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Rode AI-Micro Compact Dual-Channel Audio Interface
Cat: 854265 Rel: 11 Jan 22
An ultra-compact dual-channel interface for recording high-quality audio to a mobile device or computer.
Notes: The AI-Micro is an ultra-compact dual-channel interface for recording high-quality audio to a mobile device or computer. Featuring two auto-sensing inputs for connecting virtually any microphone with a 3.5mm output, headphone monitoring, a universal USB output for use with smartphones, tablets and computers, and compatibility with RODE apps for supercharged sound, the AI-Micro allows you to record without limits.

Incredible Audio, Anywhere

The AI-Micro allows you to capture high-quality audio on your mobile or computer with ease. It features two 3.5mm inputs for connecting a wide range of microphones, including RODE VideoMics, lavaliers, wireless systems like the Wireless GO. These are auto-sensing inputs that detect whether a TRS or TRRS microphone is connected and automatically adapt to accommodate - no adaptors needed. Input 1 can also be configured as a single stereo TRS input for use with stereo microphones.

High-quality microphone preamps and high-resolution (24-bit/48kHz) recording ensure crystal-clear audio capture on any device, with a headphone output for echo-free audio monitoring and playback. Whether you're interviewing, podcasting, presenting, or livestreaming, record incredible audio anywhere with the AI-Micro.

Universal Compatibility With All Your Devices

The AI-Micro can connect seamlessly to all your devices via its universal USB output. It is supplied with USB-A, USB-C and Lightning cables, so you can get recording instantly, and is plug-and-play compatible with Mac, Windows, iOS and Android devices. Portable recording has never been easier.

Pocket-sized Portability

Weighing less than 20 grams, the AI-Micro is extremely compact and lightweight. Just add two lavalier microphones and you have a complete, studio-quality recording setup that fits in your pocket. Perfect for interviewing in the field, on-the-go podcasting, and making video calls or livestreaming at home.

Supercharge Your Microphone

The AI-Micro is compatible with the entire RODE app suite, giving you access to expanded features and functionality, on-the-go configuration, broadcast-quality recording on any device.

Acoustic & Electrical Specifications
Frequency Response: 20Hz to 20kHz
Headphone Output Power: 125mW into 32O
Input Dynamic Range: 100dB A-Weighted
Gain Range: 0-26dB analog gain
Analogue Inputs: 2 x 3.5mm auto-sensing TRS/TRRS
Analogue Outputs: 3.5mm TRS headphone output
Computer Connectivity: USB Type-C
OS Requirements: macOS Big Sur and higher
Windows: 10 (Build 19041) and higher
iOS: 14 and higher
Android: 9.0 and higher

Simultaneous I/O: 2/2
Number of Preamps:2
Bit Depth: 24-bit
Sample Rates: 44.1/48kHz
Power Requirements: Bus Powered

Mechanical Specifications

Weight (g)- AI-Micro: 13
SC21: 6, SC22: 4, SC23: 6
Dimensions (mm)- AI-Micro Width: 40, Length 11.1, Height: 38.2
SC21, SC22, SC23 Length: 300

Compatible RODE Products:

Lavalier GO
RODELink Lav
All VideoMics
SC15, SC16, SC17, SC18, SC19, SC20, SC21, SC22, SC23

Box Contains:

1 x AI-Micro
1 x SC21
1 x SC22
1 x SC23
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Rode DC-USB1 Power Cable For Rodecaster Pro Podcast Production Console
Cat: 781267 Rel: 25 Sep 20
Power cable
Notes: The DC-USB1 is a power cable that allows the RODECaster Pro to be powered from any compatible USB output, making it entirely portable. It features a locking connector for added security. A high-power (2.4A minimum) USB output is required for operation.

*USB device/power bank not included.

Power Requirements:
5V/2.4A (USB)

12V/1A (DC)
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Rode Deadcat VMP Artificial Fur Wind Shield (black)
Cat: 472095 Rel: 17 Oct 12
Furry windshield for the VideoMic Pro microphone
Notes: The DeadCat VMP is a furry wind cover for the VideoMic Pro, designed for use in windy environments.

Its artificial fur is specially designed so as to minimise wind noise while remaining acoustically transparent.
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Rode DeadCat VMP+ Artificial Fur Wind Shield For VideoMic Pro+
Cat: 773385 Rel: 17 Apr 20
microphone wind shield
 1 in stock $42.63
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Rode Interview Go Handy Adapter For Wireless Go
Cat: 777568 Rel: 26 Jun 20
adaptor for Wireless GO
Notes: The Interview GO is a handy adaptor that converts the Wireless GO transmitter into a compact handheld microphone for reporting to-camera or interviewing in the field. It features a sturdy attachment for the Wireless GO's cold shoe clip to secure the mic in place, plus a high-density windshield for reducing plosives and protecting the capsule from wind when recording outdoors.

