fungeda" (5:31)
  2. Schiggeria - "Abiolait" (4:36)
! low stock $10.38
Welcome To The Planet H
Cat: SWIFT 002. Rel: 21 Sep 20
  1. Standard Orbit (7:20)
  2. Soyuz 40 (6:57)
  3. Pulsar Swing (7:14)
  4. Refraction (7:07)
 in stock $10.38
Time Again
Time Again (limited hand-numbered 12")
Cat: SUSMIG 001. Rel: 07 Sep 20
  1. We Call It (10:03)
  2. Time Again (9:17)
 in stock $10.63
House Utensils
Cat: MC 044. Rel: 14 Sep 20
  1. Kitchen Spasm (7:53)
  2. Lounge (7:23)
  3. Kitchen Spasm (dub) (4:48)
Review: Earlier in the year, Mint Condition started offering up gems from the bulging back catalogue of Housey Doingz, an all-star collective of early UK tech-house producers (Terry Francis and Nathan Coles included) whose numerous late 1990s releases did much to popularize the sound they helped pioneer. The label has already mined their fabulous debut album, Doing It, and has now decided to reissue their 2000 EP House Utensils. A-side 'Kitchen Spasm' is a bustling, loose-limbed treat that layers aggressive acid lines and jumpy bass over a hip-swinging breakbeat house beat. The original mix is complimented on the flipside by a more slamming, funk-fuelled tech-house style 'Dub' mix, while the track sandwiched in between, 'Lounge', is a lusciously positive chunk of chunky '90s tech-house puritanism.

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Gespielt von: Vincent Inc, Fog
 in stock $10.11
Paradium (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: 8BIT 159. Rel: 16 Sep 20
  1. Paradium (6:50)
  2. Spindles (7:44)
  3. Chordlock (7:50)
Review: He may have focused on Dave Seaman's Selador as an outlet in recent times, but Mannheim's 8 bit have certainly been championing the work of Danny Howells too. After two electrifying releases in the form of 'Whiterock' and last year's terrific Players EP, the industry veteran follows through with another riveting new EP for Nick Curly and Gorge's ever reliable imprint. Get stoned into the groove on the low slung and bass-driven funk of 'Paradium', be utterly hypnotised by the sublime and dubby deep house of 'Spindles' until he takes you back into the ether on the moody after hours workout of 'Chordlock'.
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 in stock $10.38
Amber Glass
Amber Glass (2xLP)
Cat: DISTANT 001. Rel: 10 Sep 20
  1. Amber Glass (4:29)
  2. Glint (6:20)
  3. Bees In Meadow (feat Ed Hodge) (6:01)
  4. Deeper Pacific (feat Ed Hodge) (6:37)
  5. New Worlds (6:22)
  6. Gaze (6:48)
  7. Aquarial (7:35)
  8. Cascade (7:43)
  9. Pale Sky (7:51)
 in stock $22.87
Debord Discal EP
Cat: CNT 003. Rel: 22 Sep 20
  1. Answering Machine (5:40)
  2. OK Atari (5:31)
  3. Drop The Bass (5:50)
  4. Trance NRJ (5:33)
Review: Chat Noir Tools's third missive comes from Marseille, in the steamy South of France, where Jo'z has cooked up some spaced out house and techno weaponry. He's a producer with a decade in the game behind him, and yet this is his first solo EP. The first side is straight business, with tight and taught tech drums and snapping hits run through with withering sci-fi effects and yelping vocals and fizzled bass lines. On the flip, 'Drop The Bass' is a celebratory tune which soars into the cosmos on pounding kicks, while 'Trance NRJ' pairs bird class with turbocharged bass and slapping hits to get any basement in a sweat.
