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Cat: LPSR 05. Rel: 14 Sep 18
  1. Let The Soundtrack House You (6:37)
  2. Pivate Freakshow (8:01)
  3. Escaping The Tube (4:08)
  4. Private Freakshow (Benedikt Frey Penalty remix) (6:11)
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  1. Mark Forshaw - "Trouble With My Sines"
  2. The Acid Mercenaries - "In The Smoke"
  3. Drvg Cvltvre - "Hierarchy Of Heritage"
  4. Benedikt Frey - "Gdn" (acid cut)
Review: The in your face bassline of Mark Forshaw's "Trouble With My Sines" gets this third release by the Lopasura label off to a burly, teeth-gritting start. It's like the Emptyset having a disgruntled go at deep house. Panzerkreuz Records' The Acid Mercenaries provide the first of two acid tracks on this various artist EP, and their a woozy, lo-fi "In The Smoke" is dark and long burning, while Benedikt Frey, who provided the label's previous release, delivers a clubby 303 workout with drums and percussion like John Heckle. It's the kicks, the booming, cabbalistic kicks of Drvg Cvltvre's "Hierarchy Of Heritage" though, that really make this EP a delightfully monolithic DJ's weapon.
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Speechless (12")
Cat: LPSR 01. Rel: 14 Jan 13
Deep House
  1. Speechless (feat Anomaly Jonez)
  2. The Same Old Game
  3. Delinquencies
Review: Formerly operating under the Suedmilch and Venedikt Reyf aliases with releases grounded in dub techno that stretch back to 2009, Pforzheim-based producer Benedikt Frey has more recently chosen to adopt an stylistic approach closer to traditional house, appearing on Anton Zap's Ethereal Sounds, Mule Musiq and the esteemed Live At Robert Johnson late last year. Speechless sees the first release for his own imprint, Love Pain Sunshine and Rain, and if future releases are this good it should be a label to watch; the title track combines loose, organic drums with a growling bass and distant diva vocal, smoothly transitioning into a jacking 303 line contrasted by abstract, ethereal chords. It's joined by "The Same Old Game", a dubbier late night jam accented with billowing pads, and "Delinquencies", a trance-inducing number comprised of thick bass, reverb-laden chords, all cut through with sharp hi-hats and bubbling acid lines. All told, this is excellent stuff - fans of innovative deep house in the heady Vakula vein need to check this.
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Cat: LPSR 02. Rel: 10 Jun 13
  1. Seven Corridors
  2. Geranos
  3. Ariadnes Thread
Review: Slowly emergent artist Benedikt Frey has scored releases for labels such as Live At Robert Johnson and Mule Electronic, so that should give you a feel for the kind of grade his deep house productions operate at. Making his second appearance on his own Love Pain Sunshine & Rain imprint, he fuses ranging techno textures with a measured rhythm section, not least on the Morphosis-tinted "Seven Corridors" with its thrilling vistas of melodic grind. "Geranos" is a more aqueous affair, letting vast watercolours of pad bleed into each other while the beat drives things forward. "Adriadnes Thread" is the most laid back of the bunch, letting swathes of synth intone a soothing lullaby of Sunday-minded sonic matter.
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Gespielt von: Steve Mizek, Jose Manuel
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Cat: LPSR 04. Rel: 10 May 16
  1. Out Of The Fog (6:52)
  2. Wolves (5:34)
  3. Lights (7:10)
Review: The mysterious Lopasura imprint claims to be from Fergus Falls, Minnesota; we'll take their word for it for the time being. They're back with another release by Frankfurt hero Benedikt Frey who serves up the Out Of The Fog EP. Following up the rusty hardware house jams of the Ghosts EP for Creme Organisation and the cosmic/industrial textures of The Lobbyist for ESP Institute. This EP features some pretty functional and restrained techno, like on the mental title track! "Wolves" is equally hypnotic and cyclical with its grinding arpeggiations drawing you down into the void. On the flip "Lights" is definitely the most uplifting track with its rich layers of lush pads and glistening melodics made for some proper transcendental therapy on the dancefloor.
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