Adaptor Dimensions (mm)
Diameter: 23
Width: 42.9
Height: 237

Windshield Dimensions (mm)
Depth: 73.3
Width: 73.3
Height: 81.6

Weight (g):
Adaptor: 84
Windshield: 8

Compatible Microphones: RODE Wireless GO
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Rode Lavalier II Microphone
Rode Lavalier II Microphone (premium lavalier microphone)
Cat: 855374 Rel: 03 Dec 21
A premium lavalier microphone ideal for the most demanding audio and video applications.
Notes: The Lavalier II is a premium lavalier microphone that is ideal for the most demanding audio and video applications. It features a unique low-profile design with a flat capsule that is incredibly discreet. The included mounting clip is also extremely compact, making the Lavalier II much easier to conceal than standard lavaliers. It has a very flat frequency response that flatters all voice types, with an omnidirectional polar pattern that picks up crystal-clear, detailed audio from all directions. The Lavalier II also comes with a premium accessory kit featuring a high-quality pop filter and mini furry windshield, coloured identification rings, and a handy zip case.

Acoustic & electrical specifications

Acoustic Principle: Permanently polarised
Active Electronics: JFET impedance converter
Polar Pattern: Omnidirectional
Frequency Range:20Hz - 20KHz
Output Impedance: 2K2O
Signal to Noise Ratio: 66 dB
Equivalent Noise (A-weighted): 28dBA
Typical Maximum SPL: 106 dB
SPL RMS: (Plug-In Power, 1% THD)120 dB
SPL RMS: (Plug-In Power, 10% THD)
Maximum Output Level: 44mV (@ 1kHz, 1% THD into 1KO load)
Sensitivity:-37 dB re 1 Volt/Pascal (12.59 mV @ 94 dB SPL) +/- 3 dB @ 1kHz
Dynamic Range: 78 dB


Power Requirements: 1.8v to 5v
Plugin Power

Weight (grams)
Body: 9
Clip: 2


Body: L 1200, W 10, H 5 Clip: L 21, W 20, H 8

Compatible RODE Products:

Wireless GO
Wireless GO II
RODELink Series
Included Accessories: 1 x Lavalier II
1 x Pop Filter
1 x Mic Clip
1 x Mini Furry Windshield
1 x Set of Coloured ID Rings
1 x Zip Case
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Rode M3 Condenser Microphone
Rode M3 Condenser Microphone (condenser microphone)
Cat: 446901 Rel: 15 Feb 12
Condenser microphone for recording/live vocals, guitar, drums and public speaking
Notes: The Rode M3 is a highly versatile condenser microphone powered by 9V battery or phantom power.

Featuring a heavy duty metal body and internally shock mounted 1/2" condenser capsule mounted for end-address, the M3 is at home in the studio, on stage or on location and is equally suitable as a vocal microphone, guitar microphone, drum microphone or presenter microphone.

A -10 dB and -20 dB level attenuation (or PAD), selectable from inside the battery compartment, allows recording of loud sound sources, such as a guitar amplifier or drum. A high-pass filter selectable on the microphone power switch introduces a filter at 80Hz to reduce low frequency sounds and handling noise.

The M3 also comes complete with windshield and a stand mount, and can be powered via a 9V battery or 24-48V Phantom.

The Rode M3 versatile multi-powered microphone is covered by Rode Microphones' industry leading 10 year warranty.

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Rode MagClip Go Magnetic Clip System For Wireless Go
Cat: 777565 Rel: 26 Jun 20
magnetic clip system for Wireless Go
Notes: The MagClip GO is a powerful magnetic clip system that allows for easy positioning of a Wireless GO transmitter on talent. Clothing can be sandwiched between the magnet and clip for total flexibility. It can even be used to place the mic discreetly on an object in a scene or on a stage to capture dialogue.

Clip Dimensions (mm):
Depth: 19.7
Width: 35.1
Height: 5

Magnet Dimensions (mm):
Depth: 17
Width: 26
Height: 2

Weight (g):
Clip: 5
Magnet: 9

Compatible Microphones: RODE Wireless GO
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Rode NT-USB Condenser Microphone (black)
Cat: 543648 Rel: 11 Aug 14
Side-address USB microphone with all-metal pop shield and desktop stand included
Notes: The NT-USB is a highly versatile side-address microphone that is ideal for recording singing and musical performances in addition to spoken applications such as podcasting and voice-over.

It is fully compatible with all mainstream recording applications on both Windows and Mac OS based computers, as well as the Apple iPad using RODE Rec, GarageBand, or any other recording app that accepts an external microphone. Use on the Apple iPad requires a suitable USB connection adaptor, such as the Apple Camera Connection Kit.

The body of the NT-USB features a zero-latency stereo headphone monitoring (3.5mm) jack, which allows you to monitor the microphone input in realtime, along with dials to adjust the monitoring level and mix between the computer/iPad audio and the microphone input.

A premium pop-filter is included, which fits onto the base of the mic, positioning the filter the ideal distance from the capsule to minimise plosives (hard 'B', 'T' or 'P' sounds that produce a harsh sound) during singing or speech. Also provided is a high-quality stand mount with industry standard 3/8" thread, desktop tripod stand that allows the NT-USB to sit at a comfortable height on a tabletop, and a pouch for storage of the microphone when not in use.

