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Sirsounds Schallplatten & CDs

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Sirs Cuts EP 03
Cat: SIREE 04. Rel: 25 May 21
Lady Luna (7:40)
Danger (5:49)
A Go Go (6:53)
Evita (6:28)
Review: Berlin-based SIRS returns with another healthy dose of edit debauchery. If you have listened to any of Daniel Klein's previous releases, then surely you know what to expect. On the A side of Sirs Cuts EP 03 we have the mechanical '80s disco funk of 'Lady Luna', followed by the neon-lit Italo antics of 'Danger'. Over on the flip, we have a super freakin' freestyle electro joint in the form of 'A Go Go' as well as the slo-mo energy of 'Evita' closing it out.
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 in stock $12.97
Love EP
Love EP (12")
Cat: SIREE 01. Rel: 12 Feb 20
Love Me Right (version) (6:56)
SASA (6:59)
Never Was Love (6:48)
What Does It Take (7:15)
Review: Apparently DJ Harvey and Lovebirds have been hammering these "personal edits" from the Sirsounds crew in recent DJ sets. Listening to the clips, it's easy to work out why: they're a cut above the rest, edit-wise. There's a good variety of sounds and styles on show, from the stuttering drums, blissful guitars, dewy-eyed vocal snippets and rich boogie synths of "Love Me Right (Version)", to the eyes-closed synth solos and driving disco-funk grooves of quirky closing cut "What Does It Take". Our pick of the bunch though has to be the effortlessly eccentric Italian electro-funk insanity of "SASA", which sounds a little like it could be a lesser-known outing by Tullio De Piscopo (though don't quote us on that).
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 in stock $12.97
Banana Hard & Disco Kisses Remixes Part One
Cat: SIR 12002. Rel: 03 Jun 20
Funky/Club House
Night Wind (feat Hava Izmailova - Austin Ato remix) (7:58)
Forever (feat Stee Downes - Yam Who? remix) (6:42)
Turkish Disco Folk (7:21)
If I Can't Have You (feat Stee Downes - Danilo Braca Acid Orchestra remix) (8:31)
Review: Daniel Klein's first album as SIRS, last year's "Banana Hard & Disco Kisses", was something of a slept-on gem, packed to the rafters with summery, disco-tinged treats. Here he showcases a quartet of new versions of tracks from that set, courtesy of a quietly impressive line-up of remixers. Austin Alto kicks things off with a chunky, synth-bass-propelled house revision of "Night Wind", before Yam Who brilliantly re-imagines Stee Downes collaboration "Forever" as a string-laden slab of revivalist disco-boogie warmth. Elsewhere, previously unheard bonus cut "Turkish Disco Folk" is a percussive and off-kilter affair that lives up to its title, while the Danilo Braca Acid Orchestra Remix of Bee Gees cover "If I Can't Have You" is a sparkling slab of nu-disco/electro fusion.
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 in stock $12.97
Banana Hard & Disco Kisses
Cat: SIRLP 001. Rel: 29 Jan 20
Turkish Disco Folk (feat Arsivplak) (5:55)
If I Can't Have You (feat Stee Downes) (6:02)
All Night Long (feat Lotus Imane) (6:15)
Night Wind (feat Hava Izmailova - extended version) (5:16)
Moliendo Cafe (feat The Voice Of Cheaps) (6:07)
Can Lobo Summercamp (7:14)
Forever (feat Stee Downes) (5:36)
Heartbreaker (feat KIEZ KIDZ - outro) (3:25)
 in stock $17.11
The East Is Near
Cat: SIREE 06. Rel: 20 Feb 24
Zappelnder Hindu (8:16)
Treibsand (6:03)
Ocean Dreams (7:57)
Zappelnder Hindu (instrumental) (8:16)
Review: Daniel Klein aka SIRS impressed us recently with his fine work on Robert Johnson and is now back on his own Sirsounds Records label with a seriously seductive collection of tunes. His The East Is Near EP brings melodies from that faraway land to Balearic beats. The Berlin based talent kicks off with the winky and intricate rhythms of 'Zappelnder Hindu' before 'Treibsand' layers up what sounds like a didgeridoo with loose-limbed drums. The marvelous 'Ocean Dreams' brings upbeat sounds and smart arrangements that are run through with exotic melodies and last of all is a blissed-out instrumental mix of 'Zappelnder Hindu.'
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 in stock $15.29
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