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Room In The Sky Schallplatten & CDs

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Tags: African | Afro House | Afrobeat
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RITS Special
RITS Special (limited hand-stamped 7")
Cat: MBX 1. Rel: 30 Nov 21
Reggae Classics/Ska
  1. RITS Special (3:38)
  2. RITS Special (version) (3:34)
 in stock $8.06
Rat Race
Cat: MBX 155. Rel: 27 Oct 21
Roots/Lovers Rock
  1. Ric Carbi & The Inn House Crew - "Rat Race" (3:53)
  2. The Inn House Crew - "Rat Race" (The Isol riddim dub) (3:55)
 in stock $8.06
Zoom Zoom Shacka Tacka
Cat: MBX 168CD. Rel: 28 Apr 22
Roots/Lovers Rock
  1. Bangarang Medley (feat AJ Franklin)
  2. Zoom Zoom Shacka Tacka (feat AJ Franklin)
  3. Catch That One
  4. Wedding Dance Medley (Fatty Fatty)
  5. Feel The Rhythm (feat Winston Reedy)
  6. Hard Man Fi Dead
  7. Riding West (feat Vin Gordon - Medley)
  8. Covid Skank
  9. Dreamland (feat Winston Reedy - Medley)
  10. Book Of Rules (feat AJ Franklin)
  11. Gold Digger
  12. I'm In Love With You (feat Ace Diamond)
  13. Whasso
  14. Old Sweet Jamaica
 in stock $9.59
The Kiki Kiki Riddim (Record Store Day RSD 2021)
The Kiki Kiki Riddim (Record Store Day RSD 2021) (limited 7" + inserts (comes with different coloured insert, we cannot guarantee which colour you will recieve))
Cat: MBX 153. Rel: 21 Jun 21
Roots/Lovers Rock
  1. Joseph Cotton - "Wedding Dance Medley (Fatty Fatty)" (3:21)
  2. Winston Reedy - "Feel The Rhythm" (feat Joseph Cotton) (3:14)
  3. Barry Issacs - "Wanty Wanty" (3:14)
  4. The Inn House Crew - "The Kiki Kiki Riddim" (feat Vinn Gordon) (3:20)
 in stock $8.06
Golden Brown (22 Medley) (Record Store Day RSD 2022)
  1. Kevin Davy & The Inn House Crew - "Golden Brown (22 Medley)" (3:53)
  2. The Inn House Crew - "Piano Rock" (feat Kevin Davy & Fish Keys) (4:24)
 in stock $8.06
Cat: MBX 156. Rel: 27 Oct 21
Roots/Lovers Rock
  1. Deemas J & The Inn House Crew - "Underground" (3:56)
  2. The Inn House Crew - "Underground" (The Isol riddim dub) (3:52)
 in stock $8.06
Nana (Record Store Day RSD 2021)
Cat: MBX 152. Rel: 21 Jun 21
Reggae Classics/Ska
  1. George Dekker & The Inn House Crew - "Nana" (3:28)
  2. The Inn House Crew, George Dekker & Oxman - "It Sweet SA" (feat Vin Gordon) (3:26)
Review: George Dekker was a founding member of The Pioneers, a hit reggae group who'd plenty of UK chart success with big tunes like 'Long Shot Kick de Bucket,' 'Let Your Yeah be Yeah' and 'Sweet Inspiration'. Here, for a special Record Store Day 20210 release, we get a remake of 1968 tunes 'Nana.' It first came on the Trojan label and is a highly sought after original that fetches plenty. It's a super sweet tune with lazy horns and a swaggering riddim. On the backside is a version with MC the Oxman and legendary Studio One and Bob Marley trombonist Vin Gordon. This one is a sympathetic version that only tweaks the signal a little.
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Gespielt von: Juno Recommends Reggae
 in stock $7.82
Babylon System
Cat: MBX 161. Rel: 17 Jun 22
Reggae Classics/Ska
  1. Babylon System (3:28)
  2. Babylon System (dub version) (3:30)
 in stock $7.82
Dinner Time
  1. Fawda Don - "Congo Bongo" (4:02)
  2. MC Semeya - "Life Breath" (3:57)
  3. The Inn House Crew - "Supper Dub" (4:10)
  4. Creation Ward - "Softly & Tenderly" (4:01)
  5. Solomon James Browne - "Dinner Date" (3:51)
  6. Winston Reedy - "Hold It Up" (4:03)
Review: Room In The Sky invite us all the Dinner Time, a new various artists EP bring together the best names in lovers rock and roots reggae. These tunes are in fact all new versions laid down over the stone cold classic Black Uhuru rhythm, 'Guess Who's Coming To Dinner' . Each artist takes the tune in their own direction with Fawda Don's soul drenched vocal making the opener a super sweet one. There are extra horns and introverted pads, as well as oodles of echo, on the version from The Inn House Crew, and Solomon James Browne's tender tones make his take a heartfelt one for sure.
