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New releases last four weeks: Minimal/Tech House

Minimal/Tech House vinyl released in the last four weeks
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Dream Flight EP
Cat: DFR 001. Rel: 10 Jul 24
Mittoo Palms (16:16)
Soft August Rain (10:03)
Dream Flight (6:38)
Review: The all-new Dream Flight label embarks on its first voyage here and it does so in some style. 4:32AM - heavily associated with the Palace Vinyl shop in south London - is presumably named after that specific time in the night when only the deepest and most heady vibes will do, and that's exactly what we get here with 'Mitt Palms'. It's a delightful work of delicate and quiet deep house artistry with ambient pads and dreamy drums. 'Soft August Rain' is just as heady but brings some soft acid magic to the dusty beats and last of all 'Dream Flight' shows off some suburb drum programming with jostling broken beats and woody hits softened by smeared and painterly pads.
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My Dub
My Dub (limited grey marbled vinyl 12")
Cat: SYNCRO 48. Rel: 03 Jul 24
My House (4:54)
My Dub (6:02)
No Vacancy (5:03)
No Vacancy (Skudge remix) (5:34)
Review: Andres Klein is Ackerman, and My Dub is his fresh new platter on Syncrophone. It's a classy fusion of minimal, house and tech with, as the title suggests, dubby undercurrents. 'My House' is first up and comes with some gospel inspired vocal stabs over slamming drums. The title cut is more techno leaning, with tough percussion and chords smeared all over the beats. 'No Vacancy' then brings some grit and menace with its coarse surfaces and prickly hits. Last of all, 'No Vacancy' gets a remix from Swedish techno stylist Skudge who smooths things out into pristine loops that roll with great dynamics.
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Find Your Quest
Cat: GRFF 016. Rel: 24 Jun 24
Find Your Quest (Orion Talis mix) (7:01)
Reinhardt (Djangoes dub) (8:26)
Wicked Force Path (6:55)
Distance (7:25)
Review: Alich's take on house is kinetic and restless. It's ever on the move so is perfect for keeping dancers guessing as it draws on electro, minimal and tech for its vibes. This new one on Griffe is a future facing EP packed with cosmic colour. Find Your Quest (Orion Talis mix) kicks off with some high-intensity drum loops and lashing synths while 'Reinhardt' (Djangoes dub) has glistening leads and funky drum patterns. 'Wicked Force Path' is a jacked up and percussive number with liquid bass and closer 'Distance' has broad synth smears that dose you in vibes.
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Chi Gofti? Nagi Jayi!
Cat: PGS 019. Rel: 16 Jul 24
Dorehami Melo (7:32)
Tu Jaddeh (Savaarkhaar) (4:44)
Raghs E Ghalamou (6:23)
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Tribal Nation
Cat: SATYA 016. Rel: 16 Jul 24
Tribal Nation (8:30)
Arapu & Gescu - "Harsh" (8:13)
Manual Mode (8:43)
Just Hi (8:31)
Review: Fresh from a digital-only outing on Cadenza, long-serving Romanian minimalist Ionut Arapu pops up on Satya with an EP that explores his little-discussed love of deep house. Check first 'Tribal', where dreamy pads, surprisingly funky TB-303 'acid' motifs and spacey lead lines cluster around layered house beats and restless hand percussion, before admiring the squelchy funkiness of Gesco collaboration 'Harsh'. He continues to combine sturdy, tribal-influenced deep house beats with warming musicality on the subtle Jaydee-influenced 'Manual Mode', while 'Just Hi' sits somewhere between breakbeat-house, deep house and tech-tinged melodic electro.
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Tags: Tech House | Minimal
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Built In (reissue)
Cat: TR 038. Rel: 22 Jul 24
Built In (7:35)
All That Nothing (7:00)
Plaza (6:12)
Review: Baby Ford is back being reissued again and we couldn't be happier about it. Few have ever matched the matter levels he achieved when it comes to deep minimal and tech house fusions. This latest on his own Trelik takes the form of three classic cuts from two much sought-after EPs - Built In and All That Nothing. The title cut is a shimmering and sublime fusion of rubbing low ends and icy hi-hats. 'All That Nothing' then picks up the pace with more dub influences and swaying drums and 'Plaza' has a tech house edge that makes for more driving grooves.
