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Melatonia (transparent purple vinyl 2xLP with obi-strip limited to 150 copies) (1 per customer)
Cat: PITP 32. Rel: 10 Aug 20
  1. Nicotiana (19:02)
  2. Inertia (6:32)
  3. Circadia (5:42)
  4. Apnoea (8:22)
  5. Nidra (7:55)
  6. Melatonia (13:13)
  7. Mantra (17:43)
Review: 'Melatonia' is the seventh album from drone duo Pausal, known for their releases on labels such as Barge Recordings, Students of Decay, Own Records, Dronarivm and Infraction. Individually, Alex has released numerous works under his Olan Mill alias and Simon has released on Hibernate Records.

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 in stock $56.72
Soest Live
Soest Live (hand-numbered limited 180 gram yellow vinyl LP + insert)
Cat: ISPCLP 2202. Rel: 03 Aug 20
  1. Vom Himmel Hoch (16:30)
  2. Ruckzuck (10:59)
  3. Stratovarius (aka Heavy Metal Kids) (9:52)
  4. Megaherz (aka Improvisation 1) (10:58)
Review: Kraftwerk's Ralf Hutter has more or less disowned the krautrock-inspired music he and the late Florian Schneider recorded pre "Autobahn". From that album (1974) onwards, they became the electronic futurists we know and love today; before that, they swum in more organic musical pastures, mixing rudimentary synthesizer and other electronic instruments with guitars, drums, flutes and electric organ. It's this sound that's captured on "Soest Live", a rare recording captured for WDR-TV in 1970. Accompanied by drummer Klaus Dinger, Hutter and Schneider offered up a mixture of arty, proto-ambient experimentalism, and surprisingly funky, groove-based krautrock epics that combine prototype Kraftwerk grooves with the organic sounds of flute, violin and organ.
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 in stock $21.27
Guardians Of The Galaxy: Awesome Mix Vol 1 (Soundtrack)
Cat: 005008 7316419. Rel: 12 Feb 15
  1. Blue Swede - "Hooked On A Feeling"
  2. Raspberries - "Go All The Way"
  3. Norman Greenbaum - "Spirit In The Sky"
  4. David Bowie - "Moonage Daydream"
  5. Elvin Bishop - "Fooled Around & Fell Love"
  6. Jackson 5 - "I Want You Back"
  7. 10cc - "I'm Not In Love"
  8. Redbone - "Come & Get Your Love"
  9. The Runaways - "Cherry Bomb"
  10. Rupert Holmes - "Escape (The Pina Colada Song)"
  11. The Five Stairsteps - "O-O-H Child"
  12. Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell - "Ain't No Mountain High Enough"
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Pulp Fiction (Soundtrack)
Cat: 111103 1. Rel: 03 Sep 10
  1. Dick Dale & His Del-Tones - "Pumpin & Honey Bunny/Misirlou"
  2. Royale With Cheese
  3. Kool & The Gang - "Jungle Boogie"
  4. Al Green - "Let's Stay Together"
  5. The Tornadoes - "Bustin' Surfboards"
  6. Ricky Nelson - "Lonesome Town"
  7. Dusty Springfield - "Son Of A Preacher Man"
  8. The Centurians - "Zed's Dead Baby/Bullwinkle" (part 2)
  9. Chuck Berry - "Jack Rabbit Slims Twist Contest/You Never Can Tell"
  10. Urge Overkill - "Girl You'll Be A Woman Soon"
  11. Maria McKee - "If Love Is A Red Dress (Hang Me In Rags)"
  12. The Revels - "Bring Out The Gimp/Comanche"
  13. The Statler Brothers - "Flowers On The Wall"
  14. Personality Goes A Long Way
  15. The Lively Ones - "Surf Rider"
  16. Ezekiel
 in stock $12.82
Os To EP
Os To EP (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: AXS 1. Rel: 17 Jun 19
  1. Os To (Johnny DJ Allstar Bubble Gum mix) (7:47)
  2. Fest Pa Taget (Tandooris partii mix) (5:39)
Review: From Copenhagen with love. After two years of planning, tweaking and fine-tuning, Danish groove monkeys Kasper Marott and Alfredo92 are proud to present their new label Axces. Repping their local crew, the label represents a community of artists including this single's co-producers Carl Emil and Lauge. "Os To" (which translates to 'the two of us') is as cute as it sounds. Dreamy, cosy, unhurried. "Fest Pa Taget" (party on the roof) raises the psychedelic factor a little as unearthly bubbles and chimes spin 360 around a jaunty rolling percussive beat. The start of something exciting and fresh; everyone has access to Axces.
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Unomia (reissue)
Unomia (reissue) (limited LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: UNSEENRE 001. Rel: 11 Aug 20
  1. Velius (5:34)
  2. Cullin Hill (1:26)
  3. Nine Black Alps (5:45)
  4. West Orange (4:43)
  5. Two Mark (4:50)
  6. Samsara (6:30)
  7. Suns That Circling Go (2:55)
  8. Getting Through (0:43)
  9. Clementine (5:08)
  10. Buldir (1:30)
Review: Helios released his debut album Unomia on cult electronica label Merck back in 2004 to hushed acclaim, the toast of IDM message boards and blogs alike. While the limited runs of CDs have long been fawned over, now the album gets the reissue treatment from Unseen Music, who are pressing it to vinyl for the first time. Fans of Shigeto, Kiln and the overall bittersweet vibe of much Ghostly International output will find much to love here, as achingly beautiful harmonic interplay meets with crisply rendered digital rhythms that hold a pleasingly consistent mood across the album. Utterly easy to melt into, but with enough depth and careful construction to hold your attention, this is a wonderful slice of cult electronics given a much-deserved new lease of life.