Perfect for streamers and gamers, not just podcasters and voiceovers.

This product is compatible with the Rode PSA1 and the PSA1+.
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Rode NT1 & AI-1 Complete Studio Condenser Microphone Kit With Audio Interface
Rode NT1 & AI-1 Complete Studio Condenser Microphone Kit With Audio Interface (studio condenser microphone/audio interface & headphone amplifier/shock mount with pop filter)
Cat: 862997
Bundle comprising of the AI-1 interface, NT1 microphone, SM6 shock mount with pop shield, XLR to XLR cable and USB-C cable.
Notes: The RODE Complete Studio Kit contains everything you need to make professional, studio-quality recordings at home. Featuring the AI-1 audio interface, peerless NT1 large-diaphragm condenser microphone, plus an SM6 shock mount and XLR cable, it's the perfect fi rst step into recording.

The acclaimed NT1 delivers superb detail and warmth and is one of the quietest microphones in its class, delivering exceptional results on vocals, electric guitar, acoustic instruments and percussion. The Al-1 audio interface offers an easy way to connect the NT1 to your computer for seamless recording. It features an ultra-low-noise XLR input and a discreet, high-power headphone amplifi er for studio-quality recording, monitoring and mixdown.

The Neutrik combi-jack facilitates the connection of microphones, guitars, synthesisers and other instruments for complete fl exibility. The Complete Studio Kit also includes our studio-grade SM6 shock mount and pop fi lter, and an XLR cable so you can get recording right away.

NT1 large-diaphragm studio condenser microphone
Single channel Al-1 audio interface
High-quality headphone amplifi er
Shock mount, pop filter and XLR cable included
10 year warranty

The RODE NT1 is a large-diaphragm condenser microphone suitable for a wide range of studio applications. Delivering warm, round bass, a detailed midrange, and smooth high frequencies reminiscent of the world's most famous mics, coupled with exceptionally low noise, the NT1 is the defi nition of a workhorse studio microphone - a modern classic.

Large 1" gold-sputtered capsule
Exceptionally low noise (4.5dBA)
Smooth frequency response (20Hz - 20kHz)
True condenser operation with cardioid polar pattern

The AI-1 is a studio-grade audio interface suitable for connecting both microphones and musical instruments to a computer or tablet. It features an ultra-low-noise preamp, a high-power headphone amplifi er, and balanced line outputs. Switchable 48V phantom power facilitates the connection of condenser microphones, and zero-latency monitoring mode allows for seamless recording.

Single channel audio interface
2 x 14" balanced line outputs
Neutrik combi-jack input
48V phantom power

The SM6 is a high-quality suspension shock mount that supports many RODE large-diaphragm microphones. It provides isolation from external physical factors that may cause unwanted rumble and vibrations in the microphone. It includes a detachable pop fi lter with two axes of adjustment and a telescopic arm for ultimate versatility.
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Rode NT1A Cardoid Condenser Microphone Pack With Shockmount Pop Filter XLR Cable Bag & Tutorial DVD
Cat: 446891 Rel: 15 Feb 12
Condenser microphone for vocal recording + Shockmount with intergrated Pop-Filter + 6m XLR cable + bag + a Tutorial DVD
Notes: The Rode NT1-A 1" cardioid condenser microphone has become an industry standard; delivering the warmth, extended dynamic range, clarity and high SPL capability typically only featured on some of the most expensive microphones.

With a self noise level of only 5 dBA it is widely recognised as the world's quietest studio microphone. This low noise makes it ideal for vocal recording as well as voice overs and environmental recording.

Packaged in the Complete Vocal Recording Solution, the NT1-A includes everything you need to get a truly professional vocal recording and is ideal for home studio recording.

A studio grade pop shield and shock mount is included, along with a premium microphone cable, dust cover, and an instructional DVD with recording tips.

The NT-1A continues this tradition while improving specifications and tonal qualities. Using cutting edge technology for electronics, RODE has implemented a computer controlled manufacturing line. Unlike many leading brands, all electronic boards are made without human hands assuring high specifications, tight tolerances and unsurpassed consistency. It's built to last with a new computer controlled machine process. This product is also available as a Matching Pair.

The Rode NT1-A large diaphragm 1" cardioid condenser microphone is covered by Rode Microphones' industry leading 10 year warranty.

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Rode NTG5 Supercardioid Shotgun Microphone Location Recording Kit
Cat: 753829 Rel: 10 Dec 19
Moisture-resistant short shotgun microphone with professional-level features
Notes: The NTG5 is a short, ultra-lightweight shotgun microphone ideal for use in the most demanding recording applications. Featuring a revolutionary acoustic design with circular ports replacing the linear slots found in other shotgun mics, it offers unmatched transparency and a more natural, uncoloured sound. Combined with a tightly controlled frequency response, smooth off-axis response, and very low self-noise (just 10dBA), the NTG5 sounds spectacular in a wide variety of applications, particularly location recording and demanding filmmaking scenarios where superlative audio is the imperative. No excuses.

