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Echospace US

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Cat: EAS 001CD. Rel: 19 Jan 17
  1. Shibuya Hynagogia
Review: Echospace member Rod Modell's latest solo work has been trailed as a "generative-music composition" aimed at sound tracking the shift from waking consciousness to deep sleep. Modell does this by combining his usual dub techno inspired sonic textures, with a battery of barely audible voices that flit in and out of the mix. All of this, fused with additional field recordings and sleepy electronics, results in an extended piece that's both calming and, if you listen to it intently enough (which, to be honest, isn't the idea), really rather odd. As ambient works go, though, it's quietly impressive.
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out of stock $19.77
Cat: ECHOSPACE 313CD. Rel: 12 Mar 14
  1. Luna Petra
  2. Serenity Thru Sorrow
  3. Clouds Beyond
  4. Energies Collide
  5. Durveda
  6. Evocation
  7. Sella Bay
  8. Subtraktive
  9. Subtraktive (The Sight Below mix)
  10. Subtraktive (Reference mix)
  11. Subtraktive (Deepchord Presents Echospace live mix)
  12. Subtraktive (King Midas Sound dub)
  13. Subtraktive (Intrusion's Enchantment edit)
  14. Subtraktive (Bvdub's Journey East Of The Lotus Leaves)
Review: Dub techno fans have been waiting a long time to hear Dimensional Space, which was recorded between 1996 and 2010 but seemingly lost following a flood at Echospace's Detroit studio back in 2011. Miraculously, much of the material has been salvaged and re-mastered from dried out reel-to-reel tapes, giving CV313's already crackly, spaced-out originals an extra crustiness that's extremely appealing. Musically, there's plenty to enjoy, from the clandestine pulse of "Luna Petra" and hypnotic, Rhythm & Sound style "Clouds Beyond", to the clandestine atmospherics of "Durveda". As if that wasn't enough, the second disc also boasts a string of fine remixes from the likes of King Midas Sound and BVDub.
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Cat: ECHOSPACE 313-5. Rel: 01 May 14
  1. Isis
  2. Fadinglights (original)
  3. Irradiate
  4. Seconds To Forever (original)
  5. Seconds To Forever (reduction)
  6. Dimensional
  7. Sailing Stars
  8. Beyond Starlit Sky (live)
  9. Longing For Darkness
  10. Hypnosphere
  11. Standing Still (reduced)
  12. Magenta (reduction)
  13. Beyond The Clouds (reprise)
Review: Typical. You wait ages for one CV313 record, and three come along at once. Hot on the heels of the recent release of the much-delayed Dimensional Space album and Live @ Primary CD comes Altering Illusions [Chapter 1], a notably warm, attractive and enveloping two-disc compilation that mixes classic and hard-to-find material with a slew of previously unheard alternate versions. Fans of Steve Hitchell's atmospheric fusions of drifting chords, locked-in techno rhythms, electronic noise and heavy dub bass will find plenty to enjoy, from the 23-minute ambient exploration "Beyond The Clouds (Reprise)" to the classic deep dub techno of "Seconds to Forever (Original)".
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out of stock $15.56
Cat: ECHOSPACELIVE 002CD. Rel: 01 May 14
  1. Track 1
  2. Track 2
  3. Track 3
  4. Track 4
  5. Track 5
  6. Track 6
  7. Track 7
  8. Track 8
  9. Track 9
  10. Track 10
Review: Echospace's Steven Hitchell is no stranger to live albums; this is his third live recording under the CV313 alias. Recorded in August 2013 at the Primary club night in Chicago, it sees the dub techno explorer laying down an hour long voyage into densely layered, multi-textured techno minimalism. While fans will recognise some loops and elements from previous releases, the ten tracks are almost new compositions; hypnotic, undulating excursions where elements drift in and out of the mix, only to return in newly processed form later in the CD. The result is warm, atmospheric and intoxicating exploration of live dub techno from one of the sound's most influential producers.