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Theme From Phase IV
Theme From Phase IV (limited pink vinyl 7" + sticker + MP3 download code)
Cat: BWR 701. Rel: 06 Aug 20
  1. Theme From Phase IV (4:53)
  2. Hellcat (4:42)
Review: The wonderfully named Django the Bastard is behind the production on this retro-future package from Dorothy's Fortress on Burning Witches. It's a real melting pot of sounds from electro to Italo, synth to lo-fi. It's sleazy yet dazzling, dark but uplifting and was first put out more than 10 years ago and hammered by The Chemical Brothers. The flip is a fat bit of analogue grooving with trippy arps and frazzled bass. This group has had underground cult status for a while but are now back making new beats, and we're certainly pleased about that.
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La La Land (Soundtrack)
Cat: B 002631201. Rel: 14 Feb 17
  1. Cast - "Another Day Of Sun" (3:44)
  2. Emma Stone, Callie Hernandez, Sonoya Mizuno, Jessica Rothe - "Someone In The Crowd" (4:18)
  3. Justin Hurwitz - "Mia & Sebastian's Theme" (1:38)
  4. Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone - "A Lovely Night" (3:55)
  5. Justin Hurwitz - "Herman's Habit" (1:51)
  6. Ryan Gosling - "City Of Stars" (1:47)
  7. Justin Hurwitz - "Planetarium" (4:20)
  8. Justin Hurwitz - "Summer Montage/Madeline" (2:04)
  9. Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone - "City Of Stars" (2:28)
  10. John Legend - "Start A Fire" (3:11)
  11. Justin Hurwitz - "Engagement Party" (1:27)
  12. Emma Stone - "Audition (The Fools Who Dream)" (3:45)
  13. Justin Hurwitz - "Epilogue/The End" (7:55)
  14. Justin Hurwitz - "City Of Stars (Humming)" (feat Emma Stone) (2:44)
Review: It looks like Damien Chazelle, the young, impressive director of Whiplash and the more recent La La Land, likes to surround himself with equally talented youngsters. For the latter film, he's chosen Justin Hurwitz to compose the score for his successful musical featuring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, and we have to say that this is a real keeper. There's a bit of everything in here, a little vintage pop, some classical elements here and there, but jazz is what's at the core of this original score, and that's why we think it's great. What's more, you can listen to Gosling and Stone sing on your turntables. Check it out.
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Paralysis (12" + booklet)
Cat: DE 274. Rel: 31 Jul 20
  1. Paralysis (4:31)
  2. ACC (2:15)
  3. GBD (5:00)
  4. Track 4 (4:04)
  5. Ugly Talk (7:11)
Review: Robert Rental is an artist as influential as he is overlooked. An anchor of the early British DIY and post-punk scene, his name is most frequently uttered alongside illustrious collaborators such as Thomas Leer and Daniel Miller. Dark Entries and Optimo ally to illuminate some of Rental's early solo works with an expanded reissue of his debut 7" Paralysis /A.C.C.. Both labels have previously excavated Rental's catalog; we reissued the collaborative LP with Glenn Wallis in 2017, and Optimo released a collection of demos in 2018.
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Tomorrow Comes The Harvest
Cat: 677863 0. Rel: 26 Sep 18
  1. Locked & Loaded (7:46)
  2. Altitudes (7:03)
  3. On The Run (8:07)
  4. The Seed (7:11)
Review: Back in 2016, legendary Afrobeat drummer Tony Allen approached techno pioneer Jeff Mills with the idea of working together. A series of live gigs and off-the-radar studio sessions followed, with the first fruits of their joint efforts finally appearing on this must-have 10". As you'd expect, the duo's collaborative work combines Allen's traditional Nigerian polyrhythms, traditional Afrobeat instrumentation, and the far-sighted, sci-fi inspired electronic futurism that has always marked out Mills' work. The result is a quartet of cuts that could arguably be described as retro-futurist Afro-tech - all delay-laden beats, basslines and organs subtly sparring with gentle acid lines, Motor City electronics, beguiling deep space textures and shimmering, 31st century motifs. It's arguably Allen's stylistic contributions that dominate, but that's no bad thing.
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All The Time
All The Time (limited pink vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: HDBLP 051. Rel: 24 Jul 20
  1. Anyone Around (2:49)
  2. Lick In Heaven (4:27)
  3. Face (3:22)
  4. Badly (4:18)
  5. Alexander (3:55)
  6. Ice Creamy (3:37)
  7. Like Fire (3:01)
  8. Baby Love (3:33)
  9. Over & Over (4:48)
  10. All The Time (4:27)
Review: Four years have passed since Jessy Lanza last offered-up an album, the Jeremy Greenspan co-produced leftfield space-pop masterpiece that was "Oh No". While plenty has changed in Lanza's working life since then - she now lives in New York and improvises more with "modular and semi-modular" synthesizers - her commitment to delivering a genuinely unique take on 21st century synth-pop remains. Those versed in the work of the Junior Boys will hear the hand of regular collaborator Jeremy Greenspan in the chords, melodies and synthesizer settings, but "All The Time" is undoubtedly Lanza's vision. Combining her usual glassy-eyed vocals and ear-pleasing, often melancholic synth-pop sounds with the colourful vibrancy of future R&B and grooves that subtly reference all manner of styles (dubstep included), it's most perfect underground pop album you'll hear all year.
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Direct Contact
Cat: EBEAMZ 035. Rel: 05 Aug 20
  1. Direct Contact (6:41)
  2. Ravioli Ocean (6:39)
Review: Fresh from an impressive outing on Lazare Hoche Records, rejuvenated duo Zoo Look pop up on E-Beamz with two righteous slabs of mystical peak-time goodness. A-side "Direct Contact" offers a near perfect blend of rugged, undulated acid lines, bustling hardcore-style breakbeats and shimmering, sci-fi inspired chords. While undeniably fresh sounding, there's no denying the early '90s rave influences at play. There's a similarly retro-futurist feel to flipside "Ravioli Ocean", a wonderfully glassy-eyed, sunrise-ready affair that smothers a driving beat in tactile chords, morning-fresh synthesizer flourishes and undulating piano lines that sent shivers up and down our spines.