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Gamma Ray Bursts
Cat: STEP 12. Rel: 04 Jul 24
Fatzer (4:23)
Caliente (4:52)
NOP8 (4:10)
Omuera Bamba (4:19)
Review: Batenko's Gamma Ray Bursts on Step Ball Chain Holland is a club-centric EP that highlights the French maestro's distinctive sound. This release is a four-track feast of forward-thinking techno, bass, and unexpected dance delights. 'Fatzer' stands out with its high-energy minimal techno, paying homage to mid-90s techno with breakbeat influences. This track is a vibrant nod to an era where breaks reigned supreme. Other highlights include: 'Omuera Bamba' that blends techno, house and fun, delivering an energetic and eclectic mix that embodies Batenko's flirty, freaky mastery. Each track in Gamma Ray Bursts is laden with tweaked tools, locked grooves, and momentary euphoria for dance addicts and a favorite among DJs worldwide.

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Self Oscillating
Cat: BSWITCH 003. Rel: 24 Jul 24
Self Oscillating (6:54)
Self Oscillating (Steve O'Sullivan Claustrophobic dub) (8:31)
Review: The third Bank of Switches release hears the effervescent Jake Beautyman flex some serious production muscle. We begin with 'Self Oscillating', a low-slung, late-night affair, channelling solid drums and sumptuous acid; the track is a nod to the deep, yet also keeps the energy rolling in shallower toppy waters, all the same. On the flip, meanwhile, comes the veritable squelch-out that is Steve O'Sullivan's remix, which veers on the harder edge of things yet in so doing brings out the energy further.
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Compulsive Response
Cat: MG 068. Rel: 03 Jul 24
Controlled By Rhythm (5:35)
Flash Flood (6:18)
Turbulence In The Valley (5:21)
Compulsive Response (5:19)
Review: The long-running and influential US house label Moods & Grooves welcomes BitterSuite aka Jon Gray for a new EP that finds him distilling plenty of influences into his Compulsive Response EP, which is perfect for mind, body and soul. The title cut is a light and skipping house sound infused with soul-drenched synth warmth, 'Flash Flood' has a more far-sighted sense of cosmic futurism to it and 'Turbulence In The Valley' slows things right down to a delightfully airy and late-night vibe with languid drums and swirling pads. Shutting down a sophisticated EP is the dusty deep house of 'Compulsive Response' with yet more irresistibly emotive synths and wispy melodies.
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No Time For Time
Cat: NOVIORBIS 007. Rel: 23 Jul 24
Black Lodge
Door Number 9
 in stock $15.60
Various Aliens II
Cat: WRTA 005. Rel: 23 Jul 24
Boronas & Snad - "Affliction" (7:29)
Bartaub - "Orbit The Dance Planet" (6:02)
Mountain People - "I Am The Void" (6:17)
Nesta - "Tarte Citron" (6:44)
Review: Following Ohm Hourani's infectious 'Barbara' featuring remixes by Ricardo Villalobos and Amir Javasoul, We R The Aliens presents a standout various artists compilation with an all-star lineup of Boronas & Snad, Bartaub, Mountain People, and Nesta. Boronas & Snad's 'Affliction' is rich with haunting synths, rolling MPC percussion, and mind-bending delays. Istanbul's Bartaub pays homage to the '90s with 'Orbit The Dance Planet' which blends bumpy breaks, robotic voices, and ghastly chords. On the flip, Mountain People delivers 'I Am The Void,' featuring shuffled drums and dubby stabs. Finally, Beirut's Nesta closes with 'Tarte Citron' a late '90s tech house track with crisp percussion and catchy vocals.
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Trixy EP
Trixy EP (12")
Cat: SN 015. Rel: 28 Jun 24
GJ2000 (5:28)
Rambrandt Hotel (5:56)
Not 4 Every 1 (6:07)
Not 4 Every 1 (Diego Krause remix) (7:31)
Review: Now this one's one to feast your ears on. After successful releases on Ba Dum Tish, What NxT, Dark Side Of The Sun and Interweaved Records, Boss Priester comes back strong with the 'Trixy' EP on Salty Nuts. A four-track bonanza of whimsical whackouts, the concept here could be described as speed garage blended with a sound effects board controlled by Mr. Oizo in a Banana Splits outfit. 'Trixy' is the right name for it; though not itself a word, the coinage captures something of the trickiness of 4x4 and the tricksy connives of a psychedelic con artist. Indeed, Priester acknowleges this one's 'Not 4 Every 1', but that doesn't stop him from engaging the lightest-footed and -hearted samples and one-shots, whether they're chimpunked aporias or springy fidgets.