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out of stock $6.49
Cat: ECHOSPACELIVE 003CD. Rel: 15 May 14
  1. Glasscity (live 1)
  2. Glasscity (live 2)
  3. Glasscity (live 3)
  4. Glasscity (live 4)
Review: Having recently released the impressively in-your-face Live at Primary CD, it's something of a surprise to see CV313 dropping another live recording so soon. To be fair, Live Excursions first surfaced digitally last year via their own Bandcamp site, and now makes its way onto CD for the first time. The recordings themselves are vintage too, having been captured at a warehouse party in Detroit back in 2001. According to the Echospace website, the tracks were performed live using only outboard kit and a 16-channel mixer, with no computer trickery. Whatever the method, the resultant tracks are long, trippy, and immersive forays into dub techno and ambient in CV313's trademark style.
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Cat: 12 CDLE. Rel: 30 Jan 15
  1. Beyond The Clouds (live at Air Club Tokyo, Japan)
  2. Seconds To Forever (original 12" mix remastered)
  3. Seconds To Forever (reshape - remastered)
  4. Seconds To Forever (Intrusion live rewire)
  5. Seconds To Forever (Deepchord unreleased mix)
  6. Seconds To Forever (Deepchord mix 1)
  7. Seconds To Forever (Deepchord mix 2)
  8. Beyond The Clouds (Variant reduction)
Review: It would be fair to say that Seconds To Forever is something of a CV313 classic. Echospace men Rod Modell and Stephen Hitchell first unveiled it on a clear vinyl 12" back in 2010, before returning to it a year later, delivering a 76-minute live version that stretched across a limited edition CD. Here they revisit it once more, gathering together previously released versions and unheard interpretations, including fine solo reworks from Modell and Hitchell under their Deepchord and Intrusion aliases. While the duo's distinctive dub techno rhythms take centre stage, the album's more ambient excursions - particularly the Variant 'reduction' of "Beyond The Clouds" (the original B-side on the Seconds To Forever 12") - really standing out.
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Gespielt von: Toki Fuko
out of stock $15.15
Remodeled (limited 12")
Cat: ECHOSPACE 011. Rel: 04 Aug 10
  1. Subtraktive (Deepchord pres Echospace live mix)
  2. Subtraktive (King Midas Sound dub)
  3. Subtraktive (The Sight Below mix)
Review: Monster 12" here from Traversable Wormhole aka Adam X, with remixes from a pair of techno heavyweights. Berghain man Dettmann turns "Closed Timelike Curve" into a frenetic, unrelenting assault on the senses. It feels like a love letter to the 90s Tresor scene, and noticeably different to the stripped back and industrial sound associated with the new school of Berlin techno. Flip over for a remix from the always impressive Van Hoesen, who turns "When 2D Meets 3D" into a stripped back groover with an insistent drum pattern and subtle synth melody. Superb 12", not to be missed!

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out of stock $10.77
Cat: ECHOSPACE 002. Rel: 12 Jul 07
  1. Dimensional
  2. Space
Review: "Dimensional Space", by CV313, has support from Gerard Hanson (Convextion), Rod Mordell (Deep Chord) and more.
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Gespielt von: Toki Fuko
out of stock $10.77
Lost Sequence (cloudy vinyl 12")
Cat: ECHOSPACEDETROIT 017. Rel: 09 Dec 15
  1. Lost Sequence (14:41)
  2. Lost Sequence (Intrusion dub) (16:11)
out of stock $9.20
Seconds To Forever (limited CD)
Cat: STF 1. Rel: 26 Feb 15
  1. Seconds To Forever (extended live excursion)
Gespielt von: Toki Fuko, Thread London
out of stock $18.95
Live Extracts (clear vinyl 12")
Cat: ECHOSPACEDETROIT 016. Rel: 03 Jun 15
  1. Dimensional (live at Club Air Tokyo, Japan) (10:47)
  2. Longing For Darkness (live at Arma, Moscow) (9:22)
Review: Should you have witnessed Rod Modell and Steve Hitchell's performances as CV313 at Tokyo's Club Air or Moscow's Arma, there's no doubt these two cuts are still resonating in your head. For the rest of us, recordings of those shows will have to do. A typically Echospace titled "Dimensional" sees CV313 lock down one of their wispy, circular grooves that could simply go on forever, while a moodier "Longing for Darkness" is far more atmospheric, although heavily undulating kicks provide a rhythmic pulse any CV313 fan will find hard to resist.