The NTG5 is a boom operator's dream, weighing a mere 76g and measuring just over 20cm, making it ideal for use on long, demanding shoots. It also features RF-bias circuitry to ensure reliable performance in adverse environments, with excellent resistance to high humidity, severe cold, damp, and dust. The perfect location recording mic.

Revolutionary Acoustic Design:

The NTG5's body design has been completely overhauled, with circular acoustic ports replacing the linear slots found in other shotgun mics. The revolutionary design - the result of many months of specialised testing - delivers unmatched acoustic transparency, and a natural, uncoloured sound that will sound superb in a wide variety of applications.

A Boom Operator's Dream:

The NTG5 features a short, super-lightweight aluminium body (just 76g!), making it one of the most compact professional shotgun mics out there - a dream for boom operators who find themselves on long shoots, or filmmakers and sound recordists looking for a more portable and lightweight rig that delivers broadcast-grade audio.

The Perfect Location Recording Mic:

With a tightly controlled frequency response, low self-noise, highly directional supercardioid polar pattern, and smooth off-axis response, the NTG5 sounds spectacular in a wide variety of applications, while RF-bias technology and conformal coating ensure superior performance in harsh environmental conditions. It's the perfect mic for location recording and demanding filmmaking scenarios where superlative audio is imperative. No excuses.


1 x NTG5 Microphone
1 x PG2-R Grip
1 x WS10 Windshield
1 x ZP1 Small Pouch Bag
1 x RM5 Microphone Clip
1 x PG2-R Pro Cable
1 x Foam Windshield
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Rode NTH-100 Professional Over-ear Studio Headphones
Rode NTH-100 Professional Over-ear Studio Headphones (professional over-ear headphones)
Cat: 870773 Rel: 12 Apr 22
Professional over-ear headphones
Notes: Top-quality studio headphones designed for long-term use. Soft alcantara cushions and CoolTech gel pads ensure comfort for long sessions. FitLok system ensures a good fit from one use to the next.

Supplier's Notes:
The RODE NTH-100 professional over-ear headphones offer exceptional sonic performance and superior comfort that inspires creativity. Featuring custom-matched drivers that deliver an incredibly accurate frequency response and ultra-low distortion, and a precision-engineered acoustic design optimised for exceptional detail and clarity, they are ideal for all forms of content creation, including music production, mixing and audio editing, podcasting, streaming and location recording. Luxurious Alcantarar cushions with these revolutionary CoolTech gel ensure maximum comfort, particularly for long-format content creation, and the fully adjustable headband with the innovative FitLok locking system provides the perfect fit every time. Your search for the perfect headphones is over.

Audio as it's Meant to Be Heard

The NTH-100s are meticulously crafted to deliver exceptional sonic performance for critical listening, from monitoring to mixing to mastering. Featuring custom-matched dynamic drivers that have been painstakingly tuned for an incredibly accurate frequency response and extremely low distortion, they are remarkably natural-sounding headphones. These qualities are further enhanced by the unique contoured earcup construction, which is optimised to ensure exceptional detail and clarity, and memory foam cushions for excellent passive noise isolation. They are precision-crafted to retain every detail and every nuance of sound they produce. In other words, audio as it's meant to be heard.

Incredible Accuracy, Exceptional Clarity

The NTH-100 drivers feature a custom voice coil with a four-layer ultra-high-tension aluminium alloy at its core, which is coupled to an ultra-stiff triple-layer Mylarr diaphragm. Combined with a rare-earth neodymium magnet and innovative phase plug inspired by the award-winning NTG5 microphone, these high-grade components ensure an accurate frequency and phase response across the whole audible spectrum for an incredibly articulate listening experience.

The Most Comfortable Headphones Ever.

When it comes to creating, comfort is everything, and the NTH-100s promise comfort like nothing else. The luxurious Alcantarar earcup and headband cushions offer a premium feel that enhances the sensory experience from the moment they are put on - supremely soft and highly breathable. Underneath the Alcantara is a layer of the revolutionary CoolTech™ gel, which absorbs and dissipates heat, actively cooling your head and ears to significantly reduce wearing fatigue. The unique ergonomic design of the earcups is also extremely comfortable, with bi-directional movement and memory foam providing a custom-fit feel for any head size or shape (even if you wear glasses), and the fully adjustable headband with the innovative FitLok™ locking system ensures they feel exactly the same every time you put them on.

Style in a Class of its Own

The perfect marriage of classic aesthetics and cutting-edge industrial design, the NTH-100s are instantly iconic. With clean lines and sleek, high-grade finishes, including the unique ergonomic earcup design and premium Alcantarar cushions, they look as good as they feel. Customise the NTH-100s to suit your style, with high-quality cables available in four vibrant colours: pink, green, blue and orange (matched to the channels of the RODECaster Pro and RODE Connect). Available in 1.2m (3?11?) and 2.4m (7?10?) variants.