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It Came Down To It EP
It Came Down To It EP (transparent orange vinyl 12")
Cat: NR 010. Rel: 14 Sep 20
  1. It Came Down To It (7:31)
  2. Boenen (7:28)
  3. Daarzo (7:29)
  4. Daarzo (Pheek remix) (6:46)
Gespielt von: James Reid
 in stock $10.90
Girls EP
Girls EP (12")
Cat: BG 059. Rel: 11 Sep 20
  1. Shopping Trip (7:20)
  2. Girls (6:21)
  3. Oh The Needle (7:43)
  4. Feel Any Feeling (7:12)
 in stock $10.90
Teilstuck Fur Totalen Schwung
Teilstuck Fur Totalen Schwung (hand-stamped LP + DVD + insert)
Cat: WVINYL 22. Rel: 08 Sep 20
  1. Genitalmetamorphosenovid (2:16)
  2. Komm Herein! (2:49)
  3. Die Saat (3:38)
  4. Kreislauf (0:50)
  5. Tanzlied (4:07)
  6. Endstation Gurtel (4:06)
  7. Miteinander (3:04)
  8. Der Weg (3:55)
  9. Der Wagenmann (6:22)
  10. Eine Richtung - Eine Saat (DVD)
 in stock $18.35
Construction E
Cat: KR 005. Rel: 09 Sep 20
  1. Return (6:44)
  2. Polimer (6:42)
  3. Cavity (6:15)
  4. Component (6:46)
 in stock $10.38
Sensory Vol 1
  1. Kozo - "See A Man About A Horse" (10:44)
  2. DJ W!LD - "Be The One" (7:37)
  3. Cali Lanauze - "Sixfourtytwo" (7:45)
  4. DJ Sneak - "Tribute" (6:51)
  5. Cesare vs Disorder - "Aquele Dia Na Piscina" (6:59)
  6. Ryan Crosson - "Change Your Mind" (6:06)
  7. Deaf Pillow - "Devil's Head" (8:40)
  8. Andre Buljat - "Telescope" (7:12)
 in stock $19.41
Deeze (12")
Cat: BVD 014. Rel: 23 Sep 20
  1. Deeze (8:16)
  2. First One (6:48)
  3. Fluss (7:43)
  4. You'll Never Lose This (7:13)
Review: After some great editions previously by the likes of Niko Maxen, Lorik and Red Meat Therapy, next up on Alejo Galvez's London-based label Blind Vision Dubs is rising Viennese DJ and producer Philipp Lichtblau. He makes a rare appearance outside of his own established Movin' imprint. There is groovy, floaty and tripped-out tech house that's perfect for the warm-up or the afterhours alike on the Deeze EP: From the swing-fuelled futurist bounce of the title track, to the ethereal mood music of 'First One' or the bumpin' minimal funk of "You'll Never Lose This" - Lichtblau's star indeed continues to rise. Tip!
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 in stock $10.38
NRR 002
  1. Light Spheres - "Atman" (6:26)
  2. Oberfoller - "Twilight Trick" (5:44)
  3. Inner & Key - "Earth" (6:21)
  4. Mocenigo - "Saturn" (6:38)
 in stock $11.97
Genug Gelabert
Cat: HYG 016. Rel: 09 Sep 20
  1. Palaber (6:03)
  2. Laber Rhabarber (7:09)
  3. Palaber (Moog Conspiracy remix) (6:15)
  4. Laber Rhabarber (Innacircel & Metatext remix) (7:46)
 in stock $9.84
Momentum EP
Cat: LOLIFE 003. Rel: 11 Sep 20
  1. Momentum (7:00)
  2. Hypnotise (6:14)
  3. Hypnotise (East End dubs remix) (6:38)
Review: Before the pandemic hit, Manchester's Lauren Lo Sung was one of the most hotly tipped DJs in British tech-house, with a production career that was just beginning to flourish. While the closure of clubs has meant she'll have to wait to continue her fine form behind the decks, she continues to offer up occasional EPs that mark her out as an artist to watch. There's much to her admire on her latest outing. Lead cut 'Momentum' is sweaty and rave-ready, with much of the action centred on a mind-melting, effects-laden acid bassline, skippy but metallic drums and warped vocal samples. She cannily combines elements of deep house, techno and mid-90s garage on 'Hypnotise', which is fittingly given a deeper and more squelchy re-boot by scene stalwart East End Dubs.
