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Moods & Grooves US Schallplatten & CDs

Browse the latest Vinyl & CD releases on Moods & Grooves US
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Compulsive Response
Cat: MG 068. Rel: 03 Jul 24
Deep House
Controlled By Rhythm (5:35)
Flash Flood (6:18)
Turbulence In The Valley (5:21)
Compulsive Response (5:19)
Review: The long-running and influential US house label Moods & Grooves welcomes BitterSuite aka Jon Gray for a new EP that finds him distilling plenty of influences into his Compulsive Response EP, which is perfect for mind, body and soul. The title cut is a light and skipping house sound infused with soul-drenched synth warmth, 'Flash Flood' has a more far-sighted sense of cosmic futurism to it and 'Turbulence In The Valley' slows things right down to a delightfully airy and late-night vibe with languid drums and swirling pads. Shutting down a sophisticated EP is the dusty deep house of 'Compulsive Response' with yet more irresistibly emotive synths and wispy melodies.
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Rewind To Start
Cat: MG 029. Rel: 28 Jun 04
Deep House
Rewind To Start (Pirahna Head Headjob remix)
Rewind To Start (original mix)
Rewind To Start (dubappella)
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Here Me Though
Cat: MG 063. Rel: 09 Dec 21
Deep House
Hear Me Though (Domenique Xander Full Moon remix) (6:33)
Hear Me Though (Deepset remix) (5:27)
Transpose Deep (6:43)
Hear Me Though (6:26)
Review: For their latest trick, Moods & Grooves has decided to introduce the world to a DJ/producer who has long been operating on the Detroit underground, Marvin Panther AKA Eternal Student. His debut 12" is a slick, deep and seductive affair featuring two original productions: the deep, starry and spacey broken house dreaminess of 'Transpose Deep' and title track 'Hear Me Through', a retro-futurist deep house number smothered in jazzy guitar motifs, lilting synthesizer lead lines and tactile electronic bass. That track is remixed twice on the A-side: first by Xander Dominique, who adds a little Motor City techno shimmer, and Deepset. The latter's take is deep, driving and sci-fi-fired whilst still retaining the hazy warmth of Panther's original mix.
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Shallow Dreams
Cat: MG 062. Rel: 29 Oct 21
Deep House
What A Life (7:23)
Traveller (5:45)
Dusk (5:22)
Love's Thoughts (7:20)
Review: Moods & Grooves proudly introduces Cape Town's Tshepang Mokoko aka LoopZ The Maestro. Raised in a musical family, he was exposed to several genres of music including jazz, soulful house, hip hop, and deep house. A temporary move to Johannesburg focused his lens on deep house as it was the dominant genre. Influenced by AtJazz, Black Coffee, Culoe De Song among others, he spent time in the studio developing his own sound. Positive feedback from early demos fueled his passion to pursue music full time and finally, it's ready for release. Shallow dreams is a musical journey through the beautiful landscapes and soundscapes of Cape Town. Each track contains a mental glimpse of the area's natural wonders, art, and design.
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Spirit Garden EP
Cat: MG 061. Rel: 23 Mar 18
Deep House
Into The Zone (5:58)
In Heaven Above (5:55)
Without Words (6:11)
Scenery In My Mind (5:51)
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Gonna Touch The Sky EP (feat Fred P mix)
Cat: MG 066. Rel: 13 Mar 23
Deep House
Gonna Touch The Sky (Fred P Reshape) (7:43)
Gonna Touch The Sky (5:36)
Make Up Your Mind (5:24)
Horizon (7:18)
Review: US army man Mike Grant's Moods & Grooves has been a house music treasure trove since day one. In fact, you might say that a house artist hasn't really made it unless he has tapped them up for his imprint and next to get that honour is New Digital Fidelity aka Scopic label boss. He kicks off with 'Gonna Touch The Sky,' a tom-laced deep house delight finished with a dusty vocal., Fred P reshapes it into something even more smoky and elongated then 'Make Up Your Mind' layers lazy Chicago claps with swirling Detroit pads into something lush and soothing. 'Horizon' is a playful, uplifting broken beat with singing synth leads. Stunning.
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Cat: MG 065. Rel: 23 Feb 22
Deep House
Always (6:03)
Dimensions (5:52)
Easy Going (6:30)
Redemption (6:34)
Review: For our money, Mike Grant's label Moods & Grooves is an underrated outlet from the Motor City. It has long been quietly going out its business, realising killer house 12"s from a mix of US mainstay and European greats. Nico Lahs is next up with this sublime offering. 'Always' is heavy, dusty, physical house for sweaty basements. 'Dimensions' gets you in a trance with its swirling pads and muffled vocal sounds and then 'Easy Going' brings some melodic wonkiness and loopy drum funk. 'Redemption' is a steamy end with pinging drums and layer up on layer of fuzzy sound.
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Game Of Life EP
Cat: MG 057. Rel: 17 Mar 16
Deep House
Game Of Life (6:59)
It's Just Begun (7:22)
Basic Luv (5:42)
Review: Having previously plied his trade on Deepjacking Recordings and Moulton Music, Phaze Dee transfers to Mike Grant's long-running Moods & Grooves stable. He begins in some style, layering up classic deep house elements - snaking sax samples, electronic flourishes, a booming bassline, drifting pianos - on standout A-side "Game Of Life". "Game Of Life" explores similar territory, with a classic house riff and soulful vocal samples stretching out atop a chunky groove, before he channels the spirit of early Chicago house on the rather delicious "Basic Luv". The track's synth bassline and chiming melodies are undoubtedly loved-up, while the swirling pads are reminiscent of classic Larry Heard and Ron Trent material.
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The Transition Of Self
Cat: MG 067. Rel: 05 Dec 23
Minimal/Tech House
Detroit Driven (feat Bill Beaver) (10:26)
The Part We Dance (7:12)
Far From Over (4:21)
Review: Mike Grant's Moods & Groves is one of Detroit's strongest deep house torchbearers and it has been for years. Raybone Jones has also been turning out the tunes for years but has kept a low-key profile while doing so. It's been a decade since his last outing on this label but that time hasn't diminished his skills: 'Detroit Driven (feat Bill Beaver)' is a dusty and ramshackle opening groove to get you in the mood and 'The Part We Dance' then layers up loopy broken beats and roughshod percussion with wispy pads that bring a future feel. 'Far From Over' brings some diffuse synth soul and jumbled percussive funk to another lush deep house excursion.
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