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Sunshine Sound US

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Cat: DP 002. Rel: 26 Nov 13
  1. Thousand Finger Man (unreleased version)
  2. Dancin' & Prancin' (unreleased version)
Review: Pressed from rarer-than-hens-teeth acetate, these unreleased versions of Candido's genre-setting "Thousand Finger Man" and "Dancin' & Prancin'" remove the Salsoul disco gloss and present a much warmer, more authentic lo-fi vibe. Untouched in every other way, both cuts act as unique portals to a time when dancefloor science was still a mysterious alchemy... And proceed to show how forward-thinking Candido was. Limited to one per customer, this is highly limited. Grab it while you can.
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Cat: DP 003. Rel: 25 Apr 14
  1. Taana Gardner - "Paradise Express" (unreleased version)
  2. Frequency - "Loosen Up /Home Cooking" (unreleased version)
  3. Dee Dee Sharp - "Hot Fun" (unreleased version)
Review: Arguably one of the first ever dubplate labels, Sunshine Sound was home to limited runs of DJ-friendly versions throughout the 70s and early 80s. Most are long gone, but the "Unreleased Version" series continues to unearth the existing gems. Having previously dusted off a very special version of Candido, they return with three more exclusive rubs; a super-slinky boogie take of Taana Gardner's 1979 "Paradise Express", a thriving, drum-heavy take on the lolloping bass jam "Loosen Up" and the piano-slapping strutting "Hot Fun" where Dee Dee Sharp's vocals provide the ultimate sensuous showdown. As limited as the original acetate presses, this needs urgent attention.
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Hustle & Bustle (limited 12")
Cat: DP 005. Rel: 04 Jun 15
  1. Keep God On Your Side (5:57)
  2. Eric & The Vikings - "Get Off The Streets Y'all" (DJ Garry edit) (3:40)
  3. Hustle & Bustle (Robert Drake mix) (2:44)
  4. Al Johnson - "School Of The Groove" (unreleased 12 Inch version) (8:58)
Review: Disco Patrick delivers once again... Four previously unreleased gems from the source, only ever pressed to limited acetate during the early to mid-70s. Expect a bombardment of grooves; Eric & The Vikings 'Get Off The Streets" is a honkytonk funk strutter where there pianos galvanise a premium groove the refuses to quit. Robert Drake's mix of "Hustle & Bustle" is a really cool example of how tape edits would daringly switch the dynamic without warning while Al Johnson has the honour of closing the ceremony with a deliciously languishing, never-before-release 12" adventure. Keep on hustling!
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EP (12")
Cat: DP 007. Rel: 12 Dec 16
  1. What About Love (Rob Manga edit) (4:27)
  2. Peace Of Mind (Illco edit) (3:37)
  3. DR DJ (Mr Mendel edit) (6:45)
Review: More deviant Dutch disco funk as three of The Netherlands finest share some time on the Sunshine Sound imprint. Rob Manga takes us deep into the sleaze with a low-swung groove that loops right down into the gutter. Illco flips the vibe and cleanses our soul with the more spiritual Sun Ra style "Peace Of Mind". Finally Mr Mendel keeps us up all night with his salacious boogie funk twist with Candido inspired results - watch out for the drums midway. Wow.
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Oz Theme (limited 12")
Cat: DP 001. Rel: 21 Jun 13
  1. Oz Theme (Em Vee edit)
  2. Oz Theme (original mix)
  3. It's Better Than Good Time
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Picking Up Promises (limited 12")
Cat: DP 006. Rel: 03 Jun 16
  1. Sunshine Sound - "Picking Up Promises" (remastered unreleased vocal mix) (5:49)
  2. Sunshine Sound - "Picking Up Promises" (remastered unreleased instrumental) (6:00)
  3. SOS Band - "Tell Me If You Still Care" (remastered unreleased demo vocal mix) (7:45)
  4. SOS Band - "Tell Me If You Still Care" (remastered unreleased demo Dub mix) (5:58)
Review: Sunshine Sound move up a gear for their sixth release with more previously unreleased gold previously the sole preserve of DATs and master reels. The versions of "Picking Up Promises" are a by an unknown band and singer and acted as a demo test for Jocelyn Brown's electro boogie hit that would arrive two years later. With shades of big disco instrumentation but strong roots in soul, you can hear why Brown was picked for the job. Flip for more sweet unique demo business courtesy of the S.O.S Band as the original recordings of "Tell Me If You Still Care" still tremble with 80s synth and fretless bass soul. Sunny side up.
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Cat: DP 004. Rel: 16 Oct 14
  1. Freakflight
  2. Play Side Two
  3. Spirit Of The Boogie
  4. Closer
Review: A fourth release on the Sunshine Sound label arrives and is likely to prove as irresistible as previous trawls from the acetates of some of disco's finest acts. TS Monk will need no introduction for anyone that considers themselves a scholar of the disco movement; formed by New Yorker Thelonious Monk Jr. the group served up three sublime LPS for Mirage during a prolific early '80s run, bridging the gap between disco and funk in the process. The four cuts included here predate TS Monk's break out tracks such as "Bon Bon Vie" and "Candidate For Love" and have never been released before. Disco collectors should not sleep!
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Sunshine Sound US