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Space Factory France

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Cat: SFC 0246. Rel: 02 Jun 10
Electro House
  1. Voices Of The Dead
  2. Silvester Anfang
out of stock $9.52
Cat: SF 16. Rel: 20 Sep 08
Electro House
  1. Turkish Testosterone (Mick Wills feat Illumine Concrete remix)
  2. Turkish Testosterone (original version)
  3. Turkish Testosterone (James Nidecker remix)
out of stock $8.46
Cat: SFC 0186. Rel: 16 Jul 09
Electro House
  1. Amyl Nitrate (The Hacker remix)
  2. Amyl Nitrate (original version)
  3. Amyl Nitrate (Produkkt remix)
  4. Amyl Nitrate (Ruben Montesco remix)
out of stock $9.52
Cat: SPACEFACTORY 012. Rel: 23 Jan 07
Electro House
  1. Transfiguration
  2. Transfiguration (High Heels mix)
  3. Transfiguration (Red Lipstick mix)
  4. Transfiguration (Nail Polish mix)
out of stock $8.46
Cat: SFCD 2. Rel: 06 Feb 09
  1. The Embrionic Stage
  2. Mantid
  3. Bloody Meat (feat Dirty Princess)
  4. Turkish Testosterone
  5. Black Widow
  6. Lipstick Live (feat Atomizer)
  7. Defribrillator (feat Terence Fixmer)
  8. Cardiac Science
  9. Kiss Me Killer! (feat David Carretta & Gigi Succes)
  10. The Collapse (feat Anna Patrini)
  11. The Black Muscle
  12. Transfiguration (album version)
  13. Electroencephalogram
  14. Amyl Nitrate
  15. Metamorphosis
out of stock $14.82
Cat: SFC 0236. Rel: 06 May 10
Electro House
  1. Rodeo Disco (Planet Research Terence Fixmer's Spatial To Death remix)
  2. Rodeo Disco (New Disco Beat Gesaffelstein remix)
  3. Rodeo Disco (New Love Blackstrobe remix)
  4. Rodeo Disco (Sex On The Moon The Penelopes remix)
out of stock $9.52
Cat: SFC 0176. Rel: 25 Jun 09
  1. Dance Machine (Alexander Robotnick remix)
  2. Disco Dance (Workerpoor remix)
  3. Disco Dance (Romina Cohn & Ezequiel Araujo remix)
  4. Planetary Attraction (Savas Pascalidis remix)
out of stock $8.46
Cat: SPACEFACTORY 010. Rel: 14 Mar 06
Electro House
  1. Kill Your Radio (Mix Machine remix)
  2. Te Quiero Mi Amor (The Hacker remix)
  3. Lovely Toy (Electrosexual remix)
out of stock $8.46
Cat: SF 15. Rel: 12 Sep 08
Electro House
  1. Dance Machine
  2. Disco Dance
out of stock $8.46
Cat: SFCD 03. Rel: 05 Feb 09
Electro House
  1. Dance Machine
  2. New Love
  3. Lover Lazer Dance Fox
  4. Planet Research
  5. Planetary Attraction
  6. Disco Dance
  7. New Disco Beat
  8. Fox On The Moon
  9. Running The Planet
  10. Goodbye Honey Moon
out of stock $14.82
Cat: SFC 0226. Rel: 08 Apr 10
Electro House
  1. Love Devotion
  2. Love Devotion (Yasmin Gate & Ikki remix)
  3. Tiger Map (Einmusik remix)
  4. Tiger Map
out of stock $9.52
Beneath Me (12")
Cat: SP 14. Rel: 18 Jan 08
Electro House
  1. Beneath Me (Plastique De Reve's Reggae Do Morro remix)
  2. Beneath Me (original mix)
  3. Beneath Me (David Carretta's Sauvage remix)
Review: Dancepig's 'Beneath Me' is the new release from French techno label, Space Factory. Charted, played and
supported by the likes of DJ Hell, Miss Kittin, and Jenifer Cardini. Limited pressing of only 500 copies - hurry up.
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Gespielt von: David Carretta
out of stock $8.46
Cat: SPACEFACTORY 011. Rel: 26 Sep 06
Electro House
  1. Everybody's Gay
  2. Leather With Bones
Review: Let's take things up again where we had left them regarding one of the most promising French electro group, Dirty Important Person! Shady and acid atmospheric beat operating by itself, dubious and ambivalent lyrics, palpable tension, we find once again the same atmosphere which pervaded "Stink", a track already released on Space Factory that had electrified us in late 2004. With this new delivery, we may think at once that "Everybody's Gay" extends disturbances, using urgency, erosion and hysteria like a fearsome weapon to make us dance. Dirty Important Person achieves here what Fischerspooner were striving after if they had not fallen into the grip of conceit. Then, they combine brilliantly Soft Cell glamour with DFA subversion. "Everybody’s Gay" suggests however a musical idea that could not be simpler, a kind of atonal electronic blues with a recurring motif. Yet, everything hinges on keyboards riffs and song rendering which allow Dirty Important Person to bowl us over exultantly. If "Everybody's Gay" is playing on self-restraint, on the b-side "Perfect Day" launches a head-on attack on the dancefloor with overworked disco-techno-rock intentions. And, present as always, those acid-electro-gut-wrenching tones. We can also notice that Florian's personality shines out in broad daylight, as if it was possible, amazingly playing on voices. Seducing and convincing. Everybody is definitely OK: If a second EP is always a decisive test for a producer, Dirty Important Person compels recognition on the popular credibility form. Moreover those little brats take advantage of the opportunity to sign right through the sheet.