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 in stock $11.09
Lets Go To Zion
Cat: MBX 162. Rel: 27 Jan 22
Roots/Lovers Rock
  1. Lets Go To Zion (3:43)
  2. Lets Go To Zion (version) (3:40)
 in stock $8.06
Skank To The Bank
Cat: MBX 170. Rel: 01 Apr 22
Reggae Classics/Ska
  1. Vin Gordon & The RITS Riddim Force - "Skank To The Bank" (4:08)
  2. The Inn House Crew - "Organic Horn" (feat Ed Cubitt & Jonah Little) (4:06)
Gespielt von: Juno Recommends Reggae
 in stock $8.06
Luanda (Record Store Day RSD 2022)
Cat: MBX 166. Rel: 30 Apr 22
  1. Luanda (feat Ray Carless) (4:11)
  2. Jummy Bee (feat Kevin Davy & Alex White) (2:59)
Tags: African | Afrobeat | Afro House
 in stock $7.25
The Face Covering Riddim
  1. Barry Issacs - "Mask Up"
  2. Winston Reedy - "Hit The Road Jack Medley"
  3. David Jahson - "Giving Praises"
  4. Fish & The Inn House Crew - "Masked Up Piano"
  5. The Inn House Crew - "The Face Covering Riddim"
  6. The Inn House Crew - "Masked" (dub)
  7. The Inn House Crew - "Masked" (dub)
  8. The Inn House Crew - "Masked" (dub)
  9. The Inn House Crew - "Masked" (dub)
Review: Producer Lewis M and all-star reggae studio band The Inn House Crew have enjoyed a very successful 2020, delivering a swathe of must-check releases in their distinctive roots-reggae style. They're at it again here, offering up an EP of vocal and dub cuts inspired by the current global pandemic and based on the Inn House Crew's superb 'The Face Covering Riddim'. Barry Isaac sets the tone with a soulful plea for mask-wearing compliance ('Mask Up'), before regular collaborator Winston Ready re-purposes some of the lyrics from 'Hit The Road Jack' and David Janson delivers a more traditional Rastafari interpretation on 'Give Praise'. Elsewhere, pianist Fish delivers some evocative solos on 'Masked Up Piano', while Lewis M and Ben bell deliver a quartet of weighty 'Masked' dubs.
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 in stock $9.84
Spiritual Warriors
Spiritual Warriors (translucent brown marbled vinyl 12")
Cat: ROT 028. Rel: 16 Nov 21
Roots/Lovers Rock
  1. Barry Isaacs - "Spiritual Warriors" (4:01)
  2. The Inn House Crew - "Spiritual" (dub 1) (4:05)
  3. The Inn House Crew - "Spiritual" (dub 2) (4:01)
  4. Barry Isaacs - "Send Them Back" (3:59)
  5. The Inn House Crew - "Forward" (dub 1) (4:00)
  6. The Inn House Crew - "Forward" (dub 2) (3:53)
 in stock $15.12
Night Nurse 2013
  1. Gregory Isaacs & Skycru - "Night Nurse 2013"
  2. Winston Reedy & Skycru - "Live Good"
  3. Enos McLeod & Skycru - "Sell Out"
  4. L Murtagh & Kingsley Wray - "Move Along"
  5. Kingsley Wray & Skycru - "Move Along" (version)
 in stock $11.09
It's A Good Day
Cat: MBX 127. Rel: 15 Mar 19
Roots/Lovers Rock
  1. It's A Good Day (4:25)
  2. It's A Good Day (version) (4:16)
 in stock $7.31
Message In The Music
Cat: MBX 165. Rel: 27 Aug 21
Roots/Lovers Rock
  1. Lost Identity
  2. See Ah Man's Face
  3. Bun Di Devil
  4. Push On
  5. Message In The Music
  6. Searching
  8. Old Or Cold
  9. Just Can't Believe
  10. Mi Name Ranger (Reign Jah)
$10.59 SAVE 30%
 in stock $7.42
Lost Identity
Lost Identity (hand-stamped 7")
Cat: MBX 141. Rel: 11 Dec 19
Roots/Lovers Rock
  1. Ras Ranger - "Lost Identity" (4:00)
  2. Ras Ranger & AJ Franklin - "Ten To One" (4:03)
Review: Room In The Sky round out another year of leading the dub scene with a classically tinged 7" from Ras Ranger and AJ Franklin. "Lost Identity" sees the former perform some fine lyrical dexterity with his tightly woven rhymes and authentic Jamaican patois. They twist and turn over the analogue guitar and tumbling toms, warm bass and reggae goodness. Flip over for "Ten To One" and sink into its gentle rolling grooves and sunny lead sax.