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Tags: Tech House | Minimal
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Wonder (double 12")
Cat: SICPACK. Rel: 05 Jul 24
Wonder (7:29)
Wonder (Markus Nicolai remix) (7:31)
Wonder (Rhadoo remix) (14:28)
Ada Kaleh, Nathan Oye - "The Weirding Module" (9:06)
Wareika, Nathan Oye - "The Weirding Module" (7:35)
Ada Kaleh, Wareika - "Evocations" (14:18)
Review: Berlin's Sleep Is Commerical release their latest sononeiric commodity to the world: 'Wonder' by producer Boss, and its two remixes by Markus Nikolai and Rhadoo, tied up with three collaborative cuts between Wareika, Ada Kaleh and Nathan Oye. An unusual release format, cementing the maverick status of the label; following up a more limited initial digital release, this vinyl version bucks the usual minimal tech EPs trend, with a whopping four sides of vinyl. Boss' original mix of 'Wonder' is indeed wonderful, fidgeting and fussing away in a spurious space of viny aridity; Rhadoo's and Nicolai's versions are subtler still, operating in spaces of upfront drama-jank and labyrinthine looseness respectively. The team-ups on the B, meanwhile, move more acetic: 'Evocations' sounds like a well-managed petri dish of what would be otherwise ooze in the form of unruly emotions, and 'The Weirding Module' comes as not one, but two tracks, taken up by two collaborative dyads each.
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UNK 21
UNK 21 (12")
Cat: UNK 21. Rel: 26 Jun 24
Sputnikwave (6:35)
Open Secret (6:33)
It's Never Enough (6:44)
Bilingual Animal (7:29)
Review: Felipe Bravo invites us back onto his patented journey into countless cosmic techno outer reaches with his latest addition to Unknown Milano's UNK series, marking their 21st so far. Opener 'Sputnikwave' riffs off the name of the historic Sputnik 1 spacecraft whilst presenting a sound that is otherwise unconscious in feel; we only get to a real sense of shuffle on the A2, 'Open Secret', when the acid lines begin to furl and skitter. Oh, and doesn't the B1 know the feeling; 'It's Never Enough' presents a muted call-and-responsive set of trance and acid lines, getting at the tired old feeling of insatiability (one especially rife in dance music), while, finally, 'Bilingual Animal' nods at the primal joys of straddling two languages.
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Cat: SCF 1. Rel: 28 Jun 24
Shire (6:17)
Aferrafters (7:24)
Review: Scale Factor is a new label about which we know nothing other than acclaimed French house producer Brawther is the man to kick it off. He takes things back to basics here with some club rocking but still deft and stylish club tools. 'Shire' opens up with spinning hi-hats and solid, thudding kick run though with some bleeping sci-fi synths. On the flip is the more wonky and unhinged 'Aferrafters' with vocal fragments and warped synths running through the slick house drums. Two essential jams for DJs and dancers alike from the cultured Frenchman.
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Gespielt von: Carlo Gambino
Tags: Tech House | Minimal
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The Nutritionist's Guide To The Galaxy Vol II
Cat: QUI 003. Rel: 09 Jul 24
Brique - "The Future" (6:16)
Brique - "Customer Service Meltdown" (7:12)
Babu - "Apollo" (5:57)
Babu - "American War" (6:02)
Review: Brique and Babu step up for two tracks each on this nice and cosmic new tech house offering from the Quinoa Cuts label. Brique get first with a deft blend of silky synth designs and snappy tech house drums. It's both driving and physical but nice and heady at the same time. His 'Customer Service Meltdown' has more textural, fizzy synths snaking their way through the crispy tech beats, then Babu's 'Apollo' has an acid-laced sound and cyborg vocals piped in. Last of all is 'American War' with more tight, bobbing beats and electro-tinged rhythms.
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Ho (reissue)
Cat: CCE 042. Rel: 22 Jul 24
Ho (Future Line I) (8:37)
Ho (Future Line II) (5:53)
Girls On Lighters (6:43)
Mohair (4:02)
Review: Steve Bug is one of the titans of the European underground and his label Pokerflat very much defined the tech house sound of the early noughties. His own Ho EP played a part in that and now it gets reissued on Chiwax's Classic Edition. 'Ho (Future Line I)' is a full throttle tech house weapon with dubby low ends and icy hi-hats, while Future Line II cuts up the beat into a more broken pattern. 'Girls On Lighters' keeps it deep with pulsing synths and humid chord infusions over thudding kicks and 'Mohair' closes out this most timeless EP with some more glitchy textures and late night sounds.
