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Frenzy Schallplatten & CDs

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Twenty Cycles EP
Cat: FRNZYREC 007. Rel: 04 Jul 24
Pull Effect (5:04)
Mayhem (5:59)
Mayhem (Bailey Ibbs remix) (5:30)
Warriors (5:06)
Onem (4:55)
Onem (Isaiah remix) (4:39)
Review: Strap in for some more frenzied techno from the frenzy label, which welcomes Hurdslenk aboard for a big old rave up. First out of the blocks is 'Pull Effect' which is all about the power of the unrelenting drums. 'Mayhem' has a deeper sound that is as much for the head as the heel with its sonar pulses and deep space drama. A Bailey Ibbs remix then brings extra darkness and 'Warriors' has a more tribal feel that is topped with some fiery and political vocal samples. Final original 'Onem' locks you in unresolved loops and the Isaiah remix is a funky workout to draw things to a close in catchy fashion.
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 in stock $13.55
Mambata EP
Cat: FRNZYREC 004. Rel: 17 Aug 23
Mambata (5:25)
Bang The Drums (5:30)
Bang The Drums (Phil Berg remix) (5:25)
Baraa (5:27)
Baila (5:32)
Baraa (RUIZ OSC1 remix) (4:29)
Gespielt von: Philippe Petit
 in stock $14.08
Frenzy Various Artists III
Cat: FRNZYVA 003. Rel: 21 Mar 24
Coyu - "Drunk Calls" (4:25)
Bailey Ibbs - "Manic Room" (5:52)
Antigone - "Push" (4:20)
Hurdslenk - "Starting Fresh" (5:05)
Rebecca Delle Piane - "Dulzura" (3:57)
Dylan Fogarty - "4AM" (5:20)
Steve Redhead - "Pantonone" (4:56)
Juri Heidemann - "Kesema" (7:23)
Chontane - "Reoite" (3:00)
Remco Beekwilder - "Afsauzen" (4:55)
Juan Sanchez - "Miles On Meter" (5:32)
Vromo - "Means The World" (5:36)
 in stock $29.81
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