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out of stock $9.47
Cat: ECHOSPACELIVELE 1. Rel: 29 Apr 15
  1. Baring Stars
Review: Stephen Hitchell and Rod 'the god' Modell's CV313 project returns with yet another album length excursion in the shape of Baring Stars. Consisting of new CV313 material, this hour long CD takes the shape of an extended live set from the pair with a mixing desk the main instrument around which all manner of analogue equipment was used. Sets like this should be used as examples in the dictionary definition of immersion, with Hitchell and Modell really reaching deep into the sonic ether for some truly rewarding ambient electronics. A fine addition to the CV313 discography.
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out of stock $15.15
Cat: CV 313LP. Rel: 12 Nov 14
  1. Luna Petra
  2. Clouds Beyond
  3. Beyond The Clouds (Seconds To Forever live mix)
  4. Isis (reimagined)
  5. Beyond Starlit Skies (reimagined)
  6. Sella Bay
Review: Before looking at the price, ask yourself: how much do you like dub techno, and more to the point, do you love CV313? If you answered 'a lot' and 'yes' to those respective questions then welcome Rod Modell and Stephen Hitchell's seminal collaboration into your record collection once again. It's quite the package with six tracks pressed into a 3x12" LP, and although Dimensional Space may pinch the bank account, you'll find listening to music like "Isis (reimagined)" to the never-ending-ness of "Clouds Beyond" and "Beyond The Clouds (Seconds To Forever live mix)" are a wholly rewarding experience.
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Gespielt von: Toki Fuko, Stillhead
out of stock $46.57
Beyond Starlit Sky (clear vinyl 12")
Cat: ECHOSPACEDETROIT 14. Rel: 01 Dec 14
  1. Beyond Starlit Sky
  2. Beyond Starlit Sky (live)
Review: Rod Modell and Stephen Hitchell's cv313 project is one of the long-standing fixtures of the Echospace imprint, representing something of a definitive guide to the dub techno sound once it ran on from the Basic Channel days. "Under Starlit Sky" has everything you could wish for from the pair, as distant and hazy pads undulate through cloying reverbs and the beats chug away with a regal patience, utterly blissful in its overall effect. The "live" take on the flip is a more simmering offering that pares the swathes of pads down and lets a murmuring rhythmic construction take the mantle, without moving far from the realms of moody, immersive dub techno of course.
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Gespielt von: Toki Fuko, Vadim Griboedov
out of stock $9.47
Fading Lights (clear vinyl 12")
Cat: ECHOSPACEDETROIT 15. Rel: 01 Dec 14
  1. Fading Lights
  2. Magneta
Review: As the second part of a two-pronged issue from the lauded Echospace camp, "Fading Lights" delivers everything you would want to hear from Rod Modell and Stephen Hitchell as they work expressive echoes and feedbacks into the most immersive dub techno money can buy. The icy swathes of gaseous mist that course between the grumbling chords keeps things at a cool constant, with no need for the track to rise above a gentle simmer to impart its magic. "Magenta" is even more distant in its disposition, keeping the static hiss in front of the mix and everything else pulsing away behind with the kind of subtlety that few can pull off quite so magnificently.
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Gespielt von: Toki Fuko, Unbroken Dub
out of stock $9.47
Cat: TOSCD 1.
  1. The Other Side
out of stock $17.07
  1. The Road To Hana
  2. The Land Of Low Lying Clouds
  3. Beyond The Clouds (reduced)
  4. Stars Of Hana
  5. Vortexual (Cv313 reduction)
out of stock $17.07
Seconds To Forever (cloudy vinyl 12")
Cat: ECHOSPACE 018. Rel: 06 Apr 16
  1. Seconds To Forever (Intrusion dub) (6:39)
  2. Seconds To Forever (Deepchord mix I) (7:49)
  3. Seconds To Forever (Deepchord mix II) (8:14)
out of stock $9.47
Cat: ECHOSPACE 019. Rel: 17 Aug 16
  1. Beyond The Sequence (17:38)
  2. Beyond The Clouds (15:54)
Review: According to Rod Modell and Steve Hitchell, this live version of "Beyond the Clouds" was recorded live one evening in Tokyo where "there was a mystical element in the air, strobe lights, vaporous gas and electric dreams." It has been remastered by Bazza at Alchemy Studio London and has the classic and timeless Echospace vibe: glacial and textured, smoked/dubbed out and done like only these guys can. On the flip, the journey continues with "Beyond The Sequence", a cavernous and haunting descent into the void, assisted by sombre pads drenched liberally in delay, swimming violently through resonance and screaming gloriously through ring modulation. Proper and purist dub techno by the true masters. Pure bliss!
