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Sakskobing Schallplatten & CDs

Browse the latest Vinyl & CD releases on Sakskobing
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Collectors Edition Vol 1
Cat: SKKB 022.
Deep House
Chi-Town Stories
Chillin' Woman (feat Mz Mosea)
The Mourning Sun
Abacus (Austin Bascom) is a household name in the Chicago house and techno scene for over 30 years now. He has been on some of the best labels of all time like Prescription, Fragile, Balance and Guidance records. As you can imagine, Collectors Edition Vol 1 is full of classy house music to say the least. 'Chi-Town Stories' is a blend of super smooth and uplifting prime time floor business. We absolutely think you will adore this track. 'The Mourning Sun' is a stunning ambient house beauty that will have you dancing with your eyes-closed. 'Hygge' finishes things off on a sexy house vibe. There is really something for everyone on this. Abacus stands for quality for those who know.
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Gespielt von: Dave Lee ZR
Tags: 90s House
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You Can Do Things With Bean Curd EP
Cat: SKKB 021. Rel: 26 Jun 23
Deep House
Inner Richard (4:35)
Patio Protocol (4:59)
No Jello (5:43)
A New Balloon (5:55)
The Big Black Slot (6:23)
Review: Portland-based Aaron Carlson is AC$ and this is his third outing on the cult Sakskobing label. Once again he comes at house music from a unique vantage point and mixes up the rawness of Motor City hero Omar-S with the disco dalliances of Metro Area and the deep house of Berlin. His tunes are packed with character as well as funky drum patterns such as on the seductive lo-fi house of 'Patio Protocol'. 'No Jello' is a bumping Chicago house cut with nice frayed edges and 'The Big Black Slot' is cosmic tech house with soulful heart. EPs this fresh and classy don't come along often.
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 in stock $14.68
Constant Light EP
Cat: SKKB 018. Rel: 24 Nov 22
Deep House
Selfish War Machine (6:36)
Made In Japan (6:34)
Dark Side Of Me 1995 (5:07)
Robota (4:49)
Equinox Of Ceres (5:53)
Review: Dan Piu strikes a perfect balance between late-night dance floor darkness and hope-filled light on this stylish EP from Sakskobing. The Switzerland-based studio wizard has dug into his vaults for the material, which was recorded between 1995 and now. The opener 'Selfish War Machine' is a beautiful trip on deep bass and serene synth work that calls to mind the best of Detroit. There is intergalactic broken beat techno warfare on 'Made In Japan' and salacious Moodymann-esque house loops on 'Dark Side Of Me 1995.' His range here is impressive with 'Robota' offering tough electro and 'Equinox Of Ceres' a bliss bout ambient house finale.

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Gespielt von: Mark Forshaw
 in stock $14.16
I Was Never Here EP
Cat: SKKB 014. Rel: 03 Nov 21
Waking The Others (4:42)
I Was Never Here (6:02)
In Dreams (4:31)
Visions & Memories (5:24)
Omega Point (4:43)
Review: The I Was Never Here EP is said to possibly be the last ever offering from Gameboy, which is sombre news as this has been a superb series that first started 15 years ago. Sakskobing Russia has the pleasure of serving it up and once again, tune tunes from Ibrahim Alfa Jnr, an artist from London, are fresh indeed. His take on electro on busy and melodic, with melancholic and pixelated chords marbling the forlorn and slow-motion electro of opener 'Waking The Others.' 'In Dreams' is another insular cut with crisp hits and glassy melodies like no other and 'Visions & Memories' then gets choppy with busted up beats, scraping perc and all manner of hits.
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 in stock $11.84
Eat Alone A Miso Soup EP
Cat: SKKB 019. Rel: 24 Feb 23
Deep House
I Lost My Samurai (6:01)
Night Train Ride (5:47)
Sixth Life (DJ Friendly version) (5:42)
Moody Discoteq (6:42)
 in stock $14.68
Waveforms EP
Cat: SKKB 020. Rel: 11 Apr 23
Deep House
If I'm There (7:32)
Passed Presages (6:14)
Shinuya Walking (8:19)
Way We Feel (5:59)
Review: Takecha is the alias for Japanese house producer Takeshi Fukushima, who established himself as a vital voice in the deeper-than-deep underground through his own GWM Records label. Following some choice drops on Holic Trax Fukushima has brought his undulating sound to Sakskobing for a four-deep excursion through blissful pads, warm and rounded basslines and steady ticking drums executed in the classic fashion. From the immensely satisfying Lately bass and joyful chords of 'If I'm There' to the smoky Sunday mood of 'Shinuya Walking' this is an EP to melt into, but there's a strong backbone to make sure it does the business on the floor too.
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 in stock $14.68
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