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Sentir Que No Sabes
Cat: UOH 012CD. Rel: 27 Jun 24
Kravitz (4:37)
Pantalla Azul (2:48)
Elastica II (2:17)
Oidos (3:24)
Quieras O No (2:46)
Enfrente (3:56)
Elastica I (1:57)
Margen Del Indice (2:41)
Alarmas Olvidadas (3:51)
Descubrimos Un Suspiro (3:38)
Intento Fallido (2:51)
Kitana (1:18)
Angel Nuevo (5:17)
Review: Unheard Of Hope - one prominent tine of the holy trinity / label supergroup known as TAR/MM/UOH - specialises is that all-too-rare subsection of music, the avant-garde. Theirs is a seedier aesthetic, preferring the more traditional, yet grimmer and demurer ends of this hotly contestable musical "approach", and perhaps emblematic of this is the latest record by Guatemalan cellist and vocalist, Mabe Fratti. Out on every format - tape, CD, vinyl - Sentir que no sabes ("feel like you don't know") hears Fratti's crystalline vocals glint like life-giving liquids, and sound too to effuse from the same fruitful source as its watershed cello lows and occasional blossomy arp-pop structures (ballad 'Pantalla azul' is by far the poppiest moment). The evident confidence brought to the record lends it an element of surprise, too, when we discover that it is entirely thematically rooted in doubt. In the words of the artist, this is a record born of the "moment when you feel you don't know anything and you are soft like jello and any fork can go through you." When one finds strength in permeability, one embraces what is normally registered as a pure antagonism, and all seemingly rigid particulars are changed for ever.
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