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out of stock $9.47
Live (limited CD)
Cat: ECHOSPACELIVE 1. Rel: 01 Jul 11
  1. Subtraktive (live mix)
  2. CV313 (dub)
  3. Space (live mix)
  4. Midst Of Something Beautiful (live mix)
  5. A World Apart (unreleased)
  6. Evening Sky (CV313 mix)
  7. CV313 (edit)
  8. Lost Sequence (unreleased)
  9. Spatial (feat The Howard Street Rhythm Section - live mix)
out of stock $15.15
Seconds To Forever (12" clear vinyl)
Cat: ECHOSPACE 012. Rel: 03 Jan 11
  1. Seconds To Forever (original)
  2. Seconds To Forever (reshape)
  3. Beyond The Clouds (reprise)
Review: Echospace present some more luscious dusty deep techno abrasions from CV313 ahead of their forthcoming album Dimensional Space. "Seconds To Forever" is vintage CV313, a lolloping groove ascending from the sonic mists and settling amidst ocean deep melodics. The reshape that shares space on the A Side embellishes "Seconds To Forever" with some live congas from The Howard Street Rhythm Section and a general air of spaced out bliss. The B Side is reserved for something entirely more special however in the shape of a live rendition of "Beyond The Clouds", culled from a recording session deep in the recesses of Detroit. It's a 23 minute journey through vintage modular synths and analogue devices that astounds with its shimmering beauty.
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out of stock $12.98
Infinit 1 (limited hand numbered clear vinyl 12")
Cat: ECHOSPACE 010. Rel: 10 Jun 10
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Infinit-1 (original)
  2. Infinit-1 (remode)
  3. Infinit-1 (STL remix)
out of stock $10.83
Cat: ECHOSPACE 009. Rel: 09 Sep 09
  1. Subtraktive (Intrusion Twilight dub)
  2. Sailingstars (Intrusion reform)
out of stock $9.73
Standing Still (limited clear vinyl 12")
Cat: ECHOSPACE 013. Rel: 15 Dec 11
  1. Standing Still
  2. Standing Still Reduced
out of stock $10.77
Cat: ECHOSPACE 3139. Rel: 01 Aug 18
  1. Current I Divergent
  2. Current II Convergent
  3. Current III Transform
  4. Variant's Conduction
Review: When it comes to immersive listening experiences built on cutting-edge sound design, few can match the continued brilliance of Echospace duo Rod Modell and Stephen Hitchell. For proof, check the pair's latest offering under the alternative CV313 alias. Built around a suite of three drawn-out soundscapes, Analogue Oceans sees them mimicking the ebb and flow of oceanic tides by smothering gentle dub techno rhythms in lapping waves and soft-focus, spacey electronics. On disc two, Hitchell goes solo to present his own, hour-long interpretation under the Variant guise, heading into the pitch-black depths via watery effects, clandestine aural textures and suitably horizontal ambient dub rhythms.