Built For Creative Endurance

The NTH-100s are built to withstand the rigours of creating day in, day out. Every component is designed to endure, from the high-strength spring steel headband with its scratch-resistant coating to the highly durable Alcantarar cushions to the locking cable connectors. The cushions and cable are also user replaceable. This modular design ensures maximum longevity, even with vigorous daily use. Every pair is designed and made in RODE's precision facilities in Sydney, Australia using high-grade materials, so you can take on any creative endeavour knowing they'll be with you for the long-haul.

Acoustic and electrical specifications:

Transducer Size (millimetres):40
Operating Principle:Dynamic
Frequency Response: 5Hz - 35Khz
SPL Ear Coupling: Circumaural
Ambient Noise Attenuation: 20dB
A Connection Type: Dual TRRS Cable Attachments

Mechanical specifications:

Dimensions (millimetres):Length: 80
Width: 190
Height: 188

Weight (grams):350
Cable Length (millimetres): 2400

Included Accessories:

1 x 2.4m Headphone Cable (Black)
1 x 3.5mm to 14-inch Adaptor
1 x Storage Pouch
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Rode PodMic Dynamic Podcasting Microphone
Cat: 711950 Rel: 20 Mar 19
Affordable, end-addressed dynamic microphone for podcasting with integrated swivel mount.
Notes: The all-new PodMic is a broadcast-grade dynamic microphone designed for podcast applications. With a built-in pop filter and a rich, even sound it will give your voice a silky, professional quality. The PodMic can be used with any XLR interface, but is optimised for use with the new RODECaster Pro.

Built for Podcasting:

When we designed the PodMic, we set out to create the ultimate Podcasting microphone. Durable, great-sounding, easy to use and flexible. Whether your podcast features screaming sports commentary or intimate poetry readings, the PodMic will deliver a balanced, easy-to-listen-to vocal tone that your listeners will love.

Solid construction:

With an all-metal construction, the PodMic is built to last. The robust swing-arm mounting matches perfectly to the RODE PSA1 boom arm for ultimate flexibility and convenience.

End the Pops:

The end-fire dynamic capsule is protected by a stainless steel mesh grille and a integrated pop shield, allowing you to get up close to the microphone for that intimate 'radio' sound.

Integrated Podcast Production Console:

The PodMic will give great results with any XLR interface, but has been optimised for use with the new RODECaster Pro integrated podcast production console. Simply select 'PodMic' as your microphone type using the touch screen on the RODECaster Pro and the console will automatically apply the right settings to deliver the best possible results from your PodMic whatever your voice type.

Perfect for streamers and gamers, not just podcasters and voiceovers.

This product is compatible with the Rode PSA1 and the PSA1+.
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quote 711950
Rode PSM1 Suspension Microphone Shock Mount For Procaster & Podcaster Microphones
Cat: 455704 Rel: 07 Jun 12
Shockmount for the Podcaster microphone
Notes: The perfect suspension shock mount for the Procaster or Podcaster, the Rode PSM1 removes the ability for external vibrations to manipulate the microphones positioning.

The PSM1 gives you a sense of confidence when using your microphone in environments where there is a lot of movement that may interfere with the microphones performance.
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Rode Reporter Omnidirectional Interview Microphone
Cat: 509380 Rel: 18 Nov 13
Dynamic handheld microphone designed for interview purposes
Notes: Designed for handheld interview and presentation applications, the Reporter features an omnidirectional dynamic capsule that is designed to allow the user freedom of use, without the technique related issues typical of directional end-address microphones.

Additionally its frequency response has been specially tailored for voice reproduction, to maximise intelligibility and deliver crisp, clear results in almost any condition.

The microphone features a durable die-cast aluminium alloy body coated in a discrete matte black anti-glare finish. An innovative multi-layer mesh basket protects the microphone from environmental noise without the need for a bulky and distracting foam wind shield.

It is supplied with a removable microphone 'flag' that can accommodate high visibility branding.

The Reporter is covered by Rode's industry leading support guarantee, with a twelve month warranty 'out of the box' that is easily increased to ten years free of charge, following online registration of the microphone.
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Rode RodeCaster Pro II Integrated Audio Production Studio Mixer
Rode RodeCaster Pro II Integrated Audio Production Studio Mixer (studio mixer/audio interface/digital recorder)
Cat: 877691 Rel: 31 Aug 22
The RØDECaster Pro II is the ultimate audio production solution for streamers, podcasters, musicians and content creators.
Notes: The RODECaster Pro II is the ultimate audio production solution for streamers, podcasters, musicians and content creators. Combining revolutionary features with superior sound quality, unmatched ease of use and endless customisability, it is all any creator will ever need to record incredible audio.

Combining all of the elements typically found in a professional podcasting, streaming or studio setup into one powerful, easy-to-use console, the RODECaster Pro II simplifies the audio production process, allowing any creator to get set up to record high-quality content in seconds.

The large (5.5-inch) high-definition, full-colour touchscreen with haptic feedback, tactile rotary encoder, bright RGB colour-coding and hands-on controls makes navigating the RODECaster Pro II super simple.

