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Studio Barnhus Sweden Schallplatten & CDs

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Total (2xLP)
Cat: BARN 026LP. Rel: 15 Oct 14
Deep House
  1. Missing
  2. Reality Sparks
  3. Rain Dance
  4. Sun Dance
  5. Ja Rule
  6. Golden Eye
  7. Aches
  8. Drone Zone
  9. Weeeb
  10. Hotel Exile
  11. Quest 1
  12. Discovery/New Dawn
Review: It's taken Baba Stiltz a while to settle on a sound of his own. While his early material - released as far back as 2011 - stuck rigidly to skwee and hip-hop influenced downtempo grooves, latter projects for Studio Barnhus have seen him head in a much more immersive deep house direction. This imaginative and eccentric debut album, presented as a doublepack with full artwork, stitches together these disparate strands. The results are impressive, with vibrant, Balearic-influenced deep house cuts nestling side by side with robust acid jams, scratchy downtempo grooves, grandiose synthesizer soundscapes and skewed instrumental pop. It's an assured and curiously off-kilter debut, which should appeal to those who enjoy more leftfield strains of deep house.
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 in stock $19.69
BAM! (Massproductions dub)
BAM! (Massproductions dub) (limited yellow vinyl 7" in die-cut sleeve)
Cat: BAM 001. Rel: 06 Jun 22
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz/Nu Soul
  1. BAM! (Massproduction dub) (6:06)
  2. Meditation On Furniture (5:56)
Review: A creative sound experiment, Swedish music producer Axel Boman explores new sonic territories as Massproductions. Two sublime tracks on this one: on side A you can hear the drummer (jazz musician Konrad Agnas) get wicked on the ethereal hypnotiser 'BAM!' (Massproduction dub), while over on the flip is the psychedelic downtempo journey 'Meditation On Furniture By Chris Martin' awash in gliding acid, atmospheric synths and and trippy alien-like voices - although not by 'that' Chris Martin we're told.
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 in stock $12.27
The Wrath EP
The Wrath EP (12" in die-cut sleeve)
Cat: BARN 076. Rel: 21 Oct 21
  1. Wrath (3:00)
  2. Stereo Zaddy (6:16)
  3. Night Regulators (4:56)
  4. Roller (4:38)
  5. Lust (3:12)
 in stock $11.00
The Bells
Cat: ARN 045CD. Rel: 23 Aug 16
Deep House
  1. Szikra Intro
  2. BB
  3. Dollar Club
  4. Gex
  5. Josey's Tune
  6. Dance....While The Record Spins
  7. Sziv Utca
  8. The Bells
  9. Pop
  10. Urszusz
Review: In recent times, Studio Barnhus co-founder Kornel Kovacs has delivered a string of eccentric, hard-to-pin-down 12" singles that drag house music in weird and wonderful new directions. He's at it again on Bells, the Swede's long-awaited debut album. While largely deep, melodious and quirkily lo-fi - the distinct sound of tape hiss is never far away - Kovacs nevertheless veers off in many different directions over the album's ten-track direction. So while the pitched-down UK funky rhythms and 8-bit synth melodies of "Josey's Tune" impress, dancefloors may prefer the rambunctious, redlined Latin-house thump of "Gex", the sparkling rave revivalism of "Dance...When The Record Spins", or the rubbery bounce and pulverizing analogue bass of "Pop".
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 in stock $11.25
Don't They Know
Don't They Know (white vinyl LP)
Cat: BARN 073LP. Rel: 22 Jun 21
  1. Can I See You Tonight (4:02)
  2. Your Brother (3:06)
  3. By Someone's Side (3:26)
  4. Easy (3:50)
  5. Windows 79 (2:21)
  6. World Of Trouble (3:20)
  7. Don't They Know (1:02)
  8. Waste Your Time (3:36)
  9. Restlessness (4:55)
  10. Don't Give Me Any More Time (3:21)
  11. Callin' It Quits (3:31)
  12. Tell Me (album version) (4:29)
  13. What Does It Take (album version) (5:12)
 in stock $19.44
Off The Meds
Cat: BARN 069LP. Rel: 25 Nov 20
Deep House
  1. Bheka Mina (3:13)
  2. Fani Madida (2:53)
  3. Wena (2:53)
  4. Karlaplan (3:38)
  5. Factory Workers (3:46)
  6. Voice Of Meds (3:43)
  7. EKSE (2:20)
  8. Catch My Breath (2:26)
  9. Hiccups (2:43)
  10. Vice Versa (4:20)
  11. Dr Silencer (3:44)
  12. Wanting (3:42)
Review: Following up some great releases recently by Bella Boo and Sofia Kourtesis, Stockholm's Studio Barnhus return with a full length by Off The Meds. This is a local Swedish-South African crew, consisting of producers Adrian Lux, Carli Lof and Mans Glaeser with vocalist Kamohelo Khoaripe, and they've fast become staples of the label's sound. Track wise, the bouncy bass action on 'Fani Madida' is supported by a cool vocal delivery, while the futurist bass on 'Wena' borders on electro aesthetics. There are some oddball moments too, as heard on the paranoid 'Voice Of Meds' and the knackered/off-kilter slo-mo groove of 'EKSE'. Towards the end, the brooding and minimal slow burner 'Dr Silencer' was another album highlight.
