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Mekatune Schallplatten & CDs

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Narni Riddim
Narni Riddim (180 gram marbled vinyl 12")
Cat: MEK 004. Rel: 22 Mar 23
Drum And Bass
Nerni Riddim (5:03)
For The Ladies (5:07)
Review: Pum-pum-pump it up! Following years of unofficial and unauthorised reissues of his material, jungle pioneer M Beat unleashes an official reissue on his own official imprint Mekatune and gets us all shaking our narnis with joy. Every bit as classic and vibesome as it was in 92, 'Narni Riddim' is backed by the super smooth jam 'For The Ladies'. Silky keys, dreamy vocals; this is the blueprint of jungle's most soulful side captured in its foremost form. Incredible.
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 in stock $16.39
Booyaka (12")
Cat: MEK 001LPIJ. Rel: 22 May 24
UK Hardcore
Booyaka (Lion mix) (5:09)
247 (4:13)
Booyaka (Rhino mix) (5:13)
Dance The Night Away (4:39)
Review: Get to know Mekatune, a brand new label from one of jungle music's most influential but enigmatic pioneers - Marlon M Beat. Prior to this, most of the releases of his music have been without his wish and wrought with complications (to the point he left the industry for over 25 years) But Mekatune is a place for his own material on his own terms. Much of which has been unreleased or never been reissued in years. This EP is a great example; 'Booyaka' was his first breakthrough while '247' is a cult classic. Meka moves.
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 in stock $15.85
His Story: Part 1
His Story: Part 1 (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: MEK 001LPAB. Rel: 13 Dec 23
UK Hardcore
Give Me Love (4:36)
Forever (5:02)
Style (Sweet Girl mix) (4:36)
Style (Cool Girl mix) (5:10)
Review: The continued exploration of Marlon Hart's jungle legacy continues apace as Mekatune carries this essential blast from the past. The M-Beat tracks carry that electricity which comes from the breakthrough breakbeat hardcore days, when the ideas took precedence over studio engineering and anything seemed possible. The samples ping around the pitch range, the beats clatter and tumble, and it all sounds absolutely proper. Whether it's the chirpy chipmunk vocal vibes of 'Forever' or the chopped up ragga and mammoth subs of 'Style', this is some of the best gear to come out of that seminal era and the pure swagger of the tracks just can't be replicated in the modern era.
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 in stock $16.91
His Story: Part 2
Cat: MEK 001LPCD. Rel: 29 Feb 24
Drum And Bass
Sess (4:48)
Sess (remix) (4:51)
Peeni Porni (4:53)
Peeni Porni (dub) (4:55)
 in stock $15.85
His Story: Part 3
Cat: MEK 001LPEF. Rel: 19 Mar 24
Drum And Bass
Dark Magnet (mix 1) (4:50)
Dark Magnet (mix 2) (5:06)
Dark Magnet (mix 3) (5:05)
Rough Like Me (5:04)
Review: M Beat's His Story: Part 3 is a collection of his early tracks, originally released in 1993 and now reissued for 2024. The album features the original three mixes of 'Dark Magnet', a classic jungle and hardcore track. Mix 1 is a hard breakbeat track with eerie movie samples and a dark rolling bassline. Mix 2 is a more ragga beat version, bouncy and classic. Lastly, Mix 3 is faster and more ravey. The album also includes 'Rough Like Me', a hard step track with a serious island flavor and an amazing sample from Michael Jackson's 'Human Nature'. The album is a reminder of the golden era of these genres and features some of M Beat's best work.
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 in stock $15.85
Dark Dub
Dark Dub (12")
Cat: MEK 001LPGH. Rel: 26 Apr 24
Drum And Bass
Dark Dub (4:36)
Surrender (3:27)
Rumble (4:09)
Rumble (remix) (4:48)
 in stock $15.33
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