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Gespielt von: Ben Gomori, Zoo Look
! low stock $10.64
Jeidem Fall (reissue)
Jeidem Fall (reissue) (white vinyl LP + MP3 download code limited to 300 copies)
Cat: KALK LP66. Rel: 04 Aug 20
  1. Geo Scan (7:19)
  2. Jeidem Fall (4:59)
  3. Sa Eline (6:13)
  4. Sussing (6:14)
  5. Barka (7:59)
  6. Conpearl Walker (5:02)
Review: Toulouse Low Trax has always skirted on the fringes of wider recognition compared to some of his Salon Des Amateurs counterparts (think Lena Wilikens, Wolf Muller and Vladimir Ivkovic), but his legacy to date plots a fascinating course through underground and experimental electronic music with a kosmische bent. This 2012 album on Karaoke Kalk has been highly prized since its initial run first sold out, and it's great to see it being made available again as more people get hip to the incredible body of work behind this maverick auteur. The mood across Jeidem Fall is consistently moody and provocative, capturing the essence of Muslimgauze but replacing the explicit ethnic motifs with a murky abstraction of the Fourth World aesthetic, all tumbling percussion and un-placeable instrumental motifs.
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Hallo (12")
Cat: PLF 001. Rel: 10 Aug 20
  1. Morgen (4:47)
  2. Handbird (6:43)
  3. The Berries (3:32)
  4. Auto Zap (5:55)
! low stock $8.72
The Dark Knight Rises (Soundtrack)
The Dark Knight Rises (Soundtrack) (limited numbered 180 gram audiophile silver marbled vinyl LP + insert + booklet + magnet)
Cat: MOVATM 295C. Rel: 04 Aug 20
  1. A Storm Is Coming (0:35)
  2. On Thin Ice (3:00)
  3. Gotham's Reckoning (4:04)
  4. Mind If I Cut In? (3:23)
  5. Underground Army (3:11)
  6. Born In Darkness (1:56)
  7. The Fire Rises (5:33)
  8. Nothing Out There (2:55)
  9. Despair (3:14)
  10. Fear Will Find You (3:06)
  11. Why Do We Fall? (2:07)
  12. Death By Exile (0:18)
  13. Imagine The Fire (7:26)
  14. Necessary Evil (3:13)
  15. Rise (7:11)
 in stock $28.64
In Rainbows
Cat: XLLP 324. Rel: 02 Jan 08
  1. 15 Step
  2. Bodysnatchers
  3. Nude
  4. Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
  5. All I Need
  6. Faust Arp
  7. Reckoner
  8. House Of Cards
  9. Jigsaw Falling Into Place
  10. Videotape
Review: "In Rainbows", Radiohead's seventh album, finally gets a physical release! It's one thing downloading this landmark album, but to actually hold this is something special. Not only do you get increased sound quality, but you also get the amazing artwork from Stanley Donwood. This album includes "Nude", a live favourite for many years that was originally written during the "OK Computer" sessions. More minimal that their "Kid A" period, "In Rainbows" does something that very few albums have done - its sound is distinct from previous Radiohead albums, but is still clearly Radiohead. Hail to the kings, they are back on top form. Get this album while you can.
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 in stock $22.10
Music For Film
Music For Film (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: SILLP 1524. Rel: 14 May 19
  1. Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence (main Theme) (6:03)
  2. The Last Emperor: Endroll (8:01)
  3. The Last Emperor: Rain (4:15)
  4. The Sheltering Sky (main Theme) (6:26)
  5. High Heels (main Theme) (3:09)
  6. Wild Palms (main Theme) (2:30)
  7. Little Buddha: Acceptance (8:41)
  8. Snake Eyes (main Theme - long version) (5:21)
  9. Femme Fatale: Bolerisch (6:09)
  10. Babel: Bibo No Aozora (6:32)
  11. Hara Kiri (Ichimei): Small Hope (5:02)
  12. Yae No Sakura (Opening Theme) (2:59)
  13. The Revenant (main Theme) (3:04)
Review: While most celebrated in electronic music circles for his work as part of Yellow Magic Orchestra - not to mention a string of experimental solo works - Ryuichi Sakamoto has long been an acclaimed composer of music for the big screen. As the title suggests, this fine compilation gathers together some of his best soundtrack works. There are plenty of familiar favourites present - check the chiming, suitably cheery theme to "Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence" and the swelling closing theme from "The Last Emperor" - alongside lesser-known gems such as the lilting strings of "The Sheltering Sky (Main Theme)", the simmering beauty of "Little Buddha: Acceptance" and the jazz-influenced bliss of "Femme Fatale: Bolerisch".
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Gespielt von: JKriv (Razor-N-Tape)
! low stock $27.01
Luminous (limited yellow vinyl LP)
Cat: 483929 8. Rel: 14 Aug 20
  1. Moss (4:24)
  2. Violet (5:27)
  3. Manganese (4:24)
  4. Vermilion (4:38)
  5. Marble (8:13)
  6. Pewter (5:14)
  7. Malachite (5:21)
 in stock $24.27
Fields & Forests 2
Cat: F&F 002. Rel: 10 Nov 14
  1. Fantasy
  2. Raw Abstractionism
  3. Torri Wowo
  4. Acoustic Cut
Review: After a successful debut release with Untitled Gear, Croatian label continues their journey through fields and forests. Still exploring the Russian Federation, only this time they hired Udacha's honcho and main protagonist A5. Record kicks off with 'Fantasy'. A dreamy kalimba piece which eventually evolves into a deep house track and could be described as a soundtrack from your latest dream while 'Raw Abstractionism' doesn't disappoint it's name. On the flip side we are introduced to the afro banger 'Torri Wowo' which feels almost like driving through safari on a truck. 'Acoustic Cut' calms things down and brings us to an end with a clear message.
