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Ice City

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Cat: ICR 001. Rel: 10 Aug 17
  1. Silver Satin (5:22)
  2. Runaway Love (4:58)
Review: Outside of record collecting circles, few have heard of Axis's 1984 cut "Silver Satin" - though given that it was only ever released as a private press single (some 200 or so copies were apparently pressed), that's hardly surprising. Here, new record label Ice City gives it the reissue treatment. The track is a brilliantly spacey chunk of slap-bass propelled, P-funk era boogie full of eyes closed guitar solos, impassioned vocals and swirling synthesizer chords. On the flipside you'll find a previously unreleased track, "Runaway Love", which was written, produced and performed by main main Byron Bordeaux in 1986. Closer to '80s soul but with guitars and bass reminiscent of electrofunk-era jazz-funk jams, it's almost better than the A-side, and that's saying something. In other words, this is an essential reissue.
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Cat: ICR 002. Rel: 24 May 18
  1. Come Together (ICR remix) (4:39)
  2. Come Together (4:38)
Review: The Icy City imprint comes roaring through with their second EP to date, an absolutely killer amalgamation of boogie sounds from the warmth and depth of analogue instruments. Reggie Grantham and The New Generation take it back to 1985, bubbling up the airwaves with nothing but raw percussion and steaming basslines, reminding us of the best electro output from the golden era. "Come Together" should surely be seen as a future classic and, of course, as the sort of killer that you keep in the DJ bag at all times! Sensational stuff.
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Oooh Baby (7") (1 per customer)
Cat: ICR 003. Rel: 25 Apr 19
  1. Oooh Baby (3:40)
  2. Only The Lonely Know (3:38)
Review: Crate digging soul sorts Ice City Records continue to unearth gems and offer them up to the heads at reasonable prices. Pamoja's "Oooh, Baby" is considered by many diggers to be one of the greatest "crossover soul" records ever. It's certainly one of the most rare, with original copies of the 1975 private press seven-inch that contained it frequently selling for hundreds of pounds online. The track itself remains a sun-kissed gem, with sweet vocals and glistening jazz guitar riffs wrapped around warm bass and bustling funk drums. Curiously, first time around it was merely the B-side to tearful soul ballad "Only The Lonely Know", which here is given another airing on the flipside. It's good, but nowhere near as potent as "Oooh, Baby".
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Ice City
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