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Easy Game EP (reissue)
Cat: UG 008. Rel: 24 Jun 24
Good Times (5:52)
Typical Of You (Baldov remix) (4:56)
Typical Of You (5:03)
Beat Machine (feat Lil Prince) (4:41)
Review: Jake Childs gets a welcomed reissue of his still hot 'Game EP' from 2006. This record is full of retro Chicago-style tracks that showcase his signature stripped-back jackers. Side-1 features 'Good Times,' a track that starts simply but evolves with a bumping bassline, bleeps and squelches. Its choppy, jacking beats, punchy snares, gritty synths, and rolling bass create a dancefloor powerhouse, flipping midway for a roof-raising moment. On Side-2 brings 'Beat Machine,' an eerie blend of house and pop, with moody synths, growling sub-bass, and haunting vocals from Lil Prince. Included and not on the original is the new Baldov remix of 'Typical of You' which adds extra heat, making this release a strongest reissues in recent weeks.
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SOS 001
SOS 001 (12")
Cat: SOS 001. Rel: 24 Jul 24
Cosenza - "Precious" (6:23)
Deep Mariano - "Rave Against Fascism" (7:08)
Bodeler & Djuanma - "Zion" (8:05)
Mai Iachetti & Brandub - "Eg Reset" (5:59)
Tags: Tech House | Minimal
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Aquarius Rising 01
Aquarius Rising 01 (12" + insert)
Cat: AQUA 01. Rel: 16 Jul 24
Cromie - "The Knuckle" (5:51)
Volume Channel - "Tony Jacal" (5:19)
Sasha Zlykh - "Let It Slide" (7:48)
Adam Collins - "Andrea 3" (5:34)
Review: Adam Collins has proven his mettle with his work for Omni A.M. and Euphoria Records but now he branches out once more with the new label Aquarius Rising. It kicks off with a four-track various artists EP of next-gen talents Cromie, Dylan Payne, Sasha Zlykh, and Collins himself. 'The Knuckle' opens up with a bouncy and dense house sound that's got a sweet garage shuffle to it. Volume Channel's 'Tony Jacal' is a stripped-back and minimal sound with dubby drums, Sasha Zlykh's contribution gets more raw and abstract with whirring machine sounds and Collins shuts down with 'Andrea 3' complete with warped vocal stabs and high-speed drum funk.
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Gespielt von: Evan Michael
Tags: Tech House | Minimal
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Data Passenger EP
Cat: WRECKS 051. Rel: 04 Jul 24
Data Passenger (5:08)
Continuum (4:23)
Opto (5:18)
What You Gonna Do (5:47)
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The Backroom EP
The Backroom EP (clear pink splattered vinyl 12")
Cat: IS 003. Rel: 27 Jun 24
Back2Room (5:25)
London Boy (5:06)
Bring Me (5:42)
 in stock $15.60
GORKY 3 (12")
Cat: GORKY 3. Rel: 01 Jul 24
DDrhode - "Ghoroob" (Kryptic Rhythm) (7:39)
DDrhode - "Ghoroob" (Haleeteh?) (3:41)
Sohrab - "Azadi" (4:22)
Sohrab - "Distant Sun" (7:18)
Review: Kolony Gorky is back with a third EP in less than a year that once again offers some stylish and artful rhythmic interpretations. DDrhode & Sohrab are behind this one and it opens with the airy percussive pattern and suspensory loops of deep and deft jam 'Ghoroob' (Kryptic Rhythm) which becomes dusty downbeat and late-night jaunt when served up as the 'Haleeteh?' version. 'Azadi' has the feel of a sixties spy thriller with its mysterious leads and 'Distant Sun' shuts down with some zoned out and loved-up deep house romance. Another hard-to-define but easy-to-love EP from the already vital Kolony Gorky.
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Cat: JOOICE 05. Rel: 24 Jun 24
Sexual Desire (6:02)
Mental Effect (6:55)
The Light Device (6:10)
Modern Primitive (5:14)
Review: The Jooice label returns with regular artist Deyayu on four more raw minimal cuts. 'Sexual Desire' pairs nagging synth leads the burrow deep with slinky tech house drums. There is more zip to 'Mental Effect' which flashes with cosmic melody as dystopian tension rises up from below. 'The Light Device' has a more playful edge and a disco-tech feel with its balmy pads and last but not least is the 80s-referencing electro cruise that is 'Modern Primitive' with its squelchy acid bassline. All four of these bring plenty of synth craft and cosmic freshness to the party.