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out of stock $6.89
Stinck (12")
Cat: SPACEFAC 005. Rel: 11 Feb 05
Electro House
  1. Stinck
  2. Contact
out of stock $8.46
  1. Exch Pop True - "Discotech"
  2. Gigi Succes - "Atoma"
  3. Worker Poor - "Kitchen"
  4. Harvey Smithfield - "Rockin' Caroline"
  5. DIP - "Distance"
out of stock $8.46
Disco Raus (12" )
Cat: SPACEFAC 04. Rel: 22 Oct 04
Electro House
  1. Disco Raus
  2. Afraid
  3. Morning After Pill
  4. Undo
  5. Very Big Blonde
out of stock $8.46
Cat: SPACEFACTORY 006. Rel: 20 Jun 06
Electro House
  1. G-Punkt - "Pop Circus"
  2. David Dummy & Sierra Sam - "Transfer Interruption"
  3. Stamba - "Acid Bath"
  4. Miss Yetti - "Destroyed Love"
out of stock $6.35
Hit Selection 4 (12" promo)
Cat: SPACEFAC 06. Rel: 01 Jan 90
Electro House
  1. G Punkt - "Pop Circus"
  2. David Mummy & Sierra Sam - "Transfer"
  3. Stamba - "Acid Bath"
  4. Miss Yeti - "Destroyed Love"
out of stock $8.46
Cat: SPACEFAC 03. Rel: 02 Apr 04
Electro House
  1. Kiko - "J'aime L'amour"
  2. Salamander - "Do Machines Think"
  3. Savas Pascalidis - "This Beautiful Raygun"
  4. Millimetric - "Shadows Of Time"
out of stock $8.46
Cat: SF 196. Rel: 22 Oct 09
Electro House
  1. Chronicles (Ascii Disko remix)
  2. Chronicles (David Carretta remix)
  3. Chronicles (Mini remix)
out of stock $8.46
Cat: SFC 0216. Rel: 11 Mar 10
Electro House
  1. Time Machine (Kiko remix)
  2. Time Machine (Computer remix)
  3. Time Machine (original mix)
out of stock $9.52
Cat: SPACEFAC 007. Rel: 21 Jul 06
Electro House
  1. Virtual Hopes (Part 1)
  2. Virtual Hopes (Part 2)
  3. Strange Affair (Lab Insect mix)
Review: Nomenklatur's debut techno release on Space Factory should not go unnoticed. "Virtual Hopes" is a techno/acid techno track with fierce vocals bringing out insistently its Electronic Body Music's dimension. "Sorrow, Death" - Well-known electronic slogans of the 90s wave are once again summoned! Due to this interest in the dark side of the force, "Virtual Hopes" could have been signed by Carretta himself.
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out of stock $8.46
Cat: SPACEFACTORY 009. Rel: 20 Apr 06
Electro House
  1. Break It Down
  2. Future Street Number 1
  3. Acid House
Review: Savas Pascalidis (aka Phreek, The Superastronaut) is not a rookie producer. Appearances on International Deejay Gigolos, Kurbel or Lasergun shows that he is surely one of pioneer of EDM electro dark system. His EP on Space Factory has a really 80s underground vibe ala "Les Liasons Dangereuses" has been done. Fans will still like this release.
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out of stock $8.46
Cat: SF 206. Rel: 12 Nov 09
Electro House
  1. It's Summer!! (feat Ghostape)
  2. Dance On (edit)
  3. Love On The Tape (Rhythm version)
out of stock $9.52
Cat: SPACEFAC 02. Rel: 27 Feb 04
Electro House
  1. Plastique De Reve - "Your Future"
  2. Ido - "Suzanne"
  3. The Hacker - "Spaced E"
  4. Poppopfalse - "Postit"
out of stock $8.46
Cat: SPACEFACTORY 008. Rel: 21 Feb 06
Electro House
  1. Metropolis Tango (feat Sabine Saad - Firenze Gladiator mix)
  2. Vivez Sans Peur
  3. Metropolis Tango
out of stock $8.46
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Space Factory France