Pre-loaded presets and the intuitive VoxLab processing editor make capturing professional-quality sound effortless. Every feature, from setting up a microphone channel to programming the SMART pads, has been designed to maximise creativity, and every function can be controlled on-board via the user-friendly interface or with a computer via RODE Central for maximum convenience. Incredible audio, incredibly easy.

The RODECaster Pro II offers an unparalleled feature set designed to make anyone sound exceptional every time they hit record. Four studio-grade Neutrik combo inputs with our ultra-low-noise, high-gain Revolution Preamps deliver astonishing clarity and transparency with any microphone or instrument. Users can craft their own unique sound with a full suite of studio-quality APHEX processors, including the legendary Aural Exciter, Big Bottom and Compellor, and powerful on-board effects, including reverb, delay, pitch shifting, robot effects and more. A high-performance quad-core audio engine delivers significantly more processing power than any other content creation console on the market and unlocks huge potential for future updates.

The RODECaster Pro II features four high-end studio preamps that have been designed from the ground up to deliver pristine audio quality with any microphone or instrument. With an ultra-low noise level of just -131.5dBV and a whopping 76dB of gain on tap, they eliminate the need for microphone boosters, lifters or external processing, even with the most demanding dynamic mics. They are highly transparent, allowing every detail of what's plugged in to shine and providing a clean platform to shape and enhance the signal using the on-board processing and effects.

Every great recording starts with a great microphone and a great preamp. The RODECaster Pro II features four phenomenal preamps that rival boutique designs that cost thousands of dollars per channel, complete with broadcast-quality faders for precise gain adjustment, accurate digital level metering, and high-power headphone and speaker outputs for monitoring in stunning definition . Just add a RODE mic and you're golden.

To compliment these high-end preamps, the RODECaster Pro II offers studio-quality signal processing powered by one of the most revered names in pro audio: APHEX.

On-board is a suite of legendary APHEX processors each painstakingly remodelled for the RODECaster Pro II to deliver authentic emulations of classic hardware units. This includes the Aural Exciter for adding sheen and sparkle, Big Bottom for adding richness and depth, and the legendary Compellor master compressor/leveller for adding that all-important final touch. There is also a de-esser, noise gate, high-pass filter and equaliser, also powered by APHEX.

These can be tweaked to taste using the RODECaster Pro II's innovative VoxLab processing editor, which utilises three intuitive controls to change multiple parameters on multiple processors for achieving pro results in seconds, or via the advanced editor for granular editing (either on-board or with a computer). All settings can be saved as presets and re-loaded at any time on any channel.

Every podcast, every stream, every studio is different. The RODECaster Pro II is designed to adapt to any creative vision, with endless customisability allowing users to design their perfect setup no matter what kind of content they are creating.


Acoustic & electrical

Processor: 1.5Ghz quad-core audio engine
Bit Depth: 24-bit
Sample Rate/s: 48kHz
Equivalent Noise: -131.5 dBV EIN
Gain Range: 76dB
USB Connectivity: 2 x USB-C connectors (dual audio interfaces)
Bluetooth Connectivity: Wide-band speech Bluetooth
MicroSD Card Transfer Rate: USB 3.0 130 MB/s
Screen: HDR with haptic feedback and auto brightness


Dimensions (mm): 305 x 270 x 60
Weight: 1950g
Included:1 x RODECaster Pro II
1 x SC27 USB-C to C cable
1 x USB-C Power Adaptor
1 x AC Power Cable
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coming soon $731.27
Rode RODELink Lavalier Microphone
Rode RODELink Lavalier Microphone (lavalier microphone)
Cat: 742237 Rel: 06 Sep 19
Professional-grade lavalier mic with 3.5mm TRS locking connector
Notes: RODELink LAV is a professional-grade wearable microphone designed for use in a wide range of applications. The locking TRS connector is designed to pair perfectly with the RODELink range of wireless microphones and most recorders with a 3.5mm locking microphone input.

The RODELink LAV is perfect for anyone in need of a high-quality lavalier microphone with a rock-solid locking connector. It features a discreet 4.5mm omnidirectional microphone, which picks up sound from all directions, making it very forgiving when it comes to placement on talent.

A foam pop shield is supplied to minimise wind noise and vocal plosives (hard 'b', 't' and 'p' sounds), as well as a durable mounting clip with in-built cable management for quick and easy rigging. It also features a hard-wearing Kevlarr reinforced cable, designed to withstand the rigours of any...
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Rode SC21 Lightning To USB-C Cable (30cm)
Cat: 871330 Rel: 12 Apr 22
The SC21 is a high-quality 30cm (11.8’) Lightning to USB-C cable.
Notes: The SC21 is a high-quality 30cm (11.8') Lightning to USB-C cable.

This Lightning Accessory cable is designed to connect MFi-certified USB-C microphones to iOS devices.

It is particularly suitable for connecting the RODE Wireless GO II and AI-Micro to iOS devices. Note - this cable will not charge or sync your iOS device.

