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On The Prowl Party Breaks

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  1. Freak (Andy Ash edit)
  2. Timmy (Andy Ash edit)
  3. D-Time (Runaway edit)
Review: More tipsy disco and house cocktail spillage from the On The Prowl camp. The third instalment of the OTP Party Breaks series opens with Andy Ash's edit of "Freak", a reworking of De De's "S&M". Ash certainly brings Jack to the party on this one, with a thudding kick drum punctuated by a funk-laden riff and expertly chopped vocal refrains. Next up Ash turns Timmy Thomas' "Why Can't We All Live Together" into a serious chugger, eeking the most out of the beefy club drums and working the organ sounds to smile inducing effect. Runaway, aka OTP chiefs Jacques Renault and Marcos Cabral, pluck "D-Time" from their seemingly bottomless pit of choice edits for more dancefloor heat on the flip.
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  1. Better Think Twice
  2. Just Like Good Love
  3. Do To Me
  4. Hot Stop
Review: Runaway tyke Marcus Cabral was responsible for perhaps the best Party Breaks output to date with the extended brilliance of "Lifetime Groove" and he's back at the controls for On The Prowl's fifth Party Breaks release, offering up tweaks of vintage freestyle boogie, deep house and New Jersey style garage jackers. Naturally for a selector as gifted as Cabral, all the tracks here are arranged with club play in mind, leaning on raw drum machine programming and big vocals and melodies to hook your attention. The post disco Musiq Box stylings of "Better Think Twice" and the classic boompty stylings of "Non Stop" in particular are effective for exactly these reasons - some big old piano hooks on the latter!
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  1. Latin Box (Marcos Cabral edit)
  2. No Mistake (Kon 2079 mix)
  3. Love Reaction (Jacques Renault edit)
  4. Night Walker (WOOHOO mix)
Review: It's been a while since label bosses Cabral and Renault treated us to volume six but, as always with OTP, its well worth the wait. Cabral kicks off proceedings with a sludgy proto-house number that comes complete with some fantastic chopped up vocal work a la Kevin Aviance. Kon follows with a homage to the disco edit. Not to leave us languishing in the 70s for too long, "Love Reaction" whisks us forward to a packed warehouse in Chicago circa 1989. Big, roomy, boomy and laced with just the right amount of contemporary production, it's Renault at his darkest. "Night Walker" is the final piece of the edit puzzle; woozy, filtered and possibly the best example of a processed Cevin Fisher vocal ever, it's the ultimate funk finale.
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  1. Lifetime Groove (Marcos Cabral & Shux edit)
  2. Lonely (Marcos Cabral mix)
Review: On the Prowl launch their new sub label with help from legendary New York house producer, Marcos Cabral. "OTP Party Breaks Volume 1," which also features collaboration between Cabral and Shux, drops two tracks of the warm, disco flavoured, deep house that is currently making a storm over in New York City.

This first release is poised to set the tone of the whole imprint, who are expected to put out distinctly NY flavoured records from the city's favourite artists and producers. Marcos Cabral from Runaway certainly fits the bill, having also released on the likes of DFA, I'm A Cliche, Muke and Rekids, he is a true legend on the city’s house scene. He collaborates with Chinatown Records partner Brennan Green on the EP's opening track, "Lifetime Groove," an epic twelve minute journey through laid back and groovy disco house. It has a classic feel right from the start with a retro bassline but with Balearic overtones and a dubby, feel good sentiment.

On the flip, Cabral lays his hand to Lil Louis' classic garage house track "Club Lonely." It is a simple rework, using straight forward loops and samples. The chord stabs keep the club vibes strong as repetitive saxophone flurries continue to build the tension. Bringing the 90s anthem up to date, Cabral gets a mainstay of Runaway’s set on record at long last.

Marcos Cabral brings us a slice of classic New York house on "OTP Party Breaks." By merging the old sounds of the city with the new, he has managed to make a lasting impression in the now. This will get everyone up on their feet.

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  1. Searching For Some Real Love (Jacques Renault edit)
  2. Pierre Does Best (Jacques Renault edit)
  3. Machines (Jacques Renault edit)
  4. Try My Love (Jacques Renault edit)
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  1. In The Middle Of The Night
  2. Love & Happiness
  3. My Baby Loves Me
  4. Miranda
Review: The debut release on the Party Breaks offshoot of the always classy On The Prowl label set the tone with epic reimaginations of music from the New York City of days gone by for contemporary dancefloors. It's safe to say that volume II, compiled by label co-chief Jacques Renault, will further solidify OTP Party Breaks' potential as one of 2010s best imprints. Doubling the sucker punch with four edits that dip into different genres and play out like textbook examples of how to slay a dancefloor (you'd expect nothing less from someone who has released music on Rekids, DFA, I'm a Cliche, RVNG, Wurst, Chinatown and Mule). Setting the uptempo mood is "In The Middle of The Night", a subtley nuanced edit of a slice of classic late 70s disco from Jet Brown that adds some neat percussive chops to what is already a lovely warm melody. Fans of Tensnake's recent "Coma Cat" will be all over "Love & Happiness", a dirty basement jam that reworks a mid nineties collaboration between Louie Vega and long term muse India to perfection. Renault's production nous is on evidence with "Miranda" which begins with some very Switch-esque production before dropping into a massive jack of a tribal house groove with several little changeups to keep the dancefloor on its toes. The EP ends with "My Baby Loves Me" which amps up the 80s sax house to the max. More must have material from the record vaults of Jacques Renault.
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Cat: PB 04. Rel: 14 Dec 10
  1. Mango
  2. Too Much Party
  3. Jump Street
  4. Beat Shave
Review: No chance to pause for breath when it comes to On The Prowl - with the wax barely dry on the freshly pressed Andy Ash 12", we are treated to the fourth instalment in the Party Breaks series from the (semi) mysterious Simoncino. A record collector of some repute, Siomncino has already popped up with releases on Italian edits stable No More Hits, and here takes the Party Breaks sound into new territory with four killer analogue jams. A Side opener "Mango" takes on a deepish hue which contrasts nicely with the funk-infused melody of "Too Much Party". Flip over for the 80s boogie vibe of "Jump Street" before "Beat Shave" winds things up amidst a sea of killer vocal refrains and a delicious reverberating synth stab.
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