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 in stock $11.97
Detroit Love Vol 4
Detroit Love Vol 4 (gatefold 2xLP + mixed CD)
Cat: PEDL 004LP. Rel: 18 Sep 20
  1. Mentors Heritage (feat Derrick May) (15:00)
  2. It's Like (feat Ursula Rucker) (8:45)
  3. Tronic Illusion (feat Stacy Pullen - Detroit Love mix) (8:46)
  4. Bel Air Ltd - "The Loft" (5:07)
  5. Sergie Reza - "Monte" (Carl Craig edit) (11:45)
  6. Takuya Yamashita - "Aos Si" (Mirko Loko HOS remix) (8:12)
  7. Phase Phorce - "Faces Of Life" (4:12)
  8. Lady B - "Cruising Around Motor City" (7:43)
  9. Fred P - "Vision In Osaka"
  10. It's Like (feat Ursula Rucker - Detroit Love mix)
  11. Feather - "Time Million" (feat Vilja Larjosto)
  12. Comfort Zone
  13. Sergie Reza - "Monte" (Carl Craig edit)
  14. Still - "Haile Selassie Is The Micro Chip"
  15. Takuya Yamashita - "Aos Si" (Mirko Loko HOS remix)
  16. Eduardo De Al Calle - "My Own Transition"
  17. Scott Ferguson - "Dump Days"
  18. Wincent Kunth - "Relove"
  19. Phase Phorce - "Faces Of Life"
  20. Adryan - "The Jazzer" (Russ Gabriel remix)
  21. Mentors Heritage (feat Derrick May - Detroit Love mix)
  22. Gilb'R - "Pressure Laurent" (Garnier mix)
  23. Bel-Air Ltd - "The Loft"
  24. DJ Duke - "Music Cinema"
  25. Tevo Howard - "Madness"
  26. The Prince Of Dance Music & LB Bad - "The True Story Of House Music (I'm So Alone)"
  27. Jared Wilson - "It's The Message"
  28. The Godson - "City Bar "Reopen" Live Dancing"
  29. Tronic Illusion (feat Stacey Pullen - Detroit Love mix)
  30. Lady B - "Cruising Around Motor City"
Review: Carl Craig's iconic Planet E label is back without another instalment of its Detroit Love series. This one has been mixed by former Cadenza associate Mirko Loko, who offers a look at contemporary techno with a Motor City bent. Greats like Derrick May, Carl Craig himself and Stacey Pullen all appear and represent in style, while Spanish pioneer Eduardo de la Calle impresses with his high tension 'My Own Transition' and master of the Deep Fred P nails us to the floor with his late night and spiritual house groover 'Vision In Osaka.' This is another timeless entry in this fine series.
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 in stock $24.73
Various Artists Vol 3
Various Artists Vol 3 (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: AKR 03. Rel: 07 Sep 20
  1. Lumieux - "Self Image" (8:42)
  2. Romain Proust - "Let It Go" (8:16)
  3. Hendriks Toth - "Ended In Karachi" (6:37)
  4. Cosmic Clap - "Octopus" (8:20)
 in stock $10.63
Top Prayer EP
Cat: SNTPL 017. Rel: 16 Sep 20
  1. Top Prayer (8:13)
  2. Top Prayer (Miroloja remix) (6:44)
  3. Prelude (8:01)
  4. Prelude (Cristi Murar remix) (6:48)
 in stock $10.38
Cat: UVARLTD 004. Rel: 09 Sep 20
  1. Maruntelu - "Ruptura" (8:04)
  2. Lumieux - "Expectations" (7:49)
  3. Silat Beksi & Daniel Broesecke - "Feedback" (8:04)
  4. Ted Amber - "Liberta" (8:01)
 in stock $12.75
Remain (transparent marbled vinyl 12")
Cat: KNT 14. Rel: 11 Sep 20
  1. Enter (10:02)
  2. Remain (7:17)
 in stock $11.97
Crying Juno
Cat: WGVINYL 70. Rel: 17 Sep 20
  1. Crying Juno (6:48)
  2. Cafune (8:57)
 in stock $10.63
Fortuna (12")
Cat: INT 044. Rel: 09 Sep 20
  1. Fortuna (7:17)
  2. Fortuna (Prins Thomas remix) (7:09)
  3. Fortuna (Red Axes remix) (7:06)
Gespielt von: Fog
 in stock $9.84
Sofia (12")
Cat: SMR 30. Rel: 14 Sep 20
  1. In Silence (8:10)
  2. Just For Today (6:35)
  3. Sofia (7:07)
  4. Ori (7:38)
Review: While the label has been operative since 2014, it's only in the last couple of years than Russian imprint Shanti Radio Moscow has finally found its groove. By and large, the label's releases are wonderfully hard to pigeonhole, combining tech-house rhythms with inventive instrumentation and a wide range of stylistic influences. This EP from newcomer Minnado continues that trend, moving between the plucked gypsy guitars, sweet strings and hazy vocal samples of 'In Silence', the picturesque, soft-focus dancefloor shuffle of 'Just For Today', the Eastern European-acoustica-meets-German tech-house stylings of 'Sofia', and the piano-laden sweetness of 'Ori'.
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 in stock $11.44
AESTHETIC 10 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: AESTHETIC 10. Rel: 14 Sep 20
  1. Motion To Delay (7:07)
  2. Conspiracy (7:05)
  3. Fez (6:34)
Review: Having impressed with his drop on Aesthetic earlier this year, rising minimal house talent Nolga returns to the label with another batch of sprightly, springy bumpers to fire up your limbs and feed your brain. 'Motion To Delay' matches cascading melodic threads with a crisp, lightly swung rhythm section, while 'Conspiracy' follows a similar thread of wiggy lead lines and curvy bass. 'Fez' takes the template of the first two tracks and tips the balance towards a sumptuous palette of synth tones flitting around the sharp but snaking groove. If you need some smart but playful club tracks in your bag, look no further.