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Tags: Tech House | Minimal
 in stock $15.88
Homily (12")
Cat: ADID 108. Rel: 01 Jul 24
DIM KELLY & Mondingo - "Homily" (7:42)
DIM KELLY & Maya Safar - "Like When We Love" (7:29)
DIM KELLY - "Rising Child" (6:25)
Review: Dim Kelly has previously proven to be one All Day I Dream's most reliable contributors, unleashing a series of EPs full to bursting with emotive, soaring and subtly tech-tinged progressive house treats. He has a trademark sound of sorts - think sweeping strings, life-affirming melodies and sumptuously dreamy chords - and it can be heard loud and clear on his latest three-tracker. Check first Mondigo collaboration 'Homily', where eyes-closed male vocals and melancholic piano motifs rise above immersive chords and suspenseful tech-house beats, before admiring the more uplifting and colourful dancefloor bliss of the Maya Safar-voiced 'Like When We Love'. To round off another immaculate EP, Kelly reaches for twinkling pianos, luscious orchestration and more metronomic beats ('Rising Child').
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Time Is Flying
Cat: TENA 123. Rel: 16 Jul 24
Lost Inside This Sound (6:08)
Backs To Scream (6:19)
Time Is Flying (6:53)
Space Odyssey (6:24)
Review: Sascha Dive, the German DJ and producer, has firmly established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the electronic music scene. His signature style, a blend of techno and tech house, has earned him a dedicated fanbase and accolades from industry peers. 'Lost Inside This Sound' captivates with its evolving melody and infectious house groove. 'Backs To Scream' showcases a deeper, more introspective side, with a hypnotic bassline that sets the dancefloor ablaze. 'Time Is Flying' evokes a sense of euphoria with its bouncy rhythm and soaring chords. Finally, 'Space Odyssey' transports listeners to a cosmic realm with its ethereal soundscape. His ability to create tracks that are both dancefloor-friendly and sonically captivating solidifies his reputation as a master of the craft.
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Tags: Tech House
 in stock $16.69
The Underground
The Underground (limited translucent orange vinyl 12")
Cat: CPT 6341. Rel: 03 Jul 24
U-Bahn (6:29)
Der Hocker (6:34)
Love Denied (4:37)
Mosaik (8:35)
 in stock $13.99
2000's EP
2000's EP (12")
Cat: KEST 001. Rel: 18 Jul 24
2000's (7:19)
Kosmove (8:34)
Rokicks (6:52)
Motiv (6:08)
Review: We're told that these tunes on the new Kest 12" were "recorded in the path of the Andean mountains that crosses the whole city of Bogota," which is where the label is based. Whether or not that adds anything specific to the sounds we're not sure but they are nice minimal grooves all the same. '2000s' is a light, airy number with pulsing synths that move it onward. 'Kosmove' is more trippy with its psychedelic patterns looping over crisp metal beats. 'Rokicks' brings some prog and acid hints from the 90s and 'Motiv' shuts down with a nice celestial and dreamy number for the heads.
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Tags: Tech House | Minimal
! low stock $16.96
Contemporary Part Two
Cat: REKIDS 247. Rel: 22 Jul 24
Pill Popper (feat Brillstein) (8:15)
Pill Popper (feat Brillstein - acappella) (6:20)
Funky Brewster (feat Harvard Bass) (4:08)
Funked Up (6:33)
Review: German house mainstay Oliver Dollar has many a classic and dusty jam under his belt and now he lands on Rekids to serve u some more. This part two of his Contemporary series kicks off with 'Pill Popper' (feat Brillstein) and it features his signature drum depths as well as a percussive Afro skip to keep things lively and sultry vocals up top. The acappella is also included before the B-side jam 'Funky Brewster' (feat Harvard Bass) brings more sleazy low ends and sweat-inducing beats. Last of all is the filter house workout 'Funked Up' with its skewed synths and snappy kick and clap combos. Effective tackle, no doubt.
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Gespielt von: Hilit Kolet
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Outer Space
Cat: RUR 001. Rel: 03 Jul 24
Outer Space (7:18)
Paolo Driver & Alberto Bof - "Tranceophilus" (6:04)
Dance (5:35)
Review: Paolo Driver steps up to inaugurate the new Re United label with some chunky tech cuts that are perfect for getting the club bouncing. 'Outer Space' opens up with some supple acid lines spraying about the mix while some soulful vocal samples occasionally burst through the tough drums and driving bass. On the flip, 'Tranceophilus' is a collab with Alberto Box that brings more sleek trance synths and widescreen sound that is powered by big, bouncy beats and rubber basslines. Last of all is 'Dance' which has curious melodies up top and sci-fi energy pervading more muscular, elastic low ends.
