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Frustrated Funk Holland

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Cat: FR 023. Rel: 07 Dec 12
  1. First Descent
  2. Bluetooth Clone
  3. Submanouvers
  4. Frostbite
 in stock $9.28
Cat: FR 031. Rel: 01 Feb 18
  1. Mind Racer (interlude) (0:56)
  2. Lyle At Dawn (6:23)
  3. Ektes (5:12)
  4. Time For (4:50)
Review: Seattle-based producer Chris Roman has been an active contributor to the international electro scene for well over a decade but has found renewed vigour since he began to operate under the 214 alias. A 2010 debut on Andrea Parker's Touchin Bass label introduced 214 and since then Roman has racked up releases for Car Crash Set, Harbour City Sorrow and its parent label Frustrated Funk. Ahead of a second 214 album due on Shipwrec, Roman lands back on Frustrated Funk for the Lyle At Dawn 12". Those electro fans who like their music to be a bit twisted and abstract will be all over this four tracker with the title cut and "Ektes" particular highlights. A fine precursor to Roman's upcoming album.
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Cat: FR 035. Rel: 22 Sep 16
  1. Miami Nights (6:13)
  2. Minds Alike (A Tribute) (6:29)
  3. Programs On The Move (6:25)
out of stock $9.28
Cat: FR 038. Rel: 25 Jul 17
  1. Vohx Continues (V1) (5:49)
  2. Kord Port (V2) (5:53)
  3. Drapse Harmonic (5:55)
out of stock $9.53
Cat: FR 034. Rel: 04 May 16
  1. MKS-50_01 (5:50)
  2. MKS-50_02 (5:29)
  3. MKS-50_03 (5:21)
  4. MKS-50_04 (4:46)
Review: Bitstream legend Steve Conner brings his Adapta alias on Holland's mighty Frustrated Funk with the four-track MKS-50 12" a homage to vintage Roland synthesizer of the same name. Fans of those prized Adapta releases on Brutalist Sunset will be pleased to hear the MKS-50 12" continues Conner's forage through rugged, improvised electro rhythms and displays his undoubted mastery of the Roland machine. Summed up by Frustrated Funk as "tracks created with technology from the past, aimed for the future," what shines through is the range Conner achieves across the four tracks. Opener "MKS-50_01" fizzes with chaotic energy, whilst subsequent tracks square the focus on basslines or conjuring up vast swells of rhythmic noise. Final track "MKS-50_04" snaps the hardest though!
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out of stock $9.01
Cat: FR 006. Rel: 17 Feb 05
  1. Sigmunds Day Out
  2. Junkie Bastard
  3. Flo 713
Review: Uptempo rocking dancefloor tracks, with dark driving basslines and glitchy sounds going all over the place. You know the deal, no bull-shit. Just serious hydraulic electro-techno tracks for the mentally unstable.
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out of stock $8.47
  1. Casamba
  2. Power Influctuation
  3. The Future Of Xanex
  4. Xanex Traveling Through Borders
  5. Oohran
  6. Eye To The Telescope
  7. The Light Of Lights
  8. The Future Of Xanex (Gurner edit)
  9. Hebre National Salami
  10. Sonic Sunrise
  11. Intrusion Of Venus
  12. Switches Drawers & Washing Machines
Gespielt von: Alex Downey
out of stock $16.96
Cat: FR 009. Rel: 24 Mar 06
  1. Welcome To My World (feat Rei Loci)
  2. Reality Check
  3. Complete Direction
Review: How much frustration can you handle. This is Frustrated Funk in full effect. Raw frantic haunted electro tracks by UK's biggest techno talent. Dark basements full of smoke and strobe light and rocking Frustrated funk tracks and it won't take long before the sweat will comes down the walls. Raw electro-techno energy like Underground Resistance.
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Gespielt von: Roman Filippov
out of stock $9.53
Morpheusis (12")
Cat: FR 003. Rel: 16 Apr 04
  1. Morpheusis
  2. Error Message 1
Review: No bull-shit. Serious hydraulic electro-techno for the frustrated mind.
