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Votary Australia

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Cat: VOT 012CD. Rel: 10 Jul 14
  1. Start Growing Up Now
  2. The Set
  3. Thoughts Of Regret
  4. You'll Love It
  5. Love Me
  6. Night Ride
  7. Suicide
  8. That's Pegs Affair
  9. Touching Hands
  10. Opus
  11. The Fate Of Life
  12. Come & See
  13. That's Pegs Affair
  14. That's What I'm After
  15. The Youngsters
  16. Where The Daring Go
  17. To The Maestro
  18. Partytime In Bronski's
  19. Start Growing Up Now (instrumental)
  20. Unsophisticated Little Innocent (vocal version)
Review: Based on the novel written by Australian actor Roger Ward ("Mad Max", "Stone", "Turkey Shoot"), "The Set" was a highly controversial film upon its release in 1970, its attitudes towards sexuality challenging the traditional mores of the mainstream society. The film, now regarded as a lost piece of Australian genre cinema, is considered the precursor to the Oz Sex-Wave films of the following decade such as "Fantasm", "Libido", "Naked Bunyip" and "Felicity". Scored by the highly respected and unique jazz original Sven Libaek, the music has also been unjustly overlooked from any recent focus on Australian cinema.

After scoring several television scores and documentaries in the 1960s ("Nature Walkabout", "To Ride A White Horse", "Man And A Mural"), "The Set" was Libaek's first commission to score a feature film soundtrack. Incorporating elements of baroque and sunshine pop as well as moody mod jazz, "The Set" is an incredible time-piece of Swinging Sydney. Featuring Libaek regulars and top rank Australian jazz players Don Burrows, John Sangster and Errol Buddie, this long forgotten but classic soundtrack has now been fully restored and presented again in all its original glory.

Including rare photos, original newspaper cuttings and extensive liner notes from Australian cult cinema expert & Mu Meson archive curator Jaimie Leonarder.
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 in stock $15.31
Cat: VOT 015LP. Rel: 16 Nov 17
  1. Happy City (3:34)
  2. Done Away With (4:31)
  3. Title Unknown (3:26)
  4. Man & A Mural (2:53)
  5. Concours D'Elegance (3:22)
  6. Gold Coast Fanfare (3:22)
  7. Lake Moondara (2:18)
  8. White Desolation (3:04)
  9. Theme From An Unwritten Movie (2:36)
  10. Race Pace (2:51)
  11. Northern Territory (2:28)
  12. Baroque Theme (3:26)
 in stock $22.57
Cat: SIR 010LP. Rel: 04 Jan 18
  1. White Gladiator (4:37)
  2. Old Colours (15:55)
  3. Green Water (Fly Leaf Above The Green Water) (7:11)
  4. Tree To The Wind (3:57)
  5. Vision Of Shore (6:55)
  6. City Sound Perspective (5:55)
 in stock $25.16
Cat: SIR 015LP. Rel: 14 Dec 18
  1. Cut The Heart Out (3:35)
  2. Wait (5:01)
  3. Er-Rer (4:23)
  4. It's All Lies (7:36)
  5. What More Do You Want (4:51)
  6. Flesh Alone (4:57)
  7. Brocken Blood (6:34)
  8. Chicken Shit (3:24)
 in stock $29.76
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Votary Australia
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