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One Eyed Jacks

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Aranhas EP (12")
Cat: EYE 006. Rel: 18 Nov 16
  1. Aranha De Prata (4:09)
  2. Aranha Vermelha (5:24)
  3. Aranha Negra (4:18)
  4. Rush Hour (4:46)
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The Forest (12")
Cat: EYE 004. Rel: 07 Jun 12
  1. The Forest
  2. Inside
  3. The Forest (Snuff Crew Drum Jam)
Review: The Forest is the debut release from Pal +, and the mere fact it has been released on the One Eyed Jacks label run by Portuguese duo Photonz guarantees a certain degree of quality. Described by the label as a synth-obsessed producer coming from the south of Portugal, the two tracks on The Forest demonstrate Pal+ to already be in possession of a fully formed sound notable for its disregard for standing still. The Stottifield vacuum of grainy textures that permeate the opening moments of "The Forest" are soon engulfed by the orchestrated light of the track in full flight, while "Inside" is a constantly shifting mass of jacking drums and deranged key stabs. The mysterious German duo Snuff Crew are commissioned to remix the title track, and they turn in a suitably grubby rework with killer staccato drums, the end result being a vastly different vibe to the original cut. Proper business all round.
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Gespielt von: Ka§par, DJ Downrock
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Cat: EYE 001. Rel: 12 Oct 10
  1. Aquarian Ball
  2. Urban Dreams
Review: More box jam bliss from the Clone stable with this debut release from Berlin resident Murphy Jax. "It's The Music" evokes perfectly the spirit of early Chicago house, with the only contemporary concession some tighter drum programming. Of course some vocals from Mike Dunn - one of the voices of house music - adds that hint of authenticity too. Clone dons Legowelt and Alden Tyrell get busy with remixes on the flip. The former lays down a rewired organ line that adds some real emotion to the track, a sensation expanded when those strings hit. Acid pulses and a shower of hi-hats dominate Tyrell's version, the raw qualities augmented by a sinewy double bassline and plenty of drops into just Dunn's distinct voice.

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Cat: EYE 002. Rel: 29 Jun 11
  1. Lamborghini Funk
  2. Xabregas
  3. Cascade
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Arm1x (12")
Cat: EYE 005. Rel: 10 Apr 13
  1. Arm1x
  2. Industrial Dream
  3. Arm1x (Auntie Flo remix)
  4. Arm1x (Auntie Flo dub)
Review: The One Eyed Jacks label remains the go to primer for current Portuguese artists making waves, welcoming Portimao duo Roundhouse Kick into the fold with Arm1x, their 12" debut backed with a double dose of Auntie Flo remixes! Formed of an analogue gear hoarding couple, Roundhouse Kick live up to their name on both the title track and A side accompaniment "Industrial Dream" characterised by some vicious, at times jagged usage of drum machines. Crucially however, they are also augmented by an enviable dose of emotive melody and compositional understanding, with the latter track a wonderfully vivid spiral of upward analogue motion. Auntie Flo seems a perfect fit for the One Eyed Jacks label and his remix and dub version lend some trademark Hi-Life to "Arm1x".
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Gespielt von: DJ Downrock
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Cat: EYE 003. Rel: 09 Nov 11
Deep House
  1. Ponta Do Mato
  2. Cova Do Vapor
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Cat: EYE 007. Rel: 01 Sep 17
  1. The Ninth Gate (6:35)
  2. Love Cut (7:32)
  3. Mind Wide Shut (7:37)
  4. The Ninth Gate (Jose Acid Perception mix) (5:39)
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One Eyed Jacks