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out of stock $9.53
Switch Holo (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: FR 044. Rel: 16 Nov 18
  1. Stream Philter (5:44)
  2. Screens (3:08)
  3. Tactic (5:09)
  4. Switch Holo (5:09)
Gespielt von: Ste Roberts, Tripeo, Ali Renault, 214
out of stock $9.28
Cat: FR 011. Rel: 25 May 06
  1. Photographic Photogenic
  2. Interstellar Space
  3. Galaxy
  4. Mystery Speaker
Review: From unknown source another great piece of electronic music. At first sight the forefathers of modern electronic dance music "Kraftwerk" seem to be more than present, but Blackploid have developed their very own sound aesthetic. Blackploid delivers 4 stylish tracks which are just plain classics for the future.
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Cat: FR 045. Rel: 22 Feb 19
  1. Track 1 (11:24)
  2. Track 2 (5:55)
  3. Track 3 (7:10)
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Programmed Memories
Cat: FR 048. Rel: 10 Jun 19
  1. Programmed Memories
  2. Rhythm Device
coming soon TBA
Desolate Void (light blue vinyl 12")
Cat: FR 019LTD. Rel: 14 Sep 11
  1. Desolate Void (intro)
  2. Genetic Code
  3. Desolate Void
  4. Data Stream
  5. Desolate Void (outro)
Review: Rotterdam label Frustrated Funk kick off a new series of strictly limited, hand numbered and hand printed releases with the focus on mid 90s lo-fi body music icon David Kempston, more specifically the rippling dark electro he made as Clatterbox. Regardless of whether or not you are familiar with the Clatterbox output on labels such as Clear and Evolution, this material will definitely pique the fancy of those always willing to take a punt on output from labels such as FF, Creme and Bunker. The five tracks here are supposedly previously unreleased material that Frustrated Funk have had in their archives for far too long and sees the droney title track unfold in three distinct movements. The other two tracks are familiar demented Clatterbox tackle, razor sharp dystopian electro jams that sound just as potent as current purveyors.
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Gespielt von: Sync 24
out of stock $9.53
Cat: FR 0192018. Rel: 25 Jan 18
  1. Desolate Void (intro) (1:36)
  2. Genetic Code (4:48)
  3. Desolate Void (4:54)
  4. Data Stream (7:07)
  5. Desolate Void (outro) (1:38)
out of stock $9.81
Cat: FR 004R. Rel: 13 Jul 17
  1. Dance Floor (4:06)
  2. Let's Bang (5:18)
  3. Shake Your Body (5:18)
  4. Let Yo Body Rock (4:08)
Gespielt von: Stojche, Mark Forshaw, N-TER
out of stock $9.53
Cat: FR 015. Rel: 16 Apr 08
  1. The Giant Returns
  2. In Darkness
  3. Under Current
Review: Frustrated Funk brings you 'The Giant Returns' from Dcast Dynamics. Hiding behind the enigmatic Dcast Dynamics moniker is our favourite Shad T. Scott, maybe better known as Gosub. The well known Miami based artist once again joins forces with the Frustrations department to drop one of his best outings ever. These experiments go deep. Way deep. Melancholic melodies drowning in running tape delays, wobbling analog pulses that seem to come from beyond the aquatic triangle. Dcast Dynamics continues to explore where The Other People left off.

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out of stock $8.47
Cat: FR 015R. Rel: 21 Mar 18
  1. The Giant Returns (8:06)
  2. In Darkness (6:38)
  3. Under Current (6:51)
Review: More Harbour City Sorrow from the Frustrated Funk crew. The Rotterdam based label now presenting a reissue a decade on of Dcast Dynamics' The Giant Returns. This is a lesser known alias of Miami electro legend Shad Thomas Scott - who some of you may know of from his work as Gosub, Metal Beat or Phrunt in addition running the hugely underrated Isophlux imprint. From the noir-ish Dopplereffekt vibe of the title track, to the slowly submerging/deeply aquatic vibe of the lush "Under Current", Scott's classic works are still relevant as ever in today's newfound love of the electro sound.
