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Rebirth Schallplatten & CDs

Browse the latest Vinyl & CD releases on Rebirth
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Brixia Sonora Remixed
Cat: REB 128R. Rel: 30 Jan 24
Deep House
Brokenspiel (Fred P remix) (8:29)
New Try (Pedro Ricardo remix) (5:32)
Paline (K-Lone 4/4 remix) (4:49)
Scent Of An Old Life (Rahaan re-edit) (5:55)
Askja (Bruise remix) (5:52)
Fili (Map.Ache remix) (6:43)
Review: Rebirth kicks off its 2024 with a remix EP that serves as "a tribute to the Brescian music scene in its many facets and declinations." The full original project is a complete 12-track album that brings together many different sounds, scenes and generations, with the best bits now assembled on this new 12". The revered deep house master Fred P opens up with some texture spiritual synth depths, K-Lone brings some nice house swing to his version of 'Paline' and edit maestro Rahsaan also keeps it paired back and late night on his soulful take on 'Scent Of An Old Life'. A great reimagining of some moving musical adventures, then.

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 in stock $16.38
2015 Rebirth Sampler Volume 1
Cat: REB 096. Rel: 06 May 15
Deep House
C Vogt & Patrick Jeremic - "After All It's You" (9:01)
Villanova - "Monk" (5:42)
Brisa - "The Sound" (5:30)
 in stock $13.21
Interactive (The Louie Vega remixes)
Cat: REB 124. Rel: 29 Jun 21
Funky/Club House
Interactive (Louie Vega remix) (6:51)
Interactive (Honeycomb Keyapella mix) (5:12)
Interactive (Louie Vega Expansions NYC instrumental) (6:51)
Interactive (Honeycomb beats) (5:24)
 in stock $12.67
Ciao Italia: Generazioni Underground Bonus Sei
Cat: REB 127BONUS6. Rel: 25 Apr 23
Deep House
Doni & Leo Young - "Rebelion In The City Of Gangia" (6:03)
Pastaboys - "On & On" (Panna mix) (6:32)
Hiver - "Magic Crusade" (5:51)
GPM, Steve Mantovani, Dan-E-MC, Daniele Mad - "House In Full Effect" (9:21)
Feel Fly - "Armaduk" (6:08)
Review: Rebirth is thrilled to announce the release of three bonus parts of the 'Ciao Italia. Generazioni Underground' album in 2023, available on limited edition vinyl. 'Ciao Italia' Bonus Quattro, Cinque and Sei continue to connect two generations - the trailblazers of the early 90s and those continuing the legacy today, with a futuristic perspective and renewed energy. Bonus Sei includes classic tracks from legends like Doni & Leo Young, Pastaboys, G.P.M., Steve Mantovani, Dan-E-Mc, Daniele Mad, along with unreleased material from newer Italian artists such as Hiver and Feel Fly.
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 in stock $16.38
Douvan Douvan
Cat: ROW 006LP.
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Ciao Italia Generazioni Underground: Bonus EP Due
Cat: REB 123BONUSDUE. Rel: 11 Jan 22
Deep House
Green Baize - "Toxicology Room" (4:41)
Don Carlos - "I Believe In Heaven" (5:16)
Stage 28 - "Feel The Night" (extended mix) (7:19)
Cirillo & Leo Young presents Brother's Brigade - "They Couldn't Resist" (4:53)
Review: After the runaway success of the Ciao Italia (Generazione Underground) compilation on Rebirth for RSD 2021, we're getting treated to a series of bonus follow-ups taking us further into the realm of classic Italian deep house. Part Due kicks off in style with 'Toxicology Room' by Green Baize, which leans in on the organ chops and sets the appropriate mellow mood to sink into. Unsiputed legend Don Carlos follows up with 'I Believe In Heaven', a truly ascendant slice of house magic, while on the B side Stage 28 and Brother's Brigade bring yet more timeless treasures that sport that unmistakable Roman flair.
