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Never Stop (12")
Cat: MENU 003. Rel: 03 Dec 05
  1. Never Stop
  2. Never Stop (Splitloop remix)
out of stock $7.57
Shake It (12")
Cat: MENU 012. Rel: 17 Oct 08
  1. Shake It
  2. Shake It (Atomic Hooligan remix)
Gespielt von: BMD
out of stock $6.49
Minimal (12")
Cat: MENU 008. Rel: 09 Jul 07
Electro House
  1. Minimal
  2. Minimal (The Rogue Element remix)
Gespielt von: BMD
out of stock $5.40
Good Times (12")
Cat: MENU 002. Rel: 24 Sep 05
  1. Good Times
  2. Good Times (Atomic Hooligan remix)
out of stock $5.40
Rocksteady (12")
Cat: MENU 007. Rel: 12 Apr 07
  1. Rocksteady
  2. Disto Funk
Gespielt von: Jay Cunning
out of stock $6.49
Cat: MENU 005. Rel: 15 Jul 06
  1. Majool - "Buenos Aires"
  2. Rico Tubbs - "Ghetto Soul"
Review: Majool opens the 12" with the uplifting "Buenos Aires", a tight groove with a mutating arp and plenty of cool FX pinned down by sharp beats. Flip for the mighty Rico Tubbs and the funk filled goodness of "Ghetto Soul".
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out of stock $5.40
Cat: MENU0046. Rel: 06 May 06
  1. Ghetto Blast Ya!
  2. Ghetto Blast Ya! (Rico Tubbs remix)
Review: The original starts off with a b-boy rocking hip-hop break which sounds like a sped-up version of the break on Run DMC''s/Aerosmith's "Walk This Way". It features a cut-up hip-hop sample on top, accompanied by a bouncy electro hook. On the flip-side is the Rico Tubbs Mix.
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out of stock $5.40
Cat: MENU0066. Rel: 23 Sep 06
  1. I'm Crazy, You're Crazy
  2. I'm Crazy, You're Crazy (Dopamine mix)
Review: James Douglas Stewart may be better know to you as Re Funk (Re:Connect), well, now you need to get to know the scene new comer as Jay Stewart. Responsible for last years banging additions to Jay & Terry's Beats & Bobs mix. His first release on Menu is "I'm Crazy, You're Crazy" A techy funky sure shot of dance floor goodness. Make sure you play this at prime time and watch the crowd go crazy. On the flip we have the award winning antipodean big foot of breaks himself Mr Dopemine, or Dopa-honey to his legions of female fans, Who turns in probably his strongest remix to date. Chug chug chug you big lug. This one sounds like the boogie man is coming to get you in steal toe boots after a hard session of Stella! Truly monstrous. This whole package will have you pumping your fist like a black panther outside the White House. Still what else would you expect from Menu HQ. DJ support from: General Midi, Aquasky, Rennie Pilgrim, Atomic Hooligan, Ali B, Jay Cunning, Dopamine, Klaus Heavyweight Hill.
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out of stock $6.49
Cat: MENU 010. Rel: 24 Jan 08
  1. Don't Do It
  2. Don't Do It (Rico Tubbs remix)
Gespielt von: The Leisure Allstars
out of stock $5.96
Cat: MENU 014. Rel: 15 Jul 09
Drum And Bass
  1. Knuckle Sandwich (Muffler remix)
  2. Knuckle Sandwich (Tes La Rok remix)
out of stock $6.49
Cat: MENU 001. Rel: 02 Jul 05
  1. Flashlighter
  2. Brazilia
out of stock $5.40
Cat: MENU 009. Rel: 19 Oct 07
  1. Knuckle Sandwich
  2. Knuckle Sandwich (Baobinga & ID present Big Monster remix)
out of stock $6.49
Gangsters (12")
Cat: MENU 011. Rel: 10 Apr 08
  1. Gangsters
  2. Hot Girls Dope Boys
  3. Born To Bounce
out of stock $5.96
Knuckle Sandwich (2xCD (CD 1 mixed, CD 2 unmixed))
Cat: MENUCD 01. Rel: 05 Jul 08
UK Garage
  1. TUBBS
  2. Work This
  3. DJs Anthem
  4. Born 2 Bounce
  5. Ghetto Funk Baby
  6. The Party
  7. Phenomenal
  8. Can't Get No Better
  9. Slap The Bass
  10. Do The Hump
  11. Knuckle Sandwich VIP
  12. Gangsters
  13. Pop Music
  14. Full Moon
  15. Unbelievable
  16. TUBBS
  17. Work This
  18. DJs Anthem
  19. Born 2 Bounce
  20. Ghetto Funk Baby
  21. The Party
  22. Phenomenal
  23. Can't Get No Better
  24. Slap The Bass
  25. Do The Hump
  26. Knuckle Sandwich VIP
  27. Gangsters
  28. Pop Music
  29. Full Moon
  30. Unbelievable
Gespielt von: Jay Cunning, Fort Knox Five
out of stock $5.69
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