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 in stock $21.37
  1. Beyond Dreams (Analog Passage) 1
  2. Beyond Dreams (Analog Passage) 2
  3. Beyond Dreams (Analog Passage) 3
  4. Beyond Dreams (Analog Passage) 4
out of stock $15.97
Cat: CV313CD 1. Rel: 19 Jan 17
  1. Una Petra (Alchemy remaster)
  2. Clouds Beyond (reprise)
  3. Clouds Beyond (Alchemy remastered mix)
  4. Sella Bay (unreleased edit)
  5. Beyond Dreams (unreleased)
  6. Cloudburst (unreleased)
  7. Isis (Remake - unreleased mix)
Review: Last year, Echospace duo Stephen Hitchell and Rod Modell spent many happy hours going through the old master tapes of their work under the CV313 alias. Through that, they discovered a number of previously unheard tracks, edits and alternate versions from the Dimensional Space sessions. This "re-mastered" edition of the hard-to-find LP version contains some of those previously unheard works, alongside freshly touched-up mixes of original album cuts. If anything, it's even deeper and more intergalactic than the 2014 version, gently drifting between hazy dub techno, densely textures ambience, and head-in-the-clouds soundscapes.
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out of stock $14.37
Cat: ECHSOAPCEARCCD 4. Rel: 22 Dec 17
  1. Octal 6 (part 9)
  2. Octal 5 (part 4)
  3. Octal 4 (part 3)
  4. Octal 6 (part 7)
  5. Octal 5 (part 5)
  6. Octal 5 (part 6)
  7. Octal 6 (part 8)
  8. Octal 4 (part 1)
  9. Octal 4 (part 2)
  10. Octal 6 (part 10)
  11. Octal 2 (mix 1 - bonus track)
  12. Octal 2 (mix 2 - bonus track)
 in stock $19.22
Grandbend (double 12")
Cat: ECHOSPACE 005. Rel: 22 Jan 08
  1. Grandbend (Remastered mix)
  2. Grandbend (Echospace dub)
  3. Grandbend (CV 313 edit)
  4. Grandbend (DC 07 mix)
  5. Grandbend (Echospace edit)
  6. Grandbend (CV 313 dub)
Review: "Grandbend" was considered by many to be the dreamiest and deepest track from the Deep Chord catalogue. This is a classic example of the sound that DC defined. The mastertape has been unearthed and threaded-up one more time for this Echospace release. There are massive, billowing plumes of sound. This release is limited to 1000 copies (not to be repressed)!
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Gespielt von: Toki Fuko
out of stock $18.40
DC 10/DC 11/DC 12 (Remastered) (coloured marbled vinyl triple 12")
Cat: ARCLP 02. Rel: 10 Apr 13
  1. Track 1
  2. Track 2
  3. Track 3
  4. Track 4
  5. Track 5
  6. Track 6
  7. Track 7
  8. Track 8
  9. Track 9
Review: For Detroit techno there is Juan Atkins and Carl Craig, for dub techno there is Basic Channel and Rod Modell aka DeepChord. The Echospace label remasters a selection of tracks from a blitz of EPs DeepChord released in 2001. It's a rare opportunity to bask once more in the rhythmically-weighted and dissolvent ambience of Rod Modell and Mike Schommer early releases. All tracks featured on the triple marbled vinyl package either traverse well below the realms of charted sub-sonics or ethereally waver high above the clouds, secluded from dynamic tension, exploring subtle variations in pitched based harmonics instead. A must have for the dub techno lover.
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out of stock $59.03
Cat: ARCLP 01. Rel: 27 Feb 13
  1. Von Schommer - "Wurfel"
  2. Von Schommer - "Wurfel" (version)
  3. Imax - "Soft White" (version)
  4. Imax - "Concorde"
  5. Techniker - "M3"
  6. Techniker - "At Dusk"
  7. Delayvarience - "OHM"
  8. Delayvarience - "Cobaltred"
  9. Lux - "Data"
  10. Lux - "Debris"
  11. A601-2 - "River Place"
  12. A601-2 - "Tower 400"
out of stock $59.57
Electro Magnetic Dowsing: The Lost D Side (hand-stamped 1-sided 12")
Cat: EMD 1. Rel: 16 Jan 15
  1. Electro Magnetic Dowsing: The Lost D Side
Review: In 2005, DeepChord inaugurated Mike Huckaby's legendary S Y N T H label with two 12"s called Electromagnetic Dowsing and Electromagnetic Dowsing (The Final Step). The label has always been a deep house meets dub techno enigma with much of its limited catalogue becoming something of unspoken folklore, and Rod Modell now adds to the legend by releasing Electro Magnetic Dowsing: The Lost D Side, what could well be the final instalment of his Electromagnetic Dowsing series, on his own label Echospace. This fourth production sees DeepChord in full flight with blankets of textures hugging a rock solid four-four beat petted by subtle keys and echoing percussion. More quality from DeepChord once again.