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 in stock $15.32
Rebirth 10 (Record Store Day RSD 2024)
Rebirth 10 (Record Store Day RSD 2024) (limited numbered vinyl 2xLP + insert)
Cat: REB 130. Rel: 31 May 24
Deep House
System Of Survival - "Blueglass" (original mix) (5:41)
Wallflower - "Say You Won't Ever" (Larry Heard Underground mix) (6:12)
Nufrequency - "Fallen Hero" (feat Ben Onono - Motor City Drum Ensemble remix) (6:26)
Chromatic Filters - "Horizon Stripes" (Jamie 3:36 Re-whump) (5:50)
Yotam Avni - "Pentimento" (Joaquin Joe Claussell Divergent mix) (8:31)
Butch & C VOGT - "The Infamous" (Robytek vs Shield re-edit) (7:07)
Villanova - "On The Loose" (Larry Heard Trybalambient beats) (3:54)
Corrado Bucci - "Open Your Eyes" (Andres remix) (5:44)
A:Xus - "Suite Disappointment" (Motorcitysoul remix) (6:56)
Bocca Grande - "Even If" (Mr Fingers remix) (5:53)
James Teej - "Spending Life" (Ripperton Hyperlove dub) (6:27)
Akra - "Pure" (Lake People remix) (6:31)
Tevo Howard - "Without Me" (feat Tracey Thorn - Marcus Worgull dub/Dixon edit) (7:21)
Larry Heard - "Winterflower" (7:21)
Robytek - "Luna Africana" (Roland Appel remix) (7:23)
Squaremode - "The Wheel" (original Piano reprise) (3:50)
Review: REBIRTH 10 came back in 2016 as a limited double CD to mark the tenth anniversary of the label founded by visionary Daniele 'Shield' Contrini. It was curated by the deep house don Mr Fingers aka Larry Heard, and took listeners on a journey through the evolution of the label. Now it lands on vinyl for the first time ever and is still as relevant as ever with iconic releases like NUfrequency feat. Ben Onono's 'Fallen Hero' (Motor City Drum Ensemble Remix), Yotam Avni's 'Pentimento' (Joe Claussell Remix), Butch & C.Vogt's 'The Infamous' (Robytek Vs Shield Re-Edit) and original music and remixes from Larry Heard himself.
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Gespielt von: From P60
 in stock $31.68
Back To The Future EP 2
Back To The Future EP 2 (hand-stamped grey vinyl 10")
Cat: REBLTD 011. Rel: 13 Feb 15
Deep House
Jozef K & Winter Son - "Loveless Vessel" (Tuff City Kids remix) (7:14)
Chromatic Filters - "Wha Wha" (Idjut Boys remix)
 in stock $13.21
Free Bass
Free Bass (hand-stamped vinyl 10")
Cat: REBLTD 012. Rel: 24 Jun 15
Funky/Club House
Free Bass (Joey Negro Funk Equation mix) (6:20)
Free Bass (Shield & Corrado Bucci re-edit) (6:04)
 in stock $13.21
Ciao Italia: Generazioni Underground Bonus Cinque
Cat: REB 127BONUS5. Rel: 14 Mar 23
Deep House
Oneiric & Vortex - "Oasi" (5:12)
GNMR - "Dynamics" (6:10)
Populous - "Barragan" (5:14)
G-Connection - "Free Your Spirit" (Spirit mix) (6:12)
Snare Dream - "LaLaLa" (Deep Ambient) (5:26)
TiEs - "Trying To" (5:59)
Review: Rebirth invites us to go back, way back, to the Italian underground techno scene of the 90s with this new selection of alternate versions, unheard gems and certified classics. Oneiric & Vortex open up with a tune that brings to mind the warmth of Motor City techno on 'Oasi' before GNMR layer up supersized hi hats and seriously weighty beatdown drums, Populous offers the loopy melodic delight of 'Barragan' and G-Connection heads into the cosmos with the dreamy ambient of 'Free Your Spirit', a perfect mood build if ever we heard one. Two further gorgeously blissed-out post-rave comedown sounds close out this gem of an EP.
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 in stock $16.38
Ciao Italia Generazioni Underground: Bonus Tre
Cat: REB 123BONUSTRE. Rel: 12 Apr 22
Deep House
Paolino & Gianni Bini - "Love" (Classic mix) (6:33)
Sasha - "Key To Heaven" (6:14)
Paramour & Adrian Morrison - "Transmutation" (7:51)
Open Spaces - "The Far Side Of The Mood" (5:46)
Review: Rebirth's fresh new 12" is a various artists affair that looks back while striding forwards. It is full of the sort of bliss out, dreamy, soft-edge deep house that is perfect for the warmer months and outdoor dances. Paolino & Gianni Bini lead the way with the effortlessly hazy and lush feeling 'Love' (Classic mix) while Sasha's 'Key To Heaven' is a perfect prog house tune that harks back to the heyday of Renaissance. Paramour & Adrian Morrison then link for the more dark and driving 'Transmutation' which has train track drums and suspensory chords always building but never bubbling over. Open Spaces run out with the widescreen and chunky dub house of 'The Far Side Of The Mood.'