Acoustic & electrical specifications:

Output Connection: Lightning Connector

Inputs:Type C

Mechanical specifications:

Weight (grams): 6
Dimensions (millimetres) - Cable Length: 300

Compatible RODE Products:
Wireless GO II
VideoMic NTG
VideoMic GO II
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Rode SC22 USB-C To USB-C Cable (30cm)
Cat: 871339 Rel: 12 Apr 22
The SC22 is a high-quality USB-C to USB-C cable designed to connect USB-C microphones to computers, tablets and mobile phones.
Notes: The SC22 is a high-quality USB- to USB- cable designed to connect USB-C microphones to computers, tablets and mobile phones. It is 30cm (11.8' long and is compatibl with all ROD products that have a USB-C connector including the Wireless GO II and AI Micro.

High-quality USB-C to USB-C cable
30cm (11.8 in) long

Acoustic & electrical specifications

Output Connection: Type C
Inputs:Type C

Mechanical specifications:

Weight (grams): 6
Dimensions (millimetres): Cable Length: 300

Compatible RODE Products:
Wireless GO II
VideoMic NTG
VideoMic GO I
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Rode Smartlav+ Omnidirectional Lavalier Microphone For Apple iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch
Cat: 542940 Rel: 03 Oct 14
Lavalier microphone for use with smartphones
Notes: The smartLav+ is a broadcast-grade wearable microphone designed for use in a wide range of film, television and broadcast scenarios, or wherever broadcast quality audio is required in a discreet, portable format without the complication and expense of additional wireless equipment.

With the smartLav+ the user simply mounts the microphone on the talent, connects it to a smartphone or tablet headset jack and records via the RODE Rec app for iOS, or any other audio app of their choice.

By employing a professional quality omni-directional condenser capsule the smartLav+ picks up sound equally from all around the microphone, allowing for versatility when mounting and ensuring a high degree of user-friendly operation.

A foam pop shield is supplied to minimise wind noise and vocal plosives (hard 'b', 't' and 'p' sounds), as well as a durable mounting clip with in-built cable management. Its Kevlarr reinforced cable ensures that you never stretch or snap your microphone under normal usage conditions.

The smartLav+ is compatible with any audio app that accepts input from the headset connection, however it has been designed to pair perfectly with RODE's RODE Rec app for Apple iOS devices. RODE Rec turns the user's iOS device into a fully-featured field recorder, with a wide range of equalisation presets to suit various recording situations, in addition to professional editing functions and the ability to publish to SoundCloud and Dropbox direct from the app.
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Rode VC1 Mini Jack Extension Cable (3m)
Cat: 455703 Rel: 28 May 12
Minijack/3.5mm stereo extension cable
Notes: The VC1 is a 3m 3.5 mm stereo audio extension cable, featuring 2 core shielding and a gold plated jack and socket.

It is ideal for use to connect the Rode VideoMic, Stereo VideoMic or VideoMic Pro when the microphone is mounted on a boompole, or away from the camera or recorder.

The VC1 can also be used as a high quality headphone extension cable.
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Rode VideoMic Go II Camera Mounted Microphone
Rode VideoMic Go II Camera Mounted Microphone (lightweight directional microphone)
Cat: 860006 Rel: 11 Jan 22
Versatile and lightweight shotgun microphone that excels in a range of recording applications
Notes: The VideoMic GO II is a versatile and lightweight shotgun microphone that excels in a range of recording applications. It features a 3.5mm TRS output for use with a camera, plus a digital USB output for recording with mobile devices and computers*. It delivers crisp, clear, directional sound, making it ideal for filmmaking and vlogging, and is also fully compatible with the RODE Connect podcasting and streaming software for Mac and PC. When used in USB mode, the 3.5mm output doubles as a headphone output for easy monitoring and playback.

Acoustic & Electrical Specifications:

Acoustic Principle: Pressure gradient electret condenser
Polar Pattern: Supercardioid
Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz
Output Impedance: 2K2O
Signal to Noise Ratio: 79 dBA
Equivalent Noise (A-weighted): 15 dBA
Dynamic Range: 95 dBA Typical
Sensitivity: -31dBV(28.78mV @ 94dB SPL) i 1dB @ 1kHz
Max Input SPL: 110 dB SPL
Output Connections: 3.5mm TRS, USB-C
Computer Connectivity: USB-C (USB 2.0)
Simultaneous I/O: Stereo input and output when in USB mode
Power Requirements: 3.5mm plug-in power 2 - 5V, USB 5V
Bit Depth: 24-bit
Sample Rates: 48 kHz
Minimum OS Requirement: macOS 10.15, Windows 10 (20H2), iOS 14, Android 9.0

Mechanical Specifications:

Weight (grams)
VideoMic GO II: 33
VideoMic GO II and included accessories: 96
Dimensions: (millimetres)

VideoMic GO II
Height: 120
Diameter: 21.6

VideoMic GO II and included accessories
Length: 150
Width: 70
Height: 86

Compatible RODE Accessories: WS12, SC14, SC15, SC16, SC17, SC18, SC19, SC20, SC21, SC22, SC23, SC24, SC25, SC26
Compatible RODE Software: RODE Connect, RODE Central, RODE Reporter

