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Ribbon Recordings

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The Competition
Cat: RBN 070CD.
  1. Galapagos
  2. Hand Of God
  3. Two Faced Love
  4. Young Republicans
  5. Real Thing
  6. Buster Keaton
  7. I Drive
  8. Simple Life
  9. Empire Sundown
  10. Lucky People
  11. In Your House
Review: The return of Baltimore's Lower Dens - now with half as many members as last time we caught up with them - could have been entitled "The Contrast", although that may be stating the obvious. As anyone familiar with the outfit's combination of heartfelt vocal delivery, dream pop ambience and brutally honest socio-political commentary will understand. It's a unique combination for a band that, on first contact, sound like they should be all about the love songs. Then again, there's an air of jilted love, or at least just jilted, about numbers like "Young Republicans", sliding into waves of powerful synth as Jana Hunter waxes lyrical about the world burning. While many of today's pop bands nod to the 1980s, Lower Dens are particularly convincing given the decade was, for many, defined by the death of America's big dream and a realisation that societal progress could be a 20th Century myth. Uptempo but stark stuff.
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Cat: RBN 073CD. Rel: 13 Jul 18
  1. Heaven Is Real
  2. Do Your Best
  3. Rights For Gays
  4. Love Letters From Hell
  5. The Silent Chorus
  6. Navy Seals
  7. Pure Rockets
  8. My Whole World Is Coming Apart
  9. Don't Worship The Devil
  10. Tenebrae
  11. Too Much Money
  12. Green Bouzard
  13. Old Town
  14. Times Is Weird
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Cat: RBN 074CD. Rel: 13 Jul 18
  1. Opening
  2. Time To Die
  3. Don't Be A Body
  4. That Night
  5. Real Bad Job
  6. Forever & Ever & Ever
  7. Maniac
  8. Just Wait Til Next Year
  9. I'm Only Human
  10. Less Talk More Action
  11. Through The Skies For You
  12. Blowing In The Mind
  13. Of North Of North Stars
  14. It Takes Time
  15. The Peace That Earth Cannot Give
  16. And Heaven Turned To Her Weeping
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Addendum (CD)
Cat: RBN 085CD. Rel: 18 May 18
  1. Outer Space
  2. Dumpster Baby
  3. Episode
  4. Drinking Song
  5. Figured It Out
  6. Middle Ages
  7. Mind The Droves
  8. Privacy
  9. Running Man
  10. Second Death
  11. 1987
  12. I Want To Live
Review: Thanks to the lengthy gap between 2011's We Must Become The Pitless Sensors of Ourselves and last year's acclaimed Screen Memories, John Maus built up a vast archive of new material. Hence Addendum, an album marketed as a "companion piece" to Screen Memories. Interestingly, much of the material is far more carefree and jubilant than the tracks chosen for its atmospheric and moody predecessor (for proof, see "Episodes" and "Running Man"). It's arguably more in keeping with the lo-fi, off-kilter style of skewed synth-pop - influenced by Baroque modes, as always - with which the Ariel Pink associate made his name. It is, then, a joyous blast from the past packed to the rafters with memorable moments.
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Ribbon Recordings
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