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Gespielt von: Dmitry Distant
out of stock $9.81
Mxyzptik (12")
Cat: FR 002/CLONE X17.5. Rel: 24 Mar 06
  1. Mxyzptik
  2. Der Tonimpulstest
  3. Formenverwandler
  4. Die Dammerung Von Nanotech
Gespielt von: Cardopusher, Conforce
out of stock $7.41
Cat: FR 016. Rel: 16 Apr 08
  1. Cherenkov Radiation
  2. Quasar
  3. Rioche Limit (V3)
  4. Roche Limit (V2)
Review: Frustrated Funk is the chosen medium to release the next phase in Dataphysix's research and experimentation of electromagnetic radiation. 'Cherenkov Radiation' is 4 takes of electromagnetic waves that are constricted to travel trough different sequences. This is the universe of Der Zyklus, the evolution and experimentation of electro physics that never seem to stop. Highly recommended
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Gespielt von: Lerosa
out of stock $9.53
Omakuda EP (12")
Cat: FR 040. Rel: 19 Apr 18
  1. 100 Leaves (7:17)
  2. 100 Beats (4:17)
  3. Flowers (8:44)
 in stock $9.28
Mentiroso (12")
Cat: FR 005W. Rel: 18 Nov 09
  1. Mentiroso
  2. Track 2
  3. Puertas Del Infierno
  4. Track 4
  5. La Ramera
  6. Track 6
out of stock $10.59
Waterproof Theory (limited clear vinyl 12" in hand-stamped sleeve)
Cat: FR 028LTD. Rel: 03 Jul 14
  1. Vocal Intro
  2. Waterproof Theory
  3. Dazzling Tiber
  4. In The Mouth Of Symmetry
Review: Heinrich Dressel is the alias of Italian producer Valerio Lombardozzi, known for his work on labels like Mannequin, MinimalRome and now Frustrated Funk. His debut for the influential Dutch electro label sees him provide two electro tracks and two synth-heavy experimental excursions, first of which is the Goblin-esque "Vocal Intro". The fun begins with the title-track, a playful piece of snare snapping, kooky electro. "Dazzling Timbre" provides another soundtrack to an Italian horror movie never made with music that would fit a distorted dream sequence while "In The Mouth Of Symmetry" is exactly what you'd expect: frustrated funk.
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out of stock $10.59
Pith (12")
Cat: FR 024. Rel: 07 Mar 13
  1. Luctu
  2. Tuga
  3. Pith
Review: Yes! Gerard Hanson returns to Frustrated Funk for more worthy Event Related Potential output! The celebrated rooftop alligator wrestler from Texas operates under numerous aliases - Convexation, Syne Language and Time Light Curve among them - but ERP is our favourite at Juno HQ, more so when it arrives via the superb Frustrated Funk label. Renowned for his emotive strings, Hanson brandishes them in abundance on Pith with lead track "Luctu" all about his compositional skills, as he orchestrates various melodic arrangements without losing sight of the funk. On the flip "Tuga" plays out like a charming ode to electro's classicisms as rasping 808s combine sublimely with the deviant analogue bass as Hanson works his string laden magic. It's left to the final title track for Hanson to adopt a pensive, more contemplative tone which contrasts nicely with the music that preceded it.
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out of stock $9.28
Vox Automaton (vinyl 12")
Cat: FR 014. Rel: 04 Oct 07
  1. Vox Automaton
  2. Never Play
  3. Perfume Persuasion
Review: Repress! Gerard Hanson (aka Convextion, aka ERP) comes with one of his best records - "Vox Automaton". This is more electro influenced than his "Down Low" and "Frantic Flowers" outings. This is the shit for everyone owning a model 500 record or a bunch of Underground Resistance or Derxicya vinyl. ERP stays true to his own sound and doesn't just copy his hero's.
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out of stock $8.22
Cat: FR 024R. Rel: 03 Nov 16
  1. Luctu (5:46)
  2. Tuga (5:39)
  3. Pith (6:18)
Gespielt von: Le Chocolat Noir
out of stock $9.28
FR DPX (coloured vinyl 12")
Cat: FR DPX. Rel: 17 May 19
  1. ERP - "ZRX" (5:24)
  2. Duplex - "Molecular" (Ovatow Reclock) (8:08)
Review: Frustrated Funk's latest missive boasts cuts from two of electro's most reliable artists: Convextion man Gerard Hanson (under the deep electro E.R.P. guise) and Rotterdam scene stalwarts Duplex. Hanson handles the A-side, delivering a punchy, club-ready electro workout rich in intergalactic electronics, Egyptian Lover style synth flourishes and restless drum machine cowbells. Interestingly, it's a far bolder and retro-futurist affair than we've come to expect from the dreamy and emotion-rich E.R.P. project. Ironically, Duplex's atmospheric and spacey "Molecular (Ovatow Reclock)" is undeniably deep and sumptuous, matching Hanson's most melodious and evocative moments.
