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Hot Creations

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Skate Dancer
Cat: HOTC 162. Rel: 14 Jan 21
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Skate Dancer (5:52)
  2. Skate Dancer (Patrick Topping remix) (5:31)
 in stock $11.11
Baewatch (12")
Cat: HOTC 171. Rel: 05 May 21
Deep House
  1. Baewatch (6:09)
  2. Aphrodites (6:18)
Review: Hot Creations is doing a fine job of re-establishing itself with an updated sound. There is still a sense of funk and plenty of accessible hooks to what they do, but now it's a little less creamy and more gritty. This new one from Joseph Edmund is a case in point. 'Baewatch' has a textbook Hot Creations bassline but crashing 80s hits and retro stabs as well as a playful female vocal. 'Aphrodites' is an all out minimalistic after party gem. The pads are warped, the vocals are mired in weird effects and the whole thing has a freaky vibe.
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 in stock $11.39
Activator (12")
Cat: HOTC 124. Rel: 01 Nov 18
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Activator (6:28)
  2. Pleasure Beat (6:47)
 in stock $10.29
Handy Work
Cat: HOTC 178. Rel: 07 Oct 21
Deep House
  1. Handy Work (6:39)
  2. Mind Meld With Spock (6:53)
  3. Sunday In Paris (5:25)
Review: Hot Creations remains a big label for boss man Jamie Jones. It's had its detractors over the years but has now reinvented itself in the tech house world with robust drums and characterful samples that appeal to big crowds. It's Jones who takes the reins here with the oversized kicks of 'Handy Work' opening up the EP in arresting fashion. 'Mind Meld With Spock' is a techno cut with lashings of synth and a catchy bassline phrase then he flips the vibe entirely for the zoned out and metropolitan, sax-laced deep house sounds of 'Sunday In Paris.'
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Gespielt von: No-e
 in stock $12.22
Clap Your Hands
Cat: HOTC 175. Rel: 30 Jul 21
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Clap Your Hands (5:11)
  2. Clap Your Hands (East End dubs remix) (7:02)
 in stock $12.22
Less Is More
Cat: HOTC 181. Rel: 12 Nov 21
Deep House
  1. Less Is More (6:37)
  2. Quick One (6:14)
  3. We Will Never Hear (6:51)
 in stock $12.22
A List
A List (12")
Cat: HOTC 179. Rel: 14 Oct 21
Deep House
  1. A-List (4:46)
  2. Fleek (5:43)
  3. Get It (5:15)
Gespielt von: No-e
 in stock $12.22
You Need It
Cat: HOTC 182. Rel: 25 Nov 21
Deep House
  1. You Need It (6:28)
  2. You Need It (Harry Romero remix) (5:42)
  3. You Need It (Miane remix) (5:58)
 in stock $12.22
Tease (12")
Cat: HOTC 161. Rel: 23 Nov 20
Funky/Club House
  1. Tease (feat Kyozo) (5:36)
  2. Smack (5:59)
! low stock $11.39
Vibewise EP
Cat: HOTC 180. Rel: 19 Nov 21
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Roll On (7:17)
  2. Papermill (6:35)
  3. Vibewise (6:27)
Gespielt von: Rich NxT, No-e
 in stock $11.95
My Father In Ibiza 1988
Cat: HOTC 176. Rel: 24 Aug 21
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Hygge (5:55)
  2. Don't Mess (6:12)
 in stock $12.22
Parallax EP
Cat: HOTC 119. Rel: 19 Jul 18
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Parallax (6:04)
  2. Dimension (6:26)
  3. Dimension (DJ Skull remix) (8:15)
Gespielt von: Luuk van Dijk
 in stock $10.29
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