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 in stock $7.31
Message In The Music
Cat: MBX 151. Rel: 26 Aug 20
Roots/Lovers Rock
  1. Ras Ranger & The Inn House Crew - "Message In The Music" (3:41)
  2. The Inn House Crew - "The Uproar Riddim" (3:49)
Review: Roll up, roll up, because here comes a fantastic new roots steppers from The Inn House Crew. The acclaimed instrumentalists and dub connoisseurs here link up with Japanese saxophonist Megumi Mesaku, as well as MC Was Ranger. "Message In The Music" is a happy dub with neon chords and a bright, sunny disposition that is accompanied by Ranger's complex delivery. On the flip, some prog guitars are layered into "The Uproar Riddim" dub. Both tunes are classy bits of lovers rock with a nice futuristic edge that makes them all the more fresh.
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 in stock $8.06
Flash It Natty Dread
Cat: MBX 139. Rel: 01 Mar 21
Roots/Lovers Rock
  1. Winston Reedy - "Flash It Natty Dread" (feat UK Principal) (3:41)
  2. The Inn House Crew - "The Unknown Riddim" (3:42)
Review: Room In The Sky is an independent label based in London that's been producing top reggae artists since 1995 including Gregory Isaacs, Dawn Penn, Vin Gordon and many more. Their next release comes from legend and label staple Winston Reedy of outfit The Cimmarons. The Jamaican Lovers Rock vocalist throwing down a proper jamdown version on 'Flash It Natty Dread' (feat UK Principal). On the flip, we have the Inn House Crew serving up some more proper dub reggae soundsystem tackle on 'The Unknown Riddim'.
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 in stock $8.06
World Crisis 2020
  1. Winston Reedy - "World Crisis 2020" (3:26)
  2. The Inn House Crew - "Digilew Riddim" (3:27)
Review: Lewis M is at the controls for all-star studio band the Inn House Crew's latest must-check collaboration with veteran Jamaican vocalist Winston Reedy. He's in fine form on 'World Crisis 2020', a classic, Black Ark-era Lee 'Scratch' Perry style number in which Reedy delivers an accurate if dread-filled commentary on current global events over a superb, retro-futurist dub reggae riddim. That Inn-House crew backing, which is peppered with neat musical details such as jazzy guitar solos and hazy Melodica lines, is showcased in full on the similarly essential, flipside 'Digilew Riddim' version.
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 in stock $8.06
Gonna Find You (Medley)
Cat: MBX 137. Rel: 12 Sep 19
Roots/Lovers Rock
  1. Gonna Find You (4:17)
  2. Gonna Find You (dub) (4:16)
 in stock $8.06
There's A Way
Cat: MBX 130. Rel: 01 May 19
Roots/Lovers Rock
  1. Winston Reedy & Salute' - "There's A Way" (4:18)
  2. Vin Gordon & Salute' - "Declaration Of Rights" (feat AJ Franklin & Leroy V) (4:13)
 in stock $7.31
Boom Shacka Lacka (Record Store Day RSD 2022)
  1. Winston Reedy & Salute - "Boom Shacka Lacka" (2:27)
  2. Jospeh Cotton & Salute - "Zoom Zoom Shacka Tacka" (feat AJ Franklin) (2:29)
  3. Salute - "Dynamite" (feat Vin Gordon, Ansell Collins & AJ Franklin) (2:24)
  4. Salute - "Give It Away" (feat Vin Gordon, Ansell Collins & AJ Franklin) (2:03)
 in stock $7.25
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