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Broken Sunlight Series 6
Broken Sunlight Series 6 (clear vinyl 10")
Cat: HPR 006. Rel: 11 Dec 12
  1. Don't Play Around (feat Aloe Blacc & Charles Bradley - main)
  2. Don't Play Around (instrumental mix)
  3. Tough Break
  4. Don't Play Around (acappella)
Review: Nu Mark's been teasing his fans since May, releasing selected cuts from his new album Broken Sunlight in coloured vinyl 10" instalments. With the attention reaching fever pitch, he's unleashed one of the biggest cuts on the LP. Hooking up with the dollar-hungry Aloe Blacc, it's a horn-heaving slice of hip-hop funk that pushes all the right buttons. "Tough Break" is a double-time deal sealer. With more horns and a frenetic rhythm, it's Nu Mark at his very best. Essential.
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 in stock $15.12
Pass The Courvoisier (reissue)
Cat: F HPR 17. Rel: 11 Apr 22
Hip Hop/R&B
  1. Pass The Courvoisier (feat Full Crate) (3:20)
  2. It's Bigger Than Hip-Hop (3:29)
Review: This one flew off the shelves so quickly, it's back in stock for a reissue in the very same year in which it was first released. Hot Plate Records owner and former Jurassic 5 DJ, Nu Mark, is no less prolific when it comes to his solo material, exercising his ability to draw in impromptu supergroups for mesmerising funk one-offs. For 'Pass The Courvoisier', Nu Mark enlisted a boorish band of fellow musicians, including Full Crate and Hassan Miniawa, to take the reigns on a strange selection of international instruments - from oud, to flugelhorn, to straws and nay - for an odd yet no less beguiling Pharrell Williams cover. On this reissue, though, it's revealed another cover was born of the same session: a X interpretation of Dead Prez' 'It's Bigger Than Hip-Hop'.
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 in stock $14.11
Hot In Herre (reissue)
Cat: FHPR 19. Rel: 22 Sep 21
  1. Hot In Herre (feat The Traffic) (4:04)
  2. Ain't No Fun (If The Homies Can't Have None) (feat Jungle Fire) (3:06)
 in stock $14.88
Everybody Everybody (reissue)
Cat: FHPR 18. Rel: 11 Jun 22
  1. Everybody Everybody (feat Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band) (4:03)
  2. Break Ya Neck (feat Danny Drive Thru) (3:46)
Review: As the man behind so many of the beats for Jurassic 5, not to mention an in-demand producer in many other places, Nu Mark has got chops for days. Roaming free on his own Hot Plate label, last year's Run For Cover was loaded with crisp, seriously funkified gems, and now two of the best have been pressed up as a tidy 7" for all those who love their platters compact. On the A side, 'Everybody Everybody' throws some tropical tones and exuberant organs into the blender with tough boom bap and plenty more besides, making for one sunny blast of a tune. On the flip Danny Drive Thru pops by to add some irreverent vocal madness into the mix on 'Break Ya Neck'.
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 in stock $14.88
Creme De La Crate
Creme De La Crate (limited 2xLP)
Cat: HPR 21DLP. Rel: 31 May 22
  1. Drum Tools (7:05)
  2. Drum Loops 1 (6:08)
  3. Drum Loops 2 (5:41)
  4. Melodic Song Starters (1:59)
  5. Guitar Chords 1 (3:11)
  6. Guitar Chords 2 (4:13)
  7. Guitar Chords 3 (3:20)
  8. Instrumental Loops 1 (6:54)
  9. Instrumental Loops 2 (11:10)
  10. Instrumental Loops 3 (2:41)
  11. Instrumental Loops 4 (18:23)
Review: DJ Nu Mark is best known as one of the producers for West Coast hip-hop heroes Jurassic 5, but he keeps himself busy outside of those duties with a devoted studio practice in search of killer grooves by any means necessary. Last year he created the Creme De La Crate pack for use in Ableton Live, using vintage recording techniques and years of studio prowess to deliver heavyweight drum hits, breaks, loops and fills. Now he's committed some of those sounds to wax, giving turntablists something to get busy with if they like to do things the good old way. Here's hoping we get to see some seriously skilled jugglers creating patchwork delights from these dope beats and breaks.
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 in stock $43.37
Groove Is In The Heart (reissue)
Cat: HPR 22. Rel: 19 Apr 22
  1. Groove Is In The Heart (2:57)
  2. U Know What's Up (3:12)
Review: DJ Nu-Mark brings the skills once again with his latest 7". The acclaimed DJ and producer mixes up funk, dance and hip hop here and with Lonely Boy offers a fresh new take on a well known Deee-Lite classic. The trombone form the original is well suited to ape the original whole; the vocals remain intact as broad brass sounds and big fat drums all add weight and power. Flip it over and you will find a new version of another stone cold great - Donell Jones' 'U Know What's Up'. Here it becomes a shiny synth pop cover with vocoder vocals.
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Gespielt von: Voodoocuts, Marc Hype, 45 Live
 in stock $14.11
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