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Hamam House

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Cat: HAMMAMHOUSE 02. Rel: 26 Jul 17
  1. Fattish - "Gel Seher" (5:38)
  2. Kozmonotosman - "Helvacoi" (4:29)
  3. Kurtadam - "Soz Yok" (5:56)
  4. Tokyo Matt - "Pi Po Pa Editsu" (6:38)
Review: Disco Hamam's Hamam House launched in 2014 and they've left us hanging at a lonely taverna table ever since... Knowing the party would warm up once again. Three years later, it truly has an a largely Turkish collective lay down a supreme collection of eastern funk trips. Fattish's "Gel Seher" adds a little swaggering house beat beneath the soaring vocals and strings, Kozmonotosman gets mischievous with a loose-string twang jam while Kurt Adam enshroud us with a strangely percussed subverted lounge ballad. Tokyo Matt takes a final roll of the dice with a tropical finale laced with fretless bass finesse.
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Cat: HAMAMHOUSE 03. Rel: 03 Jan 18
  1. Djinn (Jonny Rock remix) (7:26)
  2. Djinn (Jonny Rock dub) (6:33)
Review: For this latest instalment in the ongoing Hamam House series, label chief Jonny Rock has not looked to the disco era for inspiration. Instead, he's turned his attention to "Djinn", a cut from the 2015 debut album by Lebanese indie-rockers Mashrou' Leila. Rock's revisions are, naturally, vastly different to the original version, with the vocal-laden Remix sitting somewhere between early '80s proto-house, a club ready take on new wave and sleazy electronic disco. In contrast, the dub is a little closer to Italo-disco in feel, though the delay-laden drum hits and bubbly, lo-fi electronics still feel closer to both sparse proto-house and stylish post-punk synth-pop. Either way, these are excellent reworks from the former Music For Freaks man.
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Cat: HAMAMHOUSE 01. Rel: 28 Apr 15
  1. Sevmek Istiyorum (9:10)
  2. Alamooga (6:58)
  3. Denizalti Ruzgarlari (7:34)
Review: The talents of Basel-based producer and selector Mehmet Aslan have been brought to wider attention by Huntleys & Palmers and their edits offshoot Highlife, and it's nice to see him popping up elsewhere as a result. This three track 12" sees Aslan inaugurating the Hamman House label under the MMT handle and updating some rare and strange Turkish disco for the contemporary dancefloors. As his Highlife Edits proved, Aslan is a canny hand at reworking track and these recuts are reminiscent of Ivan Smagghe's respected efforts. Our pick is the breathless lazer heavy discotheque jammer "Alamooga" but all three versions are superb.
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Hamam House 4 (12" Nachpressung)
Cat: HAMAMHOUSE 04. Rel: 05 Nov 19
  1. Turkish Delight (7:17)
  2. Disco Boulette (6:36)
  3. Marmaris (7:42)
  4. Berka Beat (5:48)
Review: Gassed up on the most cosmic of eastern sweets, N Gynn got our motors running with this immense four-tracker before the summer. It's been so well received this is the second run and it still sounds just as delicious. Each cut packing bulbous basslines, all polished up with rich mystic sheens, we kick off with the technicolour whirligig that is "Turkish Delight" where things get juicier and juicier the more the bassline cuts through. The same can be said for "Disco Boulette" where the groove takes even more of a cosmic turn. Flip for more rhythm based tracks as "Marmaris" layers up the drum machines amid the dusky textures and "Berka Beat" goes all out acid b-boy. Delightful.
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Hamam House
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