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 in stock $19.44
Off The Meds: Acapellas
Off The Meds: Acapellas (limited hand-stamped 12")
Cat: BARN 069X3. Rel: 05 Aug 21
Deep House
  1. Bheka Mina (3:06)
  2. Fani Madida (1:38)
  3. Wena (2:12)
  4. Karlaplan (1:33)
  5. Factory Workers (3:53)
  6. Voice Of Meds (2:58)
  7. EKSE (2:19)
  8. Catch My Breath (2:35)
  9. Hiccups (2:11)
  10. Vice Versa (1:23)
  11. Dr Silencer (2:41)
  12. Wanting Something (2:53)
Review: Studio Barhnus is one of the most playful and amusing labels out there. They are also one of th only labels we can think of who would release a whole album of acapella versions of previous album tracks. But that's what we have here from Off The Meds, whose late 2002 self titled debut sounds very different without the beats. His unique Zulu-Tsotsitaal-English flows all open with short and sweet musical passages and then get spright to it. They are great tools for jobbing DJs to work into their sets and add some wonderful weirdness.
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 in stock $13.25
Sad But True
Cat: BARN 010. Rel: 14 Dec 17
Deep House
  1. Sad But True (10:11)
  2. Sad But Dub (7:42)
  3. Dub But Sad (4:29)
 in stock $9.72
Something (12")
Cat: BARN 008. Rel: 09 Feb 12
Deep House
  1. Something
  2. Jamison
  3. Liseberg (Portacode dancehall mix)
  4. Liseberg (Tapes dub In Memory of Travis Hall)
Review: Returning to Axel Boman's Studio Barnhus label for their third release proper, the somewhat unknown quantity of Shakarchi and Straneus proffer up their delightfully unusual styles in oblique and non-direct ways. "Something" pops and ripples with sparse layers of drum machine hits and android bleeps via a broken rhythm, while "Jamison" completely flips the script with a disembodied soul sample spiralling around some bright chords and simmering strings with not a beat in sight. On remix duty Bodycode leaves his signature glassy finish shimmering over the top of "Liseberg", while Tapes take the same track and make it into a sweet and sad 8-bit dub version.
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 in stock $9.20
Spirit High
Cat: BARN 079LP. Rel: 17 Dec 21
  1. Spirit High (4:13)
  2. Vet Du Vad Det Betyder (4:08)
  3. Dom Lag Dar I En Hog (9:11)
  4. Flyg Ivag (3:39)
  5. Traden (2:24)
  6. Bakom En Buske (3:45)
  7. Du Sa (3:22)
  8. Marschera (2:43)
  9. Alska Dig (2:04)
 in stock $15.34
Paradise City Jams
Cat: BARN 071. Rel: 25 Mar 21
  1. A Glow (1:33)
  2. Beneath The Remains (3:21)
  3. Passing The Torch (2:11)
  4. Will They Ever Know (2:58)
  5. No (1:07)
  6. Reef Song (5:30)
  7. Golden Otter (2:10)
  8. O G Arret (2:04)
  9. Thing Within (2:49)
  10. Desert Rose (2:00)
  11. Proto Flash (1:41)
  12. Paradise City (2:41)
$14.83 SAVE 12%
 in stock $13.05
Forgotten Planet Awakens
Cat: BARN 075. Rel: 17 Feb 21
Deep House
  1. Forgotten Planet Awakens (7:05)
  2. Forgotten Planet Awakens (Ricardo Villalobos Vino Tinto remix) (10:45)
 in stock $10.74
Twilight (12")
Cat: BARN 028. Rel: 15 Apr 15
Deep House
  1. Twilight (original) (6:17)
  2. Twilight (dub) (6:39)
  3. Twilight (HNNY remix) (4:49)
Gespielt von: Ashworth
 in stock $9.72
Dromhus (12")
Cat: BARN 043. Rel: 31 May 17
Deep House
  1. Superspeed (3:45)
  2. Is This Love (5:41)
  3. Lucid Dream (5:58)
  4. Between A Dream & A Hard Place (5:17)
Review: Ishi Vu aka Dreamboy is a sovereign peaceful gardener spreading affection through the element of sound. The kid from Gothenburg presents this completely enchanting EP which the label best describe themselves as four tracks ranging from beatless 'club heaters to spirit-world ambience' The pop inflected/junkyard groove of "Superspeed" gets the release off to a great start with its auto tune vocals above the dusty grit of analogue drum computers, while "Is This Love" is a charming cover (of sorts) of the Bob Marley classic: real Swedish reggae? On the flip, "Between A Dream & A Hard Place" is five minutes of ambient bliss wrenched from discarded pawnshop synths: a wonderful way to close out a great EP
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 in stock $9.72
Mr Music
Mr Music (2xLP + poster)
Cat: BARN 078LP. Rel: 07 Mar 22
Deep House
  1. A Message From Mr Music (1:54)
  2. Welcome 2 The Party (3:59)
  3. Metalhead (5:15)
  4. Crazy 4 U (5:22)
  5. I Used 2 Believe (3:03)
  6. Special K (4:05)
  7. Jack Your Body (5:06)
  8. Hedgehog's Dilemma (4:29)
  9. XG Tulpa (5:06)
  10. Neo Tokyo (4:33)
  11. Pflaumenmaus (4:05)
  12. Lisa 1503 (outro) (3:31)
 in stock $21.47
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