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Wah Wah 45s Schallplatten & CDs

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Kalba Remixed
Cat: WAH 12041. Rel: 02 Sep 19
Yesu Yan Yan (Village cuts remix) (5:32)
Yesu Yan Yan (Envee Disco mix) (6:02)
So Ma (Blood, Wine Or Honey remix) (6:33)
Nye Fo Chen (Kaye (Darker Than Wax) remix) (6:13)
 in stock $9.02
Kalba (LP + insert)
Cat: WAHLP 016. Rel: 29 May 19
Yesu Yan Yan (5:09)
Highlife (5:38)
Bo Ma (3:52)
I Know (I'm OK) (4:55)
Da Po (0:23)
Fur Svenja (3:34)
Nye Fo Chen (4:41)
La Cocina (3:34)
Bo Le De Ma (3:48)
So Ma (4:38)
 in stock $14.42
Small Small
Small Small (LP + insert)
Cat: WAHLP 023. Rel: 27 Oct 22
Dondomo (4:07)
Senye (feat Wiyaala) (3:37)
Ta Soo Maa Yele (4:00)
Told You So (5:49)
Dooye (2:41)
Fun Tony (feat Dele Sosimi) (4:35)
Doniyan (feat Queen Ayesha) (4:29)
Bawa (3:32)
Sivukile (feat Nosihe) (3:12)
Kontomo (4:07)
 in stock $23.45
Small Small
Cat: WAHCD 040. Rel: 14 Jul 22
Senye (feat Wiyaala)
Ta Soo Maa Yele
Told You So
Fun Tony (feat Dele Sosimi)
Doniyan (feat Queen Ayesha)
Sivukile (feat Nosihe)
Gespielt von: AfroBase (Radio Chart)
Tags: Afro Funk | Afro Jazz
$14.42 SAVE 15%
 in stock $12.26
Kontonbili EP
Cat: WAH 10004. Rel: 03 Aug 23
Hado Deeli (4:10)
Gargar (3:59)
I Know (2:51)
Nimmbalia (3:29)
Bawa (Traditional) (3:58)
Yeri Villa (3:31)
Review: Ghanaian/UK outfit Isaac Birituro & The Rail Abandon won plenty of fans with the first two albums Kalba and Small Small now return with this seven track opus. It explores the traditional West African roots of their sound but also adds some freshness in the form of Birituro's xylophone as well as Sonny Johns' folky touches and the powerful vocals of Ghanaian songstress Wiyaala. You might well have already heard some of this on 6Music and will likely hear much more because it is hugely appealing and accessible music with devastating soul.
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Gespielt von: AfroBase (Radio Chart)
Tags: African
 in stock $11.08
Take To The Streets
Cat: WAHLP 024. Rel: 10 Aug 23
Follow The Money (feat Dele Sosimi) (8:47)
Who Invented Black & White? (feat Dele Sosimi) (5:27)
My Beautiful City (feat Afla Sackey) (5:10)
From London To Lagos (feat Dele Sosimi) (4:43)
Take To The Streets (11:26)
Black Lives Matter (feat Dele Sosimi) (5:49)
Review: Eparapo is a Yoruba word for joining forces, as well as the name of a Tony Allen track, and now it's been adopted as the banner for this project which serves as a kind of Afrobeat supergroup. The band came together in lockdown, driven by bassist and composer Suman Joshi, a member of Dele Sosimi's Afrobeat Orchestra. Given he's performed with the likes of Allen too, he's got the experience and vision to take Afrobeat's legacy forwards, which he does so with vivid force and urgent intent as he confronts the inequalities and societal ills thrown into sharp relief by the pandemic. It's music with a purpose played by some of the best in their field, with Sosimi and Afla Sackey also appearing - if you value Afrobeat as a continued, evolving vehicle of expression, this is essential listening.
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Tags: Afrobeat | Afro Funk
 in stock $20.10
From London To Lagos (remixes)
Cat: WAH 12047. Rel: 10 Nov 22
From London To Lagos (WheelUP remix) (5:28)
From London To Lagos (4:43)
Black Lives Matter (Sam Redmore remix) (6:40)
Black Lives Matter (5:50)
Review: During the first COVID-19 lockdown of 20210, London-based afrobeat collective Eparapo, an - all-stars - outfit helmed by Afrobeat Orchestra member Suman Joshi and featuring his good friend Dele Sosimi, remotely recorded a handful of killer cuts. Two of these previously digital-only gems have finally made it to vinyl, accompanied by brand-new remixes. 'From London To Lagos' is an admirable commentary on corruption set to a fuzzy, infectious, Fela Kuti style afrobeat workout, while 'Black Lives Matter' is a slowed-down, stretched out and musically detailed affair that proudly takes aim on international racism. The 'Wheelup Remix' of 'From London To Lagos' cannily re-imagines the track as a tactile, spacey and bass-heavy chunk of shuffling deep house warmth, while Sam Redmore's revision of 'Black Lives Matter' gives the track a more dancefloor focused afrobeat twist.
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 in stock $18.29
Little Anchor
Cat: WAHCD 039. Rel: 02 Dec 21
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Dirty Dragonfly
Beautiful Life
Is It OK?