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 in stock $17.76
Atipic 019
Cat: ATIPIC 019. Rel: 23 Jul 24
019 1 (6:41)
019 2 (7:12)
019 3 (7:30)
019 4 (7:40)
Review: The sublime minimal sounds of Atipic are enough t melt the minds of anyone when heard on the right sound system at 5am. Dumitrescu is next up to take the baton for the label and his contribution is up there and is as good as any of the previous 18. '019 1' marries grinding grooves to smeared sci-fi pads and spoken words from a spacecraft's tannoy system. '019 2' is more balmy with some colourful synth motifs and gurgling basslines bring the snappy beats to life. '019 3' rides on deft and dusty breakbeats with sustained synth swirls adding plenty of cosmic energy and closer '019 4' has a more playful side but still plenty of zippy synth work.
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Tags: Tech House | Minimal
 in stock $18.83
The Hack
The Hack (12")
Cat: DUZER 002. Rel: 09 Jul 24
The Hack (5:28)
The Hack (instrumental) (5:21)
Review: Duzer Records is back with a second playful outing to follow up its well-received first, and already this one had been getting dropped by some top-tier names like Jamie Jones, MK and Eats Everything. It features two versions of the same tune on one limited 12". 'The Hack' is a bumping house cut with organic drums and a wonky lead synth line that brings great dynamics. Add in some raw, rapped vocals and frazzled fills and you have a high-class tool. The instrumental on the flip removes the vocal for even more direct results.
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 in stock $14.80
The Orange EP
The Orange EP (translucent orange vinyl 12" limited to 200 copies)
Cat: ACQ 002. Rel: 02 Jul 24
Beans (Owen Ni remix) (6:59)
Beans (4:11)
Galaxy (4:11)
Greed (4:10)
Orange (3:00)
Review: The low-key but high-class Acquit label is back with some more brilliance from DX 9 press dup to nice translucent orange vinyl. 'Beans' (Owen Ni remix) opens up with elastic deep house beats and heady pad swirls. In original form the cut is a weight dub house pumper and elsewhere is the quick-stepping deep house of 'Galaxy', stripped back and scruffy dub house of 'Greed' and the cosmic trip that is 'Orange' with its swirling synth clouds and wispy lead lines over a deep, meaningful bassline. This is hi-tek soul with a timeless edge.
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Ozone (luminous vinyl 12")
Cat: TRMNL 006. Rel: 09 Jul 24
Ozone (6:14)
No Return (5:53)
Ozone (Marsolo remix) (6:12)
Review: DXNBY has dropped only one record as far as we can tell, and that was back in 2021 on the Accussi Records label. Now He's back on the fledgling TRMNL with Ozone, a clear luminous 12" with two tech originals and a remix. The title cut is an effervescing cut with fizzy synths and metallic drums underpinned by a pumped-up, garage-leaning beat that never stops shuffling. 'No Return' is more compact but no less physical and again taps into garage styles but with a minimal tech aesthetic. Last of all, 'Ozone' (Marsolo remix) is more cosmic with layers of synth taking into new realms.
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FM Therapy EP
Cat: RANGES 017BLACK. Rel: 28 Jun 24
Aquatic (5:13)
Red Lantern (6:06)
Severe (5:02)
FM Therapy (5:00)
Fog (5:04)
Review: Ranges welcomes Elias with an exclusive dub EP, ‘FM Therapy’. Suggesting that the from-scratch process of sound creation through FM synthesis is so bare-bones as to be therapeutic, we’re impressed by this EP’s ability to transcend the received idea of the FM synth as a mere knocky monotone. The A-Side opens with the expansive soundscapes of ‘Aquatic', followed by a beautifully designed 4/4 action sequence in 'Red Lantern'. The B emphasises faster shades of dub, with ‘Severe' delivering a reminiscent chord and peaktime escape notes, before 'FM Therapy' and ‘Fog’ shed any former human essentialisms with ever-colder and evermore militant soundscapes.
