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The New Backwards (It's In My Blood Edition)
The New Backwards (It's In My Blood Edition) (limited picture disc 3xLP + insert in embossed sleeve)
Cat: AKT 010LP. Rel: 10 Jan 23
Careful What You Wish For (9:11)
AYOR (7:45)
Nature Is A Language (8:08)
Fire Of The Green Dragon (7:44)
Algerian Basses (5:11)
Copacaballa (6:56)
Paint Me As A Dead Soul (6:28)
Backwards (5:28)
Princess Margaret's Man In The D'Jamalfna (8:43)
AYOR (live Pornmod - It's In My Blood - live Geoff) (4:56)
Ambient Basses (Hijack mix 1) (6:11)
Backwards (Dist Vox) (6:52)
Drone Geoff Master (7:04)
Carny Master (7:01)
Drone Skellies (7:04)
Choir Droney Skellies (7:11)
Backwards (live Wip - Fixed Softer Backwards) (8:18)
Review: Perhaps only dedicated avant-garde electronic heads will know about The New Backwards, the final project from the seminal industrial band Coil. But that doesn't make this 2008 masterpiece worthy of this new gory, visceral reissue; far from it. Limited to just 555 copies and splattered with the murderous blood of listeners who didn't survive the album's first incarnation from beginning to end, this one contains 8 additional tracks, including an exclusive live 'work in progress' track ('Backwards'), documenting the many criminally insane production choices Peter Christopherson and co. would make in real time.
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 in stock $58.20
The New Backwards (reissue)
The New Backwards (reissue) (clear vinyl LP limited to 300 copies)
Cat: AKT 11LPCLEAR. Rel: 24 Jan 23
Careful What You Wish For (9:08)
Nature Is A Language (8:02)
Algerian Basses (5:05)
Copacabbala (6:50)
Paint Me As A Dead Soul (6:30)
Backwards (5:23)
 in stock $27.72
Farouk Enjineer
Farouk Enjineer (gatefold 180 gram vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: AKT 05LP. Rel: 07 Mar 22
Jaalor (10:15)
Carcas Fly (5:08)
Tantric Grip (6:56)
Under Saffron (11:24)
New Iraq (5:38)
My Samitra (4:30)
Jaffa Zest (4:31)
Enjineer Farouk (5:11)
Suttee (part 1) (8:20)
Suttee (part 2) (9:27)
! low stock $35.79
Khan Younis (remastered)
Cat: AKT 06LP. Rel: 10 Jan 23
Khan Younis (6:46)
Masawi Wife & Child (version) (7:28)
Khan Younis (remix) (3:21)
Khan Younis (version) (7:00)
Shiva (6:53)
Lion Of Kandahar (Excerpt) (5:05)
Review: The eternally mystical Muslimgauze was as experimental as they come. They turned out a wealth of now cult albums that still sound like very little else out there'd there has been a rather extensive reissue project in the world over the last few years. The next of their albums to get put put in remastered form across various formats is Khan Younis from back in 1993. All fused into the competing tracks that make it up are sounds from the worlds of experimental, ambient, acid house and dub to make for a truly unique listen.
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Gespielt von: Stunty
 in stock $22.33
Intifaxa (2xLP)
Cat: AKT 16LP. Rel: 15 Feb 24
Izzat (10:01)
Dheisha (10:01)
Fatah (10:15)
Khar Khodefi (9:24)
Kirghiz (6:34)
PFLP (10:09)
Ziggurat (10:07)
Fazisi (7:05)
Review: Muslimgauze's Intifaxa has previously only been released on CD and is one of a series of four double albums on the cult Australian label Extreme Music. It's another sublime example of the late experimental artist's ability to blend electronic beats and Middle Eastern influences into a unique fusion of sound that is part underground house and part psychedelic trance music. Released posthumously, the album transports listeners into a world of hypnotic rhythms, intricate percussion, and haunting melodies. The tracks are awash with modulated field recordings and tribal grooves that make for a transcendental and immersive listen all while showcasing Muslimgauze's vision and innovative approach to production.
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 in stock $43.05
United States Of Islam
Cat: AKT 17. Rel: 10 Apr 24
United States Of Islams (part 1) (9:39)
Xiao (11:34)
Red Crescent (part 1) (10:03)
Muslims Of China (12:11)
Red Crescent (part 2) (10:10)
United States Of Islams (part 2) (9:26)
Red Crescent (part 3) (10:19)
Salaam Mecca (9:44)
 in stock $42.25
Citadel (2xLP)
Cat: AKT 19.
coming soon $33.64
Zul'm (2xLP with obi-strip)
Cat: AKT 18. Rel: 10 Jun 24
Fakir (8:42)
Curfew, Gaza (10:46)
Afghan Black (9:08)
Indian Summer Of Benazir Bhutto (9:04)
Teheran Via Train (8:06)
Shiva Hooka (6:30)
Teheran Via Train (Departure mix) (5:38)
Exit Afganistan (9:12)
Shiva Hooka (1000 Nights mix) (6:22)
Bhutto (radio Rabbat remix) (3:55)
 in stock $35.51
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