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Edj Us

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Cat: EDJ 005. Rel: 21 Aug 14
Deep House
  1. Old World
  2. Sexy Mate
  3. Love Bubbles Change
  4. Coming Home To You
  5. Love It Or Leave It
  6. Oil & Vinegar
  7. Mom & Pops Jam
  8. Rainbow
Review: It's been three years since husband-and-wife team Jus' Ed and Jenifa Mayanja released their collaborative debut album, Let's Groove. Since then, both have been busy with solo projects, delivering a large volume of releases in their distinctive warm, melodious and loose deep house style. Love It Or Leave It, then, is something of a rare treat for those who dig their wholeheartedly positive and spontaneous take on deep house. It's perhaps a little breezier than either producer's solo work, with less immersive pads (though they are present, particularly on the chiming "Love Bubbles Change"). It's still deep, though, with cascading melodies, picturesque chords and occasional soul-flecked vocals riding a range of deep, sinewy house grooves.
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Cat: EDJ 006. Rel: 10 Aug 16
Deep House
  1. Rainbow (9:23)
  2. Sexy Mate (5:43)
  3. Love Bubbles Change (5:56)
  4. Oil & Vinegar (6:14)
Review: Underground Quality head honcho Jus Ed teams up with the missus (that's Jenifa Mayanja to you lot!) on the Love It Or Leave It EP on his new sublabel EDJ. Finally "Rainbow" has finally seen the light of day on vinyl since we first heard it in Berlin's Basscadet records about three years ago. "Sexy Mate" gets that classic Underground Quality vibe happening, no frills or fancy shit; just straight up proper deep stuff. On the flip "Love Bubbles Change" is a suitable title for this dubby and aquatic number that rolls along just smoothly. Finally, "Oil & Vinegar" with its jazzy double bass and sexy Rhodes keys provide a perfect contrast over the swinging and dusty rhythm and eerie synths.
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Cat: EDJ 004. Rel: 10 Dec 12
Deep House
  1. Jenifa Mayanja - "Are You Going With It?"
  2. Jus ED - "Struggle For Success" (part 8)
Review: Husband and wife deep house team Jus Ed and Jenifa Mayanja join forces for a pair of refined and mildly haunting cuts that bear all the hallmarks of the Underground Quality family. Jenifa Mayanja's jam "Are You Going With It?" plunges into dense swathes of undulating pads, while the pleasantly spacious beat pops off in a broken fashion. Jenifa's conscious intonations about time sit comfortably in the spiritually enhancing grooves, urging closed eyes and released inhibitions. Ed flies on the flip with "Struggle For Success (part 8)", maintaining that gentle and immersive approach to house music. The beats rattle away with more prominence than the A-side counterpart, but the melodies come on even more sensitive and soothing.
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Cat: EDJ-001. Rel: 15 Oct 11
Deep House
  1. Dark Matter
  2. Slammer
Review: Underground Quality's latest twelve inch endeavour sees husband and wife team Jus Ed and Jenifa Mayanja introduce the first in a series of collaborative EPs under the EDJ prefix. This murky purple twelve sees Ed act the gent and allow the A Side duties to fall on Jenifa's shoulders, and Mayanja responds with a delightfully idiosyncratic house jam in "Dark Matter". The track's early moments present a dusty, percussion heavy tribal groove that slowly builds into a glistening procession of future thinking house dynamism. An unannounced swerve into a rippling acid bassline mid way through proves inspirational. In contrast to the laid back nature of this track, Jus Ed opts for a much rowdier approach with "Slammer", all ebullient house stabs and constantly rising string flourishes over the rasping four four kicks.
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Cat: EDJCD 002. Rel: 24 Nov 11
Deep House
  1. Higher Self
  2. Ill House 2
  3. House Beatdown
  4. Ill House Slipaway
  5. Cloud Cover
  6. Breathless
  7. Inner Thought
  8. Project #15 Second Coming
  9. Ill House 4 Ure Ass
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Edj Us