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Gespielt von: Burnski, Matpri, Tom Drew
 in stock $9.04
Nurture (12")
Cat: VSSL 002. Rel: 16 Sep 20
  1. Nurture (6:13)
  2. Nurture (Reflective mix) (6:19)
  3. Nature Bassline (6:19)
  4. Tool For Tim (6:50)
Gespielt von: Joe Montana, Tom Drew
 in stock $11.69
Aquatic EP
Aquatic EP (limited 12")
Cat: LAC 004. Rel: 07 Sep 20
  1. Flux Frais (7:06)
  2. Shama (7:40)
  3. Flux Frais (Alex Pervukhin Death mix) (7:07)
  4. Horizon 3020 (7:29)
 in stock $10.38
Spaceship For Sale EP
Cat: SN 011. Rel: 11 Sep 20
  1. Spaceship For Sale (5:50)
  2. Casinomania (6:50)
  3. 69 Party Boys (6:13)
  4. 69 Party Boys (Fabe 68 remix) (6:33)
Review: Buckle up for the latest space crusade from Salty Nuts. This one finds Oden & Fatzo at the helm and the trip begins with the slick and seductive tech house perfection of 'Spaceship For Sale' which glides on silky synths to an imagined future. 'Casinomania' bubbles with all the sort of pixelated sounds and hyper real chords that you would get on the gambling floor of a Las Vegas hotel and '69 Party Boys' is another lithe, neon-lit future-tech-funk gem that gets a remix from Fabe. In the popular Brazilian's hands it becomes a little more thrown back thanks to its warm organ bass.
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Gespielt von: Rossi
 in stock $12.75
Trifasico EP
Cat: PLZ 011S. Rel: 17 Sep 20
  1. Trifasico (7:53)
  2. Trifasico (Funk E remix) (7:01)
  3. Tensake (11:52)
Review: Two years ago, Ogeid joined forces with Funk-E to deliver a quietly impressive collaborative EP on Adult Only Shape. Here the producer resurfaces on Pleasure Zone with a solo debut single that delivers more ear-pleasing blends of tech-house and deep house. The A-side is all about 'Trifasico', a lolloping fusion of analogue-rich, alien-sounding tech-house grooves and fluid deep house motifs. Ogeid's simultaneously crunchy and dreamy original is fittingly remixed by old pal Funk-E, whose bumpin' and trippy tweak pays tribute to the more glitch-fuelled end of the tech-house spectrum. We'd also recommend checking flipside 'Tensake', a terrific, 12-minute track that wraps swelling deep house chords and Motor City style sci-fi sounds around a deliciously jacking drum machine beat.
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Bleu EP
Bleu EP (12")
Cat: CARPET 05. Rel: 17 Sep 20
  1. Bleu (7:22)
  2. Muphrid (7:46)
  3. Bleu (Dan Andrei remix) (10:58)
Review: Carpets & Snares returns to action with some jaunty, off-kilter club fodder from their friends in the Portuguese tech-house community. This time round, the producer at the controls is Pandilla Ltd, an artist best known for unleashing 12"s full of tactile glitch-funk on his self-titled imprint. The real killer here is opener 'Bleu', a gloriously jumpy, shoulder-swinging fusion of tightly snipped electric piano stabs, jazzy synth-bass, Akufen-esque drums, curious vocal samples and oddball percussion sounds. Dan Andrei provides the obligatory flipside remix, re-casting the track as a deep, low-slung chunk of analogue house haziness perfect for wonky late-night sessions and bleary-eyed after-party shuffling.
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PP 002
PP 002 (12")
Cat: PP 002. Rel: 07 Sep 20
  1. Track 1 (8:19)
  2. Track 2 (8:17)
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KMRDS 001 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: KMRDS 001. Rel: 07 Sep 20
  1. Politics Of Dancing - "Ote" (6:29)
  2. Djebali - "Back2life" (7:13)
  3. Terence: Terry: - "Eastern Boy" (6:43)
  4. Stephan Bazbaz - "Ulai" (7:36)
Review: The first release on Kamarads pulls together a solid mix of established tech house figureheads for a classy, versatile set of club tracks. Politics Of Dancing goes up first with 'Ote', a deep and rugged groover geared towards hypnotism and total immersion. Djebali follows up with an equally stealthy roller that will appeal to those who like it stripped back. Terence: Terry takes things in a swirling, trippy direction with the afters-ready 'Eastern Boy' and Stephan Bazbaz finishes up with a gorgeous, lilting deep house lullaby to soothe the weary raver's soul.
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Decay Made 7
  1. Mihai Popoviciu - "Biology" (7:09)
  2. James Dexter - "And Then" (5:56)
  3. Christian Burkhardt - "Quanta" (7:58)
  4. Ray Mono - "Uncut" (6:34)
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