If I Told You
Man Under My Bed
Lay Down In The Tall Grass
Only Got A Minute
Nights At The Circus
Going Back Home
Ghost Swimming
Tears On Your Heart
This Violin String
Review: Much has changed for violinist, composer and singer-songwriter Bev Lee Harling since the release of her acclaimed debut album, Barefoot In Your Kitchen, nine years ago. It's these changes - parenthood, family life, the difficulty of retaining artistic creativity and vision when it plays second fiddle to other life commitments - that inspired Little Anchor, a sophomore album recorded at different times and places over the last decade. First and foremost, the song is full of superb songs with plenty to say, with Harling's distinctive vocal delivery being joined by imaginative musical arrangements (her violin is naturally present throughout) and production that variously touches on soul, future synth-pop, jazz and dreamy electronica.

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$10.30 SAVE 25%
 in stock $7.72
The Anatomy Of Serene Eloquence
Cat: WAHLP 026. Rel: 18 Apr 24
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Bakeren (feat Faye Houston) (4:47)
Bergen Sunrays (feat Selim Mutic) (4:51)
La Psychosomnie (3:21)
O Mar E A Lua (feat Olav Wollo) (3:12)
Den Franske Gitaren (feat Aich) (4:01)
Nada Pode Me Calar (feat Olav Wollo) (4:20)
Rory's Sunrays (3:55)
Don't Fall Asleep (feat Faye Houston) (5:31)
Belle Epoque (3:33)
Den Franske Gitaren (feat Martin Halla) (4:26)
Review: Wah Wah welcome the return of multi-talented Norwegian producer Espen Horne, following a 24 year hiatus. Sometimes, such resurfacings must happen - even after such long periods of time - if only to reaffirm the round-robin integrity of the label. The Anatomy Of Serene Eloquence is thus the logical, LP-form follow-up to 1999's acid jazz single/EP 'Magnetica', which, though released only to furtive acclaim, launched the label's reputation as a pusher of delights. This new one, however, makes for a remarkably different turn in sound, coming as a full-length of ambient, tremolo-ing and glistening jazz-funk verging on hip-hop (though certainly cut from the same cloth as 'Magnetica'). Vocalists and instrumentalists such as Olav Wollo, Faye Houston and Aich are kept firmly in tow, squeezing the icing onto an already spongy, delicious sonic gateau.
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 in stock $22.42
Something Special
Cat: WAH 12037. Rel: 02 May 18
Reggae Classics/Ska
Something Special (7:23)
Why I (Discomix) (8:09)
 in stock $9.02
State Of Play EP
Cat: WAH 12045. Rel: 21 Jul 22
Deep House
Lord Have Mercy (feat Tamar Osborn) (6:13)
All About The Dance (5:50)
Shine On (feat Zito Mowa) (6:30)
State Of Play (5:03)
 in stock $19.07
The Confluence
Cat: WAHCD 041. Rel: 21 Apr 23
E Si M'edo (feat Lizzy Dosunmu)
Mo Se B'ola Tan (feat Get Cape Wear Cape Fly)
Ride Out The Storm
Open Up (feat Sam Eagle & Snowboy)
Otito Ti Jade
Ori Mi
Gespielt von: DJ Kobayashi
 in stock $10.06
The Confluence
The Confluence (LP + booklet)
Cat: WAHLP 025. Rel: 04 Apr 24
Ride Out The Storm (feat Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly) (2:50)
Mo Se B'ola Tan (feat Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly) (3:30)
For The Love Of It (4:49)
Ori Mi (3:38)
You Don't Have To (4:16)
E Si M'edo (feat Lizzy Dosunmu) (3:02)
Open Up (feat Snowboy & Sam Eagle) (4:03)
Otito Ti Jade (3:35)
The Rumblings (3:35)
Alagbara Ma Me Ro (feat Lizzy Dosunmu) (3:51)
Stories (feat Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly) (3:39)
Review: Dele Sosimi, UK Afrobeat maestro and former member of Fela Kuti's band Egypt 80, keeps the stylistic flame well alive with his new LP, The Confluence, made in collaboration with The Estuary 21 aka. Sam Duckworth. Sosimi is usually heard focusing on the more eventidal moods of Afrobeat, asking the listener to imagine the genre in a more serene state of flow, in contrast to Kuti's original hip-swaying histrionics; his hedonic rancour. Following 2023's 'The Confluence' EP, the eponymous LP follows and hears the Hackney-born hero and the prolific pop producer team up for a multi-alias exploration, with Duckworth donning his alternate Get Cape Wear Cape Fly moniker many times throughout and flaunting the absolute best of his production chops.
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 in stock $24.22
De Gui Ding (The Reflex Revisions)
De Gui Ding (The Reflex Revisions) (12" in die-cut sleeve)
Cat: WAH 12046. Rel: 20 Oct 22
De Gui Ding (The Reflex vocal Revision) (5:30)
De Gui Ding (The Reflex Revision) (7:43)
De Gui Ding (4:38)
Modern Sleepover (part 1) (5:01)
Modern Sleepover (part 2) (5:35)
Review: Talc's 'De Gui Ding' is a much-deserved follow up to the duo's 2006 hit singles 'Modern Sleepover' parts 1 and 2, which lyrically detailed a failed romance between a hapless human lover and his own computer, against a futuristic yet slow disco backdrop. A listless love song for Linux laptops, it now comes repackaged with several new reworkings, as well as the much higher-energy 'De Gui Ding', filtered french house tropes and blue-note saxfunk aplenty.
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 in stock $21.91
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