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 in stock $1.09
Maps & Mazes
Maps & Mazes (180 gram translucent vinyl LP limited to 200 copies) (1 per customer)
Cat: TRS 090. Rel: 03 Aug 20
  1. The White Spaces (2:53)
  2. Primal Fear (4:21)
  3. Melting Into Unknown (3:46)
  4. Number Of Possible Worlds (3:37)
  5. Walk My Shadow Home (5:42)
  6. Lazy Indifference (3:42)
  7. Resonating Memories (3:41)
  8. Abandoned Words (5:05)
  9. I'm Never Not Thinking About You (4:04)
  10. Eternal Sunset (3:53)
Review: This first album proper from Polish composer/violinist Olga Wojciechowska was originally released on CD only by Time Released Sound, and has been out of print for some years. We are very pleased to be bringing you this long overdue vinyl re-press, in an edition of only 200 copies, each of which comes in a beautiful 24pt heavyweight jacket, with translucent 180gm disc.

Maps and Mazes is a stunning collection of 10 pieces that were originally written for various international theater and dance productions, and their overall feel reflects this performative nature. These electronically treated, modern-classical beauties are somewhat dark and moody at times, and with their elegiac violin and haunting horns are both elegant and absorbing, and the ultimately lingering effect is one of series of spine tingling, late night serenades.
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 in stock $34.36
The Man Machine
Cat: ZCAP 163021/CAPI 16302. Rel: 15 Dec 90
  1. The Robots
  2. Spacelab
  3. Metropolis
  4. The Model
  5. Neon Lights
  6. The Man Machine
Review: 'The Man-Machine' is closer to the sound and style that would define early new wave electro-pop. Less minimalistic in its arrangements and more complex and danceable in its underlying rhythms. Like its predecessor, 'Trans-Europe Express', there is the feel of a divided concept album, with some songs devoted to science fiction-esque links between humans and technology, often with electronically processed vocals ("The Robots," "Spacelab," and the title track); others take the glamour of urbanization as their subject ("Neon Lights" and "Metropolis"). Plus, there's "The Model," a character sketch that falls under the latter category but takes a more cynical view of the title character's glamorous lifestyle. More pop-oriented than any of their previous work, the sound of 'The Man-Machine' in particular among Kraftwerk's oeuvre had a tremendous impact on the cold, robotic synth pop of artists like Gary Numan, as well as Britain's later new-romantic movement.
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Gespielt von: Black Merlin, The Advent
 in stock $16.35
Seeing Through Sound: Pentimento Volume Two
Cat: NDEYA 7LP. Rel: 24 Jul 20
  1. Fearless (7:59)
  2. Moons Of Titan (4:14)
  3. Unknown Wish (2:50)
  4. Delicado (4:01)
  5. Reykjavik (2:15)
  6. Cool Down Coda (1:40)
  7. Lunar (6:23)
  8. Timeless (8:10)
Review: Two years ago, Jon Hassell made more than a few jaws drop with "Listening To Pictures (Pentimento Volume 1)", the genre-bending trumpeter and composer's first studio album in nine years. On that album, he effortlessly updated his trademark "Fourth World" sound - a decidedly cosmic, impossible-to-pigeonhole mix of traditional, otherworldly, exotic and cutting-edge sounds - for a new era. He takes a similar approach on this "companion album", somehow fusing experimental jazz, disparate global sounds, ambient, electronica and digi-dub in a myriad of thrilling, boundary blurring ways. It's a startling piece of work and one that defiantly rewards repeat listens, but then we expect nothing less from someone of Hassell's skill and standing. Recommended.
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 in stock $18.54
Judgment Night (Soundtrack)
Judgment Night (Soundtrack) (limited numbered 180 gram audiophile coloured vinyl LP in spot-varnished sleeve)
Cat: MOVLP 232C. Rel: 04 Aug 20
  1. Cypress Hill & Sonic Youth - "I Love You Mary Jane" (3:46)
  2. Onyx & Biohazard - "Judgment Night" (4:31)
  3. House Of Pain & Helmet - "Just Another Victim" (4:25)
  4. Run DMC & Living Colour - "Me, Myself & My Microphone" (3:07)
  5. Ice-T & Slayer - "Disorder" (5:00)
  6. Del The Funky Homosapien & Dinosaur Jr - "Missing Link" (3:58)
  7. De La Soul & Teenage Fanclub - "Fallin'" (4:30)
  8. Sir Mix-A-Lot & Mudhoney - "Freak Momma" (4:00)
  9. Boo-Yaa TRIBE & Faith No More - "Another Body Murdered" (4:21)
  10. Fatal & Therapy? - "Come & Die" (4:23)
  11. Cypress Hill & Pearl Jam - "Real Thing" (3:26)
 in stock $22.90
Strange Effect (Soundtrack) (Love Record Stores 2020)
Cat: HVN 560. Rel: 21 Jul 20
  1. Strange Effect (feat Raven Violet) (2:39)
  2. Why Not (2:52)
! low stock $10.64
Melatonia (cassette limited to 100 copies)
Cat: PITP 32T. Rel: 13 Aug 20
  1. Nicotiana (18:55)
  2. Inertia (5:43)
  3. Circadia (6:02)
  4. Apnoea (8:04)
  5. Nidra (7:55)
  6. Melatonia (13:24)
Review: 'Melatonia' is the seventh album from drone duo Pausal, known for their releases on labels such as Barge Recordings, Students of Decay, Own Records, Dronarivm and Infraction. Individually, Alex has released numerous works under his Olan Mill alias and Simon has released on Hibernate Records.