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Gespielt von: Superbreak
Tags: Dub Techno
 in stock $17.49
Kweenie (12")
Cat: PNCT 002. Rel: 24 Jul 24
Kweenie (4:54)
Kweenie (Angel D'Lite remix) (5:24)
Lulu Limon (4:52)
Racehorse (6:38)
Gespielt von: Evan Michael
 in stock $15.88
Void Walk
Void Walk (12")
Cat: USR 030. Rel: 24 Jul 24
Void Walk (6:17)
User Six (6:16)
Rainy Move (5:13)
XP Pattern Test (5:41)
Review: Here comes the ever-prolific Eversines with more of that sinewy, seductive electro he's made his own over the past ten years. There's a bubbling, braindance-esque flavour to 'Void Walk' with its interwoven synth lines tickling your grey matter in all the right ways. 'User Six' maintains the vibe while nudging a little more towards that spooky vibe you'll hear on labels like Eya, while 'Rainy Move' switches things up on the B-side with plenty of boxy swing and some cheeky organ flex which comes on like a vintage Wagon Repair release.
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The Notion
The Notion (12" limited to 100 copies)
Cat: HOTHAUS 118. Rel: 24 Jul 24
The Notion (6:32)
Modern & Emotional (6:19)
Morning Palace (6:05)
R U Nique (6:19)
! low stock $13.99
So Is The Sun
Cat: WSDM 027. Rel: 04 Jul 24
A X I S (3:51)
Brain Drain (5:07)
De Oost (4:33)
Innsbruck (5:37)
Review: Wisdom Tooth co-founder Facta has always brought plenty of colour to his blends of house, bass and club music. Both rhythmically inventive and dancefloor-ready, his work is also always full of playfulness and emotion. So is the Sun is another EP that follows in that fine tradition with opener 'A X I S' laying down bumping drums and warming sub-bass under crisp hits and whimsical neon pads. 'Innsbruck' is another sugary sweet blend of thudding, rubbery drums and naive melodies that truly captivate. Add in two more charming club cuts and you have a superb return from this ever-green talent.
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Tags: Tech House | Minimal
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Phenomeno (12")
Cat: AVILLE 004. Rel: 18 Jul 24
Shaggin' Wagon (6:02)
Toro Bravo (5:11)
All Work No Play (Pressure mix) (7:02)
La-z Boy (7:07)
Review: Fi-Lo returns with his fourth release on Alphaville Records and it might be his best yet. Drawing from 90s tech house influences, the artist adds his own signature spin to a set of four dynamic tracks designed for the dancefloor. The cheekily named 'Shaggin' Wagon' is a fluid blend of light and shadow, with acid and breaks setting the tone. 'Toro Bravo' on the A-side offers deep, expansive rhythms and a robust groove and over n the flip is 'All Work, No Play (Pressure Mix)' which unfolds as a relentless, evolving proggy weapon with a playful edge. Closing the EP, 'LA-Z BOY' introduces a laid-back vibe enriched with eclectic samples and a nice smooth flow.
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Skills Professional
Cat: SVGX 003. Rel: 24 Jul 24
Rawller (6:29)
Skills Professional (5:57)
Gothic Quarter Turnout (6:04)
The (C)Rave (5:20)
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Cat: PFFD 002. Rel: 11 Jul 24
Hermanngirl (7:15)
New Kontrol (6:28)
Mrs Eleven (Tell My Wife mix) (6:56)
He Was A Boy (6:49)
Review: Foehn & Jerome's Hermanngirl EP delivers four standout tracks perfect for house club sets. On Side-1, the title track 'Hermanngirl' offers a smooth blend of tech and minimal house, ideal for late-night or early-morning sessions. 'New Kontrol' follows with a techy, uptempo vibe and a wicked bassline that makes it a tech house bomb. Side-2 opens with 'Mrs Eleven' (Tell My Wife mix), which seamlessly blends techno and house with a catchy melody that will stay with you. The final track, 'He Was A Boy,' features an infectious acid line and a great bounce and bubble, making it a perfect dancefloor filler. This EP is excellent and ideal for fans of minimal and tech house. These underground tracks are what DJ's search for. Check these out!
