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Full Pupp Norway

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Full Pupp Norway

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Blackbelt Andersen
Cat: FPCD 002X. Rel: 26 Feb 09
  1. Lordag Del 1
  2. Sondag
  3. Sirup
  4. Mamma
  5. Nattmanover
  6. Ditrait
  7. Kuk Av Stal
  8. November
  9. Sandoz
  10. Lordag Del 2
Gespielt von: Mudd, Maelstrom
 in stock $18.28
Be A Man You Ant
Cat: FPLP 009. Rel: 08 May 13
  1. Be A Man You Ant
  2. Reidars Theme
  3. Aegis
  4. Libra
  5. Sille Sortie
  6. I Am Square
  7. Second Steepest
Review: Full Pupp invite you into the world of another aspiring homegrown talent with the cheekily titled Be A Man You Ant, the debut album from the unheralded Andre Bratten.. The Oslo-based artist is a product of his Scandinavian environment of synth pop and disco, churning out his seven-track Be A Man You Ant LP in the same studio space as Norway's production royals Lindstrom, Todd Terje and Prins Thomas. Citing the likes of Led Zeppelin, Royksopp, Metro Area and Brian Eno as inspirations, Bratten limited much of his production on Be A Man You Ant to one modular synthesiser. Relishing the constraints imposed on him, Bratten sculpts a varied array of squelches and gurgles alongside neon melodies and thrumming drum machines. A welcome addition to the Full Pupp cause!
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Gespielt von: ROTCIV, Marius Circus, Patlac
 in stock $23.14
Try New Things
Cat: FPLP 014. Rel: 03 Jul 19
  1. Ultrafine (1:30)
  2. 1 More Day 2 Play (4:46)
  3. Adult Land #6 (5:23)
  4. NFO Love Song (5:38)
  5. We Live In Melas Chasma, Baby (3:56)
  6. Afterparty At Andrew's (4:59)
  7. 1.4 CC (3:01)
  8. EFnet Sober (live At Sapphire '98) (5:54)
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 in stock $12.20
Full Pupp 15 Years Part 3 EP
  1. Iben Elster - "Kong" (Ibens Overdub) (6:13)
  2. Magnus International - "Sitronsyre" (Prins Thomas mix) (5:45)
  3. Skatebard - "Bim Bam" (5:54)
  4. Wild Flowers - "Magic Johnson" (6:30)
 in stock $12.00
Full Pupp 15 Years Part 4
  1. Frantzvaag - "Soft" (7:06)
  2. Velferd - "Returning" (6:50)
  3. Jarle Brathen - "Vaguely Wavey" (6:25)
  4. Kalle Magnus & Daniel - "Ny, Lang" (Prins Thomas edit) (6:33)
Review: Prins Thomas' Full Pupp imprint turns 15 years old and has marked the occasion by inviting old and new friends to contribute a track each. It's definitely a local affair on the A side, with Mats Frantzvaag (Fuck Reality) serving up the glassy-eyed and bittersweet bliss of ''Soft', followed by Geir Hermansen aka Velferd who takes you on a neon-lit night drive on "Returning". On the flip, we have some seductive mood music courtesy of Jarle Brathen who presents 'Vaguely Wavey' with its hands-in-the-air piano power, and closing it out is boss man Prins Thomas' edit of Kalle Magnus & Daniel's low slung slo-mo disco groove 'Ny, Lang'.
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 in stock $12.56
Ensom Kraft
Ensom Kraft (12" + MP3 download code)
Cat: FP 073. Rel: 16 Sep 20
Deep House
  1. Landing (6:11)
  2. Skandinavis (6:36)
  3. Hus (4:33)
  4. Get A Way (4:33)
  5. Unite (4:26)
 in stock $14.85
Lullaby To A Never Ending Sunset
Cat: FP 068. Rel: 11 Mar 20
  1. Lazerstralen (5:26)
  2. Lullaby To A Never Ending Sunset (6:55)
  3. The Dead Don't Dance (4:53)
  4. Broken Dreams & An Empty Bank Account (7:30)
 in stock $11.42
Vegator EP
Vegator EP (12")
Cat: FP 065. Rel: 02 Oct 19
  1. Vegator (5:48)
  2. Disco, Whorehouse & A Barbershop (4:32)
  3. They Look At Stars (5:11)
  4. East Of Yava (6:06)
Gespielt von: Piers Harrison
 in stock $11.42
Prins Thomas II
Cat: FPCD 008. Rel: 25 Oct 12
Deep House
  1. Bobletekno (Permiks)
  2. Symfonisk Utviklingshemming
  3. Bom Bom
  4. Tjukkas Pa Karussel
  5. Bobletekno
  6. Flau Pappadans 1
  7. Sot Klot
  8. Sur Svie
Review: Since playing a starring role (often alongside old pal Hans-Peter Lindstrom) in the Norwegian space disco and Scandolearic movements of the mid 2000s, Prins Thomas has wandered off in all sorts of different directions, filling his first solo LP with Krautrock-inspired darkness. This second solo album displays some of the same influences (see the post punk bass and dark percussive builds of "Peppadans 1"), while moving back towards the sound with which he made his name. It's an interesting mix, all told, encompassing intense, paranoid moods ("Bobletekno (Permiks)"), sparse percussive workouts ("Bom Bom"), and shimmering Scandolearic builders (the how do you pronounce "Symfonisj Utviklingschemming"), all wrapped up in his trademark prog rock-influenced production.
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 in stock $14.88
Full Pupp 15 Years Part 2
  1. Telephones - "Betongbonus" (8:48)
  2. Marius Vareid - "Acidus" (5:37)
  3. Christian Engh - "Schmoo" (6:12)
  4. Mental Overdrive - "Day" (Prins Thomas mix) (6:17)
Review: The cult and iconic Full Pupp label has been at the vanguard of the Scadi-sound for 15 years now. From indie licked to cosmic disco via melodic house and deep techno, the label has its own take on everything and this second anniversary marking EP is another rich gem. Telephones open with a humid jam that blurts genre-borders, Marius Vareid goes beautifully deep and late night on "Acidus" with its gently braking waves lit only by the moon, and Christian Engh pumps the party with his punchy and trippy "Schmoo". The boss himself Prins Thomas comes through with a disco house heater to close the party with style.
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 in stock $12.56
Ramma EP
Ramma EP (12")
Cat: FP 074.
Deep House
  1. Bommelom
  2. Rukenissens Hevn (Trym Sovdsnes remix)
  3. Tom Rull
coming soon $11.42
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Full Pupp Norway
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