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out of stock $9.47
Cat: ECHOSPACEARCCD 1. Rel: 10 Sep 14
  1. Imax - "Soft White" (version)
  2. Imax - "Concorde"
  3. Von Schommer - "Wurfel"
  4. Von Schommer - "Wurfel" (version)
  5. Techniker - "M-3"
  6. Techniker - "At Dusk"
  7. Delayvariance - "Ohm"
  8. Delayvariance - "Cobaltred"
  9. A601-2 - "River Place"
  10. A601-2 - "Tower400"
  11. Lux - "Data"
  12. Lux - "Debris"
out of stock $15.15
Cat: ECHOSPACEARCCD 2. Rel: 10 Sep 14
  1. DC10 (A1 Remaster) (cd edit)
  2. DC10 (B1 Remaster) (cd edit)
  3. DC10 (B2 Remaster)
  4. DC11 (A1 Remaster) (cd edit)
  5. DC11 (B1 Remaster)
  6. DC10 (B2 Remaster)
  7. DC12 (A1 Remaster)
  8. DC12 (B1 Remaster)
  9. DC12 (B2 Remaster)
out of stock $15.15
Cat: ECHOSPACEARCCD 3 . Rel: 10 Sep 14
  1. DC13 (A1 remaster)
  2. DC13 (B1 remaster)
  3. DC13 (B2 remaster)
  4. DC14 (A1 remaster)
  5. DC14 (A2 remaster)
  6. DC14 (B1 remaster)
  7. DC16 Lama Temple
  8. DC16 Solar Cross
  9. DC16 Hexcraft
  10. DC16 Mars Oil
out of stock $15.15
Cat: ECHOSPACE[DETROIT] 313-1. Rel: 09 May 08
  1. Vantage Isle (DC mix I)
  2. Vantage Isle (Echospace Glacial)
  3. Vantage Isle (Echoscape reshape)
  4. Vantage Isle (Spacecho dub)
  5. Vantage Isle (DC mix II)
  6. Vantage Isle (Spacecho dub II - extended mix)
  7. Vantage Isle (Convextion remix)
  8. Vantage Isle (Echospace Reform)
  9. Vantage Isle (Echospace Spatial dub)
  10. Vantage Isle (DC mix III)
  11. Vantage Isle (Cv313 reduction)
  12. Vantage Isle (Echoscape excusion)
  13. Vantage Isle (Cv313 reduction II)
out of stock $11.37
Vantage Isle (double 12" + 7")
Cat: ECHOSPACE 001. Rel: 17 May 07
  1. Vantage Isle (DC mix 1)
  2. Vantage Isle (Echospace Glacial mix)
  3. Vantage Isle (Echospace reshape)
  4. Vantage Isle (Spacecho dub)
  5. Vantage Isle (DC mix II)
  6. Vantage Isle (Spacecho dub)
  7. Vantage Isle (Convextion mix)
  8. Vantage Isle (Echospace reform)
  9. Vantage Isle (Echospace Spatial dub)
  10. Vantage Isle (DC mix III)
Review: Written and produced by Rod Modell and Mike Schommer in Detroit for their incredible performance at the Detroit Electronic Music Festival. Now re-mastered and transferred from reel to reel tape recordings by Rod Modell.
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Gespielt von: Toki Fuko
out of stock $31.40
Cat: 313LP 2. Rel: 25 Jul 12
  1. Lisbon
  2. Rippling
  3. BCN Dub (original)
  4. Orbiting
  5. In Echospace (original version)
  6. Ghost Theory
  7. Theme For Silent World
  8. Silent World (Official Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Review: As you might think, Deepchord are thoroughly well placed for soundtrack work, able to fully indulge their dubbed out tendencies without concerns for the dancefloor. That said, throughout the Silent World soundtrack there are still 4/4 pulses to be found, chugging away underneath the languid tones of "Orbiting" or more prominently on the techno fug of "Ghost Theory". By and large though, this is Echochord in their prime, bathing in a torrent of reverb while winsome notes from forgotten sources cry harmoniously over each other, with only static for company. If you're not a fan of the most beguiling hypnagogic dub techno, turn away now.
