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We Release Jazz Switzerland

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We Release Jazz Switzerland

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Boillat Therace Quintet Plus 3 (reissue)
  1. 1224
  2. Sweet Fire
  3. Rahsaan Rahsaan
  4. Cenovis
  5. In Your Quiet Place
  6. Straight Life
  7. Dolphin Dance
  8. Adam's Apple
  9. 5th Of July, Dulong Street
Review: Initially recorded and released in low numbers in 1974, the Boillat Therace Quintet's debut album is a sought-after item amongst collectors of European jazz. Happily, it has now been given the reissue treatment by Geneva's We Release Jazz, with the Swiss combo's original six-track set being expanded via the addition of three previously unreleased tracks recorded during the same period. While these are good - particularly their slick and emotive version of Herbie Hancock's "Dolphin Dance" - it's the original set, with its heady, vibrant and surprisingly funky fusion of modal and soul-jazz sounds, that hits home hardest. It's a terrific album all told and one that you should definitely check out.
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My Greatest Love
My Greatest Love (CD with obi-strip)
Cat: WRJ 007CD. Rel: 09 Jul 20
  1. Prompt
  2. Gibraltar
  3. Blue Bossa
  4. Le Colin
  5. My Greatest Love
  6. Gemini
Review: It seems fitting that Switzerland's We Release Jazz is reissuing the Boillat Therace Quintet and Benny Bailey's rare 1973 set "My Greatest Love", because it's undeniably one of the most sought-after sets in the Swiss jazz canon. The six tracks touch on modal, hard-bop and soul-jazz, combining traditional acoustic jazz instrumentation with electric piano, guitar and bass. As a result, the album is warm, breezy and intoxicating, with highlights including frenetic opener "Prompt", a stunning, energetic and Latin-tinged cover of Freddy Hubbard's "Gilbraltar", and the simmering, loved-up wonder that is the sublime title track. Closing cut "Gemini", a jaunty, flute-laden affair with a particularly addictive bassline, is also superb.
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Ryo Fukui In New York (reissue)
Ryo Fukui In New York (reissue) (CD with obi-strip)
Cat: WRJ 009CD. Rel: 17 Sep 20
  1. Hot House
  2. All The Things You Are
  3. Red Carpet
  4. Bouncing With Bud
  5. Embraceable You
  6. Just One Of Those Things
  7. Mellow Dream
Review: Swiss imprint We Release Jazz (an offshoot of the more eclectic WRWTFWW) seems to specialize in reissuing rare and hard-to-find European and Japanese albums. Their latest release falls into the latter category. Originally recorded at Avatar Studios in New York in 1999 and released in Japan only the following uear, Ryo Fukui in New York is undoubtedly a little-known gem. With just bassist Lisle Atkinson and drummer Leroy Wlliams for company, it sees the virtuoso Japabese pianist offer up superb takes on bop and modal classics by such luminaries as Charlie Parker, George Gershwin and Cole Porter. The album also boasts an incredible re-make of his own 'Mellow Dream' that's infinitely better than his already impressive original recording.
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 in stock $13.67
A Letter From Slowboat
A Letter From Slowboat (CD with obi-strip)
Cat: WRJ 008CD. Rel: 17 Sep 20
  1. Sonora
  2. Stella By Starlight
  3. Speak Low
  4. Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen
  5. Old Country
  6. Soultrane
  7. Chasin’ The Bird
  8. Be My Love
Review: Earlier in the year, Japanese label HHV delivered a vinyl reissue of Ryo Fukui's final album, 2016's touching tribute to the jazz club in Soporo he co-founded, Showboat. Now Swiss imprint We Release Jazz have offered up the very same album on CD, at a price that will be far more attractive to listeners on this side of the world. It's worth picking up because in our opinion A Letter From Showboat should be considered a contemporary piano jazz classic. Fukui is on fine form throughout, and it's his fluid and expressive solos that make the album sing. The late pianist's accompanying musicians make their presence felt at just the right time, too, with their best work coming on the album's more up-tempo workouts (think 'Speak Low; 'Soultrane' and 'Sonora').
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 in stock $13.39
Ryo Fukui In New York (half speed remastered)
Ryo Fukui In New York (half speed remastered) (limited 180 gram vinyl LP with obi-strip)
Cat: WRJ 009LTD. Rel: 23 Sep 20
  1. Hot House (6:10)
  2. All The Things Your Are (5:56)
  3. Red Carpet (7:06)
  4. Bouncing With Bud (4:27)
  5. Embraceable You (5:55)
  6. Just One Of Those Things (5:50)
  7. Mellow Dream (8:42)
Review: Japanese jazz pianist Ryo Fukui is one of the most delicate and skilled payers of his generation. The Hokkaido pianist also owned his own jazz club, Slowboat, with his wife Yasuko, and this month two of his bets loved albums are being reissued with a special half speed remastering job. This one is a recording of him playing in New York with Lisle Atkinson on bass and Leroy Williams on drums. It was laid down in 1999 and inspired by Ryo's mentor Barry Harris. There are plenty of poetic reworks of classics and glowing piano pieces that easily wander their way into your heart.
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Scenery (CD)
Cat: WRJ 001CD. Rel: 31 May 18
  1. It Could Happen To You
  2. I Want To Talk About You
  3. Early Summer
  4. Willow Weep For Me
  5. Autumn Leaves
  6. Scenery
 in stock $14.26
Live 1971 (half speed remastered)
Live 1971 (half speed remastered) (limited 180 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: WRJ 005LTD. Rel: 26 Apr 19
  1. Showbiz Suite (part 1) (14:40)
  2. Showbiz Suite (part 2) (11:34)
 in stock $27.08
Live 1971 (reissue)
Live 1971 (reissue) (CD with obi-strip)
Cat: WRJ 005CD. Rel: 12 Nov 20
  1. Showbiz Suite
Review: In recent years we've been treated to a number of reissues of albums by Placebo, the Marc Moulin-helmed Belgian jazz-funk combo that was operative between 1971 and '76. This though is something genuinely unheard: a freshly rediscovered recording of the collective's first ever live performance, which took place at Casino Kursaal during the world-famous Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland. Consisting of a sole, near 30-minute piece entitled 'Showbiz Suite', the performance features Moulin and his five collaborators trading dazzling solos over a warm, hazy and undeniably soulful jazz-funk groove that's as energetic and loose-limbed as they come.
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 in stock $11.97
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We Release Jazz Switzerland
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