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Gespielt von: DJ Glow / Populist
out of stock $9.53
  1. Figuras Frustradas - "Psychic Vacuum"
  2. Pametex - "Laque"
  3. Cosmic Force - "The Electric Vision"
  4. Blue Villa People - "REM"
Review: Frustrated Figures, Pametex, Cosmic Force and Blue Villa People bringing you true electro tracks for your frustrated mind.
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out of stock $8.47
The Message Carriers (limited green vinyl 12")
Cat: FR 022LTD. Rel: 06 Jun 12
  1. Psychic Gateway
  2. The Message Carriers
  3. King & Queen
  4. Illuminations
  5. Para-Optique
  6. Vault Of The Adepts (Re-Definition)
  7. Wide-Eyed
out of stock $9.81
Cat: FR 008. Rel: 03 Nov 05
  1. Earth Recompile
  2. Low Volume Lovers
  3. Lost In Our Ways
  4. Waking Up
Review: Beautiful, dramatic and melancholic set of 4 tracks. Kind of reminds us of the Other Peoples place or some Drexciya tracks. Absolutely very much recommended. Check the sounds!
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out of stock $8.47
I Fall To Pieces (limited 12")
Cat: FR 017W. Rel: 22 Jul 09
  1. I Fall To Pieces
  3. Central Do Hasbeens
  4. Bommewerper
out of stock $10.59
Cat: FR 033. Rel: 23 Mar 16
  1. Someone Else Is Living At Her House Now (11:33)
  2. We Will Be There Yesterday (5:25)
  3. Approaching (2:50)
  4. Time Stood Still While We Changed (5:43)
out of stock $8.75
Phantasmo Obscuro (orange vinyl 12")
Cat: FR 021LTD. Rel: 11 Apr 12
  1. Nyanserna
  2. Coincidentia Oppositorum
  3. Saton
  4. Die Transzendente Funktion
  5. Exercitia Spiritualia
Gespielt von: IRON BLU
out of stock $10.55
Cat: FR 032. Rel: 03 Feb 16
  1. Life Out Of Balance (9:33)
  2. It's You (9:23)
  3. Out From Under (5:40)
Review: First surfacing back in 2006 on UK IDM label SCSI-AV, the Lost Trax project has allegedly been a platform for any number of artists to produce under the cloak of anonymity, all identity shorn so the focus remains on the music. After a clutch of 12"s for Tabernacle at the turn of the decade, Lost Trax was reactivated last year with a contribution to a Shipwrec 12" and now migrates to Rotterdam's finest, Frustrated Funk. On the opening title track, "Life Out Of Balance," Lost Trax display a nervous fidgety energy and a looseness in execution that will sound quite thrilling on the dancefloor, whilst "It's You" is a muddy yet heavenly cut that will appeal to fans of Terekke. Closer "Out From Under" finds crystalline electro rhythms caked in thick tape hiss too.
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 in stock $9.28
Pmtx004 (12")
Cat: FR 001R. Rel: 08 Dec 15
  1. Laque (3:35)
  2. Slowcrash (4:10)
  3. Hidden (unreleased version) (4:08)
Review: Melvin White has been releasing limited sets of EP's since the late 1990s, back when he was helping Holland's Clone get off their feet with some rocking electro joints from outer space. We haven't seen him in a while, but here he is out of nowhere with a fiery three - tracker for the excellent Frustrated Funk imprint. "Laque" is a gnarly, distorted face melter of a tune with a grizzly backdrop of Drexciyan noise, while "Slowcrash" is smoother and funkier, but nonetheless moody. There's also an unreleased version of "Hidden" that will seriously strike a chord with any Bunker enthusiast. Recommended!