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Alarm EP
Alarm EP (12")
Cat: DREAM VII. Rel: 12 Jul 24
Alarm (5:15)
Meditation (6:06)
Routine (5:09)
First Step (5:13)
Tags: Tech House
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SUB002 (12")
Cat: SUB 002. Rel: 26 Jun 24
Track 1 (8:34)
Track 2 (7:38)
Track 3 (8:45)
Track 4 (6:41)
Review: Pun-tastic dance musical fun from whomever genii run and operate the Subsdance imprint. Here, Marvin Gain - you read that right - presents four special cuts for the label's second outputting, thoroughly impressing the listener with four otherwise unnamed cuts. 'Track 1' grates and ripples against the ears with an electrified beat overlaid by a watery vocoded hip-hop sample, which refrains along the lines of, "before we get started", signaling a wilder EP to come. 'Track 2' dives headfirst into the numbers-stationed dance, with intermittent, radio'ed-in vocal samples interspersing an electro-breaksy 4x4 trekker. Then, the inverse B1 ajars a fresh en-trance, bowling down a more primal, radical route; then we emerge from the thicket and into the canopy, with exhalatory airs and fantasy loom birds dancing overhead on the no less than dreamatic closer.
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Tags: Tech House | Minimal
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Ride The D Plane EP
Cat: THIEVES 001. Rel: 27 Jun 24
Ride The D Plane (6:58)
Ride The D Plane (Alex Arnout remix) (6:36)
Small Talk (6:15)
That's Right (6:14)
Review: Taking their namesake from the infamous mob boss of the same name, DJ and producer Carlo Gambino urges us to 'Ride The D Plane' on his latest EP for Tasteless Thieves. The titular opener rattles and scuttles away, its mix revelling in the many fast delays and transitional echoes that harken minimal cut-ups and drops to come thereafter. Alex Arnout comes through for a much weightier remix on the A2, yet he also straightens things out into a more flattened progressive techno shape. 'Small Talk' jibes out with waterily twisted-out vocals either lamenting or hyping up the necessity of small talk, while closer 'That's Right' verges, that's right, on minimal breaks, making for a thoroughly tricksy sendoff.
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Gespielt von: Carlo Gambino, Superbreak
Tags: Tech House | Minimal
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SUM 001
SUM 001 (12")
Cat: SUM 001. Rel: 18 Jul 24
Hamatsuki - "Nemolizubam" (5:50)
Hamatsuki - "Whitecap" (6:50)
DJ Astrobee - "Oslo" (dub) (4:49)
DJ Astrobee - "Mother Sun" (9:13)
Review: Hamatsuki and DJ Astrobee have the honour of being the first artists to release on the newly formed Summoning label. They take one side each with Hamatsuki's 'Nemolizubam' licking off with some intense, synth-laden techno that is lithe and dynamic as it unfolds. 'Whitecap' is more textured and riddled with bleeping synths and tumbling melodic rain. DJ Astrobee gets dubby with 'Oslo' which has warped synth smears and snappy kick and clap combos. His second offering 'Mother Sun' is a richly emotive techno sound that oozes hi-tek soul.
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In Between (reissue)
Cat: FATLP 004. Rel: 02 Jul 24
Alias (5:15)
Kaleido (5:58)
NTMYT (6:06)
Yvette (5:50)
Tagoma (5:56)
Compass (6:30)
Swarm (6:21)
Down (4:01)
Review: For those in the know, Marek Hemmann's 2009 album In Between is a mini classic of the era. It encapsulates the prevalent minimal styles of the day - a time when, in many eyes, the genre was at its creative height. Dubby undercurrents, stripped-back but effective drums, moody synth work and a range of different rhythms all make this a great album either digested as separate tracks for DJing or as a start-to-finish whole. The colourful melodies and weird and wonderful samples of 'Yvette' are a clear highlight, but there are plenty of standouts here.
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Tags: Tech House | Minimal
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Legends/All I Need (feat Paul Simmons remix)
Legends/All I Need (feat Paul Simmons remix) (limited heavywight transparent pink vinyl 12")
Cat: LPY 17.1. Rel: 22 Jul 24
Legends (6:28)
Legends (dub) (6:14)
All I Need (6:29)
All I Need (Paul Simmons Off Curve Re Rub) (6:44)
Review: Hidden Sequence return to lempuyang for the first in a two part release, collaborating with Milly James. The first 12" features original vocal versions of Legends & All I Need, presented alongside a reduced dub, and a beautiful summer-ready deep house tinged remix from HS captain Paul Simmons.
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Tags: Dub Techno
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Patterns: The Jay Tripwire Reworks
Cat: CV 018. Rel: 23 Jul 24
Patterns (10:16)
Cally (remix) (8:24)
Misunderstood (dub) (6:43)
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Moving People 002
Cat: MPM 002. Rel: 05 Jul 24
Rumours (9:07)
Oscillator (7:01)
Day Dreamer (7:02)
Tags: Tech House | Minimal
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