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 in stock $12.28
Kontrastnost (hand-numbered purple vinyl 12" in spray-painted sleeve limited to 200 copies)
Cat: KIMOCHI 41. Rel: 28 Jul 20
  1. After All (6:41)
  2. DPS V55 (4:42)
  3. Secret (4:28)
  4. Mizantrop (feat X343) (5:05)
  5. Untitled Jam (feat X343) (5:30)
  6. Batiste Song (feat X343) (4:20)
Review: Shine Grooves is a multifaceted artist, and this second record for Kimochi Sound explores two sides of that personality. The delicate, introspective, expressive precision of After All, DPS v55, and Secret move from sublime resignation to summery exuberance to a kind of earnest meditation. On the other side, collaborations with X343 yield a more extroverted approach: spontaneous mutations turn rolling grooves into unpredictable improvisational explorations.
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 in stock $16.09
The Indoor Gardener
The Indoor Gardener (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: INVINC 27LP. Rel: 29 Jul 20
  1. Yucca (6:16)
  2. Golden Pothos (5:30)
  3. Norfolk Island Palm (8:05)
  4. Dracaena (5:05)
  5. Lucky Bamboo (4:03)
  6. Saint Paulia (3:25)
  7. Century Plant (1:27)
  8. A Drop Of Water (5:01)
Review: Considering the impact and prominence of Croatia's festival scene - pre-COVID at least - it seems perfectly reasonable and accessible to start describing Double Geography's exceptional debut album with something like "Barbarella's in slow-mo groove mode". Tracks like 'Norfolk Island Palm' and 'Golden Pothos' invoke the open-air venue set among lush Adriatic vegetation, specifically when the crowd is warming up for a night of trippy, hypnotic, Balearic-influenced, weird and wonderful leftfield tunes. Melodic and warm, groovy but never locked, tracks seem to unfold and grow on inviting vibes, a fitting visualisation considering the record's floral theme, their rhythms hook you without necessarily revealing their intent. Resistance is useless, but you don't initially realise how far you're being drawn in. Even the most abstract moments, say 'Saint Paulia', are built around focused production, rather than glassy-eyed waviness, making for a curiously commanding but relaxed listening experience.
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 in stock $14.73
Join The Pac
Cat: 8BIT 81237. Rel: 07 Aug 20
  1. Join The Pac (official Theme song For Pac Man 40th Anniversary - club mix) (5:49)
  2. The World Of Pac-Man (Theme song For Pac Man Challenge - original mix) (5:16)
 in stock $15.00
Eastern Flowers
Eastern Flowers (LP Nachpressung) (1 per customer)
Cat: PP 1001. Rel: 26 Jun 20
  1. Black Iris (2:51)
  2. Tulip (2:42)
  3. Magnolia (3:00)
  4. Lotus (3:24)
  5. Lily (3:12)
  6. Red Rose (3:44)
  7. Hibiscus (3:49)
  8. Magnolia (reprise) (2:25)
  9. Morning Glory (2:19)
  10. Chamomile (2:27)
  11. Hyacinth (3:16)
  12. Daisy (2:23)
  13. Gilboa Iris (2:11)
 in stock $24.82
Mia Gargaret
Mia Gargaret (limited blue marbled vinyl LP)
Cat: ORD 47BLUE. Rel: 16 Jul 20
  1. Apathy (3:06)
  2. Body (2:20)
  3. INWIW (2:47)
  4. Barely There (2:43)
  5. For Zoya In China (2:56)
  6. No Sleep No Dream (1:45)
  7. Lakes (1:42)
  8. Sadballad (1:42)
  9. 3 Movements (4:13)
  10. Ash (2:39)
  11. Lesson (1:38)
 in stock $20.46
Dusk (limited 7")
Cat: PHASE 0025. Rel: 11 Aug 20
  1. Dusk (5:28)
  2. Grey Skies (i) (5:11)
Review: Lo Kindre's work in and around the Scottish scene has been exemplary thus far, and he returns to the Phase Group label he runs with Mr TC for a full-length EP that continues his trend of omnivorous electronics without too much regard for generic boundaries. "Dusk" is an expansive slab of melancholy electronica with nods to minimal wave and proto-trance, which isn't especially in line with his earlier works. "Grey Skies (i)" features similar synth voices, but comes on more like an ominous Giallo soundtrack off-cut in dub, which is a wonderful thing of course.
