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Neighbour Recordings Germany Schallplatten & CDs

Browse the latest Vinyl & CD releases on Neighbour Recordings Germany
Tags: Dub Techno
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Court Vision
Cat: NBR 03. Rel: 28 Jun 23
Drum & Bass / Jungle
I Dream Of Jeannie (7:07)
Eden (5:49)
Sanctuary (5:55)
Never Lose Touch (5:34)
Review: Community minded eclecticists Neighbourhood continue their unifying work with the latest boundary-bender from label co-boss Birke TM. With each cut sitting in a different tempo territory, he paints a vivid picture. 'I Dream Of Jeannie' is a mid-paced 160 jungle breeze while 'Eden' is a classic atmospheric two-stepper that wouldn't have gone amiss on GLR back in the day. Flip for a tempo dip as both cuts on the B smoulder with slow beauty. 'Sanctuary' hits like a cosmic UR escapade while 'Never Lose Touch' bids us an emotional and heartfelt 150BPM farewell. Visionary.
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 in stock $14.32
Moments EP
Cat: NBR 02. Rel: 25 Nov 20
Inception (intro) (2:43)
Momentum I (7:08)
Nocturne (6:16)
Momentum II (7:15)
Diurnal (8:17)
Review: Neighbour Recordings is a German label run by Birke TM and Sven Schienhammer aka Quantec - the latter bringing you its sophomore release. Schienhammer has released on renowned imprints such as Echocord, Silent Season and Toffler (to name but a few) so you're in good hands with this veteran artist on the Moments EP. Featuring some absolutely sublime dub techno experiments: from the glacial and cavernous bliss of 'Momentum I', the rolling groove of 'Nocturne' with its endless echo-laden chords, as well as the evocative acid-washed deepness of 'Diurnal' on the flip. Terrific stuff from an underrated producer - tip!
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Tags: Dub Techno
 in stock $12.20
Journey Of Mind (reissue)
Cat: NBR 04. Rel: 07 May 24
Mind Wandering (9:25)
Motionless (7:11)
The Mystic Moon (8:20)
The Unknown (8:52)
Depth Of Immersion (9:01)
Perfect Stranger (8:22)
Stay Up All Night (5:44)
Atmospheric Noise (8:38)
Review: Neighbour Recordings has decided to reissue this enthralling ambient dub masterpiece from Quantec and we're here for it. Journey Of Mind delves into the depths of electromagnetism and showcases Quantec's deeper side in cuts like 'Depth Of Immersion', 'Atmospheric Noise', and 'The Unknown'. Each track serves as a potent tool for self-introspection, with standout pieces like 'The Mystic Moon' offering a visceral journey through the mind's deepest and darkest corners. As such this album, with its pulsating rhythms and ethereal atmospheres, is one that proves the perfect soundtrack with which to explore the uncharted realms of consciousness and perception.
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 in stock $29.97
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