Included Accessories: 1 x SC14 TRS-TRS cable, 1 x foam windshield, 1 x SM8-R shockmount
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Rode VideoMic Me Directional Microphone For Smartphones
Cat: 589397 Rel: 18 Feb 16
Compact, high quality directional microphone for smartphones. Includes furry windshield.
Notes: The VideoMic Me is a compact and lightweight directional microphone for use with smartphones. It features an in-built 3.5mm TRRS output for plugging directly into a smartphone's headphone socket. Its flexible mounting bracket accommodates a wide range of smartphones and allows the microphone to be fitted for primary camera or front camera ('selfie') use. A 3.5mm headphone jack on the rear allows for play-through of audio while recording (app dependent) as well as easy playback of your videos without having to remove the microphone. The VideoMic Me includes a deluxe furry windshield for shooting outdoors or in adverse weather.

Acoustic & electrical specifications:
Acoustic Principle: Pressure Gradient Electret Condenser
Active Electronics: JFET impedance converter
Capsule: 0.50"
Polar Pattern: Cardioid
Address Type: End
Frequency Range: 100Hz - 20kHz
Maximum SPL: 140dBSPL
Sensitivity: -33.0dB re 1 Volt/Pascal (22.00mV @ 94 dB SPL) +/- 2 dB @ 1kHz
Equivalent Noise (A-weighted): 20dBA
Output Connection: TRRS Output

Mechanical specifications:
Weight (g): 34g
Dimensions (L x W x H, mm): 80mmD x 38mmH x 21mmW
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Rode VideoMic Me-L Microphone For Apple iOS Devices With Lightning Connector
Cat: 694345 Rel: 26 Oct 18
Compact, high-quality directional microphone
Notes: The VideoMic Me-L is a Lightning connector equipped high-quality directional microphone with a compact and lightweight body designed for Apple iOS devices. Its Lightning connector plugs directly into the device, utilising the device's internal power for instant plug-and-play - no batteries necessary. A standard 3.5mm headphone jack on the rear allows audio play-through in real-time and effortless audio playback.

The VideoMic Me-L is made from durable aluminium and coated in a military-grade ceramic finish, providing a hardwearing chassis that's resistant to scratching. It's a build quality far and away from the competition, reflected in superior sound. The microphone also comes packaged with a deluxe furry windshield for shooting outdoors and in adverse weather.

The VideoMic Me-L is suitable for vloggers, musicians and any iPhone users seeking to drastically improve their iOS device's quality of sound.
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Rode VXLR VideoMic XLR Adaptor
Cat: 455702 Rel: 28 May 12
Minijack to XLR adaptor for the Videomic
Notes: The VXLR is used to convert a mono 3.5mm mini-jack to a 3-pin XLR.
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Rode Wireless Go II Single Set Microphone System (black)
Rode Wireless Go II Single Set Microphone System (black) (single set wireless microphone system)
Cat: 860270 Rel: 09 Mar 22
The Wireless GO II Single is an extremely versatile and ultra-compact wireless microphone system consisting of a dual receiver and single transmitter.
Notes: The Wireless GO II Single is an extremely versatile and ultra-compact wireless microphone system consisting of a dual receiver and single transmitter. Featuring a high-quality microphone built into the transmitter for completely wireless operation, fl exible output for connecting to cameras, computers and smartphones, extended transmission range, over 40 hours of on-board recording and much more, Wireless GO II Single is the perfect microphone for a wide range of content creation applications.

Acoustic & electrical specifications

Acoustic Principle: Pre-polarised pressure transducer
Polar Pattern: Omnidirectional
Frequency Range: 50Hz - 20kHz
Maximum SPL (Mic): 100 dB SPL (1kHz @ 1m) dBu
Maximum Input Level (3.5mm): -20dBV
Equivalent Noise Level (A-Weighted): 22dBA
Power Requirements: In-built rechargeable lithiumion battery charged via USB 5V, 0.3A
Operating Time: Up to 7 hours
Analog Inputs: 3.5mm TRS (lavalier microphone input)
Analog Outputs: 3.5mm TRS
Transmission Range: 200m (line of sight)
Computer Connectivity: USB Type-C
Operating System
Requirements: macOS 10.11 above, Windows 10 and above

Mechanical specifications:

Weight (grams):
TX: 30g, RX: 32g

Dimensions (millimetres): TX: Length: 44, Width: 45.3, Height: 18.3
RX: Length: 44, Width: 45.5, Height: 18.3

Included Accessories:
2 x Fur Windshields
2 x USB-C Cables
1 x SC5 3.5mm TRS Cable
1 x Carry Pouch
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Rode XLR-ID Cable Identification Rings For Rodecaster Pro Podcast Production Console (set of 8)
Cat: 781291 Rel: 13 Jul 20
Colour-coded rings for RØDECaster Pro microphone channels
Notes: The XLR-ID is a set of eight colour-coded rings that can be affixed to any XLR plug to assist with cable identification. The colours of the rings match the colours used for each of the microphone channels on the RØDECaster Pro.
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