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out of stock $47.65
Cat: 313LP 2CD. Rel: 25 Jul 12
  1. Silent World: Soundtrack For The Motion Picture
out of stock $14.08
Cat: ECHOSPACE 3137. Rel: 24 Apr 17
  1. Ghost In The Sound (live 1)
  2. Ghost In The Sound (live 2)
  3. Ghost In The Sound (live 3)
  4. Ghost In The Sound (live 4)
  5. Ghost In The Sound (live 5)
  6. Ghost In The Sound (live 6)
  7. Ghost In The Sound (live 7)
  8. Ghost In The Sound (live 8)
  9. Ghost In The Sound (live 9)
  10. Ghost In The Sound (live 10)
  11. Ghost In The Sound (live 11)
  12. Ghost In The Sound (live 12)
Review: Dub techno stalwarts Echospace are celebrating a decade as a duo this year. To mark the anniversary, they've decided to put out their first official live album. The show was recorded in May 2013 at Ghost In The Sound, Detroit, and sees Rod Modell and Steven Hitchell at their hazy, intoxicating best. It's pure hypnotic dub techno, laden with effects, white noise and manipulated field recordings. Unlike some of their epic sets, which revolve around subtle variations on the same theme, Ghost In The Sound sees them slowly move through the gears, delivering distinctive, dub-fuelled techno tracks that rise and fall in rhythmic and percussive intensity throughout.
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out of stock $17.07
  1. Deepchord - "01-06" (CV313 rework I)
  2. Deepchord - "01-06" (CV313 rework II)
  3. Deepchord - "Electromagnetic Dowsing" (CV313 live rewire)
  4. Variant - "A Silent Storm" (CV313 reprise)
  5. CV313 - "Infinit-1" (Intrusion Lost dub)
  6. CV313 - "Altering Illusion"
  7. CV313 - "Above Clouds"
  8. CV313 - "Hypnosphere"
  9. Deepchord presents Echospace - "Spatialdimension" (Intrusion dub)
  10. Deepchord presents Echospace - "Spatialdimension" (Intrusion Narcotic Intake)
  11. Variant - "As Time Stood Still"
  12. Variant - "MagneticPulsation"
  13. Variant - "Enchanted"
Gespielt von: Toki Fuko
out of stock $62.81
Cat: 564957 Rel: 06 Mar 15
Limited Edition 4.2GB DVD sound library, including atmospheres, drones, effects, field recordings, modulations, pads, custom sequences & percussion (arranged by tempo)
Notes: Limited edition DVD sound library packaged in retail double DVD case. This massive 4.2 GB sound library features 100's of custom sounds produced at Echospace studio, processed and mastered through an extensive chain of analog and custom made equipment including but not limited to compressors, ring mod's, filters, delays, reverbs and waveshaping devices. The library was made using primarily analog synthesizers, modular synthesizers and sequencers with gear dating back to the 1960's, 70's and 80's. There's a vast array of powerful and comprehensive sounds processed and treated with careful attention to detail, outlining over 2 years of extensive work. The library includes: Atmospheres, Drones, Effects, Field Recordings, Modulations, Pads and custom sequences all arranged in folders and separated by tempo. The perfect sound tool for never-ending and limitless production possibilities in nearly any genre.

The library also includes a percussion sequence section which contains a wide range of dense, deep and (careful attention to equalization curves) dark percussive sounds, FX and modulation sequences that can be used easily to impact key moments in your musical compositions on the fly via your favorite audio productions suites.

Also includes a 60 minute CD featuring an ambient piece performed by variant using ONLY elements of the source material contained in the sound library.

Technical Data:

- Over 200 samples at 48 Khz, 24 bit in WAV.

- Stereo Samples recorded in Echospace Studio using Apogee D/A Convertors

- All samples bounced to tape with an amazing array of hardware mastering tools

- Easily loaded in your favorite sampler / workstation / audio editor.