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 in stock $15.32
Ciao Italia: Generazioni Underground Bonus EP Uno
The True Underground Sound Of Rome - "Secret Doctrine" (feat Stefano Di Carlo) (6:08)
High Tide - "Time Unlimited" (5:32)
Keytronics - "A Little Piano In My House" (5:01)
The Montego Bay Experience - "Music All Night" (5:28)
Review: Rebirth serves up the first in a mini-series uncovering hidden gems from Italian house music's recent past, after the popular Ciao Italia Generazioni Underground compilation they recently presented. Bonus EP Uno features the deeply emotive 'Secret Doctrine' by The True Underground Sound Of Rome Ft Stefano Di Carlo with its Marc Kinchen style vibe, which was the A side highlight. Over on the flip, you've got Francesco Montefiori's Keytronics Project with the low slung mood music of 'A Little Piano In My House' followed by the mesmerising, kalimba-led island dream of 'Music All Night' by The Montego Bay Experience - aka Carlo Troya & Stefano Tirone.
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 in stock $15.32
Brixia Sonora
Cat: REB 128. Rel: 06 Jun 23
Deep House
Cattaneo - "Il Raggio" (feat Hamid Shahsavan) (5:21)
Giovanni Battagliola - "Askja" (4:40)
Alessandro Petrol Pedretti - "Paline" (3:55)
Kick - "New Try" (4:07)
Luca Formentini - "Fili" (4:25)
Eke - "Draft Junk" (live cut) (5:16)
Maniscalco - "Canicola" (5:05)
Materie - "Landscapes" (5:22)
Chris Benoit - "Brokenspiel" (4:03)
Corrado Saija & Giorgio Presti - "Hypster Calling" (4:51)
Review: Brixia Sonora is a musical tribute to the Brescian scene, featuring 12 tracks by various artists who explore different genres and styles. The album is part of the 2023 annus mirabilis of Brescia-Bergamo, designated Capitals of Culture in Italy. The album showcases the creativity and energy of the local musicians, who blend rhythm, melody, empathy and telluric motions into a vibrant sonic collage. Brixia Sonora is a Rebirth Records project that celebrates the diversity and identity of a city and its atmosphere.
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$24.29 SAVE 35%
 in stock $15.79
Ciao Italia: Generazioni Underground (Record Store Day RSD 2021)
Cat: REB 123. Rel: 29 Jun 21
Deep House
DJ Ralf Presents Orchestra Spettacolo Cesira Sordini - "Da Lord" (11:20)
Aural - "Desire" (Fabrice 4AM mix) (5:13)
Leo Anibaldi - "Elements" (7:21)
MBG - "Ore: Nove Nove" (Open remix) (7:31)
Morenas - "Cuando Brilla La Luna" (Mr Marvin Tribal mix) (7:06)
Dali - "A4 (A Tribute To The Highway)" (6:26)
Sueno Latino - "Sueno Latino" (Cutmaster G mix) (6:52)
Alex Neri - "The Wizard" (club mix) (6:19)
Stonehenge - "Free" (instrumental mix) (5:37)
Optik - "Music Harmony & Rhythm" (6:26)
Underground Nation Undertour Sensation - "Save Me" (MB Trip) (5:05)
Frame - "Ws Gordon" (6:51)
Blue Zone - "Feel The Rhythm" (5:27)
Review: Another standout Record Store Day 2021 release here with Ciao Italia: Generazioni Underground bringing together plenty of rare and hugely desirable Italo house gems. The 13 tunes have all been assembled by Brescia based, Rebirth label boss Shield and they take in some unreleased gold as well as super rare material in a retro styled 1990 world cup sleeve. All the mainstays such as DJ Ralf, Alex Neri, Optik, Morenas and SueNo Latino feature. This special double LP comes with a 20 page booklet for extra insight.
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 in stock $26.94
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