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out of stock $8.22
PMTX005 (12")
Cat: FR 030. Rel: 02 Dec 15
  1. Geld (4:23)
  2. DX100_Pro-One (3:34)
  3. Cocos (4:31)
out of stock $8.22
out of stock $8.22
Cat: FR 0262017. Rel: 23 Mar 17
  1. Halflight (6:34)
  2. Frozen Monarch (3:09)
  3. Cloud Cocoon (6:28)
out of stock $9.28
out of stock $9.53
Cat: FR 036. Rel: 27 Oct 16
  1. Light Through Birds Wings (5:16)
  2. Buds (5:06)
  3. Will To Power (4:23)
  4. Far Beyond This Place (4:19)
  5. Curved Space (4:47)
out of stock $9.53
The Cusp
  1. High Canopy
  2. The Cusp
  3. London Isn't Easy
  4. London Isn't Easy (bonus beats)
Gespielt von: DJ Glow / Populist
coming soon $9.28
Cat: FR 037. Rel: 19 Jan 17
  1. Bringing Slide Back (3:48)
  2. Slide Me Yo Love (3:40)
  3. Varrio Funk (4:33)
  4. Loose That Man (3:53)
  5. Deuce & A 1/4 (3:09)
out of stock $9.28
Cat: FR 020. Rel: 14 Dec 11
  1. Radio De Slide
  2. Rip Slide
  3. Finger Snap's & Turn
  4. So So So
out of stock $8.47
Cat: FR 007. Rel: 10 Mar 05
  1. Get Up Move In
  2. Mad
  3. 0%
  4. SGB
Review: 4 straight up D-town hydraulic electro-techno cutz for your funked up frustrations, produced by Silicon (Heath Brunner, Vmax, KMS, Detroit).
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out of stock $8.47
Cat: FR 010. Rel: 25 May 06
  1. Sonic Distress
  2. Zipper
  3. Ido
Review: Heath Brunner with his Silicon project. For those who know his V-max releases know what to expect. Energetic and very intense Detroit electro as if there is no tomorrow.
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out of stock $7.41
Cat: FR 013. Rel: 19 Jul 07
  1. Sonic Rescue
  2. Cauldron
  3. The Wash
Review: "Sonic Rescue" is fast paced electro from Detroit's Silicon (aka Heath Brunner). This is the perfect soundtrack for a dark basement full of smoke and strobe lights.
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out of stock $8.47
  1. Silicon - "Tick"
  2. Partisan Midi - "Phono Abduction"
  3. Figuras Frustradas - "More Drama"
  4. Marco Bernardi - "Preacher Teacher"
Review: "We Bring More Drama" is a limited edition follow up on the "We Bring Mad Drama EP" . This Frustrated Funk release includes tracks by Detroit's Silicon, Marco Bernardi and Frustrated Figures. These are great techno-ish electro tracks.
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out of stock $7.41
Programming (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: FR 027. Rel: 05 Mar 14
  1. Programming
  2. Joy One Mile
  3. Techno World
  4. This Is My Beat
Review: Sound Of Mind is one of the first projects undertaken by Erik Travis, perhaps one of Detroit's most under-rated talents who fans of the Clone Crown Limited label will probably recognise. Back in 1987, Travis issued the Programming 12"which featured two tracks of Motor City techno before it became techno and went on to use the guise on an intermittent basis over the years. Both these productions feature on this Programming EP from the always on-point Frustrated Funk which also includes previously unheard Sound Of Mind material. Those interested in the formative days of Detroit electro will be all over this, with "Programming" comparable to Cybotron's "Clear" in the importance stakes.
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out of stock $9.01
Cat: FR 042. Rel: 28 Jun 18
  1. PSIO (4:21)
  2. Satellite (5:09)
  3. Astrologer (4:08)
  4. Harmonik Science (5:00)
 in stock $7.41
Permutation (12") (1 per customer)
Cat: FR 041. Rel: 03 Apr 18
  1. Enter (3:33)
  2. Glut (4:58)
  3. Verdictia (4:00)
  4. Sequence (6:21)
  5. Permutation (5:33)
Review: It's been 18 months since Samuel Van Dijk last donned the VC-118 alias. Back then, he was releasing sophomore album Shift Register on Tabernacle. Here, he resurfaces on Frustrated Funk with a five-track EP that tends towards the introspective and melancholy. Of course, there are still notable dancefloor moments - see the locked-in analogue house beats, dubbed-out electronics and held-note bass of "Permutation" and the mid-tempo electro swing of "Verdictia" - but for the most part the EP is a laidback and poignant affair. It's a side of Van Dijk that we don't see that often, but one that he really should explore more. Certainly, the ghostly "Enter" and sorrowful "Sequence" are among the most memorable tracks in his already impressive catalogue.
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Gespielt von: Ali Renault
out of stock $9.81
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Frustrated Funk Holland
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