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Intrusion (double 12")
Cat: ECHOSPACE 007. Rel: 01 May 08
  1. Intrusion (dub)
  2. Intrusion (cv313 remix)
  3. Intrusion (Phase90 reshape)
  4. Reflection I
  5. Reflection II
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Cat: ECHOSPACE 006. Rel: 09 Nov 07
  1. Spatial Dimension
  2. CV 313 Reduction
Review: 'Sparital Dimension' is the first Echospace single since 'The Coldest Season' dropped on Modern Love. If you liked cv313's 'Dimensional Space', you'll love this 12"! The perfect sequel. This has deep-dub transmissions from the darkest recesses of the universe. It is space-dub supreme.
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Cat: AIRCD 04. Rel: 09 Jun 16
  1. Morning/Afternoon/Night
Review: American ambient producer Michael Mantra sadly passed away a few years back, having played a vital role in the development of vibrational and sonic therapy. His theories hugely influenced Echospace duo Stephen Hitchell and Rod Modell, who became close friends with Mantra during the final years of his life. Here they pay tribute to him, creating a piece in three parts inspired by his theories and production methods. It's an all-analogue, drone-influenced soundscape full of dubbed-out textures, meditative white noise and subtle melodic shifts, created in part by using a variety of obscure electronic instruments and experimental production techniques. Sea Shell City is a fitting tribute to Mantra's work, and one of Modell and Hitchell's finest ambient works.
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Cat: ECHOSPACE 313-3 CD. Rel: 13 Jan 09
  1. Montego Bay
  2. Angel Version (with Paul St Hilaire)
  3. Tswana Dub
  4. Intrusion Dub
  5. Seduction
  6. Reflection I
  7. Twilight
  8. A Night To Remember
  9. Little Angel (with Paul St Hilaire)
  10. Under The Ocean
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Cat: ECHOSPACEAGECD 1. Rel: 17 Apr 15
  1. A Gentle Embrace (Variant Reshape)
  2. A Gentle Embrace (Variant Reduction)
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Cat: ECHOSPACEAGECD 2. Rel: 29 Apr 15
  1. A Gentle Embrace (CV313 rewire)
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Cat: ECHOSPACE 313-6. Rel: 10 Sep 14
  1. Montego Bay
  2. Angel Version (with Paul St Hilaire)
  3. Tswana Dub
  4. Intrusion Dub
  5. Seduction
  6. Reflection I
  7. Twilight
  8. A Night To Remember
  9. Little Angel (with Paul St Hilaire)
  10. Under The Ocean
  11. Ocean View
  12. Lo Fi Soundsystem (De Lion Den live mix)
  13. Kingston's Burning Dub (live mix)
  14. Tswana Dub (Phase90 restructure)
  15. Love In Lofi (remastered)
  16. Kingston's Burning Dub
  17. Velocity In A Major (live in Japan)
  18. Never Forget
  19. Intrusion (Phase90 reshape)
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Cat: ECHOSPACE 3138. Rel: 07 Sep 17
  1. Amongst The Stars (Intrusion extended dub)
  2. Amongst The Stars (CV313 Submersion)
  3. Amongst The Stars (CV313 Immersion dub)
  4. Amongst The Stars (CV313 Disintegration dub)
  5. Amongst The Stars (Variant Etherscape)
Review: With Rod Modell putting the finishing touches to his next Deepchord album (due for release later in the year on Soma), Echospace partner Stephen Hitchell took the opportunity to record a new solo set of his own under the lesser-known Intrusion alias. "Amongst The Stars", a beguiling, 21-minute chunk of soft-focus dub techno smothered in spacey analogue electronics and the distant sound of traffic, is taken from that forthcoming album. Here, Hitchell's fine "Extended Dub" comes accompanied by a trio of varied but typically atmospheric translations from CV313 (AKA Hitchell and Modell), of which the astonishingly deep "Distintegration Dub" is probably our pick. On the second CD, Hitchell dons his ambient alias, Variant, and delivers an absorbing, CD-length "re-shape" that's as entrancing as it is quietly picturesque.
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