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Frozen 2 (Soundtrack)
Frozen 2 (Soundtrack) (heavyweight vinyl LP + insert)
Cat: 874303 2. Rel: 29 Nov 19
  1. Evan Rachel Wood - "All Is Found" (2:08)
  2. Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, Josh Gad, Jonathan Groff & Cast - "Some Things Never Change" (3:31)
  3. Idina Menzel - "Into The Unknown" (feat Aurora) (3:12)
  4. Josh Gad - "When I Am Older" (1:52)
  5. Jonathan Groff - "Reindeer(S) Are Better Than People" (0:36)
  6. Jonathan Groff - "Lost In The Woods" (2:59)
  7. Idina Menzel & Evan Rachel Wood - "Show Yourself" (4:19)
  8. Kristen Bell - "The Next Right Thing" (3:33)
 in stock $8.18
Collected (180 gram audiophile vinyl gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: MOVLP 1104. Rel: 25 Apr 14
  1. The Fascist (theme)
  2. A Fistful Of Dollars (theme)
  3. Bullets Don't Argue (theme)
  4. A Gun For Ringo (theme)
  5. For A Few Dollars More (theme)
  6. The Return Of Ringo (main title)
  7. The Battle Of Algiers (theme)
  8. The Good, The Bad & The Ugly (theme)
  9. The Ecstasy Of Gold (theme)
  10. Death Rides A Horse (theme)
  11. The Big Gundown (opening song)
  12. Once Upon A Time In The West (theme)
  13. The Man With The Harmonica
  14. Long Live The Revolution
  15. The Ballad Of Hank McCain
  16. The Sicilian Clan
  17. Investigation Of A Citizen Above Suspicion
  18. A Fistful Of Dynamite
  19. Come Maddalena
  20. Chi Mai
  21. My Name Is Nobody
  22. The Infernal Trio
  23. Romanzo
  24. Goodbye Palermo
  25. Don't Play The Indian
  26. Il Vento, Il Grido
  27. Tragedy Of A Ridiculous Man (theme)
  28. Deborah's Theme
  29. Gabriel's Oboe
  30. The Untouchables (end titles)
  31. The Strength Of The Righteous (main title)
  32. Cinema Paradiso
  33. Love Theme
  34. Ancora Qui (Elisa Toffoli vocals)
 in stock $31.09
Call Me By Your Name (Soundtrack)
Call Me By Your Name (Soundtrack) (gatefold 180 gram audiophile 2xLP + insert + poster) (1 per customer)
Cat: MOVATM 184. Rel: 12 Jan 18
  1. John Adams - "Hallelujah Junction - 1st Movement" (7:10)
  2. Ryuichi Sakamoto - "MAY In The Backyard" (4:25)
  3. Loredana Berte - "J'Adore Venise" (4:06)
  4. Bandolero - "Paris Latino" (4:02)
  5. Frank Glazer - "Sonatine Bureaucratique " (3:46)
  6. Alessio Bax - "'Zion Hort Die Wachter Singen'" (5:10)
  7. Giorgio Moroder & Joe Esposito - "Lady Lady Lady" (4:15)
  8. Andre Laplante - "Une Barque Sur L'Ocean" (6:59)
  9. Sufjan Stevens - "Futile Devices" (Doveman remix) (2:13)
  10. Ryuichi Sakamoto - "Germination" (2:09)
  11. FR David - "Words" (3:27)
  12. Marco Armani - "E La Vita" (4:09)
  13. Sufjan Stevens - "Mystery Of Love" (4:07)
  14. Franco Battiato - "Radio Varsavia" (4:06)
  15. The Psychedelic Furs - "Love My Way" (3:31)
  16. Valeria Szervanszky & Ronald Cavaye - "Le Jardin Feerique" (3:02)
  17. Sufjan Steven - "Visions Of Gideon" (4:09)
Review: You can trust Music On Vinyl to put out the very best soundtracks, from the least likely sources. That Blade Runner soundtrack reissue a few years back was an absolute treat for us, to cite an example, but this edition of the Call Me By Your Name soundtrack is even more leftfield. After all, it's no surprise because the film had an insanely on-point score that never made it onto vinyl format; songs from the likes of John Adams, Giorgio Moroder and Franco Battiato are a wonderful thing to own on wax, within the concept of this remarkable movie, alongside other great tunes from coveted producers like Japan's Ryuichi Sakamoto. All in all, a fine catch.
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 in stock $34.09
Casino Royale (Soundtrack)
Casino Royale (Soundtrack) (limited numbered gatefold 180 gram audiophile blue vinyl 2xLP + poster)
Cat: MOVATM 281C. Rel: 31 Jul 20
  1. African Rundown (6:52)
  2. Nothing Sinister (1:27)
  3. Unauthorised Access (1:07)
  4. Blunt Instrument (2:22)
  5. CCTV (1:30)
  6. Solange (0:58)
  7. Trip Aces (2:10)
  8. Miami International (12:43)
  9. I'm The Money (0:28)
  10. Aston Montenegro (1:03)
  11. Dinner Jackets (1:53)
  12. The Tell (3:25)
  13. Stairwell Fight (4:13)
  14. Vesper (1:44)
  15. Bond Loses It All (3:57)
  16. Dirty Martini (3:46)
  17. Bond Wins It All (4:32)
  18. The End Of An Aston Martin (1:28)
  19. The Bad Die Young (1:20)
  20. City Of Lovers (3:31)
  21. The Switch (5:06)
  22. Fall Of A House In Venice (1:54)
  23. Death Of Vesper (2:48)
  24. The Bitch Is Dead (1:05)
  25. The Name's Bond James Bond (2:50)
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Iron Man 2
Iron Man 2 (gatefold heavyweight vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: 88697661581. Rel: 15 Apr 10
  1. Shoot To Thrill
  2. Rock 'N' Roll Damnation
  3. Guns For Hire
  4. Cold Hearted Man
  5. Back In Black
  6. Thunderstruck
  7. If You Want Blood (You've Got It)
  8. Evil Walks
  9. TNT
  10. Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be
  11. Have A Drink On Me
  12. The Razors Edge
  13. Let There Be Rock
  14. War Machine
  15. Highway To Hell
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Articulation (clear vinyl LP)
Cat: ERATP 133LP. Rel: 14 Aug 20
  1. Vibrations On A String (5:59)
  2. Forwardism (5:56)
  3. Melodica (3:41)
  4. Articulation (6:28)
  5. Still Here (4:17)
  6. Sudden Awareness Of Now (6:50)
 in stock $21.55
Attraktors (140 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: VIVOD 024LP. Rel: 03 Jul 20
  1. Future Systems
  2. Math Redux
  3. Heavy Water
  4. Maximum Minimum
  5. She Of Stars
  6. Mensonge Et La Chute
  7. Theme From Unknown
  8. Search Mode
  9. A Nearfield Background
  10. Interlude For Wounded Deer
Review: Attraktors originally surfaced back in 2015 with the Future Systems EP. Made up of members of Six.By.Seven, Bivouac, The Selecter and more besides. Now this eclectic group of coldwave connoisseurs fold that initial EP into a raft of new songs to make up a sterling debut album for Vivod. It's brittle, homespun stuff that opens up a wormhole to the bedroom studio explosion of the 1980s, when lo-fi new wave was king. But there are other dimensions to this record, like the dreamy synth pop of "Mensonge Et La Chute" and the cosmic rock stylings of "Theme From Unknown". For all lovers of the early to mid '80s era, this is an album you won't want to miss.
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Music For Denali
Cat: FKR 106. Rel: 07 Aug 20
  1. Denali (3:33)
  2. Fresh Snow (3:40)
  3. Windy Corner (3:29)
  4. Slow Climbing (1:27)
  5. The Last Rest (1:48)
  6. Getting To The Top (4:02)
  7. Downhill At Last (3:24)
Review: Finder Keepers is probably the most appropriately-named label to carry this collection of rare recordings by one of the foremost electronically-minded composers of the late-20th and early-21st centuries. Dating back to 1973, Ciani's 'Music For Denali' is a stunning example of sound design and, in album format, a series of arrangements that actually feel like a score looking for the movie. Or, more accurately, documentary. At the time the music was written, the aficionado was just starting out in the field of film composing via a non-fiction project about the first ever skier's descent down the tallest mountain in Alaska. As you might have guessed, the peak is Denali, and the soundtrack here entirely befitting for that scale. Combining her work as pioneering synthesist and revered pianist, it's an emotionally rousing story told through riveting movements.
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 in stock $21.00
Sever The Ties
Sever The Ties (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: PSR 006. Rel: 27 Jul 20
  1. Disrupted (6:17)
  2. The Lesson (6:53)
  3. Empty Handed (Cold mix) (5:36)
  4. Flipping Switches (5:24)
  5. Fragmentary World (6:38)
  6. Fragmentary World (Vapauteen remix) (6:15)
Review: Having cut his teeth with some devilishly deviant drops on Primitive Languages, Lost Soul Enterprises and others, New York's R Gamble returns with a stunning mini-album for Public System that brings his canny twist on minimal wave and EBM to wax for the first time in years. As well as being a dab hand at programming his boxes to impart his ghoulish bangers, what sets Gamble apart is his sense of composition, making proper ear-snagging songs with structures and narrative. Marrying that accomplished approach with the clamour of his production style, and you've got yourself a slice of '80s inspired creepiness that's a cut above the rest.
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Gespielt von: Juno Recommends Techno
 in stock $10.90
PSY X (double 12")
Cat: RASSVET 005GOST015. Rel: 07 Aug 20
  1. Xsaw (2:25)
  2. The Big R (5:12)
  3. Sirenius (2:44)
  4. Dead Land (2:56)
  5. O2 (4:35)
  6. RCA (2:01)
  7. Tranq (2:26)
  8. The Drome (3:24)
  9. X-tr (5:10)
  10. 2020 Sequence (4:42)
  11. AC Torches (5:02)
  12. Rise Loop (2:28)
Review: Russian has long been a world unto its own when it comes to electronic music. Often the sounds reflect what we think we know about the vast country and that is the case here on a blistering new 2 x 12" from Buttechno. "Xsaw" is a dense blizzard of white noise and buzz saw synths that gets you on edge. "The Big R" is fun of suspense and paranoia and "Sirenius" is mysterious synth melodies with arresting blasts of dystopian noise. There are plenty of other haunting and unsettling soundtracks, art noise sketches and bleak moments of musical cinema that are brilliantly beguiling.
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 in stock $24.00
Coup D'etat
Coup D'etat (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: CDT 01. Rel: 08 Feb 16
  1. Doublespeak
  2. Safety In Numbers
  3. Stateless
  4. Utopia
Review: Coup d'etat is a collaborative project from Kane Ikin and Harvey Sutherland. Working from their respective fringes of electronic music and produced in moments of respite between extensive touring and recording commitments, the project offers a glimpse into the pair's mutual influences and inspirations; part Maurizio, part Moroder. Kane Ikin, a meticulous producer of abstract forms and polyrhythms, weaves percussive static and drone amongst Sutherland's considered syntheziser work - a leftfield turn from Harvey's brighter moments. Ikin also traverses new rhythmic territory and signals a departure from earlier ambient works. The inaugural release for new imprint CDT, the 12" was mastered by Matt Colton at Alchemy and features full sleeve artwork from Traianos Pakioufakis.
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Sing Street (Soundtrack)
Sing Street (Soundtrack) (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: 536889 0. Rel: 20 May 16
  1. Rock N Roll Is A Risk (0:04)
  2. Motorhead - "Stay Clean" (2:40)
  3. Sing Street - "The Riddle Of The Model" (1:50)
  4. Duran Duran - "Rio" (5:28)
  5. Sing Street - "Up" (2:41)
  6. Sing Street - "To Find You" (3:16)
  7. The Jam - "Town Called Malice" (2:53)
  8. The Cure - "In Between Days" (2:57)
  9. Sing Street - "A Beautiful Sea" (3:03)
  10. Hall & Oats - "Maneater" (4:30)
  11. Joe Jackson - "Steppin' Out" (4:14)
  12. Sing Street - "Drive It Like You Stole It" (3:36)
  13. Sing Street - "Up" (Bedroom mix) (1:50)
  14. M - "Pop Muzik" (3:16)
  15. Sing Street - "Girls" (1:57)
  16. Sing Street - "Brown Shoes" (2:52)
  17. Adam Levine - "Go Now" (3:41)
 in stock $23.18
Teerschwestern (2xLP + insert + posters limited to 200 copies)
Cat: TEER 005. Rel: 11 Aug 20
  1. Endo Monk - "Materie" (6:28)
  2. Acid Lion - "The Planet Doesn't Mind" (7:01)
  3. Quadratschulz - "Polizei (Ratzfatz)" (5:09)
  4. Sauerstofff - "Atherschraube" (8:33)
  5. Occupied Head - "Firm Steps (That's Where I Wanted To Go Today)" (6:48)
  6. Fred & Luna - "Saure 9" (6:46)
  7. Syncboy - "Hope" (6:30)
  8. Hans Solo & Wosto - "Ottos" (4:04)
  9. Kaspar Muller - "Wotan" (6:05)
Gespielt von: Dj soFa, Zukas
 in stock $30.00
Third (reissue)
Third (reissue) (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: 479761 2. Rel: 20 Jan 17
  1. Silence (4:59)
  2. Hunter (3:56)
  3. Nylon Smile (3:21)
  4. The Rip (4:29)
  5. Plastic (3:29)
  6. We Carry On (6:27)
  7. Deep Water (1:33)
  8. Machine Gun (4:45)
  9. Small (6:52)
  10. Magic Doors (3:34)
  11. Threads (5:40)
 in stock $19.96
Big Little Lies (Soundtrack)
Big Little Lies (Soundtrack) (gatefold heavyweight vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: 718412 1. Rel: 22 Nov 19
  1. Michael Kiwanuka - "Cold Little Heart" (10:01)
  2. Charles Bradley - "Victim Of Love" (3:26)
  3. Martha Wainwright - "Bloody Mother Fucking Asshole" (3:13)
  4. Leon Bridges - "River" (3:58)
  5. Kinny - "Queen Of Boredness" (feat Diesler) (3:25)
  6. Agnes Obel - "September Song" (3:23)
  7. Alabama Shakes - "This Feeling" (4:24)
  8. Charles Bradley - "Changes" (5:39)
  9. Irma Thomas - "Straight From The Heart" (2:28)
  10. Villagers - "Nothing Arrived" (live From Spotify London) (3:41)
  11. Zoe Kravitz - "Don't" (2:47)
  12. Villagers - "The Wonder Of You" (2:46)
  13. Daniel Agee - "How's The World Treating You" (2:49)
  14. Jimmy Valley - "Treat Me Nice" (bonus track) (3:34)
  15. Jean Philippe Goncalves - "It's Now Or Never" (bonus track) (5:21)
  16. Ituana - "You Can't Always Get What You Want" (bonus track) (4:09)
 in stock $23.73
Home (grey vinyl 2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: ZEN 268. Rel: 31 Jul 20
  1. Gone (8:03)
  2. Dreams (5:34)
  3. Sunshine (5:25)
  4. The River (7:50)
  5. Deliverance (3:55)
  6. High (6:50)
  7. You See (6:41)
  8. Heaven (10:03)
  9. Home (3:57)
Review: Romare's third album is another exercise in finding the exact sweet spot where happy and sad collide. By now he is something or a master at it and here laces those sorts of sounds with a sense of spirituality, hints of disco, touches of identity and plenty of funk. These more serious influences come as a result of the artist becoming a father, but the album never grows too sentimental (though "Deliverance" sure is a nice adult lullaby.) Elsewhere there is slow acid on "High" and joyous, heartfelt melodic house on "Dreams." Versatile, emotional, dancey - what more could you want?
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In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country
  1. Kid For Today
  2. Amo Bishop Roden
  3. In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country
  4. Zoetrope
Review: When it comes to a reissue such as this it can't be understated just how arresting the work of Boards of Canada can be in the right situation. This EP, that came to light in between Music Has The Right To Children and Geogaddi, represents the enigmatic duo at their most powerful, channeling their energy into four long-form tracks that draw on all of their combined strengths. "Kid For Today" is haunting and dark but utterly heartbreaking, whilst "Amo Bishop Roden" heads into more mysterious territory. "In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country" is eerie in its titular invitation to join a cult, and "Zoetrope" tips its hat to Terry Riley et al in its looping phrases, but really there's no describing the magnificence of these gems, pleasingly reissued on vinyl to beat the Discogs chancers.
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Gespielt von: M50
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Peel Session 2
Peel Session 2 (12" in spot-varnished sleeve)
Cat: WARPLP 3001. Rel: 15 Nov 19
  1. Slo Bird Whistle (3:34)
  2. Radiator (6:31)
  3. P-string (7:01)
  4. Pancake Lizard (4:05)
Review: Are there two more consistently - and rightfully - fawned over names in electronic music than John Peel and Aphex Twin? A coming together of two giants is always going to be worth hearing and so this second Peel Session recording proves. One of only two radio broadcasts Richard D. James recorded as part of a special set of radio themed vinyl releases from Warp, it's hypnagogic electronic pop meets ambient techno on this instalment with the trademark timbre and tonality of James lighting up each and every track in ways that are somehow both heavenly yet of high physical impact.
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Kick I
Kick I (gatefold LP + booklet in spot-varnished sleeve)
Cat: XL 997LP. Rel: 17 Jul 20
  1. Non Binary (2:18)
  2. Time (2:44)
  3. Mequetrefe (2:21)
  4. Riquiqui (2:39)
  5. Calor (3:32)
  6. Afterwards (feat Bjork) (4:07)
  7. Watch (feat Shygirl) (2:28)
  8. KLK (feat Rosalia) (3:46)
  9. Rip The Slit (2:54)
  10. Chiqui (feat SOPHIE) (2:47)
  11. Machote (2:50)
  12. No Queda Nada (5:33)
Review: Many critics have been quick to praise Arca's latest album (her fourth in total), highlighting the startling vibrancy and accessibility Barcelona-based Venezuelan's latest work. Where she was once renowned for wilfully challenging experimental sounds, "Kick I" combines her long-standing lo-fi noisenik instincts in ear-catching leftfield pop vocals, fiendishly heavy beats variously influenced by dancehall, reggaeton and Kuduro, sparkling bursts of kaleidoscopic synthesizer sounds, and bass beefier than a herd of highland cattle after a few months on industrial strength steroids. As a result, it's an album that beautifully balances ear-catching attractiveness with serious dancefloor grunt and just the right amount of experimental noise.
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