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Midnight (12")
Cat: MISSYOU 016. Rel: 15 Jul 22
Reggae Classics/Ska
  1. Midnight
  2. After Midnight
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est. release 15 Jul 22 $17.65
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California Big Hunks (remastered)
Cat: MISSYOU 015. Rel: 04 Aug 21
  1. Dave The Dirty Cowboy (7:33)
  2. Prince Daniel (9:43)
Review: Miss You's latest reissue is an odd but inspired one. It boasts two tracks written, performed, and produced by obscure musician Richard Jan Plasko for a 1985 soft-porn videotape featuring "erotic male dancers" (titled, like this release, California Big Hunks). Musically, it reminded us a little of a mid-80s update of the gay porn soundtracks produced by Patrick Cowley - all throbbing, arpeggio-style sequenced basslines, lo-fi synth sounds, electronic colour and punchy drum machine beats. Basically, it's energetic high-NRG sleaze, with flipside 'Prince Daniel', a near ten-minute epic featuring X-rated female vocal snippets, bubbling lead lines, undulating electronic bass and skittish proto-house beats, being our pick of a thrillingly eccentric pair.
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Gespielt von: Dicky Trisco, Gumshoe
 in stock $14.11
I Bet You
I Bet You (12")
Cat: MISSYOU 014. Rel: 26 Apr 22
Roots/Lovers Rock
  1. I Bet You (6:28)
  2. I Bet You (dub) (6:25)
Review: Originally released in 1986 on the LA based label Majicaa Records, here comes a much warranted official reissue and remaster of Shakeena's super good bubblegum lovers rock jam 'I Bet You'. Shakaman was a reggae master dummer who shows off his stick skills here on a searing groove that is fleshy and warm. The vocal is a sunny, aching one that brings the soul and is sure to dissipate any bad vibes on your day. Flip it over for the stylish dub version for a different kind of ride.
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 in stock $15.64
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