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Moxy Edits 003
Moxy Edits 003 (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: MYEDITS 003. Rel: 10 Aug 21
Deep House
Track 1 (5:41)
Track 2 (5:40)
Review: The already much-loved Moxy Edits label is back with a highly anticipated third release. This latest 12" is another hardcore slammer with edgy house beats in the style of DJ Sneak and Derrick Carter defining the two tracks. The first has some party-starting and block-rocking beats with big horns and bigger vocals. It's one to make you sweat for sure. On the flip, more dramatic percussive rolls, hard edge hip hop breaks, firing horns and New York vocals add up to an explosive bit of dance floor weaponry that's as fun as it is functional.
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 in stock $15.60
Moxy Edits 001
Moxy Edits 001 (hand-stamped 1-sided 12")
Cat: MYEDITS 001. Rel: 15 Aug 20
Deep House
Track 1 (6:30)
Review: Another week, another new re-edit series of mysterious origin. There's literally no info about the producer (or producers) behind this particular single-sided salvo, or the source material they've tampered with. Regardless, we'd heartily recommend giving it a listen. Firmly focused on peak-time floors, it wraps cut-up and manipulated female rap vocals over a formidably bouncy, turn-of-the-90s house beat and a rubbery synthesizer bassline so infectious you might need to self-isolate for two weeks after hearing it. This is hip-shaking, toe-tapping, arms-flailing retro-futurist hip-house at its very best: ignore at your peril!
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Tags: Tech House
 in stock $15.60
Moxy Edits 007
Moxy Edits 007 (1-sided 12")
Cat: MYEDITS 007. Rel: 13 Jun 23
Deep House
Track 1 (6:02)
Review: A seventh installment of the Moxy Edits series by the anonymous Myedits project, who rework old disco, funk and soul tracks into modern dancefloor weapons. Moxy Edits 007 features a singular, utter heater: a funky and upbeat edit of a classic by Q-Tip - 'Breathe And Stop' - which lends the song an added inflamamatory property, like a single-strike match pre-dipped in a deep-frying vat of liquid French house.
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 in stock $15.60
Moxy Edits 8 & 9
Cat: MYEDITS 008. Rel: 16 Jan 24
Funky/Club House
Track 1 (vocal) (5:31)
Track 2 (vocal) (5:21)
Review: Myedits is back, this time with the ever wonderful Moxy producing some pure dancefloor bait for those who like to mix up classic samples with raw house beats. The A-side takes some turn of the century hip-hop hooks and vocal snatches and layers them over raw, hardcore house drums that are sure to get any party sweating. Track two is no less irresistible - a gorgeous r&b hook plays out over some lush deep house drums with a great sense of swing and silky synth designs. Good fun stuff for sure.
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 in stock $15.60
Moxy Edits 10
Moxy Edits 10 (1-sided 12")
Cat: MYEDITS 010. Rel: 25 Jun 24
Deep House
Track 1 (5:51)
Review: Single-sided white label business from Moxy Edits, who ignite the dancefloor once more with a slick yet somewhat surreal Cypress Hill flip. A hugely wompy kick is heard teasing, highpassing and re-dropping its bass, as the unmistakable proto-Danny Brown register of the group's founding member and rapper B-Real are heard in characteristic nasal fashion over this hip-garage rendition of 'Insane In The Brain'. Be warned: there's simply no let-up with this one. Move as quick as its 4x4s do.
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 in stock $14.80
Moxy Edits 004
Moxy Edits 004 (1-sided 12")
Cat: MYEDITS 004. Rel: 14 Dec 21
Deep House
Track 1 (vocal) (6:21)
Review: More from the reliable Moxy Edits series, a sneaky, rework-focused offshoot of Darius Syrossian's Mozy Muzik label. This time round, there's no superfluous filler and alternative versions, just a sole, peak-time focused workout that's been designed to have maximum dancefloor impact. What's on offer is unusual but rather brilliant: a tooled-up house revision of a classic chunk of psychedelic era pop cut that wraps jangly guitars and a glassy-eyed female vocal around a driving bassline and sweaty house beats. It's a simple idea that's been brilliantly executed and far more tasteful than it has any right to be. In other words, it's a genuinely good bootleg remix that you'll hear loads in clubs